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The pressure of the shower pounded on me with such force that it reminded me of three hours earlier when we were under the sixty-foot waterfall. It was Dundee Falls outside of Kingston, Jamaica. I watched the water in the shower cascade off my body and swirl into the drain below. I was mesmerized in thought of how we embraced under the falls and you kept rubbing my crotch.

I began to harden thinking of that moment. My thoughts were interrupted when I saw you through the glass shower door in our suite’s bathroom and you came in naked to join me. I noticed you took the bath towel off the bed that had been shaped like a swan. Remember how we were both impressed with the entire staff at out five star resort? The housekeepers created a new shape with a towel each day and they also sprinkled our bed with red rose pedals. That was a nice surprise when we returned from the waterfall.

When you washed all of me as I leaned against the shower wall, I felt relaxed, almost like I was floating. The way you used that sponge over every part of my skin made me feel like I could have melted. And then when you washed my low back and preceded to clean my cock and balls, you teased me into more of an erection. You were incredible when you pulled my soapy body next to yours and we slid against one another and kissed.

I felt your nipples harden and loved to tease them into even greater erection when I sucked them and slid my hand between your legs. I was excited to know what would happen when we finished showering.

While drying off, I enjoyed watching big ass porno you shower yourself – especially when you used the sponge between your legs. But somehow, I suspect, you knew I was watching and loved to tease me with your self-massaging. I always have enjoyed watching you make yourself cum when we made love. The way you slid your fingers inside your vagina after teasing your clit into a reddened, hard projectile by slowly rolling your fingers in small circles has always aroused me.

I must tell you that when you came out of the hot shower, your hair soaked with water and your fresh smell, caused me to stiffen harder than I had been in weeks.

The way you covered your hair with a towel, leaned against the counter with your white ass pushing out in my direction, your legs spread apart and then you opened your cheeks was astounding. When you asked me to lick your butt and fuck you, it almost made me cum right there, at that very moment.

I loved kneeling on the cool tiled floor on top of the towel you set down for me. And oh, what pleasure it was for me when you spread your ass cheeks with both hands and begged me to lick your fresh, hot hole. I felt some of my juice drip onto my thigh as I placed both of my hands on your sun tanned back and upper thighs.

My arms brushed against your stiffened thighs as you pushed up on your toes and accepted my tongue into you hole. I loved the way you moaned aloud and circled your entire body around my tongue. And then, when you reached around and pulled my head tight against big tits porno your ass made me drip even more juice to the floor below. I even heard a splat when some of my juice hit the area to the side of the towel.

I remember looking up and saw you fondling your breasts. The loud moan you gave when I penetrated your vagina with my finger told me that I was pleasing you. You stiffened even more and leaned back tighter than before right into my head. I knew you loved to have my tongue inside your butt.

And, oh God when you took my hand and walked me across the room to the hot tub I just knew what was to happen. I loved all the past times when I ate your pussy while you stood and I was kneeling down. I just knew this would be just as pleasurable for us both once again.

I want you to know, I think often of that moment when you raised your leg up and placed your foot on the hot tub. Your lips were open for me and aching for the touch of my tongue against your clit. My blood filled cock could have exploded at any moment. I had to concentrate not to cum right then and there.

Your almost quiet cooing, low moans and slow pelvic movements told me I was near the ‘spot’. I loved it when you moved your hips sideways and then forward and backwards. I knew you were seeking just the right spot for explosion. And when you yelled out and pulled my head tight against your pussy, I was as delighted as you. I could feel your G-Spot inside reacting to my touch when I penetrated you with my finger and began to massage. Your clit was already blacked porno erect and you did so enjoy me sucking it between my lips.

I loved squeezing your ass cheeks and pulling your pelvis tight against my face. My cock hardens even now thinking of you yelling over and over, “Yes, Baby, eat me. Oh fuck me good. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Oh yes, my Darling.”

We each knew it was coming. After milking you the way I did, I knew you were about to squirt. And squirt you did. I moved my head just enough so you could fully drain yourself and the way your love juice shot halfway across the bathroom was awesome. I knew I had pleased you.

When your very hard and very long orgasm ended I loved the way you switched positions and took control. You were down on your knees sucking on one of my balls and then the other. All then you started at the base of my cock and with slow firm pressure you squeezed and milked me out to the tip of my rod. Wasn’t it great when so much of my clear viscous fluid erupted out the end? It was incredible when I watched you rub my juice all around my cock and you took me into your mouth, squeezing my balls and fingering my ass. I was floating away. I never wanted you to stop.

You knew I was close to having an orgasm and stopped in the knick of time. When you turned around and asked me to fuck you from the backside position, I thought I’d shoot all over before sliding into you. God, you were so wet and so hot inside when I entered. My orgasm several minutes later made us both almost collapse to the floor.

We showered once again, dried off and had our glass of wine while we sat on the bed. I could barely keep my eyes open when we melted into the fresh sheets, hugged each other and fell asleep.

Thank you, my darling for a great day and fantastic vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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