My Masturbation Obsession Ch. 08

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MMO Ch 8 — Hot Vanilla

“Hey, that part came in for the drill I ordered a few weeks ago. You want to come with me to pick it up and get the lumber from Big Box Home Improvement store?” I ask Gina one Saturday morning.

“Um, I don’t know. What’s in it for me?” she asks.

“Well, you DID want to go into the nursery area and check out the plants, right? My treat if you find anything you like.”

“Oooh, bribery, I like it!” she giggles. “Let me get dressed and we can go.”

“But I like you better Undressed!” I retort.

“OMG, one track mind!” she rolls her eyes, but I know she loves the compliments and attention. Her slight smile as she rolls her eyes gives her away.

She comes out wearing tight little shorts that show off her curvy ass, long legs, solid, tanned thighs, and a tank top that does the same for her ample breasts.

“Damn, Gina! You are one fine looking woman!”

“Oh shush. It’s hot out. And I don’t want to sweat.”

“Women don’t sweat, they ‘glisten’!” I tell her.

We go shopping, I to the hardware area and lumber yard part, and Gina over to the outdoor/plant nursery. We meet up after about an hour and check out. She had piled up quite a few plants and soil and some organic stuff on her cart, and mine was full of 8′ lumber pieces and some weird drill attachment that supposedly made it easier to toe in screws at corners. I readily admit I am not the best at power tools, but I get by enough where I don’t have to hire out for everything.

We start loading the truck up, and we realize that we may have to make two trips. Ugh! After about another hour of loading up different ways, we finally get everything in, but I have to hold the lumber through the rear window into the bed so it won’t move around. Gina has to drive while I hold it in place.

We both got a little sweaty loading and unloading, and surprisingly, not one argument while we tried things that didn’t work. Normally, these are the times we annoy each other. Not today. Today turned out to be a good day.

I notice the sweaty gleam on her skin and tell her “Damn, I love how sexy you look when you have that sheen and rosy cheeks.”


“When canlı bahis you get all sweaty like you are now. Reminds me of seeing your glow after sex.”

“Excuse me. I ‘glisten’ You ‘sweat’ ” she laughs.

“Manly!” I pronounce proudly.

Again, the roll of the eyes. But I was serious. She looked good, and I was getting horny. We start driving, and I have holding onto the lumber.

“I like it when you drive and I get to hold my wood.” I joke.

“You dork. I like it too, but it’s too hot for those games. I want ice cream!”

“Never too hot, and yes, that sounds awesome.”

I stare at her legs and thighs, and how she fills out that top and I start stirring down there.

I reach over and rub her thigh, “If it’s too hot, you can always take off some clothes. “

“Me? I’m driving YOU can take off yours!” she laughs.

“If you insist, I will.”

“Oh I know.”

“So, do you insist?” I ask.

Gina stays silent. No joke retort back, no “God no!”, just nothing. She is just staring straight ahead.

I reach with one hand, and pull off my t-shirt.

“Ah better!” I say.

She looks over at my bare chest, and then looks down at my shorts.

“Hmh” is all the sound she makes as she turns away and looks forward again.

I take that as a sign to remove my shorts, too, because, well, that’s what I wanted to do anyways!

I drop my shorts to my ankles and my cock, already half way stiff begins to rise to full erection. I immediately drop my right hand to it and begin to stroke it to speed up the process.

“Really? You are going to?” she says.

I reach over and cup and squeeze her right breast. “You just look so fine, honey. I can’t help it.”

“Fine, but if you get to do what you want, I’m getting ice cream” she says, and she pulls into the local drive thru ice cream place, and we pull up behind a car. There is quite the line, and we have windows down in the heat due to the lumber sticking through the cab.

“Long line,” she comments. “You sure about the heat? Maybe some other day?”

I am stroking now, and I am getting bit excited about stroking out here bahis siteleri in this line.

“Um, yeah. Maybe we should…” as I am debating, another two cars pull up behind is, blocking us in line.

“…see if I can finish before we get to the window?”

Gina looks around. There are at least 6 cars ahead of us in line, and we are in a truck, higher than everyone else. Plus all the plants in the truck. Not super dangerous, but still a bit exposed. A car pulls away from the line.

“Do it! If you don’t finish in time, you’re going to have some hot vanilla topping.”

“Hot van…Oh!” I realize what she said. “You mean I’ll have to …”

“Yep, better finish before the window!”

I waste no time, and start to stroke harder and faster. I look around checking out who might inspire me or who might be able to see/guess what I am doing for additional motivation. A car leaves, and we move up. 4 cars to go.

I reach under the lumber with my left hand, and grab a handful of Gina’s right boob again, and give it a squeeze. Damn it feels good in that tight tank top. I try to think of her boobs, of me sliding my cock between those breasts, looking down at her, pushing forward so my cock is just at her mouth as she watch…

“No cheating!” Gina slaps my hand away. “This is your bet to lose.”

Dang it. My brain is pulled away from that fantasy and I start trying to think of another. A car pulls away, 3 to go.

We are now at the speaker. “Yes, I’ll have a vanilla cone, dipped in chocolate. Oh, it’s pretty hot out, can you put that in a cup for me? Yes, that’s fine. I’ll need a spoon then , too. Right. And then he’ll have a hot fudge sundae. No, just regular size. What? You want nuts, honey?” she asks me

“What?” I am trying to stroke here!

“So, honey do you fancy some nuts?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” FOCUS!!!!

“OK, yes, he said he likes the nuts. Oh, and could you put the hot fudge in a cup on the side? He’s not sure how much he wants of the fudge. Yeah, sure. Perfect! Thanks!”

I hear the “he likes the nuts” comment and it distracts me from my task. Dammit! I try to use that, think about fucking Gina from bahis şirketleri behind, her ass shaking with each thrust, and my nuts bouncing forward to hit her clit when I go all the way in. That helps a bit. Another car pulls away. 2 to go.

As we pull forward, I notice the counter lady pop her head out the window and peek down the line. She’s older and plump, someone’s mom, more like the park lady, I think! That helps, too I start thinking about the park and her watching me, and I am starting to get some traction and movement down below. Another car pulls away, 1 to go.

“Better hurry up” Gina says. I can tell the uneasiness in her voice now.

I speed up, and am rocketing and pistoning my cock so hard and fast, my vision is getting blurry form the motion. I am close, so close, just a few more pulls, I think. I look at the window, see the lady hand out the cone to the car in front of us. I close my eyes, picture the scene, and I think of cumming for the lady, and I feel the truck move forward. I am close but not there!!!!

I open my eyes, and I slow down as we pull to the window. I’m too aroused to quit, and I am just a few strokes away, I can’t stop now.

“$7.25!” I hear. “Ok, out of $10!” I hear quarters clink, and I look over at the lady. She hasn’t seen me, the wood/lumber is kind of blocking a bit of her vision, but if she looked down, there would be no not noticing. So close, I can feel it right there. Just a few more strokes.

“And the hot fudge on the side….”

Gina says, yeah, “He won’t need that, he prefers hot vanilla”.

I look at Gina and her smile and then I look at the ice cream lady right in the eye as the orgasm begins to hit me. She looks at my face, and then looks down as my first shot of cum erupts from my cock. I look down at my creation as it jumps out of my rod onto my belly.

I then look back, and the lady is watching my white cream eject over and over.

“Can we get another spoon? ” Gina asks. “For the Hot vanilla”

She moves her eyes from my still leaking cock, and looks at Gina.

“Hot Vanilla, right.” And hands her a spoon.

“Thank you!” Gina says.

“Uh, thank you, please come agai… uh,”she starts to say, by rote, and she and Gina burst out laughing before Gina pulls away from the window, and hands me the spoon.

“A bet’s a bet.”

SIGH. Yes, A bet’s a bet.

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