Not my Mom lol

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Not my Mom lol
When biking back from high school I used to pop in to see grandma, it was a way of getting extra food, sitting at the kitchen table, sandwich biscuits milk, whatever she had in the cupboard.

In the early day riding my bike made me horny, my cock rubbing in my pants made me climax, wet patches in my underwear, which I tried to hide from mom. Fortunately, the cum strains had been small, now Jesus, my cock exploded with cum. The sticky fluid covered my belly chest and even my chin and face; I could hit the bathroom mirror 2 -3 times a day if I wanted too, with 5 or 6 thick ropes of cum. It was a good job I needed more than just fabric rubbing my cock now. Otherwise, the stains would be seen by all, not saying the rubbing didn’t get me hard just a little more control, not much just a little.

Being a jock, I saw plenty of cock in the showers and knew I was ok in size and girth, the guys joked if my old man was black, or had I pumped it, made me laugh, did not know who my old man was. just pulled every chance I got I said,
I’ had only fucked once, Becky didn’t complain the time she let me fuck her, screamed a little at first, but I wasn’t her first that’s for sure, even that evening I suspect.

Anyway, one of the days when the rubbing made my cock stiff, I pulled up outside grandma’s walked around the back of the house, as usual. Hoping the hard-on would go down, I crossed the back yard, I glanced through the doors into the lounge. I stood frozen, Grandma was on the couch, part naked, her huge floppy tits exposed, her legs open, her hands holding a huge rubber cock pushing it into her hairy cunt. Standing next to her was mom, fuck I didn’t recognise her at first, hair pulled back naked, her heavy tities hanging from her chest halfway down her belly, her big ass round, she was saying something to grandma as she reached down and fondled Grandmas tities pinching and pulling at a nipple.

Scared to move, I stood rigid; my cock had nowhere to go so hard in my pants it pushed the front out. I watched as moms tities swung and slapped, the large rubber cock disappeared into Grandmas cunt, and she bucked and lifted her ass off the couch. The rubber cock appeared again and then disappeared, I could see the surface of the rubber cock smeared with a white fluid, glistening.

I forgot everything as I stood transfixed at the action happening in Grandmas lounge, I forgot the bike, fuck it fell over making a fucking loud crashing noise on the deck. I stood still hoping that the pair inside didn’t hear and if they did standing still would somehow make me invisible. None of that worked, after looking at the bike lying on the deck I turned back to see my mom standing at the patio doors naked, her hands on her hips tities still swinging from the movement, Grandma standing behind but to one side, her tities huge. Mom raised a hand and with one finger pointed to the back door and mouthed come inside.

Fuck, my boner made it difficult to walk, pressing down didn’t make it go away, I finally managed to get it o one side and almost flat. Unfortunately, the bellend was pushing at the waistband as I walked canlı bahis şirketleri through the back door, held open by my mom.

Once in the kitchen, the door closed, I could smell the sex from the two women.

Mom said, “well our secrets out, Ma, what are we going to do”?.

I stood transfixed as the pair looked at each other, I won’t say a word, I blurted, Fully aware Grandma was looking at my boner smiling.

“Maybe we should help the k** out, says Grandma, looks like he might fall over with that erection”.

“You want to fuck him”! exclaimed Mom,

“Why stop a family tradition? ” Said Grandma as she walked up to me, her hand reached out and squeezed my cock and fondled its hard length through my pants. “I noticed his cock a few times when he dropped by, dirty little shit looking at my tities every chance, bent over a few times caught him watching my ass and cleavage, wondered what it looked like naked.”

The closest of her, her sweat, the smell of her cunt filling my nose, making my cock seem even harder as precum seeped through my pants. I couldn’t look away, the heavy tits resting on her chest, I wanted to touch them but kept my hands away

“Gods sake, Ma,” said mom, “the boys going to explode in his pants, more washing” Mum laughed.

Better strip Grandma ordered, leave your clothes in the kitchen and come into the lounge. Both women left me; I guess I could have made a run for it, but fuck it was CUNT, old CUNT but CUNT.

Following her instructions , clothes left in a pile on the kitchen floor, my cock sprung out of my pants, a drip of pre-cum hanging from the purple bell end swung as I walked into the lounge. On the couch Grandma laid, legs open her hairy gash looked matted, her pussy lips open her pink hole being poked by her long fingers, tipped with blood red nails. Her tities were hanging over her arms.

Mom standing to one side looked at me and said. “Did you fuck anybody before”?
“Yes”, I stammered “Becky”,

“Oh, Jesus she is a slut, just like the rest of her family”, said, Mom, Better keep your mouth shut; otherwise, I will be wearing your balls as earrings.”

“Yes mom,” I said

“Come here, baby”, said Grandma and motioned me over.

Walking the 3 steps, under the watchful eyes of my mother, to the edge of the couch, I positioned myself between my Grandma thick thighs. Her hand reached down and gripped the shaft of my cock.

“Jesus Mary this boy hung, I can hardly get my fingers around his cock and boy it’s nice to feel the stiffness of young cock again”. Said, Grandma. Manoeuvring my cock to her pussy entrance, Grandma allowed my bell end to rub against her hairy wet gash and then enter her pussy hole.

“Fuck Ma let the boy in, he’s not gonna last long”. Said Mom

2 minutes I bet yah, Grandma replied, as she let go and my hard young cock sunk into the wet hot cunt of my Grandma, nearly all the way before I felt the cervix, Grandma grunted Fuck me that’s good, as I withdrew halfway and then pushed back in faster with purpose.

“Uuuummmmm fuck holy fuck,” Grandma said and wrapped her fat thighs around my narrow waist. I could feel her heels pulling me in, my next canlı kaçak iddaa thrust made her lift her ass a little, and I was in all the way. My chest against her sweaty tits, my bellend pushing her insides, and my shaft stretching her cunt walls. I grounded my pelvic bone into her, pulled back pushed back in faster with each stroke. We both were breathing heavy; my balls tightened my knob end felt hot, her face grimaced as I felt a flood of pussy juice escape around my cock. “OOOOhHHHHHH Jesus Christ” called my Grandma .

Rocking on her fat pelvic area, my cock deep in her cunt felt good, Jesus for an old girl she was bucking under me, I tried to hold on, but the hot cunt was making it hard to resist. I gonna cum I said, I felt her legs tighten around my back, I tried to pull back out but was held tight, I cum inside my Grandma, my hot spunk flooded the insides of her cunt. I grunted, looked away from my Grandmas’ smiling face and saw my Mom sitting in a chair her legs over the arms, her fingers of one hand in her cunt the other pinching and rubbing her nipples.

OOOOHHHHHHH fuck said Grandma, her legs trembling her nails, gripping my shoulders, making me flinch and pull away.

Sitting back against the other end of the couch, I looked down at my softening cock; it was covered in pussy juice my groin and ball sack was wet as well, looking back at Grandma whose legs were still open I could see a dribble of my cum leaking from her open hole, before I could say anything, my mom was between Grandmas’ thighs, pushing them even more apart, to get her head into place to lick my cum from Grandma’s cunt.

Grandma smiled at me and placed a hand gently on mom’s head, holding it in place as my mom’s tongue lapped at the wet hairy gash. Told you he wouldn’t last two minutes Grandma said, neither did you, you old slapper, said Mom, as she licked and sucked at Grandma cunt.

“What are we gonna do now”? said, Grandma.

“Wait 15 minutes if I know young cock” laughed Mom.

Mom leaned back on her heels and looked over at me, not directly at me but smiled and reached over, to hold my cock in her hand, not felt this for a few years said mum to Grandma, grown a bit since I use to play with it to calm you down.

“Oh that old excuse”, said Grandma,

Mum looking at her as she slowly worked the shaft said, “well it worked, sucking his dick did calm him down, Jesus Ma his cock is so slimy, you cum a lot”.

Grandma said nothing and smiled as Mom slowly pulled and tugged at my hardening cock. “Told you,” said mom as she moved and licked my bellend. My thickening shaft, twitched as my mom sucked at the bellend.

“Mmmmmmm mom, you sure,” I said half-heartedly.

“ I’m fed up cleaning your cummy loads from around the house, sonny boy” Mum said, “if this means I don’t need to wash sheets and prize underpants from the floor every day, it’s a small price to pay, and besides, your cum tastes better fresh, better than the dried cum I ‘ve licked from your underpants”.

The realisation my Mom had, tasted my cum from my wanking, combined with the smell of the cunts and my own jizz made my cock even harder in her canlı kaçak bahis hand.

Mom stood and straddled me; her heavy tits swung in front of my face, I reached up cupped each breast in hand, both tities overflowed and felt heavier than two maybe three bags of sugar. As I concentrated on getting one on her elongated nipples into my mouth to suckle once again, Mom positioned her self over my now rock hard cock. I felt her cunt open and the bellend enter, hot cunt juice ran down the shaft of my cock, my mom exhaled and sat halfway down my cock shaft, grunted a fuck in hell and sat, my cock pushed all the way, opening her cunt up and pushing her cervix, her cunt walls gripped my shaft. I felt slimy cunt juice run down my ball sack.

Oooooommmmmmgggggggggod grunted my mom as she lifted a little and sat back down, fuck fuck fuck she repeated. Holding each tit, I sucked on each as I did as a baby. Mom rode my cock faster, could feel her breathing getting heavier and faster, she leaned back pivoting on my hard cock bouncing, hands-on shoulders riding me, my hands held her by her now sweaty waist, her tits slapping against her chest. Looking down, I saw the base of my cock, covered in sticky fluid, the hairs on my mom’s groin matted.

Looking over at my grandma, I could see her hand flicking her clit, her cunt leaking juice it running down her ass crack.
Leaning back against me, Mom bounced on my cock, pushing her heavy tits into my face, I heard her moan and growl as my groin felt a flood of cum covering my cock and balls.

CUM for me Cum for me Son, I heard my Mom whisper, gggggrrrrr Jesus your so big she said, riding me harder I could feel her cunt twitch and more juice flooded my balls.

Leaning back to catch a breath, my mom cupped one of her breasts and pushed it back into my the mouth and moaned, the thought of Mom giving me her tit again after all these years made me harder and my balls tighten

“I am gonna cum,” I said as I shot my load into my mom’s hot cunt, as I did she stopped bouncing and sat down on my cock and trembled a little before collapsing against me. My hot ropes of spunk filling her mixing with her cunt juice. Her heavy breathing and sweaty body resting against me twitched for a minute while we held each other.

Leaning back, she held my face and kissed me hard full on the mouth, tongue inside my mouth and then lifted her self off looking at her mum, who had herself climaxed flicking her clit.

My semi-hard cock flopped against my hard belly. As my mom stood I saw drips of my cum mixed with her cunt juice drip on the floor, her hand went to capture the mixture, and before she could taste it Grandma said ME, and mom reached over for Grandma to lick her fingers, and feel her daughters wet and hot gash for more.

With Mom sitting back on her chair, Grandma closed her legs reached over the table and lit a reefer, drew a long pull and handled it Mom who did the same.

I reached for it, Mom said, “Fuck off you have had enough fun for one day”.

“I repeat the question what are we going to do now”? said Grandma.

“Nothing,” Mom said, “we have a well-hung stud who is going get fucked a lot, if he tells anybody they will not believe him and it stops, and he can go back to wanking himself silly, with no college fund”.

Both Ma and Grandma had another pull and said to me, how long before your hard again, which made my flaccid member stir a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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