Meeting Halfway

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I met my friend from the city halfway between his town and mine. The first time we met, he had to drive farther than I did and we found a place that was right in the middle. We arrived at the lake at almost the same moment and parked our vehicles, got out and fell into a long warm embrace, then a sweet soft kiss and smile. It felt wonderful to be in his strong arms again and to feel his lips on mine. We stood in the parking lot kissing and holding each other a long time. I was parked in a day use area, so we had to pay the parking fee before we could go. Once that was taken care of, I climbed into his truck and we took another minute to appreciate each other before taking off up the road. He had seen a secluded looking side road so we headed up that way to find a nice quiet place to park for our morning of fun. When we stopped, I leaned over and kissed him deeply, pulling his face into mine with my hands in his hair. He moaned passionately and said, “let’s go baby doll”.

We got out and he opened the tailgate of his truck. I noticed he had put in an extra soft pad and the same warm sleeping bags we had the first time. He lifted me up on the tailgate and stood between my legs, kissing me and reaching in under my shirt. We both wanted each other so much! I had wore a light pink shirt with eyelets up the front, just so he would have to undo them one at a time to take my shirt off me. He enjoyed every eyelet as it came open, revealing my sheer bra underneath. It hooked in front, and he undid the clasp, setting my mounds free, tossing my shirt and bra into the truck. In seconds he had one nipple in his mouth and the other between his thumb and finger and I was moaning in anticipation of what was about to happen…..I pushed my hips into him and felt his hard cock against me.

We sat together to take off our shoes and socks and climbed in; I pulled his shirt off him and he took off his jeans while I pulled my sweats off, then we crawled into the double-zipped sleeping bag and wrapped our naked warm bodies together. It was kind of cold out that day, so we snuggled, kissed and talked while our bodies warmed the sleeping bag. Lying together felt so natural that we were both very comfortable and relaxed, having been together just 10 days earlier. It became hot very quickly as our naked bodies rubbed together, his hands moving over my skin, finding my wet pussy as I wrapped my legs around his. He pulled back the covers and kissed me softly on the lips, then whispered in my ear that I was so hot, blowing his hot breath out as he kissed my ears and neck, moving further down my body to my hard nipples, where he spent considerable time kissing and nibbling, rubbing them tenderly.

My etimesgut escort hips began to thrust up; my pussy wanted to feel his touch. He noticed my gyrations and smiled at me as he slid his body down, just pausing to kiss my belly button softly, before moving down between my legs. He moved me back and positioned himself in front of my dripping wet pussy and gazed for a few moments as my lips parted in anticipation of his mouth kissing them. He touched the wetness and smoothed it over my pink lips and clit, then put his head down and licked me from ass to clit. I arched my back at the feel of his warm mouth on me and moaned softly, then relaxing into his touch, my hips began a rhythm in time with his strokes. His fingers found their way into my hot wet hole and worked in and out as his tongue flicked my jewelry and clit, sucking, licking, and nibbling me to ecstasy for the first time that morning. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and was amazed at the feeling of wetness that flowed over them as I came…..and he put them in his mouth and sucked in my juices. I laid back, spread out, relaxed and smiling up at him as I watched him taste what he had done to me.

He rose to his knees and moved his beautiful rock hard cock up to my very wet hot pussy….rubbing the head on my clit, taking my wetness onto himself. I ached to feel his cock deep inside me and pressed against him — the head of his cock slid in just an inch and he held it there, looking down at me with a look of open lust towards me, as he slid his cock further and further in, to the base of his hard shaft. Intense pleasure filled me as he slowly fucked me — feeling every stroke and every inch of him enter and fill the space inside me. We both were lost in the enjoyment of each other’s bodies for I don’t know how long. Time didn’t matter in that place….only how we felt mattered. Some time later, he asked me to turn over so he could enter me doggy and I willingly obliged. He pulled out of me and I got on my hands and knees in front of him and waited to feel the presence of his hard dick sliding inside of me….but instead he bent down and licked my pussy, finger fucking me again…playing with my ass a little this time, bringing me to another orgasm on my knees in front of him before entering me again with his wonderful cock.

“Oh baby, please fuck me hard” I told him after cumming all over his hand again. He said, “are you sure?” and I moaned, “yessssss please!” as he put the head of his cock at my hole and i pushed back against him, taking him deep inside me. “fuck me fuck me fuck me” I kept saying over and over as he pounded his cock deep inside my etimesgut escort bayan pussy, sending me into wave after wave of orgasm with him thrusting to the back wall of my pussy. I’ve never felt such joy and ecstasy rolled into passionate sex before. “Ok baby, I want you on top of me”, he said as he pulled out of my wet pussy and I relaxed once again.

He laid on his back, his cock standing up like a tower of pleasure, and I climbed on top of him, riding him slowly and playfully at first, sending his cock deep, so deep it was almost painful, but still full of pleasure. Then I remembered I wanted to show him something and told him to watch my chest. I straightened up and flexed my chest muscles for him, which made my tits rise about an inch and at the same time put the squeeze on his cock. His eyes got huge and he asked to see and feel that again — saying it was amazing! So I flexed my tits for him again and we both laughed, just enjoying every minute of this naked fun together. I looked at him as I got on the balls of my feet, my hands on his chest, and moved down on just the head of his cock. His head rolled back and he moaned in such delight, I was sure he was going to cum right then. But, he just laid back and enjoyed the sensation of my pussy moving over just the head of his cock – up and down, then suddenly thrusting all the way down and deep into myself. I could tell it was intense for him by the expression on his face and the sounds he was making with each small thrust on the head of his cock. This went on for several minutes until my thighs were burning and I had to straddle him again and rest a minute. I asked him how that felt and he said it was the best feeling he had ever had, even though he had been fucked that way before. I smiled and agreed that I had never had such an amazing time as this before either.

Once my legs were rested, I got back to that position and started working his cock again. He was in heaven from his expression and delighted moans, saying “Oh My God!” several times in a row, as I continued to take advantage of his hard cock and sensitive head. It looked like he really wanted to cum but was holding back with all his power. I said, “Baby would you like to turn me over and cum on me?”. He nearly shouted “Fuck yes” and rolled me over on my back, his cock still inside me. After about 10 strokes in my pussy, he asked me where I’d like him to cum. I told him to aim for my mouth and shoot it all over my chest and stomach. In perfect timing, he pulled his swollen cock out of my red hot pussy and shot his load straight for my mouth, some cum landing on my tongue, tits, belly and everywhere in between escort etimesgut with each jerk of his orgasm. He came a huge load on me and I loved the taste of it. When he was done, he sat back in front of me and surveyed my cum strewn body, laughing out loud at the mess he had made on me. I took my hand and smeared his cum all over my tits and stomach, making a nice sticky lotion over my skin. He got a towel and baby wipes as we cleaned most of the cream off.

I pulled him down to kiss me, and he laid on top of me, our bodies still sweating from the intense love- making we had experienced. As the cool air chilled our wet skin, we pulled the sleeping bags back over us and laid together, basking in the pleasure we had given each other, talking about how amazing it was to have found each other. We talked and touched for awhile and then he said he wasn’t through with me yet. He knew I still had at least one more intense orgasm in me and his fingers found his way to my pussy — still very wet and aroused. He put in one finger, then two, then three and began to finger fuck me hard and fast. It was amazing, but I was ready to cum again in a matter of minutes with just his fingers working in and out, hitting my sensitive G-spot with each pass. As I felt my orgasm wash over me, I heard him say, “Wow, that’s amazing” and I asked what was amazing? He showed me his hand, drenched in fluid and he said that as I came, he felt a rush of cum flow over his hand. I had seen girls “squirt” before and I don’t think it was exactly like that, but whatever it was, he loved it and so did I.

We were almost out of time, but I wanted to see him cum one more time and asked him what he would like to do. He enjoyed jerking off for me the first time we were together and I loved watching him, so I laid back and he started stroking his cock, the back of his hand rubbing my slit at he jerked. He asked me to touch my nipples, which I gladly did, tugging and rubbing them as he watched. After a little while, he was cumming on me again, this time not nearly so much to deliver onto my body, but just as intense as before. I took my finger and swept it up and into my mouth as it landed, loving the taste of his orgasm in my mouth. We laid down together a few more minutes, just enjoying the amazing intense time we had shared, before having to get dressed and head back to my car. We both downed bottles of water — thirsty for some reason! It took a while to find my thong again—hmmmm did he have a master plan to hide them away in his truck I wondered. He laughed and we did find them and he slipped them on me, then laid on me and kissed me a few more times before we had to get dressed completely.

I helped him roll up the sleeping bags and straighten up the truck, with lots of kisses and tender touches as we worked together. It had been another wonderful day together! Time to plan our next rendezvous…hopefully on a warmer day when we could include the great outdoors in a bit of fun…… Til next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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