Meeting an old man

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Meeting an old man
I had met William at my husband’s office. I had gone there to meet Victor and have lunch with him; but then I found this handsome gentleman sitting there, having a business talk with my beloved husband…
I joined them and soon I knew he was a widower; he was in his late sixties but really looked younger, keeping his body well fit at a gym; hard and toned. He was also a charming man…
Victor invited to join him for lunch and William gladly accepted the offer. We enjoyed a nice meal and, when we finished, Victor’s Boss called him, telling he had an emergency at his desk.
My loving husband excused himself, greeted William and told him they would meet in the next week. Then Victor kissed me goodbye, saying he would come back home as soon as he could…
So I stood there sitting with William, hoping to share a cup of coffee and something else…
He said he would be busy during the rest of that afternoon; but we arranged to meet again at his apartment.
Next afternoon William texted me, saying he was ready and waiting for me.
I went to his apartment and there were no preliminaries, we just stripped illegal bahis off in a couple minutes…
Soon he had me on my knees licking, sucking and worshipping his delicious cock. It was not so huge as I hoped; but it felt remarkably hard and bending upwards like a nice juicy banana…
William made me lay on my belly onto the big king size bed; then he started massaging my ass cheeks for a while and he licked my rosebud, soon slipping deep inside my anus with his long tongue.
I loved his tongue doing that and then I came right there, moaning very softly.
Once he had me wet and slippery, he lubricated his fingers with some oil and proceeded to play with my very tight rosebud; first he shoved two fingers, then three and even he could insert four ones…
As he opened my ass up I wanted his cock so bad, so I was on my knees pushing back on his fingers.

Then I felt his fingers slipping out from my asshole and spreading wide my wet pussy lips.
The head of that nice cock pushed at the entrance and in one huge plunge he mounted me, ramming that gorgeous cock into my wet cunt. I felt a moment of hot pain illegal bahis siteleri but then an exquisite feeling of fullness as he made slow, deep strokes at first, as his hands were tweaking and pinching my nipples…
I kept pushing back against him to get more and more in my womb.
All of a sudden William grunted in my ear and he really started to speed up, ramming into me hard…
I started to cum, I soaked the bed sheets as he fucked me; it was a wonderful sensation.
Seconds later he came so hard in me, that I could feel his warm cum pushing against my inner walls.
I collapsed onto the bed and muffled the cries of a new orgasm against a pillow.
I thought that he would be done for a while, but I was wrong.
William pulled out of my stretched cunt and asked me if I liked anal. I told him anal was fine for me. Then he pushed a pillow under my belly, so that my buttocks were elevated and he started to spank my ass with his hand.
I almost had to ask him to stop but he knew exactly what he was doing, spanking me hard enough to arouse me but not enough to harm or leave marks on my skin. canlı bahis siteleri And then I felt aroused again, sensing a new wetness condition on my own cunt.
He made me roll over my back and he started licking again my tight rosebud. He started pinching my hardened nipples again as he licked me. It was just too much and, rising my hips in the air, I screamed like crazy and came again, as I was feeling his tongue in my asshole.
William smiled and then he show me that he was massively hard again
He positioned my ankles over his shoulders and quickly with no preliminaries, he entered me again.
He was rough this time using my tight asshole; but I was in another place by then, submissive and accepting his hard cock deeply buried in my poor tight anus. Old William really took his time with that second fuck; he mounted me and fucked me in my ass for more than twenty minutes.

I came again before he would empty himself into my anus.

After we shared a shower, William told me he was going to meet Victor at the same restaurant we had been having lunch the previous day. I told him I would go with him, pretending it was a casual meeting.
Victor smiled when he entered the restaurant. He kissed me gladly surprised I was there and he commented with William that it was the same picture like the other day…
But I knew it was not the same picture and it would be never the same…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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