My Panty Story

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My Panty Story
This is my story

I’m in my early 50’s, have always been open minded, figured if no one gets hurt and it feels good then have a good time, what have you got to loose? I can remember as a young boy that I used to love it when I would catch a glimpse of girls panties, it always got me excited and I would that that it was a good day, then I started to notice panty lines in women and WOW, did I love that, I could tell what kind of panties they had on by the angle of the line, that was very exciting, always an added bonus when you can see the gusset line as well, when I was a teenager it was a good time, girls were wearing baggy shorts and you would glimpse the material of their panties while they were sitting, man things were getting better then, as I started to become sexually active all those desires kinda went to the waste side as I was having somewhat regular sex and became more interested in seeing the pink parts of a female rather than just their clothing.

I turned 18 and off to the navy I went, there went sex for a while, I was stationed in Italy, sucked at first and then quickly became awesome, when summer time hit I discovered the beaches over there are topless!!! so here I am again looking at women in bikini’s and topless, double score, since I couldn’t speak the language it was hard to score some of them babes, but I got lucky once in a while, other wise it was a lot of jacking off to magazines, then one night I missed the ferry to get back to my ship and was left in town until the next morning, so I walked around town all night and started to notice that people would hang their laundry out during the night, and hey now !! I noticed that panties were hanging on the lines, so what did I do, I snaked a few pairs to jack off with, and boy did I ever, so that went on for güvenilir bahis a few years and then I got transferred back to the good ole USA Soil, and back to hitting on women and time for one night stands, after a few years of scoring with different women I was released from active duty and moved home, wow things really stated to kinda change for me then, here I was early to mid 20’s, on my own, my own apartment and now my own life to do with as I please, so what did I do, well Porn of course, lol, I discovered sticking things in my ass and how good that felt, I had managed to get a few pairs of panties while spending time at friends house, I would take a pair of two from the laundry basket when I could, by the time I had to get rid of my collection I had about 15 to 20 pairs, a couple of bra’s and even a nightie, I had to get rid of things as I started to date a women that turned out to be my first wife.

Married now, things started out good for the first couple of years, good, creative, regular sex, sometimes involved lingerie and panties, sometimes it involved watching porn together, sometimes just a quickie, then she started to put on some weight and everything came to a halt, so what was I supposed to do now? Well hello dial-up internet porn and Newsgroups, cool I now had pics to jack off too and and they were some what organized, if I wanted to look at big tits I would go to that section, then I found panty groups and SCORE !!!, lol then I started to see more and more pics of men wearing panties and damn that was hot, big dicks, little dicks, big panties, little panties, what a variety to look at and jack off too, then while searching the web one day discovered MIRC, online chating with file exchange, I could take pics of me wearing my wife’s panties and bra’s and send them perabet to people that wanted to see them and they would send back, oh man this was heaven, then I met a girl online and we just clicked, we chatted a lot, flirted a lot, and finally we agreed to call each other, then we had phone sex, that was kinda fun but not my thing, nor hers, so we just went back to online sort of thing, she live on the other side of the country so we never got to meet up, but we did send a few pics back and forth and told each other I deepest desires, had we ever hooked up it would have been he time of my life, but it all fizzled out, then my wife’s sister started to flirt with me, that was fun times, while we never touched each other we sure did talk a lot and about things I never thought I would talk to her about, then one day we both were in her truck and driving around when she reached down a grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and bam one of her big tits poped right out and damn was it nice, so what did I do, I pulled out my dick as then she pulled down her short and damn I had a raging hard on, sadly nothing ever happened, we did do some more flashing and talked about how nice it would be, then she went and screwed it all up, she wrote about all this is a journal and her mom found it and that was basically then end of the marriage, only 6 years.

After leaving my first wife I thought I would finally start to explore a little bit, I met a guy in MIRC and he was a panty wearer also, we both agreed to meet up and see what happened, we met an outside rural location, we both had on some panties and he was wearing a matching bra as well, we were both very nervous as this was our first time touching a dick other than our own, felt good, it was nice to rub his dick while wearing panties perabet giriş and it felt good to be rubbed as well, we both actually tried sucking each other for a few moments, that was not as bad as I thought it would be, I’d do it again given the chance, then after that we rubbed our cocks together and came on each other panties, and then off we went our separate ways, side note, that has never happened again sadly, kinda wish it would

I scored a new wife again, sex was amazing but got boring very quick, after a few years it became a once a month thing and only in the dark and only missionary, it was then I started to discover what she-males and crossdresser were and how much that turn me on, I would watch that stuff as much as I can, jack off as much as I could, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, damn I love it, well after 12 years that marriage finally ended thank goodness. so here I am in my mid 40’s now and single, high speed internet, lol, so one day I planned to stop at the store and do something I have never done, buy my own panties, what a rush, I figured out what size I was because I stole a few of my ex-wife’s panties and they were a little too tight, so I figured the size and bought some the next size up and what a fit they were, they were a classic hip huger style with a little lace trim, it was a 3 pack, from hanes, not really fancy, but what do you expect from walmart? anyways one color was purple, one green and one purple and green floral, damn I loved those, I would wear them under my street clothes, to sleep in, to play in, they were fun and I loved them, I can remember wearing them on my hand and knees with a toy stuck in my ass as I had them pulled to the side and would rock back and forth while watching shemale porn, damn that was good times.

Well I am married again and all is good except she doesn’t care for the crossdressing thing much so I dont push it, but hey at least I get jacked off with panties sometimes and she will model them for me.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Let me know what you think

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