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August 2, 2011

I know your schedule is crazy busy and that time is at a premium, but I would love to see you and get caught up in person when your 100 mph speed drops down a notch or two :+)

I think we should have a wonderfully passionate affair that involves fantastic sex, amazing food, and terrific experiences and events that linger on the mind. Can’t wait to see you again.


August 3, 2011

I was thinking today how it seems no time has passed at all. I remember every minute with you so clearly that I can’t believe it’s been a few years! I would love to see you again and see if we still have that spark.


August 4, 2011

Good morning beautiful! What a very nice way to start the day :+)

Yes, I agree—I think of you often and feel the same way—every minute is a delicious memory to be savored and that spark remains bright in my mind. I think we have it, and I can’t wait to confirm that again in person. Time does seem to have stood still for us and that is a good thing.


August 5, 2011

Good evening, lover (is there a statute of limitations to that term??). Every time I think of this I get all “teenagerish”. I seriously haven’t been this horny in a long time. Maybe it’s the wine speaking, maybe not, but I am so excited by the thought of our naughtiness…….


August 6, 2011

Good morning lover,

I am very glad to say that there is no expiration date to that lovely term :+D

I completely and totally admit to feeling exactly the same way—I can’t get you out of my mind, and my thoughts continually turn to all that I long to do with you. I vividly recall every curve and every inch of your fabulous body and I immediately go hard at just the briefest memory of how wonderful we were together.

I can’t wait to experience all that again…..

And I admit that I simply love the thought of turning you on and our joint naughtiness. We need to be very naughty, very often :+) There are so many wonderful things we can explore together don’t you think?

I want you.


August 6, 2011

The thrill. “I want you”. Such a simple statement made me flush, the heat racing through my body, centering at my core. Images of your hands all over me, our mouths tasting each other, I’m truly breathless at the thought.

“Fuck,” I whispered. Shaking my head, and squirming in my seat, I closed out my email and went back to work on my homework assignment. One hour and two cups of coffee later, I finished up and headed in to take a shower.

Unable to stop myself, I pictured us together in the shower, remembered the feel of your cock in my hand, my mouth, my body. As I’ve done a hundred times before, I touched myself, sensuously lathering my breasts, thighs and legs. It has been a while, but I feel it building. Needing release. Needing, needing, needing. I want you.

August 7, 2011

I remember every inch of your body, every bright smile, every warm laugh, and every soft kiss. You are an amazing kisser…..

I savor the memories of my rigid cock disappearing between your soft lips and the engulfing warmth of your mouth, the expert flicking of your tongue, the loving stroke up my shaft, your firm hand at the base of my cock and the control you had in bringing me to the edge and then stopping just before I came.

I remember our eyes locking as our tongues meet and your gentle hands pulling me to you, pushing me inside you, and the building rhythm of our bodies together and then suddenly without warning, the wave of orgasms that transported you to another world….I lost count after 12 glorious climaxes as you gripped my ass, pushed me deeper inside you still, and lost yourself in ecstasy. You moaned and cried out while vibrating uncontrollably against me and finally ran out of breath as I brought your leg up at the knee so I could drive deeper still.

My orgasm happened with such force that my eyes snapped shut and I stopped breathing. When I opened them again, I looked at your smiling face, wiped the sweat from your brow and we lay there spent, entwined, unable to move, while your pussy shuddered around my hard shaft for what seemed like hours.

You are nothing short of fantastic and it thrills me to know that we are lovers who share an unspoken connection that is immediate, carnal, visceral and electric. When our eyes meet, everything else melts away, and I know without hesitation that we can try anything and explore all the wonders that our connection holds.

There is nothing like the taste of you….and I crave it.


August 7, 2011

Lover (and I use that word with confidence that it WILL be true again soon),

I am amazed that your version of us so closely mirrors mine. I remember the weight of your body, the strength of your cock pressing into my depths, pushing me to places long unexplored. I feel that I may die if I cannot feel you again!

I remember, so deliciously, your hands pushing into me, teasing me, your tongue flicking at my sex, my canlı bahis breasts, until I was writhing in agony. Good god. Sweet, sweet agony. Can you taste it? I can. I can taste it on your lips as you bring yourself to cover me, possessing my everything. Kissing me so thoroughly, giving me your strength. And yes, your weakness. I felt the depth of our connection, the longing for acceptance and desire, the vulnerability of trusting another person with so much. The thought came to me. Unsummoned………what was it? Can it be found again? Should it be? Does it matter?

I crave the taste of us. I am so far beyond control.


August 8, 2011

I imagine lying next to you, our eyes locked, as I gently trace lazy soft circles around your ever firming nipples. I watch as my fingers barely touch your skin and goose bumps break out uncontrollably. Your nipples swell to attention and your eyes close as your back arches and your hand reaches for my cock which goes rigid after mere seconds in your warm and capable hand.

I marvel at how lucky I am, how sexy you are, how well we fit, and my desire to devour you again and again and again. Our right hands intertwine above your head and I reflect on how much your French nails turn me on—so sexy, so feminine, so self-assured.

My left hand travels down your soft skin and across your well-trimmed muff where I find you wet on the lips of your pussy and that fantastic clit standing at attention dying to be touched. A light brush is all it takes to hear you gasp as I tease that lovely spot—the only spot in all of human anatomy that is designed solely for the purposes of pleasure.

I can feel the warm flood between your legs as I gently push your outer lips aside and travel my fingers around, and up, and down, and inside you. Your eyes roll back into your head and you grip my cock even harder than before.

I begin to nibble on your breasts, my tongue moving across and sucking your nipples to the breaking point. I stop to take it all in—this beautiful woman who is an instinctive lover lying by my side wanting more, wanting me, wanting to experience all that is possible, wanting to blot out all of the world so we can bring each other indescribable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged.

We have worlds to explore you and I, and I can’t wait to taste you again and again and again. I want to be able to gaze upon you as you lay exhausted, happy, and joyous. I want to hear you scream with delight, pleading that this never stop, climaxing again and again and again.


August 8, 2011

I sit back and close my eyes. After reading your email yet again, I just sit and think. The classical piano music playing now is the perfect background for the combination of memory and fantasy. I am so looking forward to meeting you again, wrapping my arms around your neck, pressing my body against yours, meeting your lips and tongue. I want to make you crazy with desire before we leave the parking lot. I remember our first kiss, when you so carefully asked if you might kiss me. The thrill in my body at that moment was such a promise of fantastic things to come!

So where will this dream come true? At what location will we make each other crazy with desire….your cock so hard against me, my pussy throbbing and wet?


August 9, 2011

I know this is extremely short notice, but are you available this Saturday 8/13? I am and would love to see you, even if just for a little while. Dinner maybe?


August 9, 2011

You take my breath away….I can’t stop thinking about you, about us.

I SO wish I could but I have a business dinner that evening and I simply can’t reschedule it—took 3 months to line up.

You have no idea how much more I wish it was dinner with you.

I can’t wait to see you again.


August 9, 2011

I think that, perhaps, we’ve reached a point where I should give you my cell number.

I can’t wait to take your breath away. I can’t wait to be taken, completely consumed. I want you.


August 10, 2011

My hands slide under your beautiful bottom—a cheek in each palm. Before me is your wet pussy and I marvel at how beautiful you are.

As I move my mouth closer, you reach down to gently pull your lips apart and your thumbs draw back your clitoral hood to give me uninhibited access to your sex. God, how sexy you are, how much you turn me on, how much your hands helping me further strengthens my already rigid cock.

This is the sort of meal that is likely to last for hours…..

I start to gently run my tongue up the length of your slit and push two fingers inside your wetness. You let out a soft sigh, arch your back, and close your eyes.

My fingers travel in and out of you, establishing a full rhythm in your inviting warmth and as I slightly bend my fingers, I come to rest on your G-spot. I love this part of your body—it’s so responsive, so immediate, so feminine. I begin stroking that special zone, moving my fingers in and out, in and out, all bahis siteleri the while tracing up and down with my tongue, brushing past your clit, bringing it to full attention.

You moan with delight.

I lavish my attention and tongue on the folds of your pussy as you begin to drench my face with your juices. I can’t get enough of that musky scent and you taste divine. God, how I love sucking your clit to attention, seeing it standing proud, ready to devour.

I push my tongue deep inside you and increase the tempo of my fingers as each part of me trades off with the other—tongue, finger, tongue, finger…..I can feel your climax building deep inside.

I change things up and now plunge my fingers as deeply as they will go, spreading them into a “V” and begin strumming your G-spot. My mouth finally centers fully on your clit and you pull back even harder with your hands as I fully suck you into my mouth and roll you about between my lips.

Your back flattens as you draw your legs up and bend at the knee. You look down between your legs, your eyes barely able to maintain focus as we lock our gazes on one another. I love this, and this connection—our eyes locking—is the instant that we both understand what making love is—we are literally making love between us.

“Oh God!” you cry out, your gaze faulting, your head lying back—you can feel you are about to cum. You shift one hand to my cheek, then the other, and you drive my face deep into your pussy as I race my fingers across your G-spot and travel my mouth around your opening.

I LOVE hearing your scream out in ecstasy—the thought of passersby hearing your pleasure, wishing it was them, getting turned on by what they imagine, only adds to our joy and excitement.

Suddenly your breath leaves you, your body curls upwards, and you clamp your thighs to my face as wave after wave courses across your body in uncontrollable euphoria. You shutter, unable to do anything other than try to brace yourself from the involuntary shaking and you say in a loud whisper–“Oh my God, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming….it feels so good!!”

Orgasm after orgasm play over your body and we both simply hang on for the ride—it’s amazing to feel you vibrate with such pleasure. Minutes go by, we both lose count of how many you have, and finally you can’t take it anymore and gently pull my face from your slick pussy.

I grin, my face wet with your lovely juices, and I move towards you, arriving on top of you with a deep long kiss. Our tongues instantly find each other and you feel my cock pushing inside your body. I am enveloped your wetness and we continue to kiss and explore as we fuck until our strength is gone.

You are amazing….


August 10, 2011

Strength gone, bodies satisfied for now, we both fall into a deep sleep, arms and legs intertwined. I awaken a while later and instantly the smile and satisfaction come over me. I look at you still sleeping, and think what a beautiful thing we have together.

I cannot help myself, my hands move over your strong body, lust rising in me. I slowly rise above you, gently trailing my long hair over you, teasing you out of your slumber. You stir, smiling but not waking, stretching your body in utter relaxation. I know you cannot resist for long.

I ever-so-gently take your flaccid member into my hand and bring my mouth to you. I twirl my tongue over your head and suddenly take all of you into my mouth, deep. I feel my own wetness rising as you become hard in my mouth. I can tell you are regaining consciousness as your breath catches and you let out a little moan. I release you, and moving back, move my tongue to tease your balls, sucking gently, teasing. Sliding up your shaft, I lick the delicious drop of precum, moaning at the taste!

Again, I take you deep in my mouth at an agonizingly slow pace, deeper and deeper into I can go no farther. Finally, you move your hands to my hair, twining your fingers as I slowly move my tongue up and down and around. “Good god, don’t stop!” you hiss as I pause, blowing a breath of air on your glistening cock. I know you are close. But I want your cum deep inside me.

Sliding up, I run your hard, hard cock between my breasts, delighting at the groan you let out. I can’t help it, I want to tease you. I move back down and take you deep in my throat once again, humming to give you an extra thrill, gently scraping my teeth up your shaft as I rise up again. Without warning, you whisper, “I have to have you again!”

Almost violently, you push me to the bed, taking me by surprise at the force, thrilling me to the core, taking my breath away. You pin my hands above my head, opening my legs with your knees. Not so gentle anymore, you nip at my rigid nipples and I groan, almost instantly at the verge of orgasm. Still holding me, you thrust into me, so deeply, so quickly that I cry out, rising

up to meet you, my force and passion equal to yours. The ecstasy is indescribable, so perfect in every way that my body quakes in response to yours bahis şirketleri once again. The heaviness of you, pushing into me, makes me push back using every muscle in my body. Bliss. Simply bliss.


August 10, 2011

With hesitation, I bring my purchase to the counter. I’ve never done this before, and I’m not sure I will be brave enough to pull it off. As the cashier rings up the red and black lace corset, she asks, “Would you like stockings to go with that?” I hesitate again, but say yes. I know you will like this combination.

I picture you lying in bed watching me as I come into the room, looking much more confident than I feel. My full breasts are pushed up, the black lace holding them for your viewing pleasure. Black lace panties, already wet from my excitement, peek from under the tight lace corset, contrasting with my creamy white skin. You offer me a glass of wine, and as I accept, you admire my legs, every curve emphasized thanks to the high fuck-me heels I’m wearing.

Sipping at the wine, I smile and giggle. “Do you like?” Smiling, I do not wait for an answer but instead pick up a black lace scarf. Intrigued, you ask what I plan to do with that. I rub the scarf over the tops of my breasts, give you a look and ask, “what do YOU plan to do with it?” With a flip of the wrist I toss it to you, and take another sip of wine, savoring the flavor on my tongue. Rising, you pull me to you, your nakedness a contrast to my lingerie. I take one last sip of wine before you take my glass and lower your head to kiss me. You slowly run your tongue across my lips and I squirm as the shiver courses through my body.

Suddenly feeling shy, I put my hands over the center of my sex and pull away. As I turn, you pull me back to you, brushing my hair back to reveal my neck. Your gentle kisses make me moan and press into you. I sway, pressing my ass into your raging hard on. Your hands move to cup my breasts, your fingers trace the outline of the lace, taking my breath away. Again. I rub against you, suddenly confident again that you love everything about my body. Teasing, I pull away and with a giggle, turn and pull your face to mine, catching your lips, savoring the taste of you and the wine.

Aware that you are putty in my skilled hands, I gently push you back to the bed. Picking up the scarf from where you dropped it, forgotten, I coyly command, “Give me your hands!” You resist, just a little saying, “What are you doing, crazy woman?” At that, I laugh and say “shhhhh, you’ll like this”. Sensuously, I run my hands from your chest to your wrist, and with a twist, I wrap the scarf around your wrist, trapping you. You momentarily think to resist, but your rigid cock says otherwise.

Rubbing my lace along your hardness, I pull your other hand above your head, teasing you with my body. I pull your hands together, and as our eyes lock, I ask, “do you trust me?”. Groaning, you say, “absolutely”. With that, I twist the scarf around your other wrist and loop it around the bed frame, effectively limiting your movement.

Now it is time to play. I’ve never done this before, but instinctively I know that this will make you crazy with desire. What happens next?


August 11, 2011

My hands are bound to the bed frame, and from the bedside table you produce a black sleeping mask that you slide over my eyes. I am now totally blind and completely at your disposal.

My heart races as my breath gets shallow and fast—my cock is engorged to the point of exploding at the slightest touch. Precum drips off the head and down the shaft. You straddle my waist, your back to me, as you trace your fingers ever so lightly down the shaft of my cock. My member shivers involuntarily and twitches at attention. I feel the silk and lace of your panties on my belly as you shift your weight and laugh with delight at my predicament.

“I love handling your cock, stroking your balls, making you hard,” you say.

Suddenly I feel something completely new and I moan out loud as the small feather “duster” from your Kama-sutra kit brushes up and down the length of my shaft. You’re driving me crazy and I buck unexpectedly as your teasing attention takes me into a new realm of over stimulation. I SO want to come but you’re in control–“Not yet my love, not yet.”

You grab at the base of my cock and squeeze hard—your hand barely able to wrap around my thickness—until my near explosion subsides just enough. With your other hand, you deliver what feels like a soft powder to the head of my unit.

Your weight shifts for a moment, and when your body returns to mine, your panties are gone, and your wonderfully wet pussy begins traveling north towards my head, your body lowering to mine. I feel your slick warmth travel up the length of my torso as your long hair begins to brush against my hips.

Finally your swollen sex is centered exactly on my mouth and my tongue darts in and out of you—I drink and lap and consume all the wetness you can produce. My mouth engulfs your clit and its surrounding folds, and I rhythmically suck you in while moving my lips across your pussy.

You moan with delight and shift your weight quickly as you try to move back and forth in an effort to control your own growing stimulation.

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