Little Daniele

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You can tell what you want, but nothing is more diabolic than a woman in a girlish body. And Daniele is exactly this: With 18 y.o. just completed, she looks like a little girl. Dark mulatto skin, 1,55m, she have a pubescent body with small and salient breasts, perfect thighs and little and succulent buttocks, but plenty of flesh like only the mulatto girls could have. Her hairs are curly and falls to her shoulders, and her small mouth gives the final touch to the diabolic angel face.

I’m studying with her for two years now, and I always have the hots for her. Extremely sensual without even trying to be, she is always laughing and joking, and is really tender and soft. She is always hugging her friends and eventually stay for several minutes embracing the shoulders of someone. This proximity was always provocative with me, tough. All the times that Daniele was embracing me, she lets his little tits touch and even rub my chest, while she talks and laughs in the conversations. This always woke up my penis, and in a minute I had a hard-on that are (like the name says) HARD to hide. My mind was always full of lust thoughts, but I couldn’t know if she was only joking with me, if she was a cockteaser. Besides, my girlfriend study at the same high school, and everybody knows her…

Nobody can resist forever, though. One day, we (me and Daniele) where in the corridor waiting for the professor and talking to each other. Daniele was specially hot that day, with a thin white cotton blouse and black jeans, and brown shoes. She was a goddess, a sin incarnated. Contrasting with this sexy sight, her girly face, her innocent smile and adolescent face, without any makeup. As always, Daniele got his body supported by my shoulder and touched my arm with her breast. I’ve pushed my arm a little against her body and could feel the hard nipple through the thin fabric. I almost ran crazy, but were plenty of people around us and I’ve tried to calm down. We talked bostancı escort long in this position, and at a point we thought that the teacher would not attend to the class. Everybody started to leave, including me and Daniele.

My mind was torturing me, telling that I couldn’t just leave with this aching hard-on. While we were walking, I’ve asked Daniele if she had anything to do at home. She told me that she was not going to do anything home. I’ve asked than if she want to chat a little downstairs. She looked me with a strange look, but answered “ok!” and smiled. Our college have an external area plenty of trees and gardens, which are pretty dark at night. Some places are totally desert after 9pm (my classes are at night). Once in the gardens, I guided her to a secluded spot, telling her that I like to be around trees and nature. We sat down on a bench, facing each other, and talked for a long time. I’ve tried to guide the talking to relationships and sexual matters slowly, and at some point I’ve started to make compliments to her, telling that she was very cute, with a nice and lovely body. She smiled, seeming to be shy and happy at the same time, looking down and flushing. I took her hands slowly, without protests, and got close to her, raising her face and kissing her lips slowly and with tenderness. She kissed me back, arousing me more and more.

Taking advantage from the secluded place, I’ve started to rub her back, her face, seducing her. I could feel her breathing increasing, her mouth being more and more eager, her hands rubbing my back. I’ve started to go down with my hands, first to her belly, feeling Daniele shiver and moan with my touch. Then my hands started to go up again, passing at the sides of her breasts and back to her back. Daniele moaned louder and shivered like someone who got an electrical shock. This encouraged me, and I’ve started to bring my hands to the sides of her torso. After seconds (which passed like hours!), I was feeling the sides of the marvelous and delicious breasts that I’ve dreamed of all the year! I’ve waited a little for protests, but she continues to kiss me passionately. For the first time then I’ve touched that ümraniye escort bayan two little mounds and the little and hard brown nipple of my little girl.

In that exact moment, Daniele put her hands under my shirt and scratched me softly with her beautiful fingernails, moaning and pressing me against her body. This game continued for some time, until we at last stopped the long and warm kiss. Daniele looked me in my eyes with a confused expression and asked:

– “What… I… What are we doing?” – “What do you think we are doing, my little girl?” – “But… But we cant… You… We…” – “Sweetie, you are a beautiful woman. I’m a man crazy for you. There’s nobody here. What we have to fear?”

After that, I’ve started to kiss her neck slowly, to talk in her ear, to rub her shoulder. I took her little blouse up with only a little protest from her, and kissed one nipple, than the other one, with Daniele moaning so loud that I was afraid that someone could hear. I’ve started to lick and suck her little breasts, while my hand are massaging her back and finally her tender legs. Finally, Daniele lost the control and touched my penis through my pants with her little hands. I almost cum immediately with so much adrenaline and lust. I could not wait longer, and took her to her feet and started to open my pants, took my penis out. I’ve tried to remove Daniele’s pants too, but she protested and hold my hand:

– “No, not this. I’ve never… I’m virgin. And I don’t want that my first time happens this way” – “Stay cool, my love. Don’t be afraid. We will not do anything that you don’t want to. I just want to give you some pleasure”

Again I’ve started to unbuttoned her pants and, finally, to let her only in her undies on the garden, hidden by the trees. I sat her down with her legs open over my lap, feeling her hot and moist pussy rubbing my penis, with only the thin panties between them. I’ve started to rub her up and down while touching her delicious and soft ass, kissing her passionately all the time. Daniele started to get crazy and increased the movements, rubbing her pussy like an animal in my penis, going from the loud moanings to the unintelligible kartal escort words, louder and louder, driving me crazy. All of a sudden, she pressed her fingernails hard in my back and moaned like a wolf. Her muscles are all hard and tenses for some seconds, and then she fell totally exhausted in my arms. That vision of satisfaction makes me feel the most powerful and wonderful man in the world. Gave her that pleasure was almost the same of getting myself the satisfaction. But mi girl had yet another surprise for me…

After recovering herself, she kissed me hard and wet, telling in my ear that she “will give me the same that I gave to her”. Then, she put her pants to the floor and gets on her knees, looking me with a delicious face. With no more hesitation, she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it like a crazy. That little mouth sucking me wide open to engulf my cock, her closed little eyes still wet by the pleasure tears of minutes before, the sounds of my cock going in and out her mouth, all that craziness made me lost myself totally. I’ve started to talk loud, ask her to “suck hard”, to “engulf myself”. “Oh, my little girl, suck me! Suck your man! Oh, my love! Yes! That’s it! That’s iiiiiiiiittttt!!!!”. Almost screaming, I cum like an animal without any warning. Daniele was startled, but continues to suck and suck, maintaining the suction for ten or twenty seconds, gulping down every drop of my juice. Finally, when I fell to my side exhausted, she still waited with my cock in her mouth, sucking me and licking me. She only let my cock free when she felt it getting soft inside her little princess mouth. I open my eyes, and could see a white drop in her chin, while hearing her gulping down my present like a pro.

After that, she got dressed and cleaned her face with a handkerchief that I’ve offered to her. She sat down to my side again and hugged me hard, telling me that the whole thing was wonderful and delicious. I’ve looked in her eyes and told her that she has took me to heaven. We stayed some more time talking and laughing, looking the sky and feeling each other. Finally we had to go, because her mother awaits her. Our story was only beginning, though. From that on, we were together several times, two of them in a motel, where we tried everything but vaginal sex. She wants to wait until she feel that she is ready, and I accept it. After all, she still is only a child. A beautiful, sweet, provocative child…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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