Immortal Gift of Beauty

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My wife and I were on vacation abroad, and ran into some people from our home town. It got me thinking… If it could happen to us, why not someone else?

If you’re looking for a visual of our female lead character, I was picturing Sela Ward, but perhaps a little more buxom. I hope you enjoy it.


I looked across the bed to the empty pillow next to mine. It was still warm, and would quite soon again be cradling the very pretty head of my new girlfriend.

She was in the bathroom, humming happily, and reappeared in the doorway a few seconds later.

“Ready for more?” she giggled, smiling brightly.

I suppose I should tell you more about how we met, before we go back for round two.


Believe it or not, this whole thing started on my Mother’s birthday.

Little did I know that I would be the one getting the gift.

Anyway, as I said, it was Mom’s birthday, and Dad surprised everyone in the family with his present for her. When it came to choosing gifts for Mom, he had a history of small appliances and other household items. Mom didn’t complain, of course, but even I could see that she had hoped for something more… well, personal. Something that she actually wanted, not just something for the house.

I had no illusions this year would be any different, but apparently aliens had replaced my Father with a more thoughtful version. When he handed her the small, well wrapped box, I exchanged disbelieving looks with my older sister. There had to be some mistake.

Mom giggled, and started to carefully unwrap the foil paper by tugging on the ribbon that belted the package. In typical Mom fashion, she didn’t tear the paper. It would go into her pile of reusable wrapping. She lifted the lid off the box.

Inside, amid the tissue paper, she found a gift certificate… for a new bathing suit.

Ooooo, so close, I thought. Mom had recently lost some weight, and probably did need a new suit to show off her more slender, fitter self, but it still seemed like a present that Dad would get more out of than Mom.

“Thank you so much, honey,” Mom smiled. She never showed her disappointment, even when the gift was a new steam iron. “I do need a new bathing suit. I might even think about a bikini, now that I’m in better shape.”

“There’s more, darling,” Dad said with a smug confidence. “Look again.”

Mom dug through the tissue, then froze. She looked at my Father, stunned, and he just nodded.

Every dog in the neighbourhood picked its head up, as Mom screamed in delight, jumping up and down before leaping into my Father’s arms.

“I think she likes it,” my sister whispered, standing next to me. “What do you think it is? A new blender?”

“Box is too small,” I laughed. “Maybe some socks.”

“Alright, you two,” Dad warned, still accepting my Mother’s hug of gratitude. “Be careful what you say, or you might find yourself uninvited.”

We just stood silently, suitably chastised, waiting for Mom to let us know what was so exciting. When she finally settled down, she pulled a brochure out of the bottom of the box. In letters three inches high, it cleared up the mystery.

Greece. We were all going to Greece.


Now, Greece had always been my Mother’s dream. She had no real reason for wanting to go there, but she had always wanted to. Dad had hit a home run with this one.

Of course, we weren’t going right away. Dad was giving Mom free rein on this trip. It was her gift, so she got to customize it to her tastes. The rest of us were just along for the ride.

It took three months for everything to fall into place. Mom set us up on a two stop vacation. The first part of the two-week trip would be on the mainland, touring the typical tourist spots, like the Acropolis and various other ruins. It was fun, and educational, but I personally feel that once you’ve seen two or three crumbling stone structures, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

My favourite part of the trip was the second part; a glorious, relaxing week on Santorini, at a beautiful resort.

There’s blue, and then there’s Santorini blue. The sky and ocean seemed to be in competition to see which could be the most breathtaking azure hue, contrasting against the stark white of stucco on the buildings. It was remarkable, but not the sight I’ll remember most. That came on day one, by the pool.

I had noticed something about Greece, besides that it was old. I was looking at it through a young man’s eyes, so naturally the first thing I noticed was the women. In a word… Wow!

It’s probably just because the women here fit my type, but it seemed like beautiful, dark-haired women grew on trees here.

It’s my Mom’s fault. She was a brunette, and I naturally gravitated toward her look as what women were supposed to be like. Here in Greece, they were everywhere.

I wasn’t sure what I’d do for a whole week here, but I was willing to start by hanging out around the pool, canlı bahis where the female staff of the resort made for entertaining viewing.

Which is how I met my girlfriend, in a matter of speaking. I was watching one of the pool bar servers wiggle her butt past me, when some movement in the background caught my eye. I shifted my focus, and caught this girl about my age, climbing the ladder out of the pool. She was wearing a bikini, and the bottom half of it was so brief that almost all of her very nicely shaped ass was exposed to my eyes. She turned in profile, and raised her arms to wring out her hair, which was long, straight and light brown.

Nice tits, I thought, turning my head to follow her to her lounge. They weren’t that big, but still had a cute little jiggle to them. I suppose it was obvious that I was staring at her, because as she stopped by her seat, I found myself looking into the dark eyes of a woman I assumed to be her Mother. She was wearing a black one-piece, with a big floppy hat on her head. She had tipped her sunglasses down, and was watching me watching her daughter’s ass with a certain level of disapproval. Still, there was a wry grin on her face.

Caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I looked away. Far too late. I felt compelled to see if she was still looking across at me, and peeked. Indeed, she was still looking in my direction, and took her glasses off to make sure I saw her eyes. She didn’t appear angry.

A few minutes later, the mystery woman began to pack up her things. She stood, her back to me for long enough to etch the much more mature curves of her own rear end in my memory. She was tall, lean and statuesque, with a classic hourglass figure. As she put her cover up back on, she turned to glance at me. I was too enthralled to look away this time, and saw the fullness of her breasts in profile.

She let her daughter lead into the hotel, blocking my view with her own body. At the time, I thought she might have been acting as a protective parent, but in retrospect, she may have been flirting. A final glance over her shoulder confirmed that I was still watching, and she smiled.

I had never really noticed older women before. I was usually more interested in their daughters, but there was something about this woman that captured my attention completely. Her beauty was undeniable. She was a goddess in the land of goddesses.

I had no idea how right I was.


Later that afternoon, my whole family was out by the pool again. I was sitting next to Mom, with Dad on her other side, and my sister beside him. The sun had moved, and shadows obscured the other side of the deck. My eyes were closed, enjoying the golden warmth of the later light.

“Excuse me, are these taken?” the voice said. It was a woman’s voice, soft and gentle. I opened my eyes.

“Please, help yourself,” my Mother replied.

It was her. Those dark eyes gazed down into mine, until she turned to smile at my Mother.

“Thank you,” she said, extending her hand to Mom. “I’m Ambrosia Castellanos, and this is my daughter, Marina.”

Funny how I started out watching her daughter’s ass, and now hadn’t even noticed that she was here. Oh well.

“I’m Carol,” Mom responded. “My husband, Herbert, daughter Sharon, and son Henry,” she gestured.

Ambrosia made eye contact down the line, starting with my sister, farthest away. “Hello,” she smiled, “Hello, hello.” She finished with me, next to her.

“Hello, Henry,” she smiled, seemingly brighter than the smile she had sent the others. She arranged her towel on the lounge, and sat down elegantly.

Oh my…

My eyes tried desperately not to wander over to the long, lean, slender legs that filled the right side of my peripheral vision. My willpower was being tested further by her foot, rubbing up and down the smooth, tanned skin of her muscular calf. My mother rescued me by starting a conversation with our new friend.

“So, Ambrosia? From your name, I would guess you are from around here? From Greece, I mean,” Mom asked.

“Yes,” the stunning brunette smiled, “and no. I am Greek, yes. Born in Athens, grew up nearby. But I left over twenty years ago. My daughter and I are here to visit relatives. It’s her first time.”

“You’re visiting relatives, but staying in this resort?” Mom questioned. “Not staying with your family?”

“Ah yes,” Ambrosia nodded. “We Greeks and our big families. That’s why I left in the first place. I’m here to visit, not renew hostilities. I’m sure you have family members you could do without?”

“Of course,” Mom smiled. “Don’t we all.” Dad turned his head. Mom had never really been my Grandmother’s favourite daughter-in-law. It was no secret.

There was a lull in the conversation between Ambrosia and my Mom, as her daughter said something that I couldn’t hear. She got up, and went inside.

“Keep it short, please,” Ambrosia called after her. “Halfway around the world, and she just has to call her boyfriend every morning. The bahis siteleri phone bill is going to be more than the flight.” she explained.

“Thankfully, these two don’t have anyone to call right now,” my Mother laughed. “You said you left Greece long ago. Where do you live now?”

“Well, I met a man who had business worldwide, so after we married, we were quite the globetrotters,” Ambrosia said. “It’s not the life for a child, however, and when I became pregnant with Marina, we settled in Canada.”

“You’re kidding! Where abouts?” Mom gasped.

“West coast, in the Vancouver area,” Ambrosia replied, turning to look at my mother in surprise.

“Isn’t life strange? We travel all the way to Greece, to meet a Greek woman, who could be our neighbour!” Mom smiled. “New West! We’re from New Westminster!”

“Would you like to take my seat, Mrs. Castellanos?” I asked, “So you can talk easier?”

“Why thank you, yes, Henry! That’s so thoughtful,” she smiled. “On one condition ; please call me Ambrosia. Deal?” She extended her hand. When I took it, I found it to be soft, and smooth, and perfectly manicured.

“Yes Ma’am… I mean, yes… Ambrosia,” I replied softly. Her eyes met mine for an instant, and took my breath away.

So we swapped lounges, and Ambrosia spent the next half hour talking about how small the world seemed. When Marina returned, she did a double-take, then took her seat.

“Hi Marina,” I said, “I’m Henry,”

“I know,” she said coldly. Apparently, her mother got all the charm.

“How’s your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Fine, and none of your business,” she replied.

“Okay, nice talking to you,” I laughed. She just closed her eyes, and tilted her head away. I didn’t see Ambrosia lean closer.

“So, Henry,” she whispered. “You don’t have a girlfriend at home? I find it hard to believe that a strong, handsome young man such as you doesn’t have the girls lined up around the block, just waiting for a date.”

My initial thought was that she was trying to set me up with Marina. Maybe she didn’t like her daughter’s boyfriend, and was hoping I’d displace him, but Marina didn’t seem too willing to allow that.

There was something about her voice, though; Her voice, and the way she looked at me. It made me tingle. She was just so beautiful.


I was laying on my lounge the next morning, by myself. My sister was sleeping in, and my parents were probably doing things I’d rather not think about. I had the edge of the towel shading my eyes. From above, I heard her voice again.

“Hello Henry,” she purred. The timbre of her throaty words instantly got my attention.

I tipped the towel away from my eyes, and looked up at Ambrosia. The full swell of her breasts was impossible to miss from this angle, and she had to look around them to see me.

“Hello Mrs. Cast… I mean, Ambrosia,” I smiled. “Looking for a seat?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “May I sit with you?”

“Certainly,” I nodded, and watched as she arranged herself, dropping her wrap from around her hips. I got a good look at her ass, and it was goooooooooooooood. She was wearing blue today, and I noticed it was one of those maillots with cutouts, so it was like a bikini hybrid. It looked very sexy on her sumptuous curves.

“Where’s Marina today?” I asked, taking the opportunity to scan her body again.

“Sleeping in. I just couldn’t ignore the sun. I saw you from our balcony, and thought you might like some company,” she replied. That smile again. God, she was gorgeous. She had a ‘Sela Ward’ aire about her; very elegant and sophisticated in her classic beauty, but with an undeniable sexiness bubbling just under the surface.

“Yeah, my sister is sleeping in, too,” I laughed, piling the extra towel on my lap, to disguise the bulge that had to be growing there. I wasn’t immune to her, despite our age difference.

“Well, it’s their loss,” she giggled. “Such a glorious day! So, tell me about Henry.”

It wasn’t a suggestion. She wanted to know more about me, and even though we were far from well acquainted, I felt compelled to tell her.

I filled in a few blanks. I was eighteen, starting college in a month, a year behind my sister. Hoping to play football.

“Your turn, Ambrosia,” I smiled.

“You want to know about me?” she asked, playing coy. “I’m sure you’d find me boring.”

“Not at all,” I laughed. “You’re here with Marina, and you live near us at home. Is your husband still at home?”

“No, I’m afraid… My husband passed away two years ago,” she replied. A touch of sadness appeared in her eyes.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Ambrosia. I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, dismissing my comment. “You couldn’t possibly know, and it’s past. Truly Henry, it’s okay.”

I nodded, and we sat silently for a moment, before she spoke.

“Henry? You don’t strike me as a Henry,” she smiled.

“Well, no, I suppose not. Mom calls me Henry, and my sister when she’s bahis şirketleri trying to get under my skin,” I explained. “Most of my friends call me Hank.”

“Hank. Yes, that’s more fitting for you. Alright, in your mother’s presence I will stick to Henry, but between us, it’s Hank,” she giggled. It was girlish, and very attractive. “My friends call me Brosie, so I believe you should too.”

“Deal,” I grinned, shaking her hand.

“Okay, Hank,” she said quietly, as she stood, and discarded her hat. She stretched her arms high, giving me the full effect of her very enticing bathing suit. Her tummy looked very firm and flat, especially in contrast to her chest, which was far from flat. My towel stirred. “I’m going for a swim. Watch my stuff?”

“Of course,” I nodded. I’ll be watching you, too.

She walked around to the far side of the pool, and tiptoed into the water. When it was waist deep, she looked over at me and waved, then dove under the surface. She came up in the deep end, looking like a tropical goddess. I watched her as she swam lap after lap, her body sliding effortlessly through the water. She seemed totally at ease, and completely comfortable under my gaze.

I suddenly realized that I was sporting a nearly full erection. I pressed on my crotch to quell the urge. There was a pool of cool water over there that would probably complete the deflation process, but I had to get from here to there without showing all of Greece that I was aroused. More specifically, I didn’t want Ambrosia to see it.

I stood, keeping the towel in my hand until I was nearly at the edge of the pool. Tossing it back to my seat, I dove straight in. There. Safe.

I came up right in front of her. It hadn’t been my intention. I was more concerned with getting into the pool than where I was going.

“Oh! Hello there!” she gasped as I popped up within arms length. She was chest deep, and the water’s motion was making her boobs float in a way that my eyes couldn’t ignore. The blood which had been leaving my dick immediately reversed direction. She swam around me into deeper water, then put her hand on my shoulder as she swept the wet hair out of her eyes.

“I’m getting out now,” she smiled. “I’ve cooled off enough.”

I haven’t, I thought, as I watched her stroke away smoothly. Then she climbed out via the ladder, showing me her spectacular ass again. Her suit had slipped up into her butt crack, and she pulled it out as she walked across the deck. It was a wonderful show, and increased the time I’d have to spend in the water before I could safely leave. It took about five minutes before I was soft again.

I felt her eyes on me as I climbed out, and she tossed me a towel when I was clear of the water.

“Thank you,” I laughed, wiping my shoulders. I took my seat, and we sat quietly for a few minutes. My eyes were closed, but I could still see the body beside me in my mind. I felt her hand on my arm.

“Hank… I want to go for a walk around town, and Marina isn’t interested in going,” she said softly. “Would you like to come with me? I’d feel better if I had someone to go with. I’ll buy you lunch?”

“Sure, Mrs. um, Amb… Brosie,” I stumbled.

“Keep trying. You’ll get it,” she laughed. “Okay, I’ll meet you in the lobby in thirty minutes.” She stood up, wrapped her towel around her hips, and gathered her stuff. She bent over to grab her hat, and gave me a view of her magnificent cleavage. “See you in the lobby.”

Off she went, wiggling her towel covered ass at me, and nearly causing another erection. I laid there, trying to keep my composure, and wondering what I had gotten myself into.


Thirty minutes later, I was in the lobby, and heard the click of heels behind me. Before I could turn around, hands covered my eyes. I felt her breasts against my back.

“Guess who?” she giggled. She released me before I replied, and let me turn around.

Wow. Dressed all in white, she looked spectacular. Her blouse was crisp, and while the body was solid and opaque, the long sleeves were diaphanous. A hint of cleavage peeked out through the partially unbuttoned front. Her skirt was mid-thigh, showing off her long legs. High heeled sandals adorned her feet. The floppy hat topped her head, and her long hair was draped over her left shoulder.

“How do I look?” she asked, doing a slow turn for me. “Not too much an old lady to be seen with you?”

Old lady? Yeah, right. If you’re an old lady, I’ll never look at a young girl again. She was waiting for me to say something. Apparently, my slack jaw and drool weren’t enough confirmation.

“Brosie, you look fantastic!” I finally blurted out.

“Thank you,” she smiled, “and thanks for calling me Brosie, Hank.”

“Where are we going?” I asked, extending my elbow.

“How gallant!” she giggled, hooking her arm in mine. “That way.”

Together, we walked slowly out the door, and into the narrow streets.

“So your mother is okay with you going out alone?” she asked, as we walked along the cobbled street.

“I’m sure she will be when she reads the note. My sister was still asleep. So were my parents,” I said, leaning closer and lowering my voice. “I think they were having sex earlier.”

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