My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 3

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My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 3

the third part of the story. This story is a continuation of the series. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her divine body was all that I could think of in my mind. She said she would call again. But it had been over a week since our last meeting that day and she hasn’t called yet.

As I was tired of waiting, I decided that I would go to her house this weekend and surprise her. It was on Saturday. I knew that my uncle would be at work, and her son had school for half a day. “If I get there in the morning, I can savor her for several hours,” I thought to myself.

I got to her house at about 9 o’clock when I was sure no one else would be home. Gomathi’s house was on the first floor. It was a small house with a single bedroom. But I was sure that I would fuck her in every single corner of the house that day.

I went and rang the doorbell. I had an instant hard-on when I was greeted by her with just a thin towel around her. She had just come out of the bath. Her hair was still a bit wet, and my senses were being attacked by her sweet smell. The towel she was wearing was really short, it barely covered her round, bubbly ass.

Since the towel was wet, it has become a little transparent. I could clearly see her nipple outline. I was surprised that she would open the door with that attire. I asked her if she knew that I would be coming, and she replied with a simple no.

“What if it was some other man at the door auntie? How can you open the door in that attire?” I asked. “I was actually waiting for a certain someone,” she said with a straight face. I was shocked. I thought I was the only one who she cared for other than her husband.

But I should have guessed that no woman gets this good at pleasing men just from having sex with her husband. “Prabhu, do you want to watch?” she asked. I nodded yes. “Then do as I say. Go and hide in the bathroom and try not to get caught.” I was confused but did as I was told nevertheless.

I went inside the bathroom, positioned the door such that it was almost closed. But left enough güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri space for me to peek out. I was sitting down on the floor and could see almost the entire living room. I was sitting there for about 10 minutes. My aunt was just sitting there on the sofa, without bothering to wear any clothes.

When the bell finally rang, she got up with a smile and went to open the door. I could hear a man speaking with her. She soon brought him in and made him sit on the sofa. It was the TV cable operator! She brought him water and went to get the cable card for him to write the date and payment info.

As soon as she went into the other room to look for the card, his hands were rubbing against his crotch. I finally knew what my aunt was planning. She was planning on letting the cable guy fuck her. But she didn’t expect me to show up. So, she made me sit in the bathroom to watch her.

But what I didn’t understand is that why was she seducing him? It wasn’t like he was Hrithik Roshan or anything. He was pretty short, not so fair, and had a round belly. In fact, you could say he was the opposite of Hrithik Roshan. As I was thinking this, my aunt finally showed up with the cable card in her hand.

She gave the card and the money for that month’s cable to him and started complaining to him that some channels were not coming. But she said those words in such a c***dish voice, probably to seduce him. I don’t know about that man, but it was clearly working on me.

As the cable man started to surf the channels on the TV with the remote. She went and sat beside him, and looked at me straight in the eye and gave a sly grin. She then continued to complain to him about not getting enough channels, and while talking, her hand crept up on his thigh.

It would be clear to anyone that she was making a move on him. But I guess he was too scared to act. That guy didn’t make a move at all till the end. He said that he would add the channels she had asked for and was about to take his leave.

Just when I thought nothing was about to happen, canlı casino siteleri my aunt stood up, and let her towel slip. The man’s eyes became fixed on my aunt’s breasts. She didn’t even try to cover herself. Instead, she pushed him onto the sofa and asked, “Do you want it, or not?” The man just nodded yes.

She went ahead and sat on him, and started kissing him. She was in full control. It looked almost like she was devouring him. Her kissing was so hard. She was literally pushing herself onto him. I couldn’t take it anymore. I took out my dick as I started jerking off so hard.

If it weren’t for the loud TV in the background, I’m sure they could have heard the sound of me beating my meat to them. She continued this for about 15 minutes. Then, finally, she broke her kiss and started to unbutton his shirt. Then, she removed his belt too. In a minute, the guy was completely naked.

She turned and laid herself on the coffee table, and faced me. Then, she spread her legs as if to invite him. He put his dick in his pussy and started fucking her doggy style on the coffee table. I was jerking off so hard that my cum erupted so high, and fell all over my shirt and my hair.

But I couldn’t care less about that. All I cared about now is how that guy and my aunt were fucking like dogs in heat. Even though I had just came, I was still hard from my aunt being pounded. She was enjoying it too, so much so that she asked him to start slapping her ass.

Every time he slapped her ass, the way she would scream “Aaaaaaaah” in pain would make him fuck her even harder. The next slap would be even harder. After a while, he suddenly pushed his dick deep inside and came deep inside her. He slowly pulled out and started dressing up.

“How was it?” my aunt asked him. He was so flushed that thanks were the only word that came out of his mouth. Without saying another word, he went out and closed the door behind him as he went on. Finally, my aunt came and opened the bathroom door.

She saw me sitting with my own cum all over me and giggled. She grabbed me by my dick canlı poker oyna and made me follow her to the very sofa where she was being fucked. She lay down on the coffee table, this time face up, and spread open her legs and asked me to lick her.

Like an obedient puppy, I sat down and buried my face into her pussy. My tongue went as deep inside her as it could, and licked up all of the cum that the man had left behind. The taste was so strong, but I kept on going. She started moaning slowly as I increased the pace of licking.

I started rubbing her clit with my one hand and continued to rub my dick with the other hand. I kept on licking and licking and licking her sweet, juicy pussy for around half an hour. Then, she said it was enough, and that she had to go and take a bath again.

I put my dick back into my pants and watched her go into the bathroom. Just before locking the door, she looked at me and said, “You look like you need a wash yourself. Want to join?” Words could not begin to describe how happy I was with that invitation.

I stripped myself naked and jumped into the shower with her. While bathing, I asked what this was all about, and why she was fucking the cable guy. “I mean, with your face and your figure, you can have any man you want, aunt. So why that guy of all people?”
“Because I thought it would be fun and entertaining. I had seen him ogle at my body several times. So today, I thought I might give him a little present. But I never thought I would do it in front of you. Now, do you plan on wasting this shower with your aunt by asking boring questions the entire time, or do you want to have fun?” she said laughing.

You can guess my response. I pushed her onto the wall and pushed my dick inside her pussy. Since I already came, I lasted a lot longer inside her. When I was about to cum, I asked her if I can cum inside her just like the cable guy.
“Sure, I am on birth control pills, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Before she could finish that sentence, I had already planted my cum deep inside her pussy. After that, we both became exhausted. We cleaned ourselves up, and I went home after that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this just as much as the previous part. If you guys like, I might start writing other stories apart for this aunt Gomathi series. If you want me to do so, or have any ideas, suggestions, feedback or criticism

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