Magic Fingers Ch. 05

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Back at my motel room, I took a double dose of vitamins, showered, shaved and changed into jeans and a dark grey tee shirt. I had a mental list of things I wanted to accomplish early in the day, so I could take Carols advise and get some rest.

I stopped by the dry cleaners to take care of my wrinkled jacket, shirt and cum spotted pants. I told the woman there, that I wouldn’t be able to pick them up for at least two weeks. Next I went to “Dick’s Sporting Goods Store” and got a good quality leather wrist band from the body building section. My next stop was “J.C. Pennies”, for some clothes. Laugh if you want, but I like their Stafford Collection of men’s clothes. It’s good quality for the price. I bought two pair of casual slacks, two short sleeve dress shirts and a sharp looking solid black polo shirt.

My last stop was, “World Wide Wine and Beer”. A specialty store that I had never been in, but had seen a TV ad for. A word of caution, unless you have deep pockets, do not go in there and say, “I’m looking for a really good bottle of dinner wine.”

Foolishly I did, only to find myself presented with a two hundred and forty dollar bottle of wine that I couldn’t even pronounce the name of.

I delicately handed the bottle back, while saying, “How about showing me an, OK, bottle of dinner wine. I figure I can spend as much as one hundred dollars for two bottles.”

Where on Gods green earth, I came up with that hundred dollar figure, I had no clue. It was just one of those insane moments, when my mouth starts saying things before my brain has a chance to say, “Woe, Hold On.”

I wanted to impress Carol, but not to the tune of fifty bucks a bottle. Fortunately the salesman, had a sense of humor.

“No problem. I can get you a good wine that will impress the lady and won’t leave you broke, and I guarantee, you’ll be able to pronounce the name.”

He brought me, to the middle of the wine section and handed me a bottle of Santa Margarita, Private Reserve. He presented the bottle, in the same loving way as he did the big bucks bottle, saying, “And this is only thirty seven fifty, that should bring you under budget and I’ll give you two dollars off each bottle if you buy a third.”

Some where in this store I had lost my common sense, because I heard myself say, “OK, I’ll take three.”

When I got back out to my car, where my common sense was waiting for me. It kicked in and asked, “What in the hell did you just do. You went in there to get a nice ten dollar bottle of wine, and dropped over a hundred bucks. What happened!”

I shook my head and said out loud, to my bewildered common sense, “Wow, that was a good salesman.”

I then had a momentary urge to return the wine. That was quickly replaced by fear. Yes, I was afraid, if I went back in, I’d come out with a case. Sure enough, as I looked up, I saw several people walking out with full cases of wine. I started the engine and got out of there, vowing not to return until I made my first million.

On the way back to my motel room I got a call from Melanie. “Congratulations, your offer was accepted.”

Suddenly, I was on cloud nine, finally, my own place. “That’s great, thanks Melanie.”

“Well, I need you to come by the office and sign some paper work. I’ll get everything rolling for you, even the financing, if you want.”

“That would be great, I’ll be there in less than an hour.” I rushed back to the motel, gave my new cloths a quick iron, changed into my slacks and new black polo shirt and headed over to Progress Realty. I was excited to see Melanie again, but I knew in this setting, we had to keep it professional.

When I walked in, I could see mixed emotions cross her face, so I spoke up and from half way across the office, “Hi Melanie. Thanks for the quick call. I was so excited to hear my offer had been accepted, I rushed over as quickly as I could. You said, you have some papers for me to sign?”

The relief on her face was noticeable. “Yes John, why don’t you step into this office, where it’s quiet and I’ll get the paper work and join you.”

Without a word, I did as she asked and waited for only a minute before she stepped in and closed the door.

Her first words were, “Thank you for coming in the way you did. I was so afraid… Well you know.”

“Yes, I do know. That’s exactly why I did it. Anyway, you said you had things to sign, so we had best get to it.”

One hour later we were done. Melanie was going to take care of everything and I promised my accountant would get her the financial papers she was going to need for the financing.

Before getting up to leave. I asked, “What time is dinner, Carol never did say.”

“Oh,” Melanie was surprised, because she had no idea either. “Let me call.

“Doctor Rhodes please,” a full minute passed. “Carol; it’s Melanie, what time is dinner? I… Ah… OK. See you then, Bye.

“Carol said to come over right after work, and we’d eat around 6:30. She also has a friend that will be joining us.”

That was fine with me, but illegal bahis I could see Melanie seemed a bit distressed at the news of someone else being at the dinner.

“Melanie,” I interrupted her thoughts. “Do you want me to pick you up tonight, I do know where you live.”

“Oh God no,” she replied. “I’d be the talk of the Complex if they ever saw a man pick me up and quite possibly not get me home until tomorrow. How about if I pick you up. You are staying at the Holliday Inn, right?”

“Yup. Just give me a call when you’re close, I’ll meet you outside.”

With that, I winked at her, got up and turned to the door when I heard her say, “By the way John, you look really sexy in that new shirt.”

I walked out the door with a smile on my face and hollered back an exceptionally loud “Bye!” ————

Melanie called at 4:30 and said she would be leaving her place in just a couple of minutes. She promised to call again when she got off the freeway. Good to her word, I got the call, grabbed the three bottles of wine, the leather wrist band and walked out side, just as she pulled up to the motel entrance.

Normally, it would have been only a fifteen minute ride to Carols place, but today there was a four car pile-up and we were stuck in snail pace traffic.

“Melanie.” I asked, “I know Carol is a doctor, but is she a GP or a specialist?”

“Carol, is a do-it-all in the field of Women’s Medicine.” She could see I had a puzzled look on my face. “Ok, do you like my breasts?”

“I love them, I’m getting a woody just thinking about them.”

“Then, you should thank Carol. She made them what they are.”

“So, she’s a plastic surgeon?”

“When she has to be, but she is also a shrink, a dermatologist, in general, if it involves a woman’s health and mental well being, Carol is the Doctor to see.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. Very impressed.”

We arrived at Carols mini mansion just before 5:30. Carol hadn’t gotten home yet but her maid let us in, took the wine and escorted us to the outside sitting area and garden. Before leaving us, she asked if there was anything she could get us.

Both Melanie and I were more than content to just sit out here and let our senses soak up the sights, sounds and smells of the miniature paradise. I was right, Carol knew how to live and I was beginning to feel like I should have bought that bottle of two hundred and forty dollar French wine.

Carol arrived fifteen minutes later, toting a mousy looking woman behind her. She whisked past us, saying, “We need to change, won’t take a minute.”

Fifteen minutes later, Carol came gliding in, wearing a white satin robe that seemed to float around her. She was followed by Ms. Mousy, a may-be five foot woman. It was hard to tell, her shoulders slouched and she wouldn’t lift her head to look anyone in the eyes. She had mousy brown hair, cut into the shape of a football helmet. However, once she lifted her head, I noticed she had deep brown eyes, that with some help could look very attractive.

I remember thinking, “Thank God she is wearing a big robe.” I wondered if the rest of her was just as unimpressive.

Carol must have undressed her, put her into one of her silk robes, a red one, and then either she or her maid must have pinned it up so it wouldn’t drag on the floor.

Mind you, both Melanie and Carol have bodies a Greek Goddess would kill for. It was kind of unfair to judge this woman against them, but it was hard for me to see her as anything but mousy.

I know, I’m using that word a lot, but wimpy, door-matish, dull, they don’t give the full picture. -However MOUSY is the perfect word for her.

I glanced over at Melanie and saw a look of pity and sadness as she viewed this poor creature. I then caught a look of minor disapproval from Carol, as she noticed my expression.

Carol focused her attention on Ms. Mousy again, becoming exceedingly sweet and elementary in her speech. “Kay, this is my friend, Melanie and this,” there was a brief pause, with just the slightest hint of a glare. “This is both Melanie and my friend John. — Everyone, this is Kay; she has kindly agreed to join us for dinner.”

Oh My God, I thought, Carol is being so sappy sweet. I’m going to hurl. When I heard her use the word, Everyone, I looked around to see if a few dozen people had just walked in. What happened to the quick witted woman I met yesterday.

“John!” Carol’s now sharp voice snapped me back to earth. “John.”

“Shit,” I thought, she just swung back to sappy sweet.

“I understand you brought us some very nice wine. Would you be so kind as to pour us each a glass? Oh, I forgot, you don’t know where the glasses are. Come, let me show you.”

Taking my hand like a little boy, she led me into the kitchen , where there were four glasses of wine, already poured. A baffled look crossed my face.

“Are you thick John!”

“Ahh,” this was the woman that I knew as Carol. “I know you have more intuitive power than what you’re showing tonight.”

“Woe. What’s illegal bahis siteleri this all about?”

“Ok, we don’t have much time, so listen.”

I interrupted her, “You forgot to add, You stupid dolt.”

She smiled, looked at me and said, “I thought that part was understood.”

I feigned shock and hurt.

She started again, “Kay is one of my patients, she lacks self confidence.”

“No Shit.” I interrupted again.

She paused, looking hurt. “Feel for her John, that’s all I’m asking you to do.”

Now I was contrite, or at least I was until I figured out, “You want me to fuck her, don’t you, admit it.”

“No John, that’s not what I want, I just want you to make her have a female ejaculation and let her do the rest.”

“And. — The difference is?”

“I honestly think you can help her or help her, help herself.”

“Now I feel like a shit again,” I told Carol.

Her response was, “Good you deserve to feel that way.”

“Fine. — How have you envisioned all this working?”

“Don’t worry John, just follow my lead.”

“My God have mercy on my soul.”

Carol as quick as ever, “It’s not God you have to worry about.”

As we each took two glasses, I replied, “Isn’t that the truth.”

Carol looked back and gave me one of her smiles and a wink.

“I’m becoming pussy whipped.” I said as we entered the room. A statement that caught the attention of both women.

We were all engrossed in small talk, when the maid came in and announced that everything had arrived and was on the table.

“Oh, I’m starved.” Carol said as she lead us to the dining room.

“Wow, Carol, you went all out.”

There on our plates was lobster tail, shrimp scampi, what looked like filet of sole, string beans, a baked potato and a salad, all laid out in a presentation style. Oh yeah, Carol really knows how to live.

After we ate, Carol asked Melanie for some help with the coffee and dessert. I assumed, to give her instructions. However when they came back Melanie was wearing the same terry robe as last night.

As we were drinking our coffee, Carol became serious. “Melanie, Kay, you both know I asked you to come here tonight as observers, while John attempts to make me have a full blown Female Ejaculation. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Are you ready John?”

I took a last sip of coffee and nodded. We all rose and followed Carol into the spare bedroom. ————

As before, everything was neatly laid out, except the night stand had been moved. It was now directly behind where I was going to be standing.

On the night stand were several small hand towels, no less than five different dildos and three bottles of lube. There were two chairs, one on each side of the night stand.

Melanie moved quickly and took the chair closest to the headboard, leaving Kay with no choice as to which chair was hers.

With her usual authorial flourish, Carol removed her robe and I heard Kay take a quick breath at the sight of Carols body. As for me I had an instant hard on, complete with wet spot.

Carol lay on the bed, I laid my hand on her and stroked her belly. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Please relax Darlan. — This is all for you and no one else. — I want your thoughts to be on you and only you. — Promise me.”

She whispered her reply, “Yes baby. It’s just you and me. Now, make me proud.”

I began. First, I let fall several small drops of lube on each nipple and areola. I then began to pull and pinch her right nipple, ignoring her left one completely. I added another droplet of lube to both and let my finger slide around her areola. It began to pucker, making her breasts look pointy.

Carols nipples fascinated me. The light brown skin of her breasts were accented by perfectly centered chocolate colored areolas, soft and smooth to the touch. They were very responsive and the silver dollar size circles would contract, raising her nipples higher. The nipples themselves were the color of eggplant. They were course in texture and feel. It was always a delightful sensation to let my tongue slide from her perfect smooth soft flesh to the course hard tips.

She began to heave her chest a little higher, turning slightly in an effort to remind me, there were two that needed attention. But still I ignored her left nipple. Finally, she brought her own hand up to it and pinched and twisted it, giving it the attention it needed. When I saw it grow hard, I knew I could move on.

My hand slid across her sculpted belly, to the mound that had no hair. I moved my palm over it and captured her labia between my fingers. Pinching the lips together, I applied some pressure and rocked it back and fourth. She was now pleasuring both nipples and was elevating her hips to the movement of my hand.

Carol was responding well and I was ready to move on. I Stopped for only a second to apply a large dollop of lube to my fingers, I then slid them between her now swollen lips. As I passed over canlı bahis siteleri her clit I saw her neck and shoulders come up. Carol was responding very fast, almost to fast. She wasn’t following the progression I thought she would. Instead of playing with her clit I decided to try another track.

I slid my middle and ring finger into her as deep as I could and did not raise them to search for a swelling spongy spot that I knew would be there. I kept a steady pressure against her as I pushed my little finger into her rectum. You would have thought someone ran a jolt of electricity through her, as her body lurched.

I wasn’t sure what that reaction meant. I decided to continue with what I was doing. I began to rock my hand back and forth with my little finger sliding in and out. Her hole body was now turning rigid.

“Damn,” I thought. This is not the effect I had hoped for.

I slid my fingers out of her and moved my face down to hers. I brushed my lips across her lips, then moved to her ear. “Baby, — relax and moan for me. — Tell me what you need. — Cry out in joy when you come my love. — Let go and come for me.”

I knew, now was the time for her to squirt. The question was, “How to get her there.” I didn’t know if I could find the answer, but I was determined to try.

I slid my fingers back inside and felt her gland, swollen larger than any I had felt before. Carol was ready, but she was still holding back. I pushed and pumped her swollen gland. I applied pressure on her belly with my other hand. Still, she wouldn’t let go.

I had to do something. So, I yelled at her, “Carol Let Go! — I Want To Hear You! — Now, Damn It! — Come Now!!!”

With a scream that sounded like No and Yes intermingled Carol started to spray not squirt. She sprayed and sprayed as she screamed and thrashed about wildly.

I pinned the top of her body to the bed with my chest as I whisked my right hand across her clit. She cried tears as she moaned out the last of her orgasm.

“Quick.” I said to Kay, “Put one of those dildos in her.”

“What,” she replied?

My first instinct was to yell at her, but I restrained myself and softly said, “Please, she needs it now, please help.”

She did. She separated her legs and gently slid the dildo in.

I was leaning over Carol, my chest still pinning her, my lips near her ear. Tears were still coming. But Carol managed to put an arm around me and snuggled her face into my neck. She whispered, “Thank you John.”

“Don’t thank me yet, we’re not done.”

I gave her a few minutes before I stood and removed the dildo. I inserted my fingers and began to pump. After all that spraying and a brief respite she was still swollen.

“Come on baby.” I slid my fingers over her clit. “Lets hear it.”

As I pumped back into her, she started, “Harder John, harder.”

Then as I slid my fingers out she cried, “Nooo, don’t stop now!”

That was when I began brutally thrusting my fingers back in her, slapping my hand hard against her cunt.

She cried out loudly, “Yes, yes, fuck me! Please fuck me. Make me come!”

I stopped thrusting and began to just tap hard against her large swollen gland.

“Oh, John, I can feel it. I can — feel the – pressure build, inside meee, and it’s, it’s working – its way up — and I’m. YES!”

She bucked hard, dislodging my fingers and began to squirt. As she squirted she reached down and briskly rubbed her clit. Fanning the massive spray back up over her own body. When her convulsions subsided she fell back, exhausted from both the physical and emotional ride.

My arm and wrist was sore and tired, but my prick was about to burst from the pent up sexual energy of Carols orgasms. I knew I had to put it aside, at least for the moment, while I took care of Carols needs first.

This time, Melanie was the one to insert a fresh dildo. While I toweled Carols body off and then put a fresh large bath towel over her.

Melanie looked at me. She seemed troubled and a bit frightened. “John, what just happened here, her scream scared the hell out of me. I thought she was in pain. I didn’t know what to do.”

Melanie’s concerns, momentarily took my mind off my needs. I thought for a moment before I answered her. “Melanie, when you ejaculated, did you not feel a release of some emotional baggage at the same time.”

“You mean Carol has emotional baggage?”

“We all do,” I replied. “Most of the time we easily deal with it, but some times it’s a great burden to carry. Carols burden is not for me to say, I have only been able to guess at some of it.

“And Kay. I’m guessing you were brought here in the hopes that you too would release some of the baggage you carry. “

Kay, suddenly embarrassed, looked like she might run out of the house.”

All this time, Carol was watching and listening, despite her exhaustion. She sensed the same thing. “Kay,” she said. “John is right, and I’ll share this with only the three of you.

“From the time I was in my early teens, through my junior year of High School, my father would rape me, several times a week. He was a perverted bastard! He made a collection of smooth rounded wood batons, in four different sizes. From the size of his thumb to the size of his large dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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