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Daniel had noticed the dark-haired woman when she first boarded the plane back in Salt Lake City. She took a seat a few rows ahead of him and he could see the edge of her if he leaned out of his seat a little, which he did, just to satisfy his curiosity. She carried a leather satchel and a camera case, and wore a pair of heavy black shoes, the kind with thick knobby soles, good for roughing it or for looking like you might rough it if you needed to. But what really interested him was the way the woman’s hair fell like a tea-colored waterfall down her shoulder.

Daniel wondered how it would feel under his fingers, how her hair would smell if he buried his nose in the woman’s neck. Or, better yet, how would it feel to have her hair hang down around him as they kissed…. As this reverie washed over him, Daniel felt his breath settle for a long moment deep in his lungs, then felt it rise up slow, and savored the fleeting remnant of spring fever that could still make him swoon, from time to time. Of course, he didn’t dwell on the feeling, since he knew it wouldn’t do him any good to get too turned on now, thirty-thousand feet up in the air and still hours from home, so he sat back in his seat and turned his attention to the square of darkness outside his window. Out there, the world was wrapped in the velvet cloak of a moonless night. The dark-haired woman slipped out of his thoughts, her shadowy image wafting away to mingle with the invisible clouds. Now thoroughly relaxed, Daniel clicked on the overhead light and reopened the book he’d been reading.

Later, when the plane landed in Memphis, where Daniel had to transfer to the flight that would take him to Durham, he noticed the woman with the beautiful hair again. She walked ahead of him down the concourse of the somnolent airport, her satchel over one shoulder, her camera case in her other hand. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry, and Daniel had a hard time adjusting his pace so that he didn’t overtake her on the way to the distant gate. She was tall and slender, with a nice little ass, the muscular kind that you can get from riding a bike or running.

Her hair swayed to and fro against the small of her back, nearly hypnotizing Daniel, who was already feeling a weird buzz from traveling in the middle of the night. He enjoyed the view until, about halfway down the ramp, the woman suddenly stopped and turned to face him, a questioning look on her face. Daniel pulled up short, momentarily worried that he had been found out as an amateur stalker. But, no, the woman wanted to know if she was heading toward the right gate. She told him when he caught up with her that she had never been through this airport before, that she was looking for Gate 9. She showed him her ticket as she explained her confusion. Daniel smiled and told her, no, she was fine, Gate 9 was just ahead, that he was heading there himself, for a flight to North Carolina.

They walked the rest of the way together, after they introduced themselves. Her name was Laurie, and she was a photography teacher at an art school canlı bahis in Raleigh. He told her a little about himself, that he owned a bookstore near the university in Durham. Laurie nodded and said, hey, yeah, the one with the cool old stained-glass window, and Daniel said, yes, that’s the one. They laughed a little about the small coincidences of life, then took seats next to each other in the passenger waiting area near Gate 9.

They weren’t there long, however, when an announcement came over the loudspeaker, a voice breaking the peace of the deserted concourse to tell the few travelers that Flight 219 was delayed by a snowstorm that was hovering over the mountains to the east. Daniel checked with the attendant on night-duty, and found that there wasn’t much chance of anyone going anywhere until at least that afternoon. Laurie shook her head in a show of frustration, then her mood brightened when Daniel suggested they go get something to eat, perhaps a late-night dinner, or an early-morning breakfast, whichever she preferred. Sure, she said, that would be good. They were both traveling light, and had nothing to check, so they left the gate and ambled up the concourse in search of an overnight restaurant.

The only place open 24 hours was the cafe in the lobby of the airport hotel. Daniel and Laurie served themselves to a corner booth, then ordered coffee from the lone elderly waitress. They talked for a while about nothing in particular, Daniel still feeling a little spark of excitement somewhere down the length of his spine, a kind of wonderment from knowing he was actually in the company of the woman who’d caught his eye before. During their conversation, Daniel asked Laurie about her work, and she pulled a black-bound portfolio from out of her satchel. Passing it across the table with a sly grin, she said, “Well, normally I wouldn’t show this stuff to a complete stranger, but I guess we’re not really strangers anymore….”

When he first flipped open the portfolio, Daniel was a little shocked, though he quickly got over it. The book was full of images of nude women, with an emphasis on close-ups of shaved vulvas. They weren’t pornographic pictures, more like abstractions, studies of shape and light, so that each vulva was more like a flower than anything to do with sex. Daniel wasn’t exactly aroused, but he was fascinated by the variety of forms a vagina could take.

Laurie said, “I know, it’s like Georgia O’Keefe…right? She painted all those orchids, made them look like vaginas…except always denied that’s what she was doing. Well, the thing is, I think my work’s more about celebrating the beauty of the feminine anatomy, without hiding anything. Kinda like saying ‘yes’ to sex, you know? Instead of being embarrassed about it like some artists used to be, like O’Keefe was. Though, god knows why I’m telling you all this….” Then she smiled in silent acknowledgement of how quickly two people can become friends, if the mood and place are right. Daniel smiled back, and a thought floated up into his consciousness which made bahis siteleri his heart beat a little faster as he considered the possibilities…

An hour later, Daniel and Laurie were in a room on a middle floor of the airport hotel. They had decided together that it would be pretty unpleasant to spend the next ten hours waiting for their late plane in the hard plastic seats by the gate. Daniel had suggested that he might grab a room, take a nap or something…and Laurie had tugged gently on his sleeve and said, “Well, you know what we could do…?” When he heard what she had in mind, Daniel felt like he had crossed over into some new kind of universe, one where beautiful women didn’t just evaporate away like waking dreams. He told her that he liked her idea very much, and so they had gone, hand in hand, up the elevator and into this cozy little room that looked out onto a field of winking red and blue lights.

They stood at the window a while, watching the dark shapes of jets rumble down the runway like sleepwalking elephants. Then Laurie took Daniel’s face in her hands and they began kissing, slow at first, then with more heat, and Daniel then knew for real how good Laurie’s thick silky hair felt against his neck…

After they had both shed their clothes, they settled onto the big bed and rolled around for a while, exchanging sloppy wet kisses, their hands roaming all over. Daniel licked a trail down Laurie’s shoulder, inhaling the sweet perfume of her tawny skin along the way. Then Laurie opened her legs wide to let Daniel dive into the sopping-wet cleft of her sex. She moaned happily as Daniel nibbled and sucked on her swollen clitoris, then began to knead her own nipples under her fingertips as he tongue-fucked her warm throbbing hole. Daniel pressed his hardon into the mattress, making a wet spot on the sheets where his sticky precome flowed out. He was close to an orgasm even though Laurie had yet to touch his phallus, but he knew he could hold on for a while, especially since he enjoyed eating pussy so much.

Laurie began to pluck at his hair, then moaned loudly and pulled him off her twitching vagina. She said, “Wait, wait…let me get my camera…I want you to take a picture…hold on…” Then she rolled off the bed, one hand pressed hard against her dripping snatch, the other rummaging around through the pile of clothes on the floor. She grinned at Daniel when she found what she’d been looking for, then tossed him her camera case, saying, “Would you? I’d love it if you would shoot some pix of my cunt.” Daniel was so aroused by now that he would have agreed with any wish or desire she might express. He nodded and wiped the pussy-juice off his mouth with the back of his hand. Laurie said, “If you want, if you don’t mind, I’d also like to take a picture of your cock…you look so good like that.” Daniel glanced down at his engorged member, which bounced up and down at the base of his belly, and said, “Yes, anything, yes…but first let me get a shot of your sexy little twat…”

He knealt between Laurie’s knees and bahis şirketleri looked through the camera’s viewfinder at the lovely pink slit of her sex. Laurie splayed her netherlips apart with the fingers of both hands, giving him a better look at the rosy aura around her tunnel. She teased out her pearlescent clit from beneath its wrinkled hood, and thrummed it lightly with her thumb, moaning as she did so. Daniel composed a shot as best he could, framing Laurie’s erect nipples and her pale thighs within the field of view. Then he clicked the shutter, which let a flash-image of Laurie’s excitement burn its way onto a silvered plastic tongue of film, a mirror image of the picture that was now deeply imprinted in Daniel’s mind.

They played like that for an hour or more, taking turns posing for each other. Daniel stroked himself to the very edge of coming, then spread his ass wide to let Laurie photograph his nether hole. Once he squirted a creamy dollop of jism right onto the macro lens, and they both laughed as Laurie licked it clean. Then Laurie finger-fucked herself an inch away from the camera, while Daniel looked through the viewfinder as her gorgeous vulva spasmed through one “o” after another. Daniel felt himself melt with pure lust as Laurie’s milky come flowed out of her trembling slit.

After an hour or so, they were finally out of film, and dawn was blooming over the greasy tarmac outside the steamed-up hotel window. Laurie tossed the camera aside and said, “Now, how about we just fuck each other silly?” And Daniel agreed that sounded like a very good idea. He lay back on the bed and Laurie straddled his aching cock, sliding up and down on it with a wet squelching noise. He bucked his hips to force his manhood deep into her slippery hole, then reached up to massage Laurie’s full sweaty breasts.

They fell together into a nice slow rhythm, then raced each other up the slope of an all-consuming orgasm. Daniel felt his cock fill with electric sparks of pleasure, then felt his warm swift seed erupt from his pulsing glans. Laurie cried out as her muscles rippled with a sympathetic vibration. She jumped up and down on his cock, milking him of every last drop of come. Daniel reached around Laurie’s hips and squeezed her ass hard, pressing her down to where she ground her clit into his pubic bone. They both took their time coming down, while giggling quietly at how wild they’d been.

Later that day, rested and content, they dressed and headed back downstairs to rejoin the real world. They found that their flight was due within the hour, and when it arrived, they managed to swap seats with a couple of other passengers, so that they could sit together as the plane glided over the snow-covered hump of the Smoky Mountains. They talked on a more intimate level now, and made plans to get together more often for some recreational sex and nature photography. When they parted at the airport in Raleigh, they shared a long deep kiss, which carried with it the taste of semen and honey and sweat. With a wicked grin, Laurie promised Daniel that she would send him a set of the photographs they’d made together. Then they said goodbye, very reluctantly, though both knew it would only be a matter of days before they were entangled in a warm embrace again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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