My Sex Teacher

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My Sex Teacher
As my parents were abroad and not expected for another 15 days, I went to spend the first 15 days of my vacation at my Aunt’s place. I was then 18 years old She is my Mom’s youngest sister She was 30 years then. and was living alone as her husband was not in the country at that time.

After dinner, the first night Aunt told me to have a bath and get to bed while she closed and secured her apartment. Coming from a boarding home, the big tub in Aunt’s bathroom was too tempting for me not to indulge myself so I filled the tub with luke warm water and lay down with my eyes closed.

I started to play with my cock and enjoying a little pumping and pulling the foreskin up and down and watching the red knob playing “Now you see me now you don’t”. Little did I your game. I did not realize you were in but the pressure on my bladder was too much so I entered. But you go ahead while I have a piss. “ With that she started to unzip her jeans.

I was so curious that I unashamedly casino siteleri kept staring at her. “You have never seen a woman pissing” she asked. “No, in fact I have never even seen a woman’s what you call it” I stammered. “If you don’t tell anyone about it you can come close and see me, if you want to” She pulled off her jeans and started to pull down her panties as I approached her trying to hide my hard on.

As I knelt down I saw for the first time a woman’s cunt. It had a well maintained bu thick growth bush around it. Aunt sat down on the commode and slowly a trickle started. Aunt spread her cunt lips with her fingers as the power of the force increased. “Touch it. It will not bite you in fact it will feel nice. I very tentatively touched the cunt opening and splashed the piss over Aunt’s thighs.

“Sorry” I said, without looking up. “Now you will have to give me a shower” she said. While I was intently watching the piss flow, I had not realized that Aunt perabet güvenilir mi had removed her tee and bra. Her big breast were firm and her tits stood proudly. All of a sudden without warning I climaxed and threw few big blobs all over the place.

Aunt got up and was still dripping she led me to the Tub and got in and pulled me in also. She opened the stopper and let the bath water flow out. She then caught my now semi standing cock and started to rub it. The cock started to rise to the occasion –which surprised me as it took a long time to rise after I had masturbated. Aunt took my hand and pressed her pussy.

I started to massage it also. Finally Aunt sat down in the tub and began to suck my cock. I was in heaven. I got a sudden urge to piss and told my Aunt. “So go ahead who is stopping you –piss”” But you will get dirty” I said.” Piss is the most lovely and healthy thing so I will not get dirty – go ahead “ Part nervousness and part because of perabet giriş the hard on it took awhile for the piss to come,

but when it came it formed a beautiful parabola and Aunt took the drops into her mouth and then put her mouth on the cock so nothing is wasted. She then took it out and let it fall on her head and body. I drenched her. She sat at the edge of the tub and spread her legs and asked me to give her a suck also. I did as she told me and she guided my head where she wanted me to lick.

After a while she started to squirt her neater –golden yellow- and slightly salty but very tasty. This was my first experience. Over the next 15 days Aunt taught me whatever there was about fucking and the pleasure of piss drinking. I came to know about women’s period and enjoyed my first taste of her piss with blood. My life has since been changed.

Twenty years on I am the most ardent worshiper of piss drinking. When I bought an apartment I had a camera fixed in the commode and now I have over two hundred hours of videos of women pissing without their knowledge. No one knows about my secret videos except my Aunt who when she visits India stays at my place and we have a great time. She had migrated after my piss drinking education.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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