Letter Between Friends Ch. 04: Bea

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It usually takes Bea a day or two to rely to my letters. Following my last note, she responded within hours.

God, I am almost embarrassed to say it but my pussy is pretty much throbbing from reading your note again. It’s taking everything I have not to reach into my pants and rub my clit while sticking my finger in to feel how wet I am. Can’t wait until the kids are asleep and I can pull Rick’s cock out, suck him to where he’s almost cumming but then make him wait while I force his head between my legs to get me until I’m just about there…and then I’ll lower myself onto him and ride him until I cum. Hard. Of course I’ll take care of my man too! But right now I’m just thinking about how good it’s going to feel. This build-up is both exciting and frustrating…

Your emails are definitely an inspiration that gets my juices flowing. Keep ’em coming (so to speak), if you’re so inclined.


If I am so inclined? Only Bea can make saucy talk sound a bit prudish at the same time.

I guess this would be a good time to explain how I met Bea. How our friendship evolved over the years.

The Letter between Friends stories was a few decades in the making. Of course when I first met Bea, I didn’t think one day I would be writing about our friendship.


I was in my early twenties back in the 1989. It was an exciting time in my life.

I started work as a traffic coordinator with a small ad agency in the suburbs of New Jersey. I moved into a three bedroom apartment with two of my childhood friends and I had a boyfriend who was crazy about me. Yes, I said he was crazy about me – not we were crazy for each other.

Anyone who remembers the 80’s early 90’s, may recall there wasn’t a jeans Friday and the two words business and casual had not yet found each other so the world would have to wait on that wardrobe changing epiphany.

Every day was a full throttle assault on the eyes – the loud colors and combination, the geometric shapes and patterns, patent leather, shoulder pads and gravity defying hair. Yes, we walked out the door in the morning feeling confident and put together, heading to work wearing makeup that would make a clown proud. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being absolute commitment to that uber style, I would give myself a solid 7. I’m shaving points off for minimum makeup and accessorizing with jewelry that was size appropriate.

The agency I worked for was rather strict with dress code – women were expected to wear dresses or skirts and men wore ties. Needless to say it was garish tie day every day. Also unfortunate, too many fellas thought the mustachioed look was cool. No, it only worked for Tom Selleck and 70’s porn stars. I think that still holds true today.

One beautiful spring day, my techno color world changed forever. I walked into the copy room, a room with very large copier machines (If you weren’t sure) and laid my eyes on the loveliest face.

Bea turned from her pile of papers and smiled at me with her perfect plump pink lips turning up and her green hazel eyes giving me a shy, coy downward glance and back up to meet my brown eyes. She was gorgeous and I was smitten.

Bea didn’t have any of the style on steroids appearance our peers were eagerly embracing. Her blond hair with natural curls framed her face softly. Her tan shirt and skirt were so subtle, it almost screamed illegal bahis to be noticed. In my patent leather heels I stood 5’9″ to Bea’s curvy 5’4″ in flats.

It was lust and friendship at first sight.


I had been wrestling with my sexuality for years. I met Jeanette less than a year before starting work at the agency, I knew I wanted more. I felt more for her than just friends. I resisted, just wanting it to go away – the feelings, not the friendship.

I needed to talk about all the jumbled thoughts flying through my head, but who could I confide in? Than one day, while at work, I decided to talk to Bea.

We had many personal conversations during our new friendship. We talked about our boyfriends, family and all the hopes and dreams chatter you do in your youth. The one thing I didn’t know how to bring up was my sexual feelings for women.

There are an infinite number of ways one could ‘come out’ to a friend. I chose to pull her into a closet, some kind of storage room, to tell her I was gay. Yes, I went into the literal closet to come out of the metaphorical closet.

As I struggled with the words, I think I settled on saying “Jeanette and I are more than friends.”

In the dim closet light, I saw her eyes twinkle and her smile widen. She hugged me, a warm embrace that I received many times over the coming years. A comfort that would calm my distressed soul.


Since that day in the closet, Bea’s attention toward me grew more playful – flirtatious. Lordy, she was like catnip.

I just wanted to be around her, hear her husky sexy laugh as she would toss provocative glances my way. I started to image what her body looked like naked – lying in my bed. I thought about her perfect skin, my hands and mouth exploring her voluptuous double D breasts. Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done when Bea was around.

It was a hot day in August when our friendship took the next step.

The agency would hold a company Sports Day once a year in August. Employees and family were welcome to enjoy swimming, golf, food and drinks at a local country club. How very white of the company, but then again, there were no Black, Asian, Indian, or gays (that they knew of) – just straight white folk. Recruiting a diverse talent pool would be years away waiting in the wings with business casual.

The day of company forced fun was uneventful – until it started to rain. Thank you rain gods!

Bea came up from behind me and tapped my shoulder. I turned to see her rain dripping down her face. She asked in a quiet voice “Do you want to go somewhere?”

“How about my apartment?” I replied, feeling a giggling excitement.

“I will follow you,” she said, trying to maintain an innocent expression. It wasn’t working.


Twenty minutes later Bea and I were in my apartment, standing in the living room wet from the rain.

After I gave her to ten cent tour – “This is the living room, over here is the kitchen, the bathroom is down the hall and this is my bedroom.” We stood in the doorway of my bedroom a little too long.

Bea broke the tension by asking “Do you have anything to drink?”

“Beer I think,” I replied, not knowing how this was going to play out, trying to keep my heart from racing.

Bea took an unusual seat and sat on the floor, leaning again illegal bahis siteleri the couch as she sipped her beer.

I followed her queue and sat on the floor across from her against the loveseat. I don’t recall exactly what we talked about. My mind and eyes were fixated on her beauty and what her lips would taste like.

Bea took my feeble attempts at conversation as an invitation to take it to the next level. She stood up and said “Let’s go to your bedroom, I have to take this wet shirt off.”

I certainly wasn’t going to argue with common sense talk.

We sat at the end of my queen size bed with about 6 inched between us. Bea slowly pulled off her shirt while keeping eye contact. Her lacy black bra cupped her perfect tits. With one hand she reached around her back and unsnapped her bra, allowing it to fall naturally down her front. She never lost eye contact – I was under her spell.

Bea touched my check and she said in a whisper “I want to kiss you.” She leaned in and will pillow soft warm lips kissed me with a reserved passion, holding back, making me want her all the more. I felt tingles go up my spine as my heart skipped a beat.

We broke our kiss just long enough for Bea to quickly help pull my damp t-shirt over my head. That what friends are for.

Our kisses were getting deeper. Feeling her tongue sent an electric jolt down to my pussy. Bea reached behind me and unsnapped my bra like a pro, helping me out of it and flung it on the floor with her mischievous giggle as if to say look what I just did. I sat back while she lightly caressed my breasts with the tips of her fingers. This was unchartered territory for Bea. Lucky me to be her first girl on girl experience.

“I want to make you cum,” she whispered in my ear. Those were the sweetest six words I ever heard her speak.

She gently pushed me back on the bed. I shimmied up to the pillows so she would have ample room to play. She took one of the pillows and lifted my ass up with it, providing a clear view of my wet pussy in the washed daylight of my bedroom. Laying between my legs, she lightly caressed my inner thighs, parting my legs gently, inching up to my mound. She looked up at me with her coy smile, I think to see my expression as she slid her finger down my clit, teasing me.

I heard Bea’s breathy voice “God you are so wet,” as she dipped her tongue in my pussy, her first time tasting a woman.

Like a duck to water, she didn’t hesitate, her warm mouth licking up to the top of my slit and back down. I almost came in that moment but I wanted it to last. We moaned in unison, savoring the moment. I laid back as relaxed as I could be, allowing her to explore her new playground.

As her tongue sucked and licked me her fingers, first one then two then three worked their way in me, twisting and thrusting. Bea looked up, her wet mouth open, her fingers fucking me slowly, speeding up as she saw the hunger in my eyes. I couldn’t spread my legs any further, I wanted her deep in me. She obliged, going as deep as she could with three fingers and using her thumb to rub my clit, her tongue tickling and licking, feeling my muscles tense as an explosive orgasm was growing from my core.

Bea held onto my leg, it felt like her mouth and tongue wanted to suck the cum out of me. She did. I let go, squirted my juices into her eager mouth, letting out a scream as I grabbed canlı bahis siteleri her hair, moving her face over my throbbing pussy.

“Fuck me!” I managed to say between breaths.

I do believe this woman’s mission was to make me cum all day.

When she pulled her fingers out, covered in my slick juices, she looked up at me and slowly licked her finger as she dipped her other hand into me. My back arched as I came uncontrollably. I could hear her giggle as she lapped up my cream. Naughty little kitten!

Spent from the ecstasy of her hungry mouth, I lay there, chest heaving. Bea glided up my body, our salty sweat mingled as she lay on her side next to me. Her breast resting next to mine, our nipples an inch apart, her leg rubbing up and down mine. I didn’t think it was possible to want someone so much, with such intensity and passion.

After a few minutes of rest, she started to kiss my neck, running her tongue down to my nipple, sucking it gently. I was still so aroused, the throbbing between my legs feeling pain with wanting her. This time its Bea’s turn to be the passenger, while I took the driver seat.

I released myself from Bea’s embrace; rolling her over onto her back while I got on top, arms outstretched, so I could see her face as I parted her legs with mine.

I lifted her leg up and sat up so I could see her glorious, hairless, swollen, glistening pussy. I then spread my legs wide and moved in so our mounds touched. We both sucked our breath in as we spread our pussy lips, our soaking wet clits connecting. We started to grind hard, wanting more.

We pulled away looking at the thick string of our cum, comingled, tethered between our legs. I needed to taste her.

I slide down the bed as she spread her legs, inviting me in. The smell of her sex, her juices pooling in anticipation – my own cum, dripping down my thigh. I plunged my tongue in savoring the taste, swirling around her clit and dipping in deep.

She grabbed my head and guided me around (back seat driver). I took her hands away and pinned them to her side as my mouth ground into her harder. Her soft, swollen pussy was paradise. I kept her one hand restrained while I used my free hand to fuck her like she fucked me. Fingers deep in, twisting and retracting. I could feel her muscles grab my fingers, she was close to orgasm.

“Yes, yes,” she said as I sucked and flicked my tongue across her clit, fingers deep inside her.

I took my other hand, freeing her restrained hand and spread her pussy lips wide so my mouth wouldn’t miss a drop. With both my hands busy she grabbed my hair again, gently this time. She wanted to make it last.

I kept my two fingers buried deep inside her moving the tips of my fingers lightly in circles. I was betting no cock has done that to her. I wanted her to feel a new sensation.

Her red hot pussy was like a ripe peach with juices running down my chin. Her hands pulled me in harder as she let go – she came in shuddering waves. I felt her velvety cum run into my mouth and over my tongue. I held it in my mouth, savory the taste, the texture, before releasing down my throat.

Bea released her grip of my head, letting her legs go limp, wide open, as I continued to lick her clean feeling her little tremors as her body came down from its peak. She moaned with exhaustive pleasure.

As the sun went down, we lay in bed, arms and legs entwined. She kissed my forehead sweetly and then kissed my lips. We could feel the passion build again.

And so began our unconventional friendship.

Years later Bea said, “I think we opened Pandora’s Box.”

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