Mike Elliot’s Sex Adventures_White Bikini

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Mike Elliot’s Sex Adventures_White Bikini
It was the middle of July in 2002, and it was hot and sunny. I was at the local public pool helping some friends supervise their k**s. I spent much of my time in the water. Half an hour after I arrived, I saw this gal in a white string bikini come sauntering out of the changing room with her friend.

The girl in the white bikini strolled around the deck like she owned it. She was slightly taller than average and fit. Her abs were tight and toned. Her tits were the size of plums, round and perky. Her skin was smooth and naturally tan. She had long straight dark blonde hair. She wore a pair of big gaudy sunglasses over her eyes.

I noticed her and her friend sit on lounge chairs near mine and turned my attention back to the k**s. At the time, my friend Alice and I were in the pool playing with her nieces, teaching them to swim, tossing them across the pool, that sort of stuff. At some point later, the blonde in the white bikini joined our game, interacting with the k**s as well as with Alice and I.

She and her friend participated in a race between two of the k**s and me. During the race, she ran into me. I apologized and went about my business. I noticed that she had bright blue eyes.

Shortly after the race, I tagged out with Tom, the k**s’ father. I sat down in my lounger and dried off. As I sat there I realized that I needed to use the toilet. I finished drying off before heading to the men’s changing room.

The changing room consisted of lockers on the left and bathrooms on the right. The far wall held several sinks. Three stalls stood across from the sinks. Further down to the right were several shower stalls. I went into the last stall as it was the largest and closed the door.

I finished urinating and turned around to find the girl in the white bikini standing kaçak iddaa in the doorway of the stall. I opened my mouth to speak, but she put her fingers on my lips to silence me. She pushed me back in the stall and locked the door.

She turned to face me. She ran her hands down my tone muscular torso to my swim trunk. She hooked her thumbs in my waistband and pulled them down. As she removed my swimsuit, she crouched down in front of my dick. She glanced up at me as it to say that’s it. I motioned her to keep going. She shrugged her shoulders and put my dick in her mouth.

It didn’t take long for my cock to fill her mouth and then some. At first she fit the whole thing in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. My dick responded, growing longer and fatter quickly. As it grew, she moved her mouth over it sucking it like a popsicle. About a minute later, she could barely fit her mouth around it.

While she went down on me, I untied the back of her bikini top. Once I was fully erect she stood up to face me. I untied the stings on her bottoms with one hand while fondling her small firm tits with the other. She continued to massage my cock. I trailed my hand down her tight abs to her shaved pussy, parting her lips with my fingers. I kneaded her clit causing her body to quake. She moved against me moaned against my neak.

I slid my finger down between her lips to her vagina. She was already really wet. The tip of my middle finger slipped into her easily, but encountered resistance at the first knuckle. She inhaled sharply as my finger entered her. I exerted more pressure, shoving my finger all the way in her cunt.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned against my neck and bit down on my shoulder.

I moved my finger in and out, slowly at first, stopping every couple to wiggle it back and forth. She squirmed against kaçak bahis me, breathing rapidly. I added my index finger to my middle finger and increased the speed and force of my thrusts.

“Oh God, oh God, oh fuck me,” she moaned bouncing herself against my thrusts.

I pulled my fingers out and rubbed her pussy juice on my cock. I lifted her right leg with my left arm, guiding my cock to her cunt with my right. She stood up on her toes and lifted herself with her hands around my neck. The head of my seven inch girth barely slipped insider her. She squealed in pain and pleasure as my dick stretched her twat.

I shifted my hold on her, gripping her ass cheeks with both of my hands and lifting her up. She hopped up, wrapping her legs around me. Pushing her back against the stall door, I shoved my cock deeper into her. She groaned and forced herself down on to me. I moved myself in and out of her, gradually picking up the pace.

“Oh God, oh fuck, oh yeah, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” she moaned into my shoulder.

She bounced on my dick in time with my thrusts. Her pussy filled with fluid. I felt my euphoria rising as she tense and quivered.

“Oh shit, fuck me harder,” she growled.

I slammed my cock into her. Her arms tightened around my neck as she started cum.

When she finished, I set her down on her feet and turned her around. I bent her over as far as I could and drove my cock back into her dripping cunt. I held her by the hips and jackhammered into her. I felt myself rising to the peak. I reached around her and fondled her clit with my first two fingers.

“Fuck fuck fuck, fuck me,” she moaned gleefully slamming her ass into me.

When my fingers were good and lubed up, I used them to massage her anus. As soon as my fingers touched her ass hole, she jerked forward slightly, she tensed up, and güvenilir bahis a shiver of pleasure ran through her body. I kept rubbing on her anus until s he started cumming.

“Oh God, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again,” she moaned.

I pushed my middle finger into her ass. She jerked forward again, with a squeal of pain and pleasure. I finger banged her ass while pounding away at her pussy. I was getting close to cumming myself. I added my index finger to her asshole. This time she welcomed it like and old friend. She slammed her ass back into me in time with my thrusts.

“Oh God, Oh yeah, oh fuck, oh cum cum cum,” she wailed as her whole body spasmed and a rush of juices seeped from her cunt. I pounded her pussy and asshole while she came.

When she finished, I was nearly there. I pulled my dick out of her and turned her around. She immediately dropped down, putting the head of my cock in her mouth. She sucked on the head while massaging the shaft. The euphoria reached the peak and she kept it there till it hurt. When I thought I could endure no longer, the rush of blissful release. She milked my cock as I shot load after load of cum in her mouth. She swallowed after each injection. Finally as I finished, she shot to her feet, grabbed my head and kissed me. She shoved her tongue in my mouth still covered in my own cum. I kissed her back, exchanging cum and spit mixed together. At the end, we both swallowed.

We both moved to either side, and with haste, dressed. I let her leave first, watching her meet up with her friend, who was standing ten feet from the men’s changing room. I stepped out as they rushed into the girls changing room. I glanced around. No one was looking at me, or otherwise paying attention to me. I walked over and got comfortable in my lounger.

“Everything come out okay?” Alice said from beside me.

“And then some,” I replied with a smirk.

“Well next time, maybe I could join you two,” she countered without taking her eyes off the pool.

I looked out in to the distance, staring at you and thought, “Maybe she will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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