My Cheating wife doesn’t know!!! Part 3

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My Cheating wife doesn’t know!!! Part 3
The next week week went by quite like nothing had happened but why would it? Marie still doesn’t know I know what she is up to and how can I say anything to her!! Let’s be honest I’m battling my own emotions here, am I inadequate for her and this is heading for a dreadful ending or in reality does Marie just love cock? That kind of thing so I wasn’t about to just admit to my wife that I knew and had been getting off on it. I’m thinking that if I drop that bombshell the probability of this situation going south was quite high.

I had either been clever enough or deviant depending on which way you look at it but I made some copies of the pics she had been sent. Partly I wanted to see if I could find out who they really are and the other reason I shouldn’t have to explain!!! The general feeing after a few days I was finding it hornier and hornier. That was it though I was on a mission to find out who they were and if there was as any way of us bumping into them, see what happens I thought.

Watching the emails over the next few weeks things are heating up and Ben really seems to be turning Marie into quite the little cock worshipping slut I always wished she was. We had a great sex life and spent a lot of time having fun but she was never like this. She had admitted to him that when she got home she couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed having me licking and sucking her soaking pussy and then tasting all their cum on my cock after!! To be fair I couldn’t stop thinking about this either.

The thing that surprised me the most was that she wanted to meet them both again but only if they went out dancing and if she got to see the boys play together. This was certainly not the Marie I knew so now I’m thinking that she had changed so much and I have been secretly getting off on the downfall of my marriage! Like I say it’s not easy. However to hear her say that was a shock. It didn’t seem to take Ben long to reply and they were game and said this Saturday they will go dancing and see what happens.

Saturday arrives Marie has said canlı bahis siteleri she was off out a few days ago so I had made plans too so we really in the day and have some fun with each other but it’s obvious we both have something on our minds. I’m trying to pluck up the courage of just strolling into the club they are going to and just acting casual as hell and just confess up to her and say I’m ok with it all. The other plan I had was hanging out with a few friends then going home in the hope that that I can act like a cuckhold hubby in secret and have sloppy seconds.

It gets to 11pm and a few friends are leaving to go home and I walk a friend home and then head to my house to wait. Now my friends and I are very relaxed so we’ve had a few drinks couple of spliffs so I’m feeling pretty horny right now. As I’m walking down the street I realise that she might already be home and in bed. I had said we might be going out all night clubbing to celebrate a friends promotion but this also meant he was being super sensible and not going to have a big night. I notice a few lights on as I get to the door but think nothing of it But as I got in I heard something move upstairs. A few burglaries have happened recently so I decide to go full on Denzel Washington style walking up the stairs cool calm and quiet but really in the inside I’m freaking. I get about half way up and I can hear giggling and make out Marie saying oh my god in a sexy way!!

This is is it I thought I couldn’t even plan this if I tried and I stood there in total shock. Scared, excited and pretty fucking turned on that I’m about to walk into Marie being fucked by two guys! Now I hate to say but the reality want what I was expecting as I thought I would walk in explain the situation sit down and enjoy the show. However I kind of stumbled in, Marie screamed and the guys freaked out. Wtf this isn’t how it’s supposed to be!!! Anyway the next hour Marie and I sat down in the kitchen and we both had some explaining to do. When we got into the part about me effectively cleaning her creampie tipobet a couple of times supposedly not knowing she felt bad but also turned on I think she saw me smile. We chatted a bit more and confessed our love for each other we realised we were both just kinky sids who never told each other. Marie suggested we also meet women who I should have fun with too so we saved that for a later discussion.

i think by now the guys wanted to go but I told Marie to explain to them the situation and convince them to stay. After a few glasses of wine getting to know each other and get over the shock I decided it was time. I leaned over to Marie and asked why aren’t you flirting with them? She looked a bit shocked that I had said this but then in the same moment grabbed bottle of wine and her glass and smuggest We all go to the living room to get more comfortable. It’s very late at this time but the curtains are closed the light is perfect so we all sit down. I took the opportunity to make sure I had the arm chair while Marie, Ben and Pete are all on the large l shape shots. Marie is sitting between them and. has her leg crossed over his slightly with her hand resting in his thigh. She was wearing a classy but slutty jerk with an ankle strap, gorgeous black silky stockings and a very tight fitting shirt dress and the way she was sitting you could see the tops of her stockings. Pete had his arm over the back of the sofa turned towards Marie with a hand on her waist.

At this point I realise my wife is sat between two guys waiting to worship their cocks and let the fuck her till she can’t anymore. Marie suddenly gets up and walks over to me, lols me eyes and says I love you so much. She then kisses me and starts rubbing my blatantly hard cock through my trousers. I literally can’t believe it and she whispers in my ear and says the best part will be fucking you after! Now I can’t complain about that and she swiftly turns around walks back to the sofa sits down and says right boys are you going to fuck me in front of my husband or not???

Ben turns to her and they tipobet güvenilir mi start kissing a bit awkwardly to start with but it dint take long for them to get into the swing of thing so. Marie is an amazing kisser and you just melt in her mouth with her soft lips and suggestive tongue and I can see Ben is enjoying it and starting to slowly rub her leg. Pete has pulled away her hair from her neck and wa suggestively kissing her neck and it didn’t take her long to turn around and kiss him in the same way.

We keep making eye contact and I’ve already started rubbing my hand over my jeans holding my dock in excitement so she knows I’m good. By this time the guys are naked and Marie is sat between them looking straight at me while taking each of their cocks in her hand and slowly rubbing them. I’m fair sized never had any complaints but sat in front of these guys I felt small, they had these perfectly toned bodies and fully smooth and they were hung. I couldn’t believe how they both managed to fit in her pussy together but I thought hopefully I will see later.

Marie seemed not to want to hang around and really getting into it, she looks at me and said which one do you want to see fuck me first while I suck the other? Wow I have never hear her speak like this before but she seemed quite assertive and it turned me on. I voted Pete to fuck first and suck Ben, selfishness reasons really as Ben had the type of cock you would wish for and I wanted to see her suck it. Pete eases into her as she is so wet you can hear him sliding his hard cock slowly deeper and deeper. With Ben stood in of her at the end of the sofa she takes his huge coco and starts rubbing it all over her face. This was so hot I almost forgot about Pete!! She started kissing Bens cock all over seductively running her tongue over the tip of his cock and around the head like it tasted delicious.Ben is obviously getting into his role a lot as he says to her that he wants Marie to be his naughty little cum slut and to want to be used by him and Pete!! Wow is this really happening and I enjoying this?? It was intense. Again to my surprise she stops kissing his cock looks up to him and says if he wants that then now is the time to maker her his cum slut and he and Pete to fill her full of cum!!!

How I didn’t cum there and then I don’t know……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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