Letters to Sue: Melanie

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Bouncing Tits

Hi Sue!

Hope you are ready for another story from me. I’ve missed hearing from you. I want to know if you’re as juicy as this mango I have in my hand.

I’ve been telling you about the three sexy women from the same family who I seduced during the same summer. I’ve already told you two stories about fucking the beautiful matriarch of the family. The first story about Cora was where I stripped her naked while she was reading me a bedtime story. The second story about fucking Cora involved seducing her out of her church clothes and taking her on the stairs. In between I told you about her young eighteen year old daughter Bethany and how she sucked and fucked me while out on the family boat.

Now I want to tell you about Melanie. Melanie was going to be a senior on her college cross country team the next semester. She had a tight round butt from all the running and was in incredible shape. Melanie also had a wonderful all-around tan from spending most of the summer at the family lake cabin. Melanie had long dark luxurious hair and smoky eyes. I melted every time I saw her.

Melanie became an obsession for me. I normally don’t just try to fuck a woman. I like it to be a seduction where the woman plays a big role in the initiation of the seduction. However, after fucking her mother several times already that summer and watching my cock slide into her sister’s mouth and snatch, I simply wanted to feel Melanie’s legs and arms wrap around me.

I spent weeks being sweetly flirtateous and charming with her every time I was around. I could make Melanie easily smile and laugh. Unfortunately I was struggling to find a way to get her alone. Her boyfriend was always around, or her other friends or her family. Finally she gave me an opening. She wanted to start going on long runs to prepare for her final cross country season but she was having trouble motivating herself. I ran track in college and didn’t hesitate to offer to run with her in the mornings.

Melanie thought that was great so the next Monday I got canlı bahis up early and drove the forty-five minutes out to the lake cabin where she was spending the summer. When I arrived she was out on the lawn wearing one of those wonderful white sports bras and tight running shorts. It was warm, so all I had on was some modest running trunks.

Melanie was on the grass stretching. I stared at her butt as she leaned over to touch her toes. It was difficult to keep from reaching out and caressing it. As I watched her stretch I found out that her mother and sister had already left for town and it was just the two of us. Things were looking up for me.

I watched as Melanie laid down on her back. She straighten out one leg and then pulled her other one up tight against her chest. Her dark hair was spread over the lawn and my hormones raced each time I glanced at how her running shorts were pulling up. Melanie asked if I would help her stretch her hams. She wanted me to do the partner stretch that we did on the track team before running. I straddled her one leg that was prone on the ground and hooked my foot over her ankle to lock it down. I took her other leg in my hands placing one hand on her knee and the other on her foot. I straightened out her leg and leaned forward pushing my chest and shoulder against her calf. This is a rather effective stretching exercise. It was certainly having an effect on me.

I stared into Melanie’s eyes as I leaned forward. Melanie was much more flexible than my former male teammates.I leaned forward so far that our noses nearly touched. Melanie smiled and giggled. I was getting so horny and it really looked like Melanie was oblivious to how hot she was making me. I switched legs and leaned forward again staring at Melanie’s eyes as I did so.

My cock had gotten so hard. I took a chance and pressed it against her. She tried to push me away but I had a leverage advantage. “Don’t.I have a boyfriend. You know that.” I pressed my cock against her harder and let go of her leg. Her leg slid down my side bahis siteleri and lodged up against my ass. I started to kiss her and she turned her head. “Don’t. Please. We’re outside. Somebody might see us.”

I took that to mean that Melanie liked my cock pressing where it was. I kissed her neck and whispered that the trees shielded us from the road and that the other cabins were weekend people. I slid my cock over her pussy with our nylon running trunks adding an interesting slippery sensation. My hands slid over her shoulders to her nipples. I squeezed her nipples through the sports bra as I kissed her. “It’s so nice out here, honey,” I whispered. “Let’s just stay here for now.”

Melanie’s breathing was getting rapid and soft. My hard dick could feel her wet pussy through the running shorts. Her hands ran down along my back and under my shorts. She grabbed my ass as I caressed her breasts and kissed her lips. Melanie’s legs had spread wide in a most inviting manner.

I slid down kissing each of Melanie’s breasts through the sports bra. I kissed her belly button and her stomach and gently pulled her soaked running shorts down off her. I ran my fingers over her pussy and spread her pussy lips gently inserting a finger and then two. I looked up at Melanie and her mouth was open. Her tongue was running along her teeth and her eyes were closed.

I heard Melanie moan as I placed my mouth on her crack. I tasted her sweet salty pussy lips and darted my tongue into her. I could hear Melanie breathe and moan while the robins and cardinals sang. I held her ass in my hands while I continued to kiss and lick. I took her little fold into my mouth and sucked.

Melanie squeezed her firm tits in her hands and started little squeaks. “oh my” she whispered as she raised her head and watched me suck and lick her pussy.

I continued to eat Melanie out and moved my body so that she could reach my ass and cock. I could feel Melanie’s hand reach into my shorts. She took the tip in her hand and squeezed. Her hips started to bahis şirketleri buck up against my face. She pulled on my trunks and said “Put your cock inside me. I want to feel you inside.”

I helped Melanie take my trunks off and moved so that my cock hung over her wet pussy. Melanie lay on her back, her hands reaching for my torso and her legs spread in a near split. I ran my hard dick against her pussy twice until it found just the right angle to slip in. It slipped in so easily. She was so wet. Melanie gasped with the thrust as I slipped in and her hands wrapped around my torso.

“God, you feel so good.” Melanie’s hand had grabbed my ass and were directing my rhythm into her. I watched as my cock slipped in amazed at how far she could spread her legs. I could feel her tight lips against my hard stroking rod. I looked up and watched how her firm small tits bounced as she guided my motions. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open.

I watched her beautiful face wash over with pleasure. She opened her eyes and said “fuck me hard”. She pulled her legs up tight around me and locked them behind my back. Melanie’s hand were still on my ass as she helped me quicken the pace. “fuck me hard. cum on. fuck me. I can feel you all the way in. that’s it. right there. fuck me hard.”

I kissed her as our love making became even faster and more athletic. “Yes, yes, yes, you are so good.” I was getting ready to cum. I was kissing and watching Melanie’s eyes. She was staring at me in total passion. Sweat from the sun beaded on her forehead. She ran a hand along my face as our rapid rhythm continued.

“Oh god, fuck me”, then she whispered “tell me when you’re ready to cum baby. Do that for me.” I was getting close. I kissed and felt myself tight deep inside her. I could feel her sweaty chest against mine. “I’m ready,” I growled and pulled out. Melanie quickly swung down and put her lips on my cock. She stroked me and sucked for just a second before I came. A little cum dribbled out the side of her mouth as she milked all the cum out.

Melanie laid back exhausted and wiped the edge of her lips. “oh god that was great but we really got to start running if I’m going to get in shape”. She smiled at me and ran a finger across my sweaty chest.

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