Learning about Oral Sex

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Learning about Oral Sex
My name is Mark. I am 13 years old, almost 14. I learned to masturbate about a year ago.

One night after supper, my mother and I were
sitting in recliners watching TV. After watching a few
shows, she turned off the TV and put on some nice music
on the CD player. Out of the blue, she took her hand
and put it in front of her crotch and asked me if I
ever did this as she was moving her hand in up and down
I asked her if she means did I ever jerk-off and she
said yes. I told her about the first time I was with
at a friends house. She asked if it made me feel good
and did I like to do it and do I do it very often. I
said yes to all her questions. I was then surprised to
hear her ask if anyone has ever done it for me instead
of me having to jerk myself off. I told her no, but I
think that would be fun.

She said Mark, I would like to do it for you if you
wouldn’t mind and if you promise never to tell anyone. I kind of hesitated because after all, this was my mother and I had no idea these things can, and most likely, do happen within families.

I could not resist what she wanted to do because it
sounded so exciting to me. I asked her where we should
do it. My canlı kaçak bahis mother said to stay in the recliner and
she walked over to where I was sitting. She told me to
just relax and she would do everything for me.

She reached for the top button of my shorts, unbuttoned
it, moved my zipper all the way down, reached for the
waistline of my shorts and pulled them off. I had worn
boxer shorts that day and she could already see that my
cock was sticking way out through the opening. I
remembered from being at school that my cock was
bigger than most teenagers at my age.

Without yet removing my boxers, she held my cock and
told me I had a very nice cock. She hadn’t seen my
balls yet which were still in my boxers. She took my
underwear off and there I was all naked with a huge
hard-on in front of my mother.

Is this how you do it Mark as she slowly stroked my
cock up and down and putting her face real close to the
end of my cock. She was sliding the foreskin
back and forth over my big cock head, it felt

I told her it might take me awhile to cum as it usually
does when I did it myself. She liked that because she
was in heaven kneeling there in front of a cock playing casino firmalari
with it to make it hard and even harder as she kept
stroking it.
Mark, I want to kiss it if it’s OK with you and maybe,
if you don’t mind, I would like to put it in my mouth
and give you a nice blow job. That made me remember
what I had seen on sex tape I had watched. I was
so squirming and hot at that point, I just nodded that
it was OK rather than saying to please go for it. She
ran her wet tongue all over my shiny purple cock head.
She had the foreskin pulled back as she kissed and
sucked the end of my cock.

“Are you ready Mark?” she asked as she held my cock
with one hand and my balls with the other. She opened
her mouth wide and engulfed more than half of my cock
in her mouth sucking and sucking.
As she sucked, she was able to take more of me down her
throat. I asked her what I should do, when I feel myself cumming. She said, “Just let me keep it in my mouth darling, and I will take
all that sweet cum you can give me.”
Seconds later, my cock erupted and big spurts of hot creamy cum just exploded into her mouth. She took
every drop and I was ecstatic over that feeling of a
great climax.
We relaxed casino şirketleri for awhile, she left for a few minutes to go
to the bathroom while I just stayed sitting in the
recliner. She returned and asked me if I would like to
see her naked. Without having time to answer, she took
all her clothes off and stood before me. She had a
beautiful body. Nice big tits 38D and a hairy pussy like I
saw in the videos. She said, “You know Mark, you could
do the same thing to me. Instead of me masturbating
like I have had to do these past few years. You can make me cum with your fingers and with your tongue.”
She told me to come over to her and to kneel down in
front of her recliner and put my face into her crotch.
Instinctively, it seems I knew what she was talking
about, so I spread her beautiful legs apart, placed my
head between her nice soft thighs and started by
kissing and licking the outside lips of her hairy pussy, After some time had passed and I was able to find the clit she told me about, she was squirming in the chair and about to have an orgasm. She
lifted her arse up and pushed her hairy pussy into my face as
I sucked, licked her sweet juices.
She groaned, “OH MY GOD MARK!” as she made a final lunge of
her arse upward and fell into a relaxed position in the

After that first sexual encounter with my mother. We used to do this a lot. so my mother and I engaged in our little secret for many years

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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