My wife Wanted something Different

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My wife Wanted something Different
It was early Sunday morning laying in our bed, kissing and touching each other. We then where making love very passionately when my wife almost stopped me in mid stroke “I want something different” I paused for a second and then thrusted back into her, again “I want something different I need it baby” I froze looked into her eyes, “What baby what is it you need” She hesitated and then spoke.

“Baby I need more than this I need something different” I was worried that maybe I was not doing it for her anymore or that she had a man on the side and was about to leave me. “I love you I love our sex I love your thick cock, but I just need something different” a silence came over the room “What is it you need baby” I asked. “I am not sure but I need something different something more than this”

I was not sure how to responded or how to react without knowing what she might want or need. We just laid there I pulled my limp cock out of her wet pussy and rolled onto my back. I was feeling defeated and deflated from her comments. She noticed and tried to tell me it was not me and that I was all she has ever wanted in a man and to include sexual. She even told me how good we made love together and that she was all ways satisfied in and out of the bed with me. But still I felt different and she still could sense it and I guess to show me she loved me and desired me she went down on me and sucked me until I shot my load in her mouth.

A few days later she came home from work and I asked her if she had given any thought to what she needed and if she could tell me what it might be. She looked at me and just said “No I have not” and she just was not sure what that might be. I looked at her and notice her eyes craved something I just wish I knew what that was. I went into my home office to do some work but my mind was on my wife and her needs. I typed into the internet search engine “My Wife needs something different” Al types of things popped up mostly romantic suggestions. I did not feel as if that was what she meant but still not sure. I took some suggestions from the internet and put them to use. But her response was this “I know you are struggling to figure what it is I need baby and thank you but this is not it, you have and still are one of the most romantic men I have ever known. It is more than romantic it is this need inside me that is not filled yet, I need something that I myself is not sure about” I was just dumb founded and lost for words.

One night we were headed out to dinner and drinks. We drove to this restaurant that was a little over an hour away. On the way we passed an adult store and my wife said on the way back lets stop in and take a look around. It did not shock me as we have gone into adult stores many times. We made it to the restaurant and had dinner and a few drinks. My wife was a little tipsy and we headed out. I was going to turn and take an alternate route home when my wife spoke up “Hey I thought we were going to go by the adult store on our way home” “Turn around I want to see what they have for us” I made a U turn and headed that way. We pulled into the parking lot and it was empty or so it appeared to be. Allot of people park next door so no one sees their car there. (Bible Belt) We made our way into the store and were greeted by a young chubby lady. She was behind the counter and asked if there was anything we might be looking for. My wife popped off “No we are just looking for something different” She looked at me and just smiled I chuckled. We walked around looking at all types of toys and sex aides and then the girl walked up to us. “Are you sure I can not help you two out” Looking into my wife’s eyes. “I do not think so just yet but if we find anything we need help with I call out for you, what is your name “Candy” You look sweet like candy are you sweet like candy, Candy”? my wife asked “Would you like to find out if I am sweet” Candy asked as she stared into my wife’s eyes. My wife just smiled and pulled me down the isle.

We had made almost a full trip around the store when this young man walked in had to be in his mid thirties, not a bad looking guy at all. We continued on looking and we turned the isle and noticed the young man looking at male aide products. When he saw us he turned red in the face and looked embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it we are in here for the same thing” my wife said to him, he just smiled but still looked very embarrassed. He turned and moved down another isle as he turned to go down the isle my wife whispered in my ear “Look his dick is hard baby” I turned and saw he had a bonnier. My wife could not take her eyes off his bulge. As we made our 2nd pass around the store I noticed my wife was making sure we stayed close by the young man. The girl behind the counter then approached the young man asking him if he needed any help. He stuttered but finally got it out “No I am just looking I just wanted to see what you carry” We all could tell he was embarrassed and felt uncomfortable. That is when my wife changed the mood.

She called out to Candy “Candy can you please come help us for just a minute please” Candy came rushing over to us and we just happen to be standing on the isle with the men’s sex aides where at. “Yes mama how can I help you” she asked “Well we are looking for a toy for my husband, you know for when he is alone and I am away from home. Something he can slid over his cock and get off think and feeling as if it was me riding him” I was shocked but said noting at first. Candy pointed out a roll of men’s toys and said allot of men love else the pocket pussy or the fleshlight as the time taking one off the shelf and showing my wife. “So how do we know which one to get you know size canlı bahis şirketleri wise” My wife asked her. “Well is he small medium, large or extra large” Laughing as she asked my wife. “Well you tell me” As my wife grabbed my belt as I pulled away, but my wife said two words that froze me “Something Different” I did not resist as she undid my belt and unzipped my pants all as she pulled them down with y underwear. “Oh my” The girl said and then “We can not do that in here I could get in serious trouble” My wife wasted no time in her response “You asked us young lady if we needed help and here we are needing it and you do not want to help” “Oh no mama I truly would love to help but I can not do it right here, please follow me” She started walking back to the counter and then stopped. “We need to look at what he might like” She grabbed my wife’s hand and lead her back to the isle and that is when my wife looked at the young man. “You need help too I see” the girl and my wife grabbed a few toys off the racks and came back to the counter. The girl then lead us behind this curtain once behind the curtain my wife and the girl started unpackaging a few toys. The girl grabbed a cleaning product and cleaned all the toys they had unboxed and then she grabbed lube.

By now my cock was throbbing bouncing up and down, the young man still had his pants on but he was harder now than before. But my wife wasted no time freeing his cock, not to much smaller than mine but had this perfect curve to it. I watch my wife put lube all over his cock and rub it on his balls, she stroked him and he let out a moan. Hell I thought he might shoot his load right then and there, but he held strong. I then watched my wife take a toy and slid it over the head of his cock and tease his head with it. The boy was about to go nuts from being teased. The young girl grabbed my cock and lubed it up and then grabbed the fleshlight and eased it down on my cock. It hurt and I let her know it and she looked at me and said “Oh you need a extra large I see” She slipped out to the store and returned with another fleshlight. She cleaned it and lubed it up and in no time had slid it down the entire length of my shaft. “OH DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD CANDY” I looked over to see what my wife’s response might be. But she was to busy working that pocket pussy working up and down on his cock as he leaned back on some boxes. I was trying to keep my legs under me as Candy worked the fleshlight up and down on my cock and teased me with it. I noticed my wife stopped and grabbed another toy off the table. Removed and replaced it with the one she had grabbed. Then went to working on his cock with it, as Candy had not missed a stroke/beat.

I heard the young man moaning louder “OH GOD I AM GOING TO CUM OH GOD I AM GOING TO SHOOT OFF” My wife stopped and made the young man control his need to cum. I was close to but I could control myself. That is when my wife walked over and kissed me and then kissed Candy. I saw how hard my wife’s nipples where and then I noticed the biggest wet spot in the crouch of her shorts I had ever seen. I looked at me wife and said two words “Something Different” I saw this smile on her face and as she walked back over to the guy she stopped at the table and grabbed a dildo off of it and lube. She went over to him and said bend over and I was shocked to see him do as he was told. She lubed his asshole and dildo up really good and then told him “Spread your ass cheeks and keep them spread until I tell you different” he did just as he was told, I did not realize that Candy had stopped working the toy on my cock I looked at her and she had her dress pulled up and her hand was down her panties working on her pussy. We both watched as my wife slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. I was shocked to realize that he took it with somewhat ease. My wife worked it in and out real slow for a few minute all the time he had his ass cheeks spread. “Now let go of your ass and start to slowly work that toy up and down your cock but slowly” He did as he was told.

With in a few minutes the guy was moaning as well as Candy, My wife looked at Candy and said “DONT CUM YET BABY GIRL HOLD IT PULL YOUR HAND AWAY” You could see Candy was torn but she finally did as she was told. “SUCK MY HUSBANDS COCK CANDY” Candy drop to her knees pulling the fleshlight slowly off my cock and replacing it with her mouth. Her warm mouth on my lubed up cock felt wonderful. I looked over at my wife and watched as she fucked the guys ass and as he stroked his toy on his cock. Just then my wife stopped and looked at me and said come here. Not sure what was controlling me but I pulled my cock from Candy’s mouth and she let out a moan of disappointment. My wife then said to me “YOUR COCK IS BIGGER THAN THIS DILDO NOW GIVE IT TO HIM” I was blown away I had never wanted nor have I thought about fucking a dudes ass. But the looking in my wife’s eyes had me intrigued and as I stood there my wife eased me right behind him and whispered in my ear “SOMTHING DIFFERENT BABY FOR ME” with my wife’s hand holding my shaft and guiding my cock in his ass. I pushed forward only to hear me “OH GOD IT IS BIG OH GOD DAMN IT” Then my wife got in behind me and pushed on my hips to push me deep into his ass. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD” he screamed. My wife told him “Work that toy on your cock as my husband fucks your ass” We both did as we were told. I was working my hard cock in and out of his ass as he worked his toy up and down his shaft. “Candy get over here and suck his cock” Candy wasted no time getting down under him and taking the toy from his cock and putting her mouth on it. My wife came over and kissed me and when she broke the kiss she said “CUM IN HIS canlı kaçak iddaa ASS BABY FILL HIS ASS FULL OF YOUR HOT CUM BABY FOR ME” I started pumping my cock harder faster and deeper into his ass. “FUCK HIS ASS LIKE YOU FUCK MY ASS BABY FUCK IT GOOD BABY FUCKING IT BABY FUCK HIS ASS” I was there I was ready to cum and just as I was saying it “IM CUMMING OH DAMN BABY I AM CUMMING” I head his scream out “OH YES SUCK MY COCK IM CUMMING” “OH YEA FUCK MY ASS FILL IT WITH YOUR CUM OH GOD YES” We both cummed and I steadily fucked his ass until my wife said “That’s enough baby” I pulled my cock out of his ass and looked down to see his ass was still spread open from my cock and I could see my cum slowly oozing out.

Apparently we were not through as my wife pulled Candy up and kissed her and sucked what cum was still in and on Candy’s mouth from her. My wife licked he lips and then dropped down behind the guy and started slurping my cum from his ass. Candy wasted no time in joining her and I watched as they both sucked and cleaned my cum from his ass. Then My wife and Candy turned and cleaned my limps cock off. It was not long before my cock was hard again. Just then the door into the shop opened and Candy walked out to check on the store. My wife removed her shorts and panties and started rubbing her pussy. She stopped and used some wipes to wash my cock clean and then sat back onto it. She let out a loud moan and as she did she looked at the guy and said “GET OVER HERE AND SUCK ON MY NIPPLES” He was all over them and then I saw him reach down and start rubbing her clit and my shaft and ever once in awhile he reach down and squeeze my balls. My wife then started screaming “OH GOD BABY FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK IT BABY FUCK IT GOOD BABY” reaching for the guys head and pushing him down screaming “LICK MY CLIT EAT IT GET ON IT AND EAT IT DAMN IT BABY FUCK ME” I looked up and there stood Candy and a black couple watching us and then they stepped into the room with us. I watched Candy turn to the lady and kiss her. The lady did not attempt to stop her nor did she take her eyes off us and then the man leaned in and all three were kissing each other, a three way kiss something I had never seen but damn it looked good. I was not sure my wife was watching and then she leaned back as our tongues twisted and touched. I could feel her excitement through how she was fucking my cock and now I could feel his tongue not only on her clit but on my shaft and balls. Just then I watched Candy drop down pulling the black dudes cock out and slowly sucking on it and we watched as it got harder and harder. It was a good inch if not two inches longer than mine. The lady and him kissed as Candy was sucking his cock. Just then my wife got up and looking back at me “SOMETHING DIFFERENT BABY” Walked over dropped down and shared this black cock with Candy. Then the black lady walked over to me and the guy pushing me back onto the desk as she climbed up on it with me. Pulling up her dress as she straddled my face and lowered her panty covered pussy onto my mouth. I then heard her say “EAT MY PUSSY BABY EAT IT GOOD” I pulled her panties aside and went to town on her “OH GOD YES EAT THAT PUSSY EAT IT, EAT THAT PUSSY EAT MY BLACK PUSSY BABY” then I heard her say “WELL DON’T JUST STAND THERE YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SUCK HIS COCK, GET AFTER IT BOY SUCK THAT MANS COCK WHILE HE EATS MY PUSSY” I felt the guys mouth wrap around my cock and I did not care I fucked his ass and he had licked and sucked on my balls. To be honest it felt good and might be better than my wife sucking on me.

I heard my wife “FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK RAM THAT COCK IN MY PUSSY GOD YES THAT”S IT GOD DAMN THAT COCK IS HUGE FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME” I could hardly see but my wife was on all fours and he was getting her from behind and then I could see Candy down under my wife and it was not hard to know what she was doing. “OH GOD DAMN EAT THAT CLIT BITCH WHILE I TAKE THAT BLACK COCK IN MY PUSSY, OH YEA FUCK MY PUSSH YOU STUD, OH GOD YES EAT THAT PUSSY BITCH” I was getting more turned on and I took it out on the lady’s pussy “OHHHHHH BABY YOU KNOW HOW TO EAT THAT PUSSY OHHHH GOD YOUR GOING TO GET YOU SOME OF THIS BLACK NECTAR, EAT IT BABY EAT TAHT PUSSY OH GOD IM CUMMING” As her nectar juices flowed all over my face and I was ready to cum as well “OH GOD DAMN IM GOING TO CUM” The lady hopped off me and got down next to the guy and they both started sharing my cock and just then I let loose a huge load of cum “OHHHHH IM CUMMMING” I screamed. “GOD DAMN YOU CAN FUCKING CUM” The black lady hollered out. I looked down to watch her and the guy sucking and licking my cum form each others face and from my cock and body. I rolled my head to watch the black dude shove his cock all the way in my wife’s pussy and scream out “TAKE MY CUM BITCH TAKE MY FUCKING SEED YOU FUCKING WHORE, FUCK YEA BITCH YOU MADE MY BLACK COCK CUM ALL IN YOUR WHITE PUSSY” I could hear Candy down under my wife sound as if she was drowning. “OH GOD YES CANDY EAT THAT CUM FILLED PUSSY OH GOD THAT WAS A MASSIVE LOAD OF CUM, OH EAT IT CANDY SUCK MY PUSSY CLEAN OF THAT BLACK SEED BITCH EAT IT” I watched my wife’s body tense up and the “OH GOD DAMN IM CUMMING CANDY EAT IT DONT STOP BABY EAT IT OH IM CUMMING BABY OH GOD YES” I then watched what I thought was the end but only the beginning of “Something Different”

We all got dressed and straightened up and headed back out into the store. My wife bought two toys for the young man and bought me a fleshlight. She traded contact info with everyone and said we should all meet up very soon to try this out again. The young boy thanked us and was very shy as he walked out saying bye. We followed him out side and just as we got to our canlı kaçak bahis car I looked over and noticed in his car was a young lady. My wife took notice as well and just as we got into our car the young man and this girl walked up to my window. He introduced her as his wife “Alex” she was fucking hot looking. She looked to be a few years younger than him with very nice curves and huge boobs. “She wanted to know what took me so long in there and I tried telling her but she did not believe me when I told her the truth” I smiled and just as I was about to say something my wife said “You two follow us to our house and instead of hearing about it Alex we can show you” Alex turned to her man and next thing I know they were in their car following us. As I drove I aske me wife what in the hell are we going to do once we get home. “Baby I am going to watch you fuck that girl and I am going to fuck her man and then we can do what ever else comes about” I smiled as my wife reached over and grabbed my hard cock through my pants. We pulled up in the driveway as the couple pulled in behind us. My wife and I got out and as I headed to unlock the door my wife went back to their car. She was on the passenger side of the car where Alex was sitting. My wife opened the door and then dropped down. I made my way over to the car to see my wife down on her knees licking Alex’s pussy and Alex had the dildo my wife had bought and used on her husband buried deep in her pussy. I looked over at her husband who was working his cock up and down with the pocket pussy my wife bought him as well. “Hey we can take all this into our house now”

Somehow we all managed to get into the house and as we walked to our bedroom we all removed our cloths on the way. I laid on the bed and as soon as I did Alex climbed on top of me and lowered her wet pussy on my hard throbbing cock. My wife bent over on the edge of the bed and started licking and sucking on my nipples. Steve Alex’s husband eased in behind my wife and slammed his hard cock into her wet pussy. He went to town trying to wear my wife’s pussy out as Alex worked herself up and down on my cock. With in a few minutes I think we all cummed. Then we all crawled into out king size bed and slept. Morning came and I was woken by soft moans, I rolled over to see my wife was sucking Steve while Alex was fucking my wife with the dildo. I laid there watching them as my cock grew hard. Then Alex made her way to my cock and tool it deep down her throat. After about 5 minutes of this Alex spoke up “Did you really fuck my husbands ass last night and did you cum in his ass” I shook my head yes “Damn I wish I could have watched that” As soon as she said it my wife told Steve “Bend over the edge of the bed” He did as he was told with out hesitation and my wife grabbed some lube and lubed his ass up and then lubed my cock as well. “Show her baby fuck Steve in the ass baby” I got in behind Steve as Alex moved to get a better view. I ease my hard cock into his ass and this time all I heard was Steve call out “FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK MY ASS” I slowly worked myself in and out of his ass and the more I did this the more he seemed to like it. I was watching Alex and she was watching my cock going in and out of Steve’s ass with intense concentration. I was ready to cum and I let them all know it. Alex spoke “Cum in his ass I want to see you fill his ass full of cum” Just then I shot a massive load deep in his ass and then came more and again one more good size load. I pulled my cum covered cock out of his ass and as I did I heard Alex let out this deep breathe and then a soft moan.

Then I heard her tell Steve “OH BABY YOU DID IT” I was not sure what that meant but did not take long be fore my wife and I knew what it meant. “Baby you took it in your ass for me and now you can fuck my ass” Alex said to Steve while then stared in each others eyes. “Told you darling I would do that for you if you let me fuck your ass afterwards” Just as he finished those words Alex moved onto the bed on all fours and looked at her husband and said “FUCK MY ASS BABY FUCK IT NOW” With cum dripping from his ass and his cock rock hard my wife and I watched as he moved in behind Alex and as he did my wife stopped him long enough to lube them both up and then guide his hard cock into Alex’s ass. “OH GOD THAT DICK IS BIG BABY” and then “OH GOD THAT HURTS BABY” Steve asked “Do you want me to stop baby” “OH HELL NO I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY ASS” “JUST SHOVE YOUR DICK IN MY ASS AND FUCK IT BABY” Steve shoved his cock hard and deep in her ass she screamed out but you could tell it was a mix of pleasure and pain. Then Steve started working his cock in and out of her ass. Alex was working with him as both were in a pattern. My wife and I laid on the bed with them just watching them getting it on. Then I watched my wife crawl under Alex and get between her legs and started eating her pussy. Alex went nuts and was screaming out “OH GOD YALL ARE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM, OH FUCKING HELL YES FUCK ME EAT ME GOD DAMNIT DONT STOP” then she looked at me and said “FEED ME YOUR DICK COME FUCK MY MOUTH” I moved in front of her and all I had to do was put my cock in front of her mouth and she went to fucking her own mouth using my cock.

I shot a load in her mouth and some cum feel on my wife’s thigh and I watched Alex go don to clean it off but stayed down the to eat my wife’s pussy. I am not sure how much longer it was but all three cummed and collapsed. We all took showers and got dressed my wife cooked us all some lunch and we watched Alex and Steve leave knowing that the coming weekend they would be back for more fun along with Candy who had texted my wife she wanted to hook up with us again.

Later that afternoon my wife to the fleshlight out and used it on my cock and all the time would said “Something Different” I cummed about three times while she used the toy on me and each time my wife would clean my cock and lick the cum out of the toy as if it was Alex’s pussy.

More to come of this!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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