Of Course Not

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My name’s Tyrone. One afternoon, me and my buddy Darryl were drinking beer and watching porn off the Internet when Darryl told me about the swinger’s club.

“It’s a lot of old perverts in their forties and fifties who put on their masks, take off their clothes, and change off their partners,” he said. Of course I didn’t really believe him, even when he confessed that he’d heard his mother talking about it on the phone to one of those gossipy friends of hers. “She was invited to the party, but she told them to fuck off.” He grinned at me wickedly. “I did hear your mama’s name mentioned, though.”

Of course I couldn’t let that go by, so I called bullshit on him and made a remark or two about his mama, just to keep my skills in shape. Nothing serious, though.

“Well hell, man, why don’t you check it out?” he said, and he gave me the time and place where the party was going to be.

I told myself that I had no intention whatever of sneaking into some sicko orgy for broken-down middle-aged folks who couldn’t keep it in their pants, but somehow I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m twenty, and my mother is only forty-something now. The fact is, with her smooth skin and well-rounded figure she could pass for at least ten years younger, maybe more. Men never wanted to leave her alone. And she wasn’t the only hot older woman in her circle of friends, either. My imagination played with the idea of a dozen sexy naked women rubbing their tits and pussies together.

“My mama wouldn’t attend an orgy,” I told myself firmly. But no matter how much I tried to put it out of my mind, in the end I found myself going downtown to one of those “adult” stores and buying myself a mask. It was a black leather helmet with straps that covered my whole head except for my lower jaw, but with holes to see and breathe through. When I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror, even I was impressed. Of course I had no intention of going through with it.

But then I thought, maybe I should check the story out after all. If it turned out to be just another one of Darrell’s lies, I could go after his ass until he paid me back for the cost of the mask. I could say it was research, and if my mama was there for some fucked-up reason, I could get her out of there before anything could happen.

But it wasn’t a lie. I showed up at the time and place and was admitted with no questions asked. Apparently if you knew enough to show up in a mask, you knew enough to get let in. It was a big empty house with a huge living room the size of a ballroom at the back of the ground floor. I went in and looked around, but the lights were low, so I couldn’t see that much.

What I could see, because bostancı escort there was a spotlight on it, was a big table covered with bottles of lube, condoms, and sex toys of every shape, size, and description. All of it was in the original packaging, so you could tell none of it had ever been used before, so it was completely safe to use for whatever you wanted. Needless to say, my imagination was really running wild now.

When I had looked at all the things on the table, I stepped back and let my eyes get used to the semi-darkness. All around me, men and women were undressing, letting their clothes lie in a heap wherever they were standing and just keeping on their masks. There must have been fifty people there, and more arriving all the time. So as to fit in, I had to take off my clothes too, of course. Why not? The heat in the house was cranked up to blood-warm, and I’d be more comfortable that way.

Just then I realized what a piece of shit my “plan” was. How would I ever find my mama in this huge crowd? Would I even be able to recognize her? It’s not like I’d ever seen her naked body or anything!

So just then, two girls, or really older women I guess, though you can’t really tell the forties from the twenties when everybody’s got a mask on, approached me. Before I knew what was what, they had me down on my back with my hard-on pointing to the ceiling. Hell, you’d be hard too if you were there, seeing what I was seeing and hearing what I was hearing. All around me there were sounds of people fucking, sucking, and I don’t know what all.

I had told myself before I came in that I wasn’t going to get involved, just find my mama and get us both out of there. But I couldn’t exactly go looking for her with a hard-on, could I? So I decided to cooperate.

Besides, one of the girls — I decided to think of them as girls, so I could forget where I was and what I was doing here — was already unrolling a nice fresh condom over my dick with her mouth. Oh man, did that ever feel good. No girl I’d ever been with had skills like that. No sense in wasting that perfectly good condom, was there? So I let her climb up on my body and sit down on my cock, then start riding me, first easy, then hard. I didn’t have to do a thing.

The other girl was another story. She straddled my head with her legs, and I saw her bare pussy coming toward my face slow and easy. Except it wasn’t quite bare. She was shaved all right, but she had a strip of plastic wrap plastered all over her cunt, so I could lick her without, you know, actually touching her. I expected it would taste horrible, but I quickly found out there was no taste at all.

So büyükçekmece escort I started out by nibbling on her cunt lips, and then taking long slow licks all the way from her asshole to her clit. Pretty soon she was moaning and groaning all right, and so was the other one. And the tension in my balls was building, building. Finally, I went for the direct pressure on the top girl’s clit and almost sucked it right through the plastic. She went through the roof, screaming and coming and pounding on the floor with her feet.

Just as she was winding down, I reached the point of no return myself, and shot off into the condom. The bottom girl ground her clit on my pubic bone until she got herself off too.

When the girls had used me all up and pulled off the plastic and the condom and moved off to find some other stud, I just lay there and breathed easy for a while. Hey, I talk as big as anybody else, but the fact was, I had never done two women at the same time before. When I finally opened my eyes, another woman was approaching.

My eyes went first to her tits, which were huge and round and bounced together like a couple of volleyballs. When I finally looked further up, I saw she was wearing a mask that covered up even more than mine: her whole head and her hair, and even her neck down to the collarbone. It had eye-holes like mine, and two little openings lined up with her nostrils, and that was all. I could see there would be no blow jobs from this one, for sure. The mask itself was flaming red even in the dim lights.

I pulled myself together, figuring she might want a cuntlicking too, but no. She pushed my legs apart and wrapped my limp noodle in her bountifuls. (It’s pretty big even when it’s not hard, and it doesn’t get that much longer when it is, although it does get fatter. Hey, no girl has ever complained when I boned her, and that’s what counts, isn’t it?)

There was something slick, probably lube, between her tits, and pretty soon what with her tight body half lying between my legs, and the feel of my cock cuddled in between those beautiful round breasts, pretty soon I was rock hard and ready to go again. Once again, my original plan of finding my poor mama in all this crowd of eager women went straight out of my head.

But I didn’t want to come between this woman’s tits. I tugged on her arm, trying to bring her further up to me, and like I hoped she produced a rubber from somewhere and started rolling it down me. She squatted her body over mine, teasing my whole body over and over with her thick bush of tightly curled pussy hair. I wanted to pull her down to me, crush her, but I remembered where I was çapa escort and how I didn’t want to get thrown out before I found my mama. Instead, I used my words for the first time since I’d taken off my clothes.

“Sit on it,” I begged her.

Her whole body stiffened above me and she sprang back onto her heels in a squatting position. I noticed how hard her nipples were and how her body was covered with sweat.

Her voice was a harsh gasp. “Tyrone?” And then I knew. It was her, my mama herself, butt naked except for the mask, her big tits swinging heavily above me.

I groaned. “Fuck.” What was I going to do now? How could I ever explain?

“Oh God, yes.” I was lost. What was she saying? I hadn’t meant it as an order! But she didn’t say any more, just sank down on my dick, her pussy like soft buttery velvet. I couldn’t believe it.

“You have a wonderful body, Tyrone,” she murmured in my ear. “Just like your daddy’s when he was your age.” Man, I didn’t even remember my daddy, he’d been gone so long. Was this how my mama had been making up for losing him? All this time? I didn’t know and I didn’t want to know just then. All I wanted to know was, my cock was in my mama’s cunt.

My mama turned out to be a great fuck, tight and smooth and wet and clingy all at the same time. When she rode back, I could feel her inner lips clinging to my dick and trying not to let it slide out of her. And as she rocked forward, I concentrated on making corkscrewing motions inside her. Of course I had never intended to stuff my throbbing dick into her warm and inviting snatch, but what could I do? She went wild on me, pounding my naked chest with her fists and howling out her pleasure.

The sounds of the orgy, the cries and moans of the other couples and trios around us, just added to my feelings of unreality. This couldn’t be happening — except that it was. I was in way over my head, but my cock was loving every minute of it.

I’d heard all the dirty jokes about older women, and seen the porn, too. But I always thought it was all bullshit until I felt my mama twisting on top of me. Her big boobs were swinging around me in the air, and the sweat was pouring down them and flicking off the ends of her erect nipples. Her cunt muscles gripped my cock hard and squeezed, squeezed.

Of course I didn’t mean to come that soon, but what the fuck, my mama was already coming herself. So I let loose my stuff with a big, gut-wrenching scream, and she kept right on coming until I was all finished. As I relaxed underneath her while she kissed me all over, I knew that anything else that could happen at the orgy would be a big fat anticlimax.

Later on, Darryl asked me if I had checked out his information. “I felt like a fool, man”, I told him. “Nothing there but a big, dark, empty house. Nobody home. Someone was just fucking with your mama’s head, man.”

Of course what I didn’t tell him was that I had become a regular in the swing parties — and a regular in my mama’s pussy, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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