Maria’s Suprise

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Maria’s Suprise
It had been three years since our internet had issues. Maria had learned her place as a whore and was now fucking whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Tony was a regular at the house, poker night, UFC nights, you name it he was around. Most of my friends didn’t know what a whore Maria had been turned into. Maria herself didn’t realize it in fact, all she knew was she would satisfy any cock or cunt that I told her too. She had no idea how many cocks she had taken in her service to me. However I did, 99 was the current number and I wanted number 100 to be special. We had a family dinner planned for the weekend, my Dad was in town celebrating his birthday so she knew she was safe from being passed around. I still had plans for her though. Tony stopped by while I was at the airport picking up my Dad, he didn’t bother to knock. He just walked in while Maria happened to be on the phone with her mother.
“Who is that dear?” Rosa asked at the sound of the door closing, “is that my favourite son in-law Michael?”
“No Mama, it’s just one of Michael’s friends” Maria exclaimed in a snotty tone.
Tony walked quickly towards Maria, grabbed a fistful of hair causing her to wince, but because she was on the phone with her mother she made no sound. Tony pull her by the hair to her knees, Maria looked up at him pleading with her eyes, Tony smiled, unzipped his fly with his free hand, removed his hard cock and shoved it past Maria’s lips into her throat.
“Hunnie, you still there?” questioned Rosa
Maria pulled her mouth from Tony’s cock, as she again pleaded with her eyes.
“Yes Mama, I’m still here” she managed to slip into the phone before Tony rammed his cock balls deep into her throat. She gagged as he mercilessly fucked her mouth.
“Oh good dear,” Rosa said “so then you add the sugar my dear, slowly you don’t want it to clump up” she giggled
Tony pulled Maria’s mouth from his cock, she gasped for air
“OK Mama” she gasped into the phone.
“Dear are you OK?” Rosa asked as she could hear Maria panting.
“Mama, can I” she started but Tony cut her off, shaking his head.
“I’m fine Mama, choked on a sip of water” she lied
“Oh good Dear, you are writing this down aren’t you? A perfect cake won’t make itself” Rosa laughed.
“Yes Mama, I am” Maria lied as Tony pulled her up by her hair and bent her over the back of the couch
He spit on her ass-hole and lined up his cock, slowly pushing only the head in. Maria looked back at him over her shoulder, and mouthed the words “Please, Please No” Tony smiled and drove his cocks full length into her bowels in one thrust. Maria couldn’t help but scream.
“Maria, what is it?” Rosa worriedly asked from the other side of the phone
Tony rammed his cock roughly in and out of my wife’s ass-hole, pounding her like the whore she is. His free hands pinching her nipples, twisting them, intentionally causing her as much discomfort as he could without damaging her.
Maria fought back the tears and composed herself the best she could.
“A mouse Mama, there was a God damned mouse in the cupboard!” she managed to lie.
“Maria!” Rosa angrily bellowed into the phone loud enough that even Tony could hear,
“That language from a lady, you should have your mouth washed out with soap!”
“Yes Mama, I’m sorry” Maria replied.
Tony still pounding illegal bahis Maria’s ass-hole leaned forward to her free ear and whispered
“I don’t have any soap whore, but I can do you one better.”
He pulled his cock from Maria’s ass-hole with a pop pulled her back off the couch onto the floor and offered his slick cock to her mouth.
“OK Mama, the rest of the recipe please, I have to make sure I have everything I need.” Maria said as she opened her mouth and sucked Tony’s cock. She ran her mouth over the length of his cock, licked his balls as she had been taught. She milked his cock well, the spit dripped from her chin onto her now exposed tits. Tony tried to hold back but it was no use. He started to unload into Maria’s throat, he abruptly pulled his cock from her mouth and finished unloading his spunk onto her face, stream after stream landed on her beautiful skin, some in her eyes, some in her nose. There was so much cum it poured from her face onto her tits. Tony looked down and smiled, took his cock in hand and rubbed it all over her cum soaked face. Tony reached down and pinched both of her exposed nipples again. Put his cock back into his pants and zipped up. Without a word he was gone.
Rosa continued with her recipe while Maria tried to regain her composure once more. She scooped away the cum from her breasts and put away her tits and adjusted her dress. She wiped away as much cum from her face as she could while being trapped on the phone.
Rosa finished her directions and said her good bye. Maria quickly washed her face and reapplied her make up as we pulled into the driveway.

Maria met Dad and I at the door with a smile.
“Ah, you must be Maria!” Dad exclaimed
“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you after all this time.” he said as he gave me a condescending look.
“Yes, it has been too long” smiled Maria as she looked into my eyes
“Yes I suppose it has been too long hasn’t it, much catching up to do I guess” I smiled back at the two of them
“Maria? Why are you wearing clothing? Remove them at once and offer your ass to this man!” I ordered
“You keep her in line I see my boy” replied my dad
Maria’s jaw hit the floor, she looked into my eyes while removing her dress. She could not believe this was happening to her.
My own father whom she had just met after all these years, my father, she about to be fucked by my father. Her dress hit the floor, she started to turn as my father reached out and took her by the hand and walked her to the couch. His gentle way was something she was not accustom too anymore. He sat her on the couch and began to remove his clothes, Maria quickly sat up and undressed him.
He smiled, “Just like Michael’s mother always did, you are quite a well trained piece of shit aren’t you Maria?”
Shocked, she smiled and nodded as she finished removing his last item of clothing. He sat her back onto the couch, reached out with his left hand to which I had waiting a length of rope. He skill-fully tied her right leg at the ankle, looped it around her head and neck lifted her left leg and tied the two together. She looked as though she was open for business. ”
“Now Son, you see, if the slut tries to lower her legs she will choke herself, this of course is her fault and cause her to pass out, and should she pass out, tipobet we lift her legs back up until she is conscious again and then again she is in control of her fate.” he smiled
He then looked Maria up and down,
“Her ass-hole looks like it has been fucked recently” he frowned
He made a fist and drove it into Maria’s ass-hole, the pain caused her to scream but it also caused her to pull her legs down which cut off her airway. He pulled his fist from her torn ass-hole an inspected it.
“Perhaps I was mistaken” he said,
“No traces of semen. My apologies my dear” he smiled and rammed his fist back into her ass.
She twisted and bucked as he punched his way into her bowels over and over. I had never seen her ass-hole abused quite this badly before.
He looked into her eyes as the anal onslaught continued.
“Do you like that whore or does it hurt you?” he asked
“I love it Sir” Maria cried, the tears flowed down her reddened cheeks. The snot ran from her nose across her purple lips.
Father looked at her in disgust, removed his fist from her destroyed ass-hole and struck her abruptly across her face.
“Do NOT FUCKING Lie to me You WHORE!” he screamed into her face
She only nodded yes, you could see the fear in her eyes, her body shuddered uncontrollably.
He returned to her crotch, looked at her swollen ass-hole and smiled. With no warning her thrust his fist into her pussy and fist fucked her with the vengeance of a man scorned. he punch fucked her cunt for what seamed like eternity. Maria passed out three times while he rammed his fist into her. He would stop each time and lift her legs loosening the grip of the ropes until she got her breath and snapped back into reality. After the third time he left her lifeless body turning blue.
“Son, lift her legs so she may breathe, I have a special gift for this whore” he instructed
Sure enough when she came too, she took a few deep breaths and her eyes focused upon my Dad, he smiled and thrust both his fists inside her, one elbow deep in her ass-hole, the other into her gaping cunt. She screamed the loudest scream I had ever heard. I stepped onto the couch and shoved my cock into her open mouth to quiet her down while my Dad fist fucked both my wife’s fuck holes.
Her throat clamped down onto my cock while I fucked her face. Dad wasn’t done with her yet, he withdrew his fists and admired the gaping holes in front of him. He then clasped his hands together and drove them into Maria’s cunt. Her throat tightened more as I showed her mouth as much mercy as Pops was showing her cunt. Her arms flailed as she was tortured but it was no use.
Dad cleared his throat “Almost done with the four-play whore, hope your ready for the real deal!” he taunted removing his fists from her battered cunt. He laughed at the sight of her swollen lips. I with drew my cock for a moment to allow her a breath, Dad smiled at me and winked, I grabbed Maria by the back of her head and stuffed my cock back into her throat, as she gagged Pops rammed both of his fists into her ass-hole and fucked her roughly. her eyes rolled back in her head and I unloaded my cum into her throat. I lifted the ropes to allow her breath but nothing changed. I started to panic.
“it’s not from lack of oxygen Son, it’s from the pain” Dad snickered.
Sure tipobet giriş enough Maria came too once more, crying, sobbing but barely making a sound. Dad did not stop the torment of her ass-hole for several more minutes.
She sat there on the couch sobbing, her feet still bound above her head, she could clearly see the damage that had been done to her fuck holes. Dad stood and removed the ropes, pulled her from the couch by her hair and sat in front of her.
“Suck whore” was all he said.
Maria scurried to rest between his legs, and suck she did. She looked deep into my fathers eyes while she sucked and lapped at his cock, licked and sucked his hairy balls. She stroked him as though he was her one and only lover. She moaned the whole time she sucked him. She brought him to orgasm and swallowed his cum, she didn’t once remove her lips from his cock, the copious amount of cum ran from the corners of her mouth as she sucked him. She made love to his cock with her mouth for an additional hour until he had achieved a second erection.
Dad smiled “your cunt” he said
Maria sprung from the floor and straddled his cock, she lowered her bruised cunt onto his cock and rode him. Hours passed as she rode him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. You could see the pain in her eyes only for the the first two hours it had now appeared as though it had subsided. He twisted and tugged at her nipples, bit and kneaded her large tits. He choked her while fucking her cunt. When she would go limp he would then release her throat. She felt his balls tense up and knew he was about to cum once more. He unloaded his splooge into her ruined pussy, she didn’t stop, she looked into his eyes waiting for instruction.
“Suck” he said once again.
On her knees she returned, she again used her mouth to make love to his cock. Stroked his balls lovingly. She sucked his cock enthusiastically for a full two hours this time, slowly his cock hardened. Once it had achieved full erection, he had her stand. He gazed upon the puddle of cum on the floor that had oozed from her wrecked cunt. She dropped to all fours and lapped the cum from the floor. As she paid attention to the mess she had made father stood, grasped his rock hard cock with one hand and drove it deep into Maria’s raw ass-hole. To my surprise she not only made no sound unless you count the grinding of her teeth but this bitch pushed back. Dad pounded her loose ass-hole withdrawing the entire length of his shaft before driving it all the way back in. He tired after about forty-five minutes and sat back on the couch where she remounted his cock. Riding his cock in her ass-hole while he again pinched and bit at her supple breasts, twisting and biting her hard nipples. Choking her again. His balls ached and tightened once more as he choked her out one last time. She came too just as my father unloaded his balls into her bowels, she gasped and shuddered as she climaxed with him. She again rode his cock until it was soft, removed herself and re-positioned between his legs and cleaned his cock. When pops was satisfied with her work he looked into her eyes
“That’ll do pig, That’ll do” this son of a bitch just quoted Babe, I couldn’t believe it.
Maria once again licked the spot clean on the floor which she had allowed to drip from her battered and abused whore holes.
“Shall I shower Daddy?” she said as she looked into my eyes.
“Yes Whore, you may shower. Expect more of this treatment” I said
“…and did I mention the surprise Maria? Dad is moving in with us.”

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