Make Me Cum Baby Lesbian

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Make Me Cum Baby Lesbian
Blue and I were in our hotel room. We were supposed to be getting dressed for dinner, except we werent getting dressed…I had just come out of the shower without my towel and Blue shoved me against the wall.

She pinned me there with her hot, naked body…her velvet-smooth thigh against my pussy while she kissed me savagely.

I scooched myself up the wall and let my pussy rest on her thigh. I pushed her enough to part our kiss and spoke softly, my hot breath on her lips…

“Ooooooooo…does my sweet baby want my pussy? Would you like to suck my swollen clit? Wanna make me fill your mouth with all my cum?”

“Fuck yes, Sunny!”

Blue held my ass and pulled my pussy higher on her thigh and put her knee against the wall, all my weight resting my pussy on her thigh….my hot juices flowing all over her leg…

“Mmmmmmmm! Perhaps I should cum all over your body, let it dry into a wonderful layer of Sunnycum, then put plenty of musk on your body and mine!”

Blue replied to me by pulling me forward on her thigh, digging her nails into my back and attacking my lips with hers, fucking my mouth with her tongue.

We moaned and whimpered into each other’s mouths, gripping our bodies and savagely devouring each other, our tongues each fucking toward our throats…

Then, I separated our mouths and pushed my feet against the wall…we fell to the floor with my hands behind Blue’s head to protect her. We both screamed with delight and I landed with my legs straddling Blue, my pussy on her tummy…

Blue held my hands and let me lean forward to fuck my pussy against her tummy. My juices were already puddling on her and my pussy was making sexy-squishy sounds while I fucked myself, my hair hanging on her while I looked hotly into her come-and-get-me eyes…

“That’s it Sunny…cum real hard on me, lover…cover my body with your sweet cum….”

I couldn’t even talk…I was completely lost…Blue tightened her tummy muscles and I rub-fucked my hungry pussy on her much harder…she cheered me on…

“Oooooooooo….yes, my sweet slut…you want your baby covered with your cum, don’t you?”

My entire body was shaking…a huge orgasm was building up in me and all I could do was throw back my hair and fuck harder, splashing my juices all over both of us…ooooooohhhhhh…I was about to cum so fucking hard…

Blue knows what I love to hear…she knows what to say to drive me out-of-my-mind-hotter-than-hell…she looked dead into my eyes with a VERY sexy, pouty little look…

“Sunny is my very own slutty bad girl canlı kaçak bahis isn’t she…Sunny is mine…Sunny’s pretty pussy is mine, Sunny’s tanned and tight ass is mine…Sunny and Blue own each other….”

I was right AT the edge!


Blue held onto me real tight and slid a lubicated finger waaaaaay inside my ass and wiggled it wildly…she knows how to treat my ass…and that’s all it took….


A tremendous orgasm overtook me! My ass tightened on her finger, but she didn’t let up, keeping her finger in deep and wiggling it like crazy…


I screamed so fucking loud and came like HELL! I came and came…my cum flowed and flowed from my burning pussy, covering Blue more and more…she didnt stop fucking my ass and I didnt stop fucking my pussy on her tummy!

“Ooooooohhhhh yes, Sunny…Blue wants ALL your cum!”

My orgasm FINALLY ended…Blue raised her knees and I leaned back on her thighs, letting her watch the rest of my cum ooze from my pretty orchid and run down to my ass.

I lovingly held her hands and smothered them with kisses…

“My dear, sweet, wonderful Blue, you are sooooooooo precious…I love you so much!”

“I love YOU, Sunny!”

I slid off of her and used my hand to spread my cum ALL over her body starting at her neck…all over her perfect breasts…her tummy…her pussy and all over her thighs…

…what I didn’t see was the small silver bullet vibrator Blue had in her hand. She reached between my legs to my pussy, and I suddenly felt the bullet vibrator deep inside my ultra-sensitive pussy…

…and Blue, holding the remote control!

She pushed the “i*****l in 48 states” button on the remote only once and my body jumped sky high!

“Hey hey! Easy with that thing, baby!”

“Sunny? Please leave it in for dinner? Please, baby? For me?”

I smiled at her. “Hmmmmm…alright…we’ll see how it goes. That could be fun!”

Blue giggled loudly. “I’m going to take a quick shower. You get dressed in something nice and slutty and we’ll soon be out of here.”

“Wait wait wait….no way, you little scallywag. If I’m keeping this inside me, YOU are going to dinner, wearing your layer of Sunnycum!”

She loved it! “Okay! I’m wearing your cum!”

“Very good!” I got our little bottle of musk oil and we dabbed it all over each other’s bodies. I spread Blue’s legs real wide…her pussy was so swollen and hot…I gave her a lot of hot, slow licks on her clit with my entire tongue and got her canlı poker oyna body shaking…Blue purred deliciously for me….I wetly kissed and sucked down each of her inner thighs…

Then I stopped and put LOTS of musk oil on her inner thighs, VERY close to her pussy.

“Huh? You’re not going to make me cum?!?!”

I covered my mouth and giggled. “Nope! Don’t worry…after dinner, I promise I will fuck you absolutely silly, okay?”

Blue menacingly narrowed her eyes at me.

“Well…okay…but don’t forget, I have your remote!”

I playfully narrowed my eyes back at her. “So you do, you hot little troublemaker…so you do!” I slid my fingers up though her pussy. “Now, you’d better start getting dressed, because I have very little I have to put on!”

“Please wear something slutty as hell? Something that lets your ass peek out? No bra? No panties?”

I held Blue’s ass and kissed her. “Just a loose little skirt and a top, baby.”


Blue and I finally got dressed…I in a loose-fitting, short, little pleated skirt that won’t let me lean over…not even a little, and little top that went almost to my waist. No bra. No panties either…I want Blue to able to get to my pussy anytime she wants it.

Blue looked incredible! She wore her tux with a gorgeous white shirt…unbuttoned just enough to show her inviting cleavage. I’m always so proud to be seen with her.

We had no sooner gotten off the penthouse express elevator when three women started checking Blue out. I held onto Blue’s arm real tight and pulled her very close to me to take possession of her…I wanted them to know Blue is mine and I am hers, and that NO ONE gets the good stuff they were looking at but ME.

We made it to the restaurant in time and were escorted to our normal private booth. Like the rest of the tables, it has a table cloth that reaches the floor. The seat is circular, so we were able to sit right beside each other.

Blue had her purse on the other side of her, and I didn’t see her reach into it…I sure felt it, though…

…the bullet vibe way inside me started softly tingling my pussy…Blue just sat there and smiled while my back involuntarily arched and my eyes closed…

“Blue….oooooooohhhhh Blue……..”

“It’s only on the low setting, baby.”

“Fuck! That feels nice!”

She turned it up in intensity…I felt the vibration move throughout my body! Blue reached between my legs and caressed my inner thigh, her fingers sliding very close to my pussy. She spoke softly, but so hotly into my ear…

“Mmmmmmm….I think my baby likes internet casino that.”

My head was laying back against the seat…my mouth was open and my breathing was getting deeper. I had to be careful not speak too loudly…

“Fuck……fuck……..your baby LOVES it…and your baby is going to ATTACK you when we get back to our room! Now, you’d better turn it off, because our server will be here any minute!”

Blue turned it off, but right after she did, she couldn’t resist hitting the “high” button just once! My body jumped so hard! At the same time, I clamped my hand on her thigh muscle and squeezed real hard…

“Stop it, you little pussy tease!”

All she could do was giggle…I glared at her…and she giggled even more. Damn, she’s so sweet when she giggles, she completely melts me.

Just then, our server showed up. Blue ordered first…and did very well with my hand rubbing her pussy through her pants under the table…

The table was big enough for six people, and the server was on the opposite side from us, so he suspected nothing.

I started to order, hoping Blue would be a good girl. Since she’s the well-behaved of the two of us, you’d think so, right?

You would be wrong.

Blue couldn’t resist hitting the medium button just once! My body jumped a little and our server couldn’t help but notice!

“Miss Johansen? Are you alright? Can I help you with something?”

“Oh…no…I’m fine, thank you…just a pain in my leg that spasms once in a while. Thank-you for asking.”

He left and I whipped my head around to Blue, threw my hair back, and menacingly narrowed my eyes at her. She fell back against the seat in a mass of helpless giggles, her pretty bangs in her eyes.

“You fucking tease! Fuck! After dinner, I am going to fuck you as hard as I WANT, for as LONG as I want! I’m not letting go of you till I’m DONE!”

I should have known that wouldn’t threaten Blue…she loves wild sex as much as I do. She leaned real close to get her lips almost touching mine…she spoke with her breath against my mouth…

“Ooooooohhhh nooooooooo! I hope ya don’t fuck me TOO hard!”

While she said that, she slid her finger through my sloppy-drippy pussy, then sucked her finger with her head innocently tilted, looking right at me with her do-me-or-I’ll-die eyes.

Then, she just HAD to do it…she turned the vibe on low and left it on, then flicked her tongue at my lips. I leaned to her neck and trailed my tongue up her neck to her ear and spoke softly…

“Oh Blue…..please, baby….pleeeeeeeeeeease…I can’t make it through this dinner unless I cum…I won’t make it………”

Blue smiled at me, then slipped under the table, concealed by the floor length tablecloth.

I spread my legs for her, and she buried her face between my thighs…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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