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I would say that my wife and I are a normal conservative Pakistani couple. We lead fairly boring lives and don’t get out very much. It was a surprise when my wife, Mona suggested we go to the Indian Food Festival. It would be a nice change she said. So we decided to go. Mona dressed up and even took her own dishes. She is very domesticated and very good at cooking and looking after the home. Mona is also gorgeous but very reserved with most people. I have always felt that this was my fault as Mona had not had the exposure to a proper social life. Mona missed Pakistan and spent a lot of her time chatting with family back home.

The Indian Food Festival was great, it was a true family event, very multi-cultural and vibrant. There we met a really nice Indian couple, Raj and Nina. They were here from Kolkata, and had cooked many of the dishes on display. Mona was trying the Ras Malai, when Nina walked over, ‘Hi, my name is Nina. I love your dress’. Mona was wearing her Eid suit which was a navy blue shalwar kameez. ‘Thank you. My name is Mona’. Nina’s husband also walked up, ‘Hi I’m Raj, Nina’s husband’. I joined in the conversation and before you know it, we were all chatting like old friends. Mona loved Nina’s cooking, and Raj also was a chef. Even though we did not know many people from India, but Raj and Nina were so friendly and we all had a great evening. Raj told us that they were in the UK for two weeks, we invited them to our home but they said it might be difficult. We exchanged numbers, and bid farewell. I was back at work next day and received a message from Nina about how much they enjoyed the evening and wanted to visit us next weekend. ‘We loved meeting you and Mona, Wow she is lovely’. That was Nina’s message on Monday. Mona told me she received thank you messages from Nina too. It was nice to hear from them. Mona went on and on about their cooking and said I should be more like Raj, who loves cooking and helps his wife in everything she does. That night Nina messaged Mona, ‘Darling you are so beautiful, I would love to cook something as sweet as your lips’. Mona showed me the message, I smiled. ‘They are from abroad, she is just being friendly’. Mona thought about her comment secretly, she started imagining that Ras Malai across her lips that Nina had made. The food had turned her on along with the hospitality of Nina. Mona looked forward to seeing them again because they were so warm and friendly towards her. Mona messaged Nina a lot that week, and asked if she could teach her how to make sweet matai when they came. Nina said that it was Raj’s speciality and he would be happy to.

Later in the week, as I was coming home, Nina messaged me, ‘How liberal are you? Are you possessive about Mona’? I found it a strange thing to ask, bahis siteleri ofcourse I was possessive she was my wife. Mona had come from Pakistan, and we had been married for ten years. She had complete trust in me and I was always there for her. I replied that I loved Mona very much. We began messaging each other;

‘Your wife is amazing’.

‘Thanks Nina. So are you and Raj. You coming this weekend’?

‘Yes we are. We have to teach Mona some cooking, you know. Lol’

‘Thanks Nina. Mona is looking forward to it’.

‘No problem. Mona is gorgeous, me and Raj want to see you guys again. We also have a request’.

‘Yes sure. We will feed you don’t worry, or you will feed us’. I joked to them and there was a pause.

Nina then replied, ‘We are hungry for your wife. We both want her so much’.

I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned. ‘What do you mean? Nina’?

Nina replied, ‘Me and Raj have shared many women, we both like girls. Often we hire women because we have craving to share a woman in our bed. The day we met you and Mona, OMG, we couldn’t keep our eyes off her. Especially when she tasted our food, the milk from the Ras Malai across her red lips. We both couldn’t resist her. Me and Raj need your wife in our arms’. I felt so horny suddenly but didn’t know how to reply. ‘Mona won’t agree’. That’s all I said. Nina didn’t reply.

As the weekend approached, I became worried about what would happen. I couldn’t tell Mona about what Raj and Nina were planning for her. But I wanted it to happen, I felt turned on imagining Nina who was older than us and really busty with a dark complexion kissing Mona’s body. Even more than that, the thought of Raj having his hands all over Mona’s body was truly sexy. He was an average looking guy, dark and wore glasses, which made the thought of my pretty wife in his arms, even more scintillating.

Saturday evening came, and Raj and Nina arrived with flowers and chocolates. There were hugs and kisses, even Raj gave Mona a quick hug, then looked up and down her body. Mona was wearing her purple Asian suit, Nina was wearing a low neck red blouse which showed her cleavage very clearly. We talked for a while in the lounge, and I exchanged glances with Nina. Mona got up to get drinks, and I saw Raj glance at Mona as she left. Raj smiled at me. I loved how they were ogling at Mona’s body, both Raj and Nina were treating Mona like she was hire girl, and I loved it. Mona brought the drinks in and bent forward as Raj stared at Mona’s boobs. Mona smiled at Nina and went into the kitchen. Mona began to bring in the dishes as Nina also went into the kitchen with her. Raj talked with me for a few minutes but then whispered, ‘Sir, you will never forget what we do with your wife tonight. She will enjoy every moment’. Raj winked at me. He went into the kitchen after bets10 güvenilir mi Nina, and I stayed. I was listening as they all laughed together. Mona loved their company, and I was getting more and more aroused. Nina came in after a while as Raj began explaining to Mona about making matai. Raj and Mona stayed in the kitchen. Nina came and said to me, ‘Thank you so much for inviting us. After dinner, we want Mona to sit between me and Raj on the sofa, so we can explore her all over. Please watch us together. Then we will take her into your bed’. I shook my head, ‘Mona will never agree’. Nina smiled, ‘We have special herbs with us, Raj is making Mona smell them now, it will arouse her and us. This is traditional Indian Kamasutra love making’. I could hear Raj with Mona in the kitchen, they were giggling a lot. I walked over to the kitchen door, and peered in. Mona seemed abit giddy, as Raj stood behind her, ‘Now put milk in the bowl, baby’. ‘Like this’, Mona poured in the milk and added sugar. Raj’s hands were all over Mona’s shoulders, ‘Oh baby, let’s taste sweetness’. His hands caressed Mona’s back, as she dipped her finger into the bowl. Mona didn’t seem right, maybe it was the herbs but it was so sexy to see. Raj covered Mona from sight as he dipped his fingers into the milk and put them across Mona’s lips. Mona giggled, ‘We will make afterwards’. Raj lightly touched Mona’s bum, ‘Okay jaan’.

Mona brought the dishes in and said to me, ‘I don’t feel well. I will lie down after serving food’. Nina looked at Mona and stroked her hair, ‘Mmm, we will take care of you here on the sofa, okay jaan’. Mona couldn’t eat, her head was spinning. Nina caressed Mona’s foot under the table, taking off her shoe and touching her naked foot with her own. Mona enjoyed this as she felt Nina’s foot slowly go up her leg. Raj watched them both, as Mona and Nina exchanged glances. Nina came and sat next to Mona as I got up. ‘Mona, you are feeling the spices of your hot body’. Nina gave Mona cold water, before putting a strange scent across her nostrils. Mona smelt the aroma and sighed. Raj stood up and went to the sofa as Nina said to Mona to come to the sofa and rest. ‘I am okay, Nina’. ‘No jaan, you need to come here with us’. Nina held Mona like she was about to fall and took her to the sofa. Mona sat between Raj and Nina, Nina stroked Mona’s face, ‘Baby, we love you’. Nina kissed Mona on the lips slowly and sensually, then kissed her again, and again until Mona kissed her back. I was watching my wife kissing another woman. Wow. Mona and Nina kissed passionately, Mona turned her face away as Nina kissed and tongued Mona’s cheek and neck. Mona felt Nina’s hands fondling her boobs, Mona tried to stop but liked it too much as Nina’s hands touched Mona’s breasts. Nina and Mona kissed with tongues in each other’s mouth as Mona touched Nina’s huge breasts. Mona stopped as she felt Raj’s hands all over her back. Raj was an a****l, as he grabbed Mona and took her in his arms. Mona felt his muscles as his hands grabbed her boobs, ‘Oh my jaan, come on baby’. Mona turned to face me as Raj and Nina had her on the sofa, I was already too aroused. Raj’s hand slid down Mona’s shalwar, as he touched her moist pussy. ‘Noooo, No, please’. Raj began fingering Mona as she moaned in his arms, he removed his middle finger from Mona’s wet pussy and Nina licked his fingers. Raj was necking Mona, driving her to ecstasy as he unbuttoned Mona’s kameez and Nina removed it. Mona was almost topless and before she could think, Raj removed her bra. Mona’s lovely breasts were on display, and Nina’s eyes lit up. ‘Mmmmm, juicy woman’. Nina and Mona giggled as Nina lowered her head to lick Mona’s boobs, she caressed Mona’s breasts in her hands and licked Mona’s dark nipples. Mona moaned as Raj pushed Mona forward and started kissing Mona’s back, Nina pulled Mona on top of her and Raj removed Mona’s trouser. Nina licked Mona’s boobs, ‘come on my baby’, Mona moaned as Nina sucked her nipples like a c***d. Nina and Mona kissed on the floor as Nina removed her own bra, and her 40DD boobs were exposed to Mona’s eyes. Mona touched Nina’s boobs, like melons but Nina took Mona’s head and buried it in her breasts. Mona licked Nina’s juicy boobs, licking her nipples, and felt Raj’s tongue all over her bum. Raj licked Mona’s arsehole as Mona sucked his wife’s tits. Nina moaned loudly before bringing Mona’s lips to her own for another kissing session. Raj took Mona back into his arms, to take his claim on tonight’s spoils. Raj had removed his shirt and trousers as his naked body pressed against Mona’s body. ‘Have you ever had a man like me, jaan’? He lay with Mona, kissing her lips and then making his way down to her neck and chest. Mona was going wild as Raj was licking her body, he stretched Mona’s arms wide and ate her boobs. Raj licked my wife’s nipples, before kissing her stomach and legs. Nina stood naked over Mona, and slowly lowered herself over Mona’s face. Her legs open, she sat across Mona’s mouth, her pussy lips kissing Mona’s mouth as Mona felt Raj’s tongue in her own wet pussy. Raj licked Mona’s pussy as Nina rode Mona’s face, Mona held Nina’s legs as she licked her dark throbbing pussy as Raj’s tongue explored Mona’s crotch deep inside. Nina came on Mona’s lips, as Raj began having sex with Mona. He went deep inside Mona and then came out, before going back in. Mona loved every moment of it as she was being banged on our lounge floor. Nina kissed Mona’s lips, as Raj rode Mona on the floor, holding her legs apart and fucking her like an a****l. I loved watching this strange man on top of my wife, she looked helpless but so horny as she orgasmed after screaming in extreme pleasure. Raj was panting as he rolled over next to Mona who looked at our guests through glazed eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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