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Bunni lazily sipped her drink as she looked around the club. Drunk frat boys and stoners were in abundant supply, but none of them suited her tastes. She needed something hardier, more resilient than what they appeared to be capable of.

She’d had to fend off the advances of more than a few of them since she’d approached the bar, but she’d come dressed to receive such attention so she didn’t mind.

She was wearing a red sundress that did almost too good of a job of highlighting her slim yet curvaceous figure. Her every movement caused it to cling to her in one way or another. It was enough to stoke the flames of desire within any straight man.

But the dress wasn’t the most important part of her ensemble; her running shoes were. Her soft, snug, comfortable running shoes.

Bunni had been coming to this club every night for the past week looking for a good time, but every night had ended with her going home in disappointment. Most of the men she’d met either gave up too easily or weren’t capable of keeping up with her. To be fair, Bunni didn’t exactly make it easy for them, but she refused to lower her standards. If they weren’t willing to put in the work, then they weren’t worthy of the prize.

She spied a potential candidate standing alone at the opposite side of the bar. She leaned forward on the counter and stared at him almost unblinkingly until he finally noticed her. She gave him her most inviting smile but he did nothing more than nod to her politely and return to his drink.

Undaunted, she continued to stare him down. But when he noticed he gave her a funny look, picked up his drink, and turned his back to her.

Sighing internally, Bunni resumed her search for a partner in the crowded bar. There were so many to choose from, but so few worth choosing. She was on the verge of giving up and calling it a night when a group of men entered the club together.

She could tell just from looking at them that they were more athletic than most of the other men in the club and they had a kind of calm charisma about them that made them stand out from the drunken crowd. But there was one among them who stood out even more than the rest.

He was tall, maybe over six feet, with curly black hair and strong masculine features. Not to mention, a body that looked like it never missed a day at the gym.

A smile spread across Bunni’s face. It looked like her night wasn’t over just yet.

After the group made their way to the bar, Bunni set her sights on her curly-haired target and waited. Unfortunately, he appeared to be too caught up in telling some humorous story to notice how intently she was looking at him. It was one of his friends who noticed her first.

After following Bunni’s gaze, the friend nudged her target with his elbow and gestured in her direction with his chin. At that moment, Bunni made eye contact with her target for the first time. But it didn’t last long before his eyes drifted down her body, lingering on her barely contained breasts before returning to her face.

By this time, the entire group had become aware of Bunni’s overt interest in their friend. After sharing a few knowing looks with them, he left the group and began making his way over to her.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he said as he approached and leaned on the bar. “What’s a pretty lady like you doin’ all alone?”

Bunni remained silent. She had to test him. She needed to know that he was persistent enough to tolerate a few mixed signals, so she just kept looking at him in silence, almost unblinkingly. He didn’t appear to notice, though. His eyes were unabashedly glued to the swell of her breasts underneath her dress.

“My name is Hunter,” he said, practically talking to her breasts. “What’s yours?”

Bunni couldn’t help but smile. ‘Hunter’. Her hunter. Yes, that was a very good name. She was anxious to see if he was worthy of it. Wordlessly, she pushed away from the bar and stepped toward her hunter until her breasts were pressing into his chest. She stared up into his eyes, licking her lips seductively, and reached down to rub his cock over his shorts.

His friends at the bar, who had been watching to see if he would strike out, hooted and whistled at Bunni’s bold behavior. Her hunter couldn’t hide his surprise as he looked down at her, but the reaction of his friends brought him back to his senses.

“Oh yeah?” he said. “Straight to the point, huh? My kind of girl.”

‘No,’ she thought. ‘Not your kind of girl.’

Her hunter reached around her and took a firm hold of her round, toned ass. Bunni allowed him to touch her. But only for a moment. Before he could get too comfortable, she put her hands on his hard chest and pushed him away from her forcefully, causing him to stumble backward.

Laughter and jeers came from his friends at the bar, and she could see his face go red with embarrassment. And then, for a brief moment, a flash of anger that gave her chills. But he was quick to collect himself and try to save face.

“Oh, canlı bahis so you like it rough, huh?” he said loudly. “I can be rough, baby.”

Bunni ignored his attempts to protect his bruised ego. She was satisfied with him so far, but experience told her that she needed to do more if she was to get what she wanted. Holding his gaze, Bunni slowly backed away from her hunter before turning and making her way to the dance floor. At first, she was worried that he might not follow, but the continued jeers from his friends at the bar goaded him into pursuing her.

Bunni weaved through the mass of bodies on the dimly lit dance floor, looking back occasionally to make sure her hunter was still following her. When she finally reached the center of the crowd, she gave her approaching hunter a long look and then started dancing by herself.

“Why didn’t you just say that you wanted to dance?!” he yelled over the music as he reached her.

Bunni didn’t respond. She just kept dancing as if he wasn’t even there. But when she felt him come up behind her, she gently pushed her pantyless ass back into him and started shadowing his movements.

At first, she allowed herself to have fun with him, using her lithe body to tease him with brief moments of contact here and there. But, before long, these small flirtations gave way to more erotic demonstrations, as if she was trying to goad him into fucking her right there in the middle of the dance floor.

She rubbed her round ass against his crotch, completely ignoring the tempo of the music until she felt his thick, hard cock prodding her. Then she slowly slid up and down the length of it until she heard him moan into her ear. Her hunter roughly groped her breasts from behind and started blatantly humping her as he buried his face in her hair.

She allowed this to continue for longer than she normally would. She was enjoying the feeling of being used too much to interrupt him. But then one of his hands drifted down to rub her bare pussy over her dress and she heard his needful voice whisper into her ear.

“Why don’t we get out of here and go somewhere more private?”

‘What a wonderful idea,’ Bunni thought. But she decided to bait the hook a little more, just to be sure she had his undivided attention.

She abruptly turned, throwing her arms around his neck, and kissed him with such passion that she felt his body go stiff in surprise. But he quickly recovered, returning her kiss and reaching down to squeeze her ass over her skirt.

She felt trapped by his strong embrace and her pussy tightened at the feeling of being confined. But it was too soon for that. This night still had more to offer, and she wouldn’t get to enjoy any of it if she gave in now.

When she tried to break the kiss, he pinned her to his body with one arm around her waist and began hungrily kissing her down her neck, groping her breast with his free hand. His lust was intoxicating, and once again she allowed him to manhandle her.

When she regained her senses, Bunni shook herself free of her hunter’s grasp and stepped away from him, earning a look that held both confusion and exasperation. Still, she said nothing to him. Instead, she slowly backed away, slipping through the crowd in the direction of the exit. All the while, looking him in the eye, and wordlessly beckoning him to follow.

When he did, she turned and began pushing her way through the many swaying bodies between her and the exit, some of whom took the opportunity to fondle her as she moved past them. Their boldness sent a thrill through her, and she was tempted to remain on the dance floor with the many searching hands. But there was something even more thrilling in hot pursuit just a few feet behind her.

When she finally made it to the exit, she quickly started walking down the sidewalk without checking to see if her hunter was still following. If he’d given up after what she’d done to him on the dance floor, then he wasn’t the man she was looking for. Fortunately, the sound of rapid footsteps on the sidewalk told her that her hunter was still with her, and the game was still afoot.

“Hey!” she heard him call. “Hey, where are you going?!”

She didn’t reply or even look back. Instead, she took a sharp turn into an alley next to the club and increased her pace. To her great pleasure, she found it completely empty and heard her hunter enter the alley shortly after about twenty feet behind her.

“What? Do ya wanna do it right here?” he asked stupidly.

Bunni ignored him and started walking even faster, tying her loose hair up into a ponytail as she created more space between them.

“Hey!” he said. “I’m talkin’ to you!”

Then she heard it. The sound she’d been waiting for. The sound of his feet hitting the ground as he jogged to catch up with her. And as soon as she heard that sound, Bunni broke into a full-on sprint and left her hunter in the dust. She heard him come to an abrupt stop and yell at her as she ran away.

“Hey?! What the bahis siteleri fuck?!”

She kept running full tilt until she reached the other end of the alley. Then she stopped and looked back at her hunter. The front of his body was shrouded in darkness because of a light behind him, making it impossible to make out his expression. But it wasn’t hard to guess. She’d reached this point in the game with many would-be hunters in the past, and they all shared the same bewildered expression when she first ran from them. But this was the moment of truth. What her hunter did next would decide whether the game would continue, or come to a premature end.

Bunni stared at her hunter’s motionless silhouette. Searching for some sign of his decision.

Five seconds.

Ten seconds.

Fifteen seconds of nothing.

And then she felt it. A subtle change in the atmosphere. An electricity in the air. A feeling that all wild animals knew as the presence of a predator. A sixth-sense that caused the herd to run a moment before the stalking lions pounced.

Bunni felt her heart hammering in her chest and her pussy grip as she took one reflexive step away from her hunter. One tiny movement.

But that was all it took.

The lifeless silhouette sprang to life and began charging down the alley toward her, faster than she could have even imagined. Her hunter had set his sights on his prey, and the game was on.

Bunni spun around and dashed down another alley. She had no plan. The only preparation she did for these nights was spending her days at the gym improving her cardio. But, other than that, it was all up to chance.

And that was just the way she wanted it.

A thrill ran through her as she zig-zagged through the back alleys, the juices of her soaking wet pussy dripping down her thighs as she tried to get away from him.

‘Chase me!’ she thought, running as if her life depended on it. ‘Chase me!!’

She could hear her hunter getting closer, his breath deep and ragged. She had more stamina than him, but he was much faster. She panicked when she felt his hand wildly clawing at her back as he tried to get a hold of her, and quickly turned down a narrow street.

She pulled a trash can down behind her as she ran past it, and heard her hunter swear as he fell over it. That bought her a few seconds. She sped down the street, turning right at a fork in the road and nearly tripped as she came to an abrupt stop and swore under her breath at what she found there.


A group of men was standing a few yards away from her. They would almost certainly intervene if they saw her hunter chasing her. Then the game would be over. She couldn’t let that happen. Not after coming this far.

When she doubled back to take the other road, she had to suppress a scream when she saw the silhouette of her hunter barreling down the street toward her. Again she started sprinting for all she was worth, managing to dodge him as he lunged at her.

She heard him fall to the ground again as she sped down the street, looking around frantically for another alley that she could duck into. But then she saw something even better a few yards away.

A park. It was surrounded by a tall fence made up of metal rods with gaps in between them. It would be a tight squeeze, but she was sure that she could get through.

She altered course and ran hard toward the park. Her hunter had recovered from his fall, and, although she had managed to create some distance, she could still feel the pressure on her back as he drew closer. It was primal. Almost dangerous. And she could feel a fresh moistness between her legs as she desperately tried to escape it.

The park fence was only a few feet away now, and her hunter’s footfalls were getting distressingly closer, threatening to capture her and bring the game to an end. Worse, the long dash was beginning to take its toll; her lungs were beginning to burn, and a small stitch was starting to form in her side.

But her salvation was there. It was right there. Just a few more seconds. Just a few more steps. Just one more push and she would reach safety.

When she finally reached the fence, she almost ended up running into it because of her exhaustion, and then turned sideways to begin sliding herself through. The lower half of her body went through easily, but her large breasts made getting the upper half through more difficult.

Her hunter’s footfalls were steadily growing louder, and her heart leapt into her throat when she realized just how quickly he had caught up with her. She started to panic, wiggling her body frantically in an attempt to get her soft flesh to slide through the bars. He was coming. He was only a few breaths away. There wasn’t any time left. She had to get through. Now.

And she did. But not entirely. Just as she managed to slip through the bars, her hunter reached her and took hold of her dress after trying and failing to grab her wrist. They struggled. Her hunter reaching through bahis şirketleri the fence with a wild look in his eyes as he held onto the hem of her dress, and she on the other side desperately trying to free herself.

Then she stopped and nearly laughed out loud at what she was doing. It’s not like she needed the dress anymore anyway. She looked her hunter in the eyes and held his gaze as she slowly, seductively, slid the dress off her shoulder, stepping out of it as it fell to the ground.

“Crazy bitch!” he hissed breathlessly as he through the now useless dress to the ground.

She smirked at him, doing her best to hide her own exhaustion, and walked toward him. She was now wearing nothing but her running shoes and her sports bra. A sports bra with a convenient zipper in the front.

She reached up and started pulling down the zipper as she looked at the wild animal on the other side of the fence. A man turned momentarily feral in the face of his frustrated lust. He was everything she’d hoped he’d be, and she wanted to make sure this little obstacle didn’t deter him.

With the constricting pressure of the sports bra relieved, her large, voluminous breasts spilled out in front of her hunter and she felt a warmth between her legs as he eyed them hungrily.

She came closer, close enough that her body was still just barely out of his reach, and pushed her chest toward him. Immediately, he lunged at her with the arm that was still sticking through the fence, trying to grab her by some other part of her body to pull her closer. But she kept a safe distance and continued to offer her breasts to him.

Finally, her hunter turned his attention to her breasts and began to roughly fondle them through the fence. She could tell by the look in his eyes that the feeling of her soft flesh in his hand was having a pacifying effect on him. She allowed him to continue for a while. Smiling impishly as she noticed the telltale bulge of his hardening cock in his shorts.

Then without warning, she abruptly stepped away, depriving him of the feeling of her well-endowed chest. He growled in frustration as she zipped up the sports bra again and started backing away from him. The smile never left her face as the ferocity returned to his.

She turned and ran into the park. Her hunter took a path next to the fence and disappeared, no doubt heading for the entrance to the park. Bunni was still tired from her last sprint, but fortunately, the park was large and very poorly lit. As long as she stayed away from the illuminated footpaths, she could hide in the shadows and catch her breath.

She made her way over to a cluster of bushes and squatted down behind them, making herself as small as possible. A primal instinct to hide from her unseen threat was directing her behavior, but it also stoked something else inside her. Something irrational, but nonetheless powerful: anticipation.

What would her hunter do to her if he found her, half-naked and defenseless? How would he take her? What kind of sexual savagery would he subject her to? The brute. The beast. Selfishly using her body to satisfy his wild lust.

Bunni’s hand slid between her legs as she indulged herself in her fantasies, and slowly began to rub her soaked pussy. Soon she was fingering herself furiously as she allowed her hunter to ravage her in her mind, fucking her mercilessly with his thick, hard cock like a wild animal in heat.

First one finger, then two. Before long she was plunging all four of them into herself, causing erotic wet sounds to come from her between her legs. She put one hand on the ground to steady herself as her face went slack and her legs began to tremble. She was going to cum. She was going to cum for her hunter before he even had a chance to catch her. She threw her head back in a wordless cry, but then a terrifying sound cut through the night air.


She froze. There was no mistaking what she had just heard. It was the sound of a twig breaking underfoot; a sound all animals knew very well. It was the sound of danger. The sound of threat.

The sound of her hunter.

She strained her ears in the darkness. Her hiding place did a good job of concealing her, but the trade-off was that she couldn’t see much of her surroundings either. If her hunter happened to stumble across her it would be too late to escape. She needed to know how close he was, and she needed to know now. Doing her best to ignore the hammering of her heart, Bunni slowly raised her head over the bushes.

And her hunter was just on the other side.

Bunni stifled a scream and cautiously lowered herself back down. Fortunately, he’d had his back to her, but she still didn’t feel safe in her hiding place anymore. She needed to move. She needed to get away before he figured out where she was. She quickly crept along the bushes, intent on creating as much distance from her hunter as possible. Intent on escaping. But in her haste, she ended up making a terrible mistake.


Once again, Bunni froze at another unexpected sound. But her hunter wasn’t the cause of it this time. She was. Looking down, she saw that she had unwittingly taken several steps onto an unlit path.

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