Lisa and Lacy’s First Glory Hole

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Lisa and Lacy’s First Glory Hole
It was a Saturday night early spring, my best friend and I were up in my room just sitting laughing and talking about boys. Specifically how big their package was or how big we thought they were. My name is Lisa small and petite, 5’2” tall, 105 lbs and nice perky tits that were a small 32B but with large puffy nipples. My friends name is Lacy, she’s 5’ 3” and weight 108 lbs. I have long strawberry blonde hair while Lacy has long blonde hair and the same size of tit as I do. We are seniors and known at school and the L & L twins because we look so much alike.
We both thought we were on top of the world as we were seniors high on the popularity list and had our pick of just the entire male population in our school. Like I said we were talking about cock size and we both agreed that we thought the senior boy who had the biggest package was Jamal. Jamal is 6’ 4” tall and a sculptured body and he always wore tight pants and t-shirts that showed off his muscular body and the package we were talking about. Jamal is one of the only 6 black k**s in our small town high school and a leading jock and a beautiful smile.
Jamal was so black that when he was in the sun it looked like he had dark purple streaks on his body. We both drooled over him and day dreamed about having his hard cock sliding in and out of our bodies. Neither of us had had the pleasure of this yet but we could day dream about it. Suddenly Lacy asked me what a glory hole is. I didn’t know and asked where she had heard or seen it. She told me that she overheard Jamal talking with a friend about going to a glory hole which brought on a series of crude remarks and laughs.
That all she heard and I confessed that I had no idea what a glory hole was so we did what every red blooded teen would do, we googled it on our phones. It wasn’t long before we found out that a glory hole was where a guy could go to an x-rated video booth, stick his cock through a hole in the to the booth next to the one he was in. The person in the other booth would then suck him off until he would cum and more than likely would swallow the cum deposited in their mouths.
Now the person doing the sucking could be either male or female. The guy getting his cock sucked more than likely didn’t give a damn what sex they were, they were just happy that they were getting their cocks sucked and then releasing their seed into a mouth.
Now that we knew what a glory hole was we wondered where there was such in our small town. So, we googled it and discovered that there was one at the only diner in town. There restroom we not in the restaurant but out back so the men’s and woman’s booths were right next to each other. We instantly started talking about this and decided that we should go and check it out. However since Lacy was sleeping over, we had to wait for my parents went to bed and wouldn’t be checking on us anymore so we felt like we could sneak out without being caught.
We could walk to the diner and going out back go into the women’s restroom as see if there was a hole in the wall. As we continued talking about it I could tell Lacy was getting as excited as I was and more than likely just as wet as I was which meant that we both of our pussy juices were leaking and running down our legs. I saw he wet thighs and couldn’t help myself, I reached over and ran a finger through the juices on her thigh and brought my finger up to my mouth and sucked them off my finger.
Lacy said, Lisa your a naughty slut as she reached her hand over to my thighs and got her fingers sopping wet and then groaned slightly as the cleaned her fingers off in her mouth. This led us to begin kissing and rubbing each other tits pinching our hard nipples. Lacy and I been having a sexual relationship since we were twelve. Even we both enjoyed times making illegal bahis love we both were more interested in cock.
The clock finally read twelve so we thought we would safe in sneaking out, which we did. It was a typical spring night, pleasantly warm and we both were wearing short shorts and halter tops. Our checks were peeking out from beneath them and we thought we were hot shit. Neither of us wore panties or bras.
We finally arrived at the diner, which is open 24 hours and snuck to the back and went into the women’s restroom. It was lit by a single naked bulb and was just bright enough to be able to see somewhat well. Sure enough there was a hole in the wall so we peaked through the hole to see if anyone was in the stall next to ours. No one was so we sat down and waited.
Soon we were kissing and grouping each other. I pulled Lacy’s halter to off and began sucking on her delicious nipples. She began groaning and she reached for my halter top and began playing with my nipples, God it felt good. We were just starting to get really into it when we heard the door to the booth next to ours close. We both jostled toward the glory hole hopping we could grab a glimpse of whoever was next door.
We watched as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his underwear down. We both let a small gasp and I knew we were thinking what a beautiful looking cock he had. It was large too; at least it was the largest I have ever seen. We both sat backed and waited for him to push his cock thru the hole. I was drooling thinking about wrapping my lips around that luscious looking cock and Lacy was moaning as I saw her rubbing her pussy.
Finally his cock snaked through the hole and we both sat there with our mouths opened and our eyes steering at that huge piece of man meat. He cleared his throat which brought me out of my funk and I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. Well I guess it didn’t wrap entirely around his cock as it was too big.
I started pumping my hand up and down on his rigid cock. Up and down my hand went and them I noticed pre-cum leaking out of the tip of his mushroom headed cock. Without thinking I leaned in and ran my tongue through his piss slit and sucked his pre-cum into my mouth. God, it was delicious. My mouth began to water hoping for some more of the clear liquid. Next to me Lacy was rapidly run her fingers up and down her pussy lips and over her clit.
Some more pre-cum leaked out of his cock and instead of licking it up I lowered my head and engulfed the head of his cock between my lips. I ran my tongue around the head and through the slit at the top. Around and around my tongue swirled then I began pushing my lips down this wondrously smooth hard dick. I got about three fourths of his cock buried in my mouth when it hit the back of my throat. It was too big and unable to slip into my throat so I simple began running my lips up his shaft all the while my tongue was licking as much of his shaft as possible.
I pulled my lips off his cock and took a deep breath. I ran my tongue down the back of his shaft till I reach his ball back. Then my lips and tongue reversed and I began going up to the tip of his cock. I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock head, swirled my tongue its’ glands. I was sucking the head so hard that when I pulled my mouth off his cock there was an audible pop.
I let my tongue and lips begin their journey down his shaft once again. When I reached his ball sack I took the opportunity to run my tongue over his sack moving his balls around. I then sucked one of his balls into my mouth moving my tongue around over and around this large nut that was in my mouth. I stretched his ball sack out stretching it out and began humming.
I heard him gasp and say oh shit a hummer. Emboldened by his obvious enjoyment I moved to his illegal bahis siteleri other ball repeating on it what I had just done with the first ball. Lacy jostled me a bit and I looked up just in time to see the cock head disappear as she wrapped her lips round it and began her mouth down his shaft. Not to be outdone, while I kept sucking on the ball in my mouth my fingers wrapped around the other one. Opening my mouth as wide as possible I began pushing the second ball and finally succeeded in getting them both in my mouth and began humming once again.
My mouth was so full of nuts and my checks were extended out making me look like a squirrel whose checks are puffed out as his mouth was full of nuts that it had found. At the same time Lacy was burying more and more of his cock into her mouth. Being blessed with no gag reflex she got almost all of his cock. Rapidly she began pumping her mouth up and down his shaft while I was sucking on his balls. This was all too much for him to handle and I heard him say fuck I’m cumming.
I could feel his balls twitching in my mouth trying as they tightened and began pumping his cum upward. I could see the back of his shaft pumping as his load of cum ran up toward his cock head. Lacy moaned as I knew that the first jet of his creamy hot jizz spurted out the end of his cock and splashed against the back of her throat. I could see his cock pulsate at least five or six time emptying more and more of his cum into Lacy’s mouth.
I was slightly jealous as I wished it was my mouth that was being filled. But Lacy grabbed the back of my head and brought our lips together. OMG, she didn’t swallow. Our tongue pushed his cum from her mouth to my mouth then back again. Our tongues swirled this creamy cum around and over, under and to the back of our throats. We finally broke the kiss and each swallowed the cum that was left in our mouths. I did lean over and licked up a spot of cum that had escaped from her lips.
That was so good and so hot we both sat back and breathed heavily trying to catch our breath. We sat there giggling about what had just happened when suddenly another cock appeared through the glory hole. This one was at least 10 inches long and about 3 inches around and very, very black. We looked at each other starry eyed and with big grins on our faces.
I leaned over and licked just underneath his sensitive. This brought forth a groan and an oh shit baby, suck that dick. Lacy and I immediately looked into each other’s eyes and mouthed in sync, omg it’s Jamal. Both of us had always wanted so suck on Jamal and feel his hard cock busting in and out of our pussies.
I immediately sucked that large cock head into my mouth gripping my lips on his shaft. Lacy pushed the back of my head forcing his cock deeper into my throat. It finally hit the back of my throat and no matter how hard Lacy pushed or how hard I tried I could take no more than half of his cock. I raised my head and released his cock from my lips and licked down to his balls.
In my place Lacy took his cock into her mouth. Jamal groaned again saying, shit there are two bitches sucking on my cock. Lisa would pump her head up and down his shaft for a minute or two then release him and I would take over and she began licking and sucking his balls. We continued trading his cock and balls with our mouths. I was so damn horny my juices were leaking out of my cunt and running down my thighs and I was sure that the same thing was happening to Lacy.
We both sat back resting our mouths but each of had a hand on his hard cock jacking it up and down. I looked at Lacy and whispered I’m going to fuck him, I have to feel what this feels like buried deep in my cunt. Lacy asked me if I was sure as we had no condoms and neither was on birth control. Oh yes I replied, help canlı bahis siteleri me get that beautiful cock into my cunt.
I stood up, turned around and backed up to the hole. Lacy grabbed his cock and bent it down between my legs until my ass was plastered against the wall and my cunt lips quivered in anticipation of that cock sliding into me. Lacy maneuvered me forward just a bit so she could rub his cock up and down my pussy slit getting it nice and lubed up. Lining up his cock head with my cunt entranced she told me to push back. I did and felt his cock head push in my opening until the entire head of his monster cock was in my pussy.
Pushing back harder I could feel his cock enter me inch by inch. God that feels good and just for a second I thought I was going to cum. My ass hit the wall and I knew he was as far up inside my as he was going to get considering the wall between us. I began rocking my hips forwards and back letting his cock enter and withdraw from my cunt. I could tell he was pumping his cock in and out of me as well as he kept slapping the wall between us.
I kept fucking his cock and it was sweet heaven, if I died I wanted it to be with his cock buried in my cunt fucking me. Then a spasm ran through me and I yelled out fuck, I’m cumming, cummmmmming. I shock and quivered my cunt gripped and let loose of his cock over and over again. This pushed him over the edge and I heard him say I’m cumming bitch and going to fill your cunt and womb with my baby making juice. And with that I felt the first spurt of his sticky hot creamy cum splash against the wall of my cunt. Over and over again he shot more and more cum into my pulsating cunt.
His pulsating cock slowed down and finally I moved my pussy up and off his cock. Immediately and large blob of cum was ejected from my pussy. As I pulled off of his cock Lacy bent over and took his cock into her mouth cleaning all of his cum and my juices off of his cock. She sucked for a couple of minutes when we heard him say, come on baby let me fuck you some more that was so good I need more.
Lacy looked at me and with a look of surprise on both our faces. I looked into her eyes and my eyes asked her, are you fucking him or do I get him again. She quickly turned around and backed her ass till his cock was sticking out from between her legs running through her juicy pussy slit. I reached down grabbing his cock and guided it into her. He began fucking her and she began fucking him. Lacy’s ass was banging the wall separating them. Over and over again they went at it fucking each other like this was going to be the last fuck for both of them.
Jamal was the first to grunt out that he was going to cum. This was all it took for Lacy to scream that she was cumming. So they came together her cunt milking his cock and his cock let loose with a stream of cum shooting into her cunt. They continued this dance until neither of them could take it any long. Lacy pulled of his cock and before he could pull it back through the hole my mouth covered his cock as it was my turn to lick and suck his cum and Lacy’s juices off his cock.
When I was finally done and pulled my mouth off his cock he pulled it back onto his side of the wall. I turned to Lacy and gently pushed her backward till she was lying flat on the floor. I swung my leg over her head and lowered my cunt down to her mouth. I lowered my face to her cunt and we both began licking and sucking cum out of our pussies, gulping it down into our stomachs.
We continued eating each other till I knew both of our pussies were spit shined clean. I rolled off her and sighed. We both lay there a few minutes before we sat up and began dressing. While dressing we were comparing notes on how good it felt and we started making plans on how we were going to get this happen again. Not back in a glory hole but in a bed or at least in the back seat of a car.
I’m sure if we went to Jamal and told him it was us at the glory hole that he would be more than happy to accommodate us and fuck us both normally and slowly. And he did but thats a different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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