I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 02

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 02
This story immediately picks up where “I want you to seduce my husband – Ch 01” left off. Shelly and Scott pretty much go right at it, so if you want the background, go check out chapter 1!

I do read your comments, every one of them. Even from my anonymous “fans”. I appreciate all the comments you give me, good and bad – you help me grow as a writer. Thank you!

***** *****

Shelly stood up, turned around, and walked toward the front door. It was a slow, sensual walk, one in which her hips swayed seductively side-to-side. And although she wore loose fitting sweatpants, there was simply no disguising the lush, round bottom that swished back and forth.

Shelly paused at the open door with her back to Scott. She turned her head until she could see him in the corner of her eye. For a moment, Scott worried that she might say a brief “thank you and goodbye”, then keep walking. Instead, Shelly calmly closed the front door to his house. She reached up and clicked the deadbolt shut. Ka-thunk!

Shelly knew that Maddy, her best friend and Scott’s wife, had a key to both the front door and the deadbolt. Locking the door was symbolic more than anything else. She wasn’t trying to keep anyone out, per se. Shelly was simply sending a message to Scott: “I’m not going anywhere soon, and neither are you.”

Scott stood there, still dazed, his jean shorts and underwear pooled around his ankles. Shelly, had just given him the most incredible blow job of his life. He had blown his sizeable load of spunk down her throat, but also all over her face, neck and chest. Shelly had loved every minute of it, but she wasn’t done with Scott yet.

Scott gazed upon Shelly’s perfect form. She was dressed in loose, baggy sweatpants, a pair of sneakers, and appeared, from Scott’s vantage point, to be topless. Her shoulders were bare, and her long, blonde hair tangled midway down her naked back.

Scott know she wasn’t topless, that she was wearing a bikini that had only recently been untied in the back, but otherwise hung from her neck. He could see one of the tie strings hanging loosely along her left rib cage. The top was still tied around her neck, evidence of that draw string beneath the long, flowing waves of Shelly’s blonde hair.

Still, he ached for Shelly to turn around. He wanted a glimpse of her wondrously shaped chest once again. Instead, his eyes wandered down her back, to the slender narrowing of her waist, and then the impressive widening of her hips. And although she wore a pair of loose sweatpants, they did nothing too disguise the delicious curve and ample fullness of Shelly’s bubble butt.

Shelly slipped out of her sneakers and kicked them aside. Then her hands went to her hips. Her thumbs hooked under the elastic waistband there, and she paused. Shelly turned her head quickly, now facing her other shoulder, her long blonde hair sent flying about. All of it landed on her front, so Scott could now see the full nakedness of her back. She looked over her shoulder at Scott, blue eyes twinkling, and tugged her sweatpants downward.

She performed a torturously slow strip tease, pulling one side of her sweatpants down a couple inches, then the other. Each time she lifted and turned her hips to accent the movement, one ass cheek would rise, the other would fall.

Scott licked his lips as her bikini bottom came into view. It was another impossibly small piece of triangular fabric that barely contained the perfectly round globes of Shelly’s ass. Scott gazed upon them hungrily, two twin glorious orbs of smooth, round flesh.

Once her sweatpants were down below her crotch, Shelly let them drop completely to the floor. She stepped out of the pool of clothing, then turned toward Scott. One breast, almost impossibly, was still covered by the bikini top. The other breast was exposed, the small fabric covering having fallen to the side.

Shelly’s eyes dropped to her chest, the same place Scott was now staring shamelessly. Shelly pushed aside the bikini top covering one of her breasts, scooping both of her tits into her hands. She squeezed them, moaning softly. She pinched both her nipples, between forefinger and thumb.

Scott was mesmerized. She sauntered slowly toward him, then strutted past him, further into the house. As she walked, she took her phone from the hallway table.

“Upstairs, Coach,” she purred quietly, over her shoulder. “We’ve got a couple more innings to play before this game is over. And by innings I mean that I want you ‘inning’ and ‘outing’ ‘inning’ my hot, wet, pussy. We’ve only got until mid-afternoon before your wife is likely to be back, so batter up! Let’s go get up to home plate.”

And with that, Shelly pulled her bikini top off over her head and flung it toward Scott. It hit him square in the chest, then dropped to hang loosely over his cock. Scott watched as Shelly turned and sauntered up the carpeted steps. He watched as she turned right, heading toward the master bedroom.

“Shit,” he said, not following her immediately. Instead, he tried to work out what exactly had just happened, and what his next move should be. Scott replayed the past few minutes in his mind.

God, Shelly had such an amazing body! She had entered the house a few moments before, pretty much dropped straight to her knees, and proceeded to give him the most amazing blow job of his life. She had told him that his wife had tried to set him up: that she had sent Shelly over to seduce Scott, to see if he would cheat on her.

“We’re going to tell your wife nothing happened,” Shelly had said. Only something already did happen. Scott had just stood there as his wife’s best friend dropped to her knees, unzipped his shorts, took his cock in her mouth, and put his wife’s oral talents to shame.

And this woman, his wife’s best friend, was now up in his bedroom. Nearly naked and waiting for him. Maddy had told him she wouldn’t be home until dinner … that she might even stay at her mom’s for dinner. That meant Scott would have the whole day with this vixen, if he wanted it.

Now, a blow job was one thing – Scott felt he could probably talk his way out of that one, if confronted by his wife. He could say it was fast and sudden, and over before he knew it. And that had the promptly kicked Shelly out of the house afterwards.

On the other hand, Scott knew that if he went up those stairs, things between he and Maddy would change forever. Changed because he would have participated in a tumultuous affair with his wife’s best friend and neighbor.

Jesus, what would Bill, Shelly’s husband, do if he found out. Scott thought about Bill for a moment. How the hell did he land a woman like Shelly? Bill was short, a little round, and not at all handsome. What did Shelly see in him?

“Scoooooooottyyyy,” Shelly called from upstairs, a lilting tone on her voice. “I’m waaaaaaaitiiiiing.”

“Shit,” Scott made his resolve. He took off his shirt, stepped out of the shorts and underwear pooled at his ankles, and headed upstairs to his bedroom. He would finish what he started.

Shelly was already on the large king-sized bed in the master bedroom. She was propped up against the pillows looking down at herself. Scott noticed a thoroughly dampened face cloth on the floor, and figured Shelly had used that to clean herself off.

“Oh my God, Scott, look,” Shelly whispered conspiratorially. “My bikini bottoms. They’re soaked.”

Shelly’s legs were parted enough for him to see the evidence of which she spoke. There was a large, much darker patch of crimson on her otherwise bright red swimsuit, right atop the area that covered her labia. The wet, soggy material clung to her camel-toe like a second skin, showing her arousal plainly.

“I’m so wet,” she continued.

Scott climbed up on the bed, kneeling between her legs reverently. Shelly trembled as he gazed down upon her. There was a hunger in his eyes. A growing desire for her flesh, for all of her.

“Oh, Scotty, I’ve wanted this for a very, very long time.”

Scott pulled the strings of her bikini on one hip. The knot slipped away. He repeated the gesture with the knot on her other hip. He pulled the bikini away slowly. It clung to her, seemingly refusing to tuzla escort bayan leave her wet, swollen pussy. Finally, with a stronger tug, it peeled away.

Scott grabbed her ankles and lifted her. She squeaked, then laughed, all the while marveling at his strength. He was lifting her from the bed, first her legs, then her hips. He lifted her pussy to his mouth, tossing her knees over his shoulders. And when his lips and tongue finally touched her flesh, it was as if an electric current coursed through her entire body.

“Oh, Jesus,” she cried out.

Scott licked Shelly clean. She felt his tongue sweep broadly, gliding over the sphincter of her tight little asshole, across her perineum, and up across her shaved, wet pussy lips.

“Ohh,” she sighed, feeling Scott’s hot breath on her pussy lips, and then jumped slightly when she felt his fingers rub over her mound, spreading her love juices everywhere.

“Oooh,” Shelly whispered. “Ohhhhhh!”

She reached up with her right hand – yes, up, because Scott now had her pussy at his lips as he kneeled above her. Her knees were hinged over his shoulders, her ankles crossed on his back back. Her head and shoulders were still pressed into the pillows, but that was the only part of her still touching the bed. Blood was rushing to be Shelly’s head, both because she was nearly upside down, and due to the sweet, tantalizing administrations his tongue was performing on her clit.

“Ahhh, I see you had no trouble finding the little man in the canoe,” Shelly laughed, then squealed loudly when his tongue rasped over her puffy, swollen clit.

Shelly spread her pussy lips wide apart with two fingers, while Scott lavished her and pussy lips vigorously with his tongue.

As Scott started licking deeper and deeper insider her cunt, Shelly ached her back and whimpered. She held her breath, frozen in that position, as Scott’s tongue did the most amazing things inside her.

“Oh my God,” she cried out. “Oh baby, you certainly give as well as you get. Oh, shit, that feels so good. That feels so fucking good.”

Shelly closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations coursing through her body. Her body started to spasm uncontrollably, but Scott held her steady. Shelly could feel her rising orgasm, and there was nothing she wanted more … well, there was one thing she wanted more.

“No, baby, no,” Shelly tried to push Scott’s face away, halfheartedly. “Get your cock inside me, please. I need to feel your cock. Deep, deep inside me. Everywhere inside me!’

Scott did not need a second invitation. He was still kneeling as he lowered Shelly’s legs. Shelly lay on her back, her feet flat on the bed. Her knees were up and she spread them wide apart.

Scott held his cock as he guided it toward her moist, heated opening. Shelly scrambled up on her elbows to watch. At the entrance of her pussy, Scott stopped. He held his cock firmly, then traced the head up and down the length of her slit.

“Oh, shit, you make me so wet,” Shelly whispered. “Please don’t tease. Get inside me.”

He slid the head of his cock inside her, then paused.

“Oh god,” Shelly moaned in anticipation.

Only the thick, bulbous head of his cock was inside her, but Scott was penetrating her at long last. A three-year running fantasy was finally coming true! Shelly watched as he slowly, ever so slowly, pushed his hips forward. His cock was so big, the biggest she had scene, and it was now disappearing inside her.

“Fuck, Shelly,” Scott said, “You’re really tight!”

“No k**s,” Shelly reminded him, gasping. “Makes a big difference.”

As she watched Scott’s cock pushing her love petals apart, Shelly felt Scott starting to fill her. She could feel herself being stretched wide.

“Oh, baby, you’re big. Oh my God, I can feel you inside me. Filling me up. I love your cock. Oh, shit!!”

Shelly lifted her ankles in the air as Scotty sunk more and more of himself into her. She was lying back now, no longer propped up on her elbows. This meant she could no longer see his cock pushing it’s way inside her, but she could feel it.

When she felt he must be all the way in, Scott surprised her by pushing her long, slender legs back slowly, almost folding her body in half. This had the delightful effect of lifting and rolling her pussy higher and forward. Scott penetrated Shelly to her core.

“Ohhhh,” Shelly whispered, eyes closed. “Oh my god! I can feel you. I can FEEL you so fucking deep.”

Scott was poised over her, propped on his arms like he was doing a fitness plank. He watched the expressions on her face as he started drilling her. Drilling is the perfect word, for that is exactly how Shelly imagined it might look. She could feel Scott’s hips lift up, and felt his cock lift straight out of her. Not much, just a small amount, but then she knew this rig was just getting started. Each rise of the hips was a little higher than the one before. Each return thrust was just a shade be faster than the one previously. His straight, rigid rod, slick with Shelly’s love juices, was pumping in and out of her. Each time it did, Shelly would shout out with a variation of “OH!”, “Oooooh!”, “OH MY GOD!” or “Fuck!”

Soon, both of their breathing was becoming more rushed and ragged.

“Oh, shit,” Shelly cried, actual tears in her eyes. “You’re so big, baby. I love it. Homerun. Home-fucking-run.”

Shelly gripped Scott’s cock with her vaginal muscles, squeezing tight, eliciting a groan of pleasure from him. She brought her legs down and pressed the balls of her heels against his ass. Scott slowed his humping motions, sensing that Shelly just wanted to feel him all the way in.

Each of them thrust their groins toward the other, each straining to push themselves even closer – no, more than close. They were each pressing hard into the other, trying desperately to become one.

Shelly felt Scott filling every part of her, more completely than any man had before.

“Oh, shit, Scott. I can feel every inch of you. You’re so deep. Stay there, baby. Stay right there.”

Scott held still, and Shelly rubbed herself on him. Then she did it again, a slight circular motion while pushing up against his unyielding body. She had both hands on his ass, fingers spread wide, fingernails like tiny daggers and gripping tight. As she held him in position, Shelly rubbed. Tiny back and forth emotions at first, growing more and more intense as seconds ticked by.

Shelly’s body was trembling beneath his.

“Fuck me now,” she whispered, relaxing her grip on his ass. “Fuck me hard!!”

Scott started drilling again his hips starting to rise and fall. Shelly continued the tiny circular motions, timed in sync with his decent into her. Both of there motions increased in tempo and strength. Soon, the bed springs were squeaking as the bed rocked faster and faster.

“Oh, fuck!” Shelly cried out, moving her hands up to his shoulders and neck, holding on for dear life as Scott continued thrusting inside her.

The sound of the squeaky bed springs was drowned out by the sound of the headboard banging against the bedroom wall it started slowly at first, then got steadily louder and harder.


If Shelly wasn’t at that moment being carried away on a growing, orgasmic wave of intense pleasure, she might have been worried about the headboard leaving marks on the wall – real physical evidence of their passionate love-making.

Scott was aware. He was surprised, too. The bed never made such sounds when he and Maddy made love. But then, Scott, reminded himself, he never pounded Maddy like her was pounding Shelly right now. He did worry, briefly, that he might be banging holes the wall, evidence that might be hard to cover up later tonight when his wife was home. But he wasn’t about to stop, not while watching the expressions of pleasure contort across Shelly’s face.

Shelly’s body was trembling, and she clawed madly at Scott’s back. She could feel every hard inch of him as his hips pistoned his cock in and out of her juicy hole.


Shelly stopped breathing. Her lungs were still, her body unwilling to accept air, having instead the need to fill herself with him, and orhanlı escort bayan only him.

And when she felt she could hold her breath not a moment longer, her world exploded in color, and lights, and heat and liquid.

Scott could feel Shelly cumming around his cock, her body shuddering as her muscles tried to be still, but simply couldn’t. Every part of her body felt electrified with energy. Her fingers clawed madly, painfully at his back, causing Scott to thrust himself more fiercely inside her even.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Shelly cried, finally sucking in great big gasps of air. She held Scott to her body, holding him tight, wrapping around him completely and never wanting to let go.

Scott himself did not orgasm. He wasn’t far from his own release, and was tempted to keep plowing into Shelly – perhaps bring her to a second orgasm. But he decided against it. He had all day with her. He slowed his body movements, still rock hard and still buried deep inside her.

“Oh shit,” she sighed, eyes closed, still catching her breath. “That was amazing.”

They lay like this for a long while, until their hearts slowed and their breathing became normal. And then they stayed in that position for quite a few moments after.

Shelly was just starting to become aware of the fact that Scott was still rock hard, buried balls deep inside her, and there was probably something she should do to rectify that, when her phone rang.

She had rested her cell phone on the nightstand near the bed. Normally, Shelly would not let a ringing phone ruin her afterglow, but she recognized the caller by the ring tone: it was Maddy, Scott’s wife and her best friend.

“I better get this,” Shelly told Scott, pushing his chest up, then trying to grab the phone. It was just out of reach. Scott wasn’t moving. And the phone was still ringing.

“Honey, we’re not done – I promise – but I really need to get this.”

At first, Shelly thought Scott might not get off her, and that thought sent a delicious thrill throughout her body. But the phone continued it’s annoying ring.

Scott pulled himself out of her pussy.

“Oh. Ohhhh. Unnnh!”

Finally he was out.

‘God, I hate that feeling when they pull out,’ she thought to herself. Shelly had never felt more empty in her life. She was entirely incomplete.

The phone rang. One more and it would roll to voicemail. Shelly turned on her side, her back to Scott and grabbed the phone. She hit the answer button as she raised it to her ear.

“Hi, Maddy,” Shelly said, emphasizing her friends name. She didn’t look back to see Scott’s face, instead wiggling her ass a little on the bed..

‘Shit!’ Scott thought, and immediately froze.

This was it. This was the Moment of Truth: Maddy was calling back at the preordained time, to get her status report from Shelly. Was Shelly about to tell Maddy that she had made Scott blow his load downstairs, and that he had just know fucked her senseless in their wedding bed?

“Your husband is a cheater alright, honey. Sorry to give you the bad news. But I’m also not sorry because he’s an amazing fuck. In fact, he just fucked me so hard, the headboard might have done some permanent damage to the bedroom wall from banging it so hard. Call your divorce lawyers.”

That was what Scott worried Shelly MIGHT tell his wife. He realized he was still holding his breath when Shelly innocently asked, “Did you get to your mom’s yet?”

‘Huh?’ he thought. Shelly hadn’t blurted out anything about their adulterous romp. And he now noticed that she was still playfully wiggling her butt

She was still facing away from him, laying on her side and not making eye contact. Scott was still worried she might double-cross him and tell all to Maddy. That is until she lifted her arm and reached back behind her. She groped for a moment before finding Scott’s hip, then moved her hand down until latching on to Scott’s still-stiff member.

Shelly gave him a couple strokes, then let go. She lifted her hand until it hovered a few inches above her hip, then gestured with her finger, pointing down.

Scott looked down. Lust started to win out over worry as he gazed upon Shelly’s perfect hourglass form. He admired the way her waist narrowed slenderly, then flared out to the roundness of her butt.

From his vantage point, Scott could see both entrances, her tight little ass, and the sweet curve of her pussy lips, swollen and still wet, peeking out from beneath her closed thighs. Shelly’s finger was impatiently pointing down, although Scott wasn’t sure which entrance she was pointing to.

“What’s that? Have I gone over to your house yet?”

Shelly looked over her shoulder into Scott’s eyes then lifted her head to look down toward his crotch. She angled herself and slid back against him. Her aim was true, and now she could feel Scott’s cock poking at the outer lips of her vaginal mound.

Shelly wiggled her hips and lifted her leg slightly, feeling the head of Scott’s cock slip into her.

“Oooh! Umm, I mean, not there yet. It’s, ahh, not warm enough outside yet.”

Scott vaguely heard Madeline saying something, then Shelly pushed a few buttons on the phone, causing it to go on speaker mode. Shelly wanted Scott to hear his wife’s voice. Why?

“… urry up,” Maddy was saying. “Don’t wait too long. You’ll have a better chance of seducing him the longer you spend the day there.”

“She’s muted,” Shelly said, lifting her leg again and pushing back further onto his pole. “Our secret. Now fuck that little pussy while your wife whines to me on the phone.”

Shelly put her finger on briefly on her lips, silently telling Scott to be quiet. Then she flipped the mute button off.

“I know, I know. I had to find my sunscreen. I’m actually getting ready to walk over now.”

Hearing his wife’s voice on the phone while his cock was partly buried in another woman’s pussy was strangely arousing. Scott put his hand on Shelly’s hip, and pressed down. He was pressing her against the bed as she lay on her side, holding her in place while he steadily forced more and more of his cock inside his wife’s best friend.

“Oh, good. What are you wearing?” Maddy asked.

“Well, my bikini is over there, but right now, I’m not wearing anything,” Shelly slammed the mute button, and gasped as Scott plowed his way into her.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” Shelly sighed.

Scott pulled out slowly, then pushed his dick into her again. He was making it very difficult for Shelly to concentrate on the phone conversation.

“What? Get dressed, girl, get over there and seduce my man!”

She inhaled, caught her breath, then pressed the unmute button.

“I know, I know. Don’t worry, I haven’t chickened out. There’s just something I have to do before I go over.”

Shelly lifted her leg, wrapped her elbow under her knee for leverage, then lifted her leg higher. This afforded Scott an opportunity for an even deep penetration.

“Yessss,” Shelly whispered harshly. “Oh, fuck yes.”

Scott’s hip motions were beginning to pick up in pace. He was thrusting into Shelly faster and faster now.

“But Shelly, I need you to go over NOW. This might take all day. Hell, it might take more than one day.”

Shelly turned to Scott, “Oh, I hope it’s more than one day.”

Scott simply growled, and thrust into her more aggressively. He was intent on bringing her to the edge of orgasm quickly.

“What are you waiting for?” Maddy asked. Shelly was at a loss for words. Having Scott’s dick sliding in and out of her pussy wasn’t helping her concentration at all.

“Well?” Maddy asked again after Shelly hadn’t answered. Shelly flipped the mute button off.

“Well, you know,” she began, then held the phone far away from them both. Shelly hoped by doing so, the microphone would pick up neither her quick intake of breath, nor the increasingly louder slopping noises that Scott’s dick was making as it slid in and out of her cunt.

“My hubby has been gone for a couple days,” she said, then pushed the phone away as her breath trembled in and out.

It was getting harder to breath and harder to talk. Shelly could only get out small fragments of sentences at a time.

“Won’t be back until next Wednesday.”

Slop-slop-slop. Shelly could feel her orgasm building, and aydınlı escort bayan was worried about the noises she might make when that happened.

“I was, unhh, horny.”

Shelly hit mute as Madeline laughed on the other end of the phone connection.

“Right there,” Shelly said to Scott over her shoulder. “God, that feels so good. Ohhhh, FUCK.”

“Oh my god, Shelly,” Madeline said over the speaker. “I can hear you. Are you masturbating?”

Scott and Shelly’s eyes both got real wide. Shelly looked at the phone and realized she had NOT hit the mute button after all.

“Umm, oops,” Shelly recovered quickly. “Guilty as charged. Umm, Unhh. I’m using – ohhh- that dildo you got me. As a joke gift last year.”

Shelly pressed mute, made double sure she had pressed it, then put the back of her hand to her forehead, tilted her head back, and ignored Maddy for a moment. She instead concentrated on the incredible sensations she felt as Scotty hit both her A-spot and her G-spot with every in-and-out thrust of his cock.

“Holy shit,” she hissed.

“That wasn’t a joke gift,” Maddy said playfully. “With all the business trips your husband takes, I figured you needed a little play thing.”

*Oh, it’s not little,” Shelly gasped, mute button off again.

“So you’re doing it right now, huh? While on the phone with me.”

“Yup,” Shelly said, no longer hiding the sound of her labored breathing.

“Had to get my mind. Ohhh. Over the hornies. Before I went. Unhhhh. Over to your house. Ooh. Oooooooh.”

Her every sentence was punctuated with gasps of breath.

“You are so naughty, Shelly. I love you. I can’t believe how bad you are.”

“You think – unngh – that’s bad? Listen – oooh – to this.”

Shelly put her finger to her lips, looking over her shoulder to Scott meaningfully. He nodded, starting to slow the long, deep thrusts of his cock.

“Unh-uh,” she whispered softly, putting the phone speaker down near her pussy. She grabbed Scott’s thigh with her other hand, and pulled him toward her.

Still whispering, she said. “Come on. Give it to me. Let her hear this.”

Scott again sunk his cock in and out of Shelly’s sopping, wet pussy. It again started to make a thick, slopping sound as he thrust in and out.

“Do you hear that, Maddy?” Shelly shouted loudly, so the speaker would pick up her voice from several feet away.

“Oh, my god,” Maddy’s voice came over the speaker. Shelly could hear Madeline laughing. “I can’t believe you.”

Now there was a steady slurp, slurp, slurp sound that all three of them could hear as Scott slid his cock in and out of Shelly’s pussy.

Shelly brought the phone to her mouth, her words coming between gasps of breath now.

“Yeah, well, I love my girlfriend. Would do anything for her. Ohhhh, shit, I’m close. Gonna try to seduce her husband later today. So gotta rub all the hornies and temptations out of me now.”

“I love you, girl,” Madeline said, seriously. “You’re my best fucking friend.”

“Oh, oh, yes,” Shelly agreed. “Best. Fucking. Friend.”

Shelly held the phone away and whispered to herself, “Emphasis on the fucking.”

Then she brought the phone close to her lips again. She wanted Maddy to hear her orgasm. And that was happening right now.

Scott knew Shelly was close. He held one ankle high while plowing into her again and again.

“Oh. Ohhh. Oohhhhhhh, OHHH MY GOD.”

Shelly felt her second orgasm of the day slam into her, as Scotty quietly pounded into her again and again. He was doing a remarkable job of being quiet. Much better than their first time. Shelly would have had a hard time explaining the male grunting and headboard banging to Madeline if she had called moments before.

But in this position, although Shelly felt she was getting a wonderfully delicious pounding, the bed made hardly a whisper.

“Unnnh, unh, ohhhhhhh FUCK!!” Shelly screamed outloud. The wave crested, she dropped the phone, and concentrated solely on her orgasm, rippling over her, through her, carrying her away. Scott felt her body shudder, and only slowed his thrusts when he felt her final spasm.

“You done?” Came a voice floating to Shelly from far, far away.

Shelly patted her arms around the comforter, feeling for her phone. Finally, her hand landed on something smooth and flat. She brought her phone to her face.

“Ha! Yeah. Pheeeew!” Shelly said, looking into Scott’s eyes. “That was intense!”

“Damn girl,” Madeline sounded a little breathless herself. “Maybe I should get one of those dildos for myself.”

She mouthed a silent, “Thank you” to Scott.

To Madeline, she said aloud, “Ha, now I’m kinda embarrassed. You, umm, caught me right in the middle of it and I ahhh, I didn’t want to stop.”

Scott leaned forward to kiss Shelly. She felt his lips press against hers. And slowly, slowly, the phone still held near her ear, Shelly pressed her mouth against his. His tongue slid across Shelly’s bottom lip, and she opened her mouth to feel him. Scott’s tongue stroked across her tongue, tangling her in lustful, aching heat.

“No, no, I get it. If I had one of those that did something like that to me, I’d probably use it every day.”

Shelly broke her kiss with Scott.

“Ok, Maddy, I’m gonna take a quick shower, then head over. I’ll give you a call when he kicks me out of the house later this morning.”

“IF” Maddy sighed, still thinking the worst would happen. Maddy was clueless about her BFF’s deception, not realizing the worst already had happened. “Call me, I want to hear all about it!”

Actually, the worst had not yet happened for Madeline. This betrayal was only getting started. In this phone conversation just now, Maddy had said it might take days for Shelly to seduce Scott. That meant that Maddy was already receptive to the idea of Shelly trying again. And again and again. Not just today, but for the days to come. If Shelly and Scott were successful in convincing Madeline that nothing had happened, then perhaps Madeline would continue to be a willing accomplice in getting Shelly and Scott alone again.

Yes, this just might work! When she gave her update to Maddy later tonight, Shelly would leave the door open for their next encounter. “I think I almost had him. I think he was looking at me differently. You’re right, maybe it will take a couple sessions to seduce him. Maybe I should ask him over to my house next time. I’ll make up some excuse about needing help with a chore because my husband Bill is out traveling on business. He probably won’t want to come over, but you could give him a nudge …”

Would that work? Shelly thought it might.


“That was a little too risky, don’t you think,” Scott said, after she had hung up the phone.

Shelly smiled mischievously.


“Having my wife listen in while I fucked you.”

Shelly laughed. “Oh, nonsense. She doesn’t suspect a thing. And that’s the way will keep it. In about 30 minutes, you’re going to text your wife, telling her I’ve arrived wearing nothing but a skimpy red bikini. Of course, she KNOWS that’s what I’ll be wearing, so she’ll tell you to stop making mountains out of molehills.

“In about an hour, I’ll text her with pics of me sunbathing by the pool. I’ll give her an update that you’re being a surprisingly stubborn nut to crack. She’ll no doubt tell me that I’m not trying hard enough. I’ll tell her I’m going to have you slather my body with sunscreen. And then 15 minutes after that, I’ll tell her it didn’t work – but that I’m going to try and get you in the pool with me.”

Now it was Scott’s turn to laugh. “You’ve got this day all planned out.”

“Oh, sweetheart … my plans for you go much longer than just today.”

“Anything you want to share with me?”

“Not just yet, best to keep you in the dark for now, as well. But I promise you … you’re going to love it.”

While she was lost deep in her scheming thoughts, and conversing with Scott, Shelly was only half aware that Scott had repositioned her on the bed. Her willing and compliant body had moved subconsciously, on its own accord, into the position his hands and body had encouraged her into. And so she was completely surprised – and truly delighted – to find that she was now resting on her elbows and knees, and that Scott was kneeling on the bed behind her. He was between her legs, his cock in one hand, and only now starting to slid into her velvety hole. Scott, she realized, was still hard and now going to fuck her like an a****l.

Shelly glanced at the bedside clock. Not yet 11 AM! She sighed in contentment. This was going to be a great day!

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