Just Stop By and Check on Me, Part 3

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Just Stop By and Check on Me, Part 3
So, here’s more stuff that happened while Ms K was staying with me.

Like I said before, she was supposed to just pop in every day and make sure I wasn’t setting the house on fire or whatever. But, instead, and totally to my delight, Ms K just kinda moved into my house and did sex stuff to me for five days!

This was, ummmm, the 4th day, I think? Anyway, she was all distracted and into her phone instead of spanking me or sitting on my face or all the other things she was doing to me before. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed and, really, just sad about it. Why wasn’t she paying attention to me? 🙁

Anyway, all of a sudden, she just says, “I have to leave for a little bit. I will be back in about a half hour.”

I said ok, but I wanted to go with her. I just wanted to be with her as much as possible. So, I sat on my bed for what seemed like FOREVER, but really, it was just like 20 minutes.

She came back! I heard her open the door and come inside the house. I ran. I mean, ran, to the door to greet her. A second after I got out of my bedroom I heard another voice. It sounded familiar. I stopped. I felt all the blood just drain from my face and I felt soooooooooooooooo embarrassed all of a sudden. I recognized the second voice. I wanted to lie down and die. IT WAS kaçak iddaa A CLASSMATE FROM SCHOOL! I KNEW THIS GIRL THAT MS K BROUGHT INTO MY HOUSE!

I heard them coming up the stairs to my room. I hid under my covers. I didn’t have any time to get dressed. Oh, yeah, I was naked. Ms K had a rule while she was staying with me. Unless she specifically told me what to wear, I was to wear nothing. And I’m totally a good girl and not a brat at all, so I listened. Yes, I listened. I was naked for like 3 days straight.

They came into my room and Ms K walked over to my bed and pulled the covers away from me, exposing my naked body to her AND A GIRL FROM MY SCHOOL!

Her name was Natalie, and she’s actually a year behind me at school. She started laughing when Ms K pulled the covers away. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to die. And then, Ms K told me what she had planned for the day, and I almost fell over.

She introduced Natalie like she and I didn’t know each other. Then Natalie told her that we knew each other. Ms K thought is was “fun” and went on to say what the two of them were going to do to me.

“Now, I brought little Natalie over here to have a little fun with you. She’s going to start learning how to be dominant with girls.”

I nodded. I nodded…. I NODDED! I was agreeing with this! I was going to let Natalie casino firmalari have her way with me because it would please Ms K. I didn’t even know what Ms K had in mind. Was she going to spank me? Sit on my face? Fuck me with a strapon? I didn’t know. But I was going to be a good girl and do what Ms K wanted.

They sat on my bed on either side of me. Natalie giggled and teased me about being younger than me while she grabbed at my boobs and body. Ms K smiled and encouraged her to grab me more and laughed at her little comments about me. I was so embarrassed!

Then Natalie kinda pushed me onto my back. But since she’s not much bigger than me, and I wasn’t expecting it, it knida didn’t work? I looked at Ms K like, “she doesn’t know what she’s doing!” But Ms K just glared at me so I went with it and moved onto my back.

Natalie then stood up and undressed. Oh, let me describe her. She’s maybe 5′ tall, so taller than me, but still a shrimp. She has light brown hair, wears bangs. She has bigger boobs than me, but they’re not huge. After she undressed, she climbed on top of me and after looking at Ms K for like… permission?, she sat on my face. I didn’t lick and I pushed her off of me. Which was sooooooooooooo much easier than pushing Ms K off of me.

So, Natalie didn’t know what to do. Ms K came over casino şirketleri and slapped me… HARD. “Just give her a good slap if she doesn’t do what she’s told or misbehaves.” I looked at Ms K with a frown, but she glared, and I behaved. Natalie sat back down on me and started to grind against my face. She was so bad at it! She was all tentative and I dunno, just bad! LOL. I started to lick at her, which made her stay still, which made it better. So, I licked and licked. Natalie eventually started to moan and groan. At least I was gonna make her cum… but she wasn’t helping! 😛

She came, finally. Then she got off of me and Ms K took over. And then I found myself struggling for air and desperately licking at her pussy. And not because I wanted her to get off of me, but because I wanted her to GET OFF! Haha! I was kinda struggling under her, but I didn’t care about breathing, I needed her to cum! NEEDED it. So, I licked and licked and slurped and slurped and sucked and sucked. And she grinded against my face like crazy! I started feeling faint, but I kept licking because it was more important for Ms K to get off than for me to breathe.

She came, and she came hard! My face got flooded with her juices and she just kept grinding. Was she going for another orgasm? I kept licking. I think I may have passed out, but Ms K lifted off of me just in time!

Then she grabbed Natalie’s face and told her, “That’s how you use a girl’s face to cum.”

So, Natalie stayed with us for the last day and she got better! But I’d totally be a better domme than her! 😛

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