Jason’s Trip to Mexico

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Jason reed stared out of the plane window over the lush tropical landscape below. He was excited about his vacation/leave in southern Mexico at a beach resort he had booked 6 months previously as a present to himself for completing his military service contract.

Jason was 28 years old and a typical blond haired blue eyed American about 5’10 and about 200 lbs. of solid muscle. He wore his hair in a short military buzz haircut. He had worked out very hard to overcome his teenage chubbiness and now had huge muscular arms and enormous pecs with large pink nipples. As a teen he had always had a round large protruding ass and now after working his legs with squats, his ass cheeks were large round muscular globes with big meaty thighs. He was not very hairy, in fact his chest, legs and ass were smooth and he had a light tan with creamy white ass cheeks from wearing the speedos to the beach.

He was dressed for the warm tropical weather and was wearing an olive green tank top with US ARMY and Military PT shorts that were tight and molded his huge muscular ass cheeks. He was horny thinking of all the hot women in bikinis on the beach he was hoping to screw. He reached down and adjusted the growing bulge in the tight shorts and was glad he was wearing a jock strap to hold his junk in place. His cock was about 8 inches with large round egg sized balls that rode up high on either side of his shaft when he shot his load.

“Hold on there buddy,” he thought to himself as he looked down at his packed shorts.

The pilot announced that they would soon be landing and to have all passports and documents ready for arrival through customs. As the plane touched down, Jason noticed the airport terminal was a single story concrete building that looked very old. The airport workers looked very dark skinned with jet black hair and very squat and stocky looking. They wheeled the stairs over to the plane and the passengers began to disembark down the stairs to the concrete runway and then were directed into the terminal building.

Jason waited until most of the passengers exited the plane to collect his duffel bag and then began to climb down the stairs and walk to the terminal. He saw two uniformed officers standing at the entrance to the building reviewing the passports of the passengers. Both officers appeared to be in their mid 40’s with large black bushy mustaches. One was about 6 ft. tall and very hairy with black hair and mean dark eyes and a large broad thick squat nose. He had thick muscular arms and a broad chest and a large belly that stretched the green shirt so much it looked like the buttons might pop off. The nametag said Ruiz. The other officer was about 5’5 and about 185 lbs, barrel shaped also with very dark skin and hair very and a round face and when he smiled at Jason he saw a flash of a silver capped tooth. His nametag said Sanchez.

As Jason was the last passenger to enter the building the taller officer Ruiz said “Papeles!” (Papers!) and Jason handed over his passport. The two officers both looked at his passport and then spoke to each other in Spanish while staring at Jason while he stood in his tight tank top and shorts. Sweat was beginning to trickle down his chest and arms and legs in the warm humid air.

“Everything alright there officers?” Jason asked, wondering what was going on. He felt sweat roll down his back, moistening the broad waistband of his jockstrap. Instinctively, he clenched his firm butt-cheeks as if to defend his ass from any teasing, tickling drops of moisture back there. Sanchez seemed to have noticed him doing that and grinned.

The officers motioned for Jason to follow them to a closed door that was to the right of the open door where the passengers had exited. Jason said “what’s the problem?” But the officers just said “vamos” and the short officer Sanchez motioned for Jason to move so he picked up his duffel bag and followed Sanchez, while Ruiz moved close behind him.

As Jason walked to the door he wondered what was going on.

“Man, they must have some funny rules down here. I’m pretty sure my passport is all correct. Maybe they see that I am former Army and they’re gonna give me a special welcome?” he pondered as he walked between the two men. His tight shorts were beginning to ride up his ass crack and molded his ass globes while he walked. Ruiz, the officer behind him, looked down and stared at Jason’s beefy ass and smiled an evil grin and he watched the muscle butt bounce on the beefy gringo while he walked.

Sanchez opened the door and motioned for Jason to go in the room, which was dark. Sanchez switched on the light, which was nothing more than a bulb dangling from the ceiling. The room was made up of concrete walls and flooring, with a battered desk, two old wooden chairs and a low wooden bench along one wall. Ruiz stepped in after Jason and closed the door and then slid a deadbolt lock. Sanchez held out his hand for Jason to hand over the duffel bag and then he put the bag on the desk. Ruiz motioned for Jason to stand in the center of illegal bahis the room with his hands clasped behind his head while Sanchez began to open the duffel bag and take out the contents on the desk.

Jason raised his arms behind his head and let out a nervous chuckle. “Sorry man,” he said to Ruiz. “In this hot humid air, my pits are sweatin’ up a storm.”

Ruiz smiled, stepped behind Jason and then reached around with his big hands and gently rubbed his fingers in Jason’s hairy blond pits. Jason jumped and instinctively moved to lower his arms. Ruiz quickly grabbed Jason’s wrists and brought the young muscular man’s hands back behind his head.

“Okay, okay,” Jason said. “Sorry sir, it was just instinct. Never had a guy rub his fingers in my, uh, sweaty armpits before. I don’t get what that’s about…”

Before Jason could continue with his question, Ruiz put his hand on his head, turning the stud’s attention back to Sanchez straight ahead. Ruiz then resumed using his fingers to rub circles in Jason’s hairy pits. “Oh man,” Jason mumbled to himself. “That sure does feel funny.” Ruiz looked down to see Jason’s shorts getting tighter as the bulge in his crotch seemed to be filling out. It seemed like the young American hadn’t noticed what was going on down in his packed crotch since his head kept turning from armpit to armpit watching the officers thick fingers swirl in his blond pit hair.

Meanwhile, officer Sanchez went through the contents of Jason’s duffle. What he found were mostly shorts and t-shirts, a pair of speedos and a shaving kit and flip flops. Jason remembered he had packed a small bag containing condoms, and a bottle of lube and a skin mag he had brought along in case he didn’t get laid and needed to jack off. That was going to be kind of embarrassing, he thought. Suddenly Sanchez said “drogas!” and held up a small bag of white powder.

“What?” Jason said, “That is not mine! I am former US Army, sir. I would never have something like that in my luggage.”

Ruiz patted Jason’s pits with the palms of his hands and then raised a finger to shush him. He stepped around to face the young stud and raised a finger to Jason’s mouth, gesturing for him to be quiet. Ruiz slowly sawed his finger up and down over Jason’s lips until the young man stopped trying to speak. He then turned his finger sideways brushing along the crease between Jason’s lips. He gradually motioned for Jason to open his mouth. Jason’s eyes widened and he was uncertain what to do. He kept his hands clenched behind his head as he had been ordered, but couldn’t help flexing the muscles in his big beefy arms as if readying for self-defense.

Ruiz frowned and whispered, “Abre tu boca.” and then gently, slowly pushed his thick sausage like fingers into Jason’s mouth, which made him gag. Jason nearly went cross-eyed watching the fingers slide in and out of his mouth. He whimpered as he felt Ruiz’s thick digits rubbing his gums, pushing under his tongue and then across it. “Chupa muchacho.”

“Huh,” Jason thought. “Does he want me to, uh, suck his fingers? How is that going to help him find drugs in my mouth? No, wait; I don’t have any drugs in my mouth. I don’t have any drugs anywhere. I guess he’s gotta check, but geeez this seems like a bit more than necessary.

“Chupa,” Ruiz whispered slowly with a fiendish grin. Jason started to suck the two fingers rubbing his tongue. It felt odd, but he thought he should cooperate if this was part of the search.

“Si, si, bueno puto” Ruiz whispered. For some reason that made Jason flex his biceps and clench his buttcheeks together. His shorts felt really tight now. He wasn’t sure what that was about, but as he sucked the thick fingers in his mouth, he reminded himself what it a good idea it had been to put on a jockstrap this morning. “Damn, I sure wouldn’t want anyone gettin’ the wrong idea or something just ’cause Jason Junior down there likes to show off. Maybe I ought to wear a jockstrap the whole time I’m here in Mexico, just to be on the safe side…”

Ruiz smiled at the confused look on Jason’s handsome face. He pulled his fingers out of the hunky young stud’s mouth. Jason stopped thinking about his jockstrap. He looked at the officer and swallowed. “Officer, those drugs are not mine, I promise!”

Ruiz ignored him, then he motioned Jason to keep his arms raised and he began to pat him down. He slowly ran his hands along Jason’s upraised triceps, then down into his pits again. The sweat-slickened fingers now moved along to Jason’s big meaty pecs. Ruiz traced his fingers along the underside of the jutting pec ridge. He cupped the big pecs, squeezed them gently and ran his hands across them in light circles. Jason grunted as Ruiz felt up his chest, especially when he squeezed the big nipples through the tight tank top.

Ruiz then slid his hand down to Jason’s hips and reached around and cupped the big round ass globes, squeezing the firm muscle in the tight military PT shorts. Jason turned his head as the mustached swarthy officer’s face was only illegal bahis siteleri a few inches from his and he could smell the sweat from the officer. “Man, this dude is really checking me out! They sure are thorough down here. He isn’t gonna find anything though, ’cause there isn’t anything to find! Ungh… oh man, he is really squeezing my glutes….”

Ruiz’s hands slid back across Jason’s hips, then reached down and groped Jason’s crotch and big egg sized balls, which caused Jason to shout “HEY” and back away.

The officer scowled and said something to Sanchez in Spanish. Meanwhile as Sanchez was going through the bag he grinned when he saw the magazine, which was named “backdoor blondes” and began to flip through the pics of big breasted blonds getting fucked in the ass by big black studs. He reached down and adjusted the growing bulge in his green uniform pants.

Ruiz motioned for Jason to remove his tank top. Jason protested. “Now hold on just a sec, sir. You just had your hand on my tightly-packed crotch. I know you guys take your jobs real seriously and all, but sheesh, did you have to do that?” Ruiz smiled and noticed that Jason still hadn’t lowered his arms. He barked something out in Spanish. Jason had no idea what had just been said, but this officer sure looked serious and maybe even a little pissed off. Officer Sanchez pulled out a black rubber baton and began to slap it in his other hand while glaring at Jason.

When Jason still hesitated, Ruiz reached over and slapped Jason’s face. “Ow! What the…?” Ruiz grabbed the bottom of the tight tank top and began to pull it up over Jason’s head. He then motioned for Jason the remove his shorts. Jason realized that if he didn’t cooperate these guys might get rough so he pulled down his shorts and stepped out of them. The pouch of Jason’s white jockstrap was stretched to accommodate his thick cock and large balls. Ruiz reached over and cupped the big bulge. Jason gasped, but this time didn’t attempt to move away. “Muy bonito,” growled Ruiz. Jason squirmed.

His arms hung by his side now, but he clenched his fists and tensed the muscles in biceps. “Ooohhhh… fuck…,” he groaned as the tall hefty officer used his left hand to gently squeeze Jason’s big cream-filled nuts. Jason closed his eyes for a second, then opened them wide when he felt a hand on his dick. Ruiz was using the index finger and thumb of his right hand to slowly stroke the length of Jason’s stiffening tube of meat. “OH! Oh man, oh geez, huh…” Jason panted. Ruiz squeezed the tip of Jason’s big cut dick and then drew gentle circles with his index finger across the plump head, lightly scratching it through the itchy mesh of the jockstrap. Jason gulped. “Shit, what part of the body search is this? Ohhhhhh, damn you guys, getting’ me all horny”.

Ruiz let go of the stuffed jock pouch, but not before noticing a wet spot where he had been rubbing the cock-tip. He gestured down for Jason to look at it. Jason gulped and said “shit” under his breath. Ruiz then motioned for Jason to turn around and face the wall with the low bench. As Jason turned, his big beefy round ass checks came into view framed by the white straps of the jock.

Sanchez brought the magazine over to Ruiz and they both looked at the pics of the white blond women taking huge black cocks up the ass. They both reached down and squeezed the growing tubes in their pants and then stared at Jason’s beefy muscle butt. Jason looked over his shoulder as he watched Ruiz walk over to the desk and open the drawer to remove some latex gloves and what appeared to be a tube of lubricating jelly. He thought “oh shit he’s going to stick his finger up my butt”.

Jason had pretty much figured that his butt was going to get searched since they had checked out his mouth, but he was worried because whenever he showered and soaped up his ass and slightly entered his asshole with his finger his cock would become rock hard. He was already more than halfway hard thanks to that dang teasing of his dick. Now he was afraid he might get fully hard and these officers might think he was gay or something.

“Man, that would be so fucked up!” Jason said to himself. “Come here dreamin’ about hot sex with all the babes hangin’ out at the beach, and end up with the local authorities thinkin’ I’m gay before I even get out of the airport! Jason heard Ruiz put on the gloves with a snap of latex. Ruiz then walked over, grabbed the waistband of Jason’s jock strap and began to pull it down over his bubble butt and on down his legs, finally ordering Jason to step out of it.

Ruiz kicked Jason’s big muscular legs apart while Sanchez put his hand between Jason’s shoulder blades and forced him to bend at the waist and put his hands on the low bench. Ruiz’s cock was a throbbing tube down the leg of his pants with a stain at the head where it was leaking as he looked over the spread-eagled muscle stud and his big creamy white ass globes. He put both hands on each ass globe with a smack and spread the globes revealing a pink tight hole. canlı bahis siteleri He said something in Spanish to Sanchez who then reached over from Jason’s right side and grabbed the ass globes to keep them spread apart.

Ruiz picked up the tube of lubricant and squirted the cool jelly into Jason’s asshole, which cause him to gasp. “Oh fuck, that feels slimy,” Jason mumbled. Then he felt Ruiz’s thick sausage-like finger lightly circle his butt hole. “Oooohhhhhhh…..,” Jason moaned. Ruiz smiled and then began to tease the opening, producing more horny sighs from the big American stud. Slowly, delicately, Ruiz’s finger entered Jason’s hole, spreading it open.

Jason felt his ball sack begin to tighten up and his balls churning as his cock began to swell. The thick finger slowly entered his tight hole sliding up until it reached his prostate causing Jason to grunt. Jason’s cock expanded to rock hard against his belly while Ruiz slowly worked his thick finger in and out of the hole, fiendishly massaging his prostate. Jason had never felt anything like it. He could hardly think. All he could do was moan and instinctively flex his firm muscles. The finger fucking went on for about 5 minutes sliding in deep and massaging Jason’s prostate while his throbbing cock began to leak and a glob of cum dropped with a splat onto the cement floor.

Ruiz smirked as he noticed the gringo’s excitement. Jason felt the finger pulling out and then heard what sounded like a belt buckle and zipper. He barely registered what was going on when suddenly, he felt a hot spongy tube pressing against his butt as it pushed and stretched his now loosened up manhole. Jason’s brain registered that he had to stop what was about to happen. He was about to protest when he felt a stinging slap on his ass cheek, breaking what little concentration he could muster after the attentions his hot butthole had just received. He yelped while the mushroom head of Ruiz’s dick popped into his hole. The thick cock inched up his tight pink chute as Ruiz continued to smack his ass cheeks with both big brown hands.

Jason grunted and whimpered. “What the hell just happened? Officer? Officer!” he shouted. “Geeeze, pull out of me man! SHIT! You’re fuckin’ me! This can’t be happening!”

Jason attempted to stand up, but Sanchez immediately put his pudgy hand on Jason’s right shoulder and pressed down. Meanwhile, he stepped over the bench so he was facing the flustered blond stud. Sanchez chuckled and unzipped his fly. He brought out a hard stubby brown uncut cock that was about 5 inches long, but thick as a red bull can. Sanchez skinned back the foreskin revealing a purple head and grinned at Jason bringing it close to Jason’s face. Jason’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Oh no… no no no…” He could smell the unwashed cock as Sanchez rubbed it along his right cheek and lips. While Ruiz was sliding his thick brown cock in and out of Jason’s hole, the muscular stud felt the officer’s big brown balls slapping against his big white ass globes. He let out a groan. “Ohhh… my hot muscle ass, gettin’ plowed by another dude… daammmmnnn, why is my cock so hard?!”

Sanchez grabbed his head and tilted it back up to face him. Jason’s mouth opened as he moaned again from the thrusting cock up his butt. Sanchez seized his opportunity and quickly popped the head of his dick between the stud’s lips. “Gggmmmpphhhh!” gurgled a surprised Jason. Sanchez began to push his thick cock into his mouth. Jason had the dumbest expression on his face as his eyes watched the thick tube slowly slide into his mouth, inch-by-inch until his nose was nestled in Sanchez’s musky pubes. The thick bush of wiry black hair was all he could see now. Jason whimpered again.

As Ruiz slid his thick brown cock in and out of Jason’s stretched hole his groin slapping the big round ass globes, he reached around and began to grab the muscular pecs massaging and then pinching the big pink nipples. Jason groaned in unwanted, helpless surrender. He heard Ruiz whispering in his ear “puto toma mi verga” while the cock pumped deep up his butt. Sanchez was jabbing his thick cock into Jason’s mouth and also muttering “chupa pinche gringo puto”. The cock up Jason’s butt pistoned faster and then suddenly he felt Ruiz plunge very deep and grunt and then he felt pulsing hot cum shooting up his butt.

“MMMMPHHHGGRRRFFFUUUUGGG!!!” Jason realized his hot muscle butt had just been filled up with another guy’s hot cum!

Ruiz removed his cock from the stud’s hole with a pop. Jason felt sticky come run out of his hole and down his legs. Sanchez pulled his thick brown cock out of his mouth. Jason gulped in fresh air and then whimpered “shiiiiitttt…” He was too stunned to move quickly. Sanchez helped Jason stand up and led him over to the desk.

Sanchez swept the duffel bag and clothes on the floor and then before the big American realized what was happening, pushed Jason back to lay down on the desk on his back. Ruiz grabbed Jason’s wrists, pulled them over his head and held them tight. Sanchez grabbed Jason’s legs and brought them up pressing Jason’s thighs so his legs were bent and pressed against his chest. Before Jason even knew what was happening, he felt Sanchez’s thick cock head pressing against his hole.

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