Orgasmic Chemistry Ch. 02

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There were a few raised eyebrows among the cleaners on Tuesday evening when I turned up for work. Instead of my usual jeans and baggy jumper, I was wearing a short pleated black skirt and tighter fitting white top and short denim jacket.

“Bloody hell. You’ll catch your death dressed like that, girl!” Marjorie exclaimed, looking at my bare legs before heading outside for a cigarette.

“You’ve fancied yourself up today haven’t you?” another of the cleaners muttered.

“Oh me and some mates were having a party. I didn’t have time to get changed again.” I lied.

“Parties, cleaning here. When do you find time to fit in your studying then?”

“I manage!”

“Well just don’t bend over when you plug in the vacuum cleaner, otherwise you’ll end up showing all that your mother gave you!”

I laughed and hurried off to the science block.

Mr. Bibby was at his desk as usual. I felt my face flush; the anticipatory excitement building, my body reacting to the close proximity of him with little shivers that make my arms tremble.

“Good evening!” I said, with considerably more confidence than last night. “How was your day?”

“A bit stressful,” he replied, staring at me and then quickly averting his eyes downwards to his paperwork. “I had a difficult Year 10 class today. Some of those students are a lost cause. I get sick of the backchat and the endless distraction of smartphones.”

“Sounds tough. Would you like a cup of tea?”

As cleaners, we had access to the staff room and were allowed to brew ourselves a hot drink before starting work.

“That’s very kind but I don’t want to trouble you, I know you have a lot of work to do.”

“Oh it’s no problem Mr. Bibby. I’ll be right back!”

“Okay, well a tea with two sugars please. By the way, please call me Brian. No need to be formal these days!”

“Okay…Brian.” It felt weird to be calling him by his first name.

I turned and headed out of the lab, my black skirt short enough to give him a pleasant view if he happened to be looking, but subtle as not to look deliberately provocative. As I stole a sneak peek, I noticed his reddening face. 10 out of 10 for observation skills, I thought. So far so good.

A few minutes later I returned with a cuppa.

“Oh thanks, just what I need,” he smiled.

“So…uh, what are your lecturers at Durham like?”

I leaned against a table, on which numerous items of lab equipment were placed.

“They’re a nice lot. The lectures are very enjoyable.” I idly ran my fingers down the tube of a Bunsen burner.

“Still using those too?” he added, meaning the burner.

“Not just these.” My hand was caressing the burner as though it were a phallic object. “I’ve graduated to using Teclu and Meker burners now.”

“Ah, well sometimes a much hotter flame is needed.”

“Mmm, yes, you can get a whole 9 inches of roaring blue hotness.” I purred, my hand going up and down the tube in the same istanbul escort way a porn star jerks off a cock. If Bunsen burners could blush, I expect this one would have done.

Mr. Bibby blushed considerably.

“I’d better sweep up this floor. I want your lab to look spotless!”

I set to work on my cleaning duties in silence, whilst Mr. Bibby tried, rather less successfully to concentrate on marking a stack of students’ exercise books. Every so often, I caught him making furtive glances at me, whist at the same time I let him catch me staring at him. Feeling myself growing almost uncomfortably wet, I wondered if he was sporting a growing hard-on. This was proving almost too easy – I was starting to worry that something awful was about to happen. Either he’d just get up and go home or that another of the cleaners would turn up and ask me to clean somewhere else.

“Want me to put these beakers on the top shelf?”

“Oh. Er, yes, thanks.”

I stood on a stool, at which point it would be impossible for my white panties not to be visible from Mr. Bibby’s eye level. I could feel my former chemistry teacher’s intense gaze as I carefully arranged the glassware on the high shelf. I finished and stepped down, before turning to face him. He’d stood up and his labcoat was unfastened. Glancing at his crotch, I knew immediately that he was in a state of arousal.

“Would you excuse me just for a moment Alison,” he stammered, removing his glasses and placing them in his labcoat pocket. “I uh, need to get something from the prep room.”

The prep room was the small storeroom ajoining SC7 lab, where all the chemicals were kept. Stuff that was too dangerous to be kept in classrooms, like hydrochloric acid and the like. Naturally, students were forbidden to enter it. He hurried out of the lab.

“You’re not getting away from me this time Brian Bibby,” I whispered, following him. Before he could enter the prep room, I’d cornered him. Glancing into his pale blue eyes for a moment, I covered his lips with mine, feeling him tense up as my arms reached round his back. After a few seconds, he relaxed, as if he knew resistance of any kind was futile. I could feel the heat of his body through his blue cotton shirt.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time Brian,” I murmured. “Ever since you taught me in Year 11. Tell me, did you ever suspect that I fancied you?”

“I did,” came his breathless reply. “You hid it well, but there were little hints here and there. That anonymous Christmas card for example, that was left on my desk with the nice comments. You hadn’t disguised your writing!”

“Ah…well I kept quiet.”

“I was flattered. I don’t think I’d ever been the object of a student’s affections. One usually associated that sort of thing with Mr. Norris the P.E teacher. I heard that a lot of female students and staff were attracted to him.”

“Meh far too young avcılar escort and boyish. I am attracted to men, not boys.”

A shuddering sigh escaped him as my lips brushed his again. I broke the kiss to open the prep room door. “Is there any space in here to conduct any extra-curricular activities?”

The prep room was a cramped shoebox with metal shelves packed to the brim with glass bottles of different substances. There were boxes of firelighters, gas canisters on the bottom shelves, enough equipment to fill a dozen labs. In the corner was a battered old swivel chair with a makeshift table. No doubt a convenient bolt-hole for a teacher to escape to when the class was getting too rowdy.

Mr. Bibby grabbed my slim hips and motioned me to straddle his lap. “So,” he mumbled, rubbing one thumb over the outline of my hardened bra-less nipple through my thin top. “It’s…er…been a long time since I was in a situation like this.”

“Your wife…”

“I got divorced a year ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh it’s alright. Mary and I had been leading seperate…and sexless lives for years. It was this job that did it. Too many hours spent behind the desk…we just drifted apart, becoming more like ships that pass in the night. Anyways we parted amicably. My son’s grown up and left home ages ago. Mary’s met someone else now.”

“Oh I’m glad,” I whispered. “I would’ve hated to share.”

He leaned in to kiss the exposed skin of my neck; his lips leaving a hot trail from just below my ear to the centre of my throat at the neck of my top. Then he took the lower hem of my top and pushed it up to bare my belly, and then my pert B-cup breasts. Leaning me back, he took one nipple with his lips and I gasped. He was not only willing, but rampant; as he’d confirmed, it had been a long time since this man had got laid.

He sucked, pulling with his lips. At my soft moan, he drew in a shuddering breath. “Touch me,” he pleaded hoarsely, bringing my hand to the waistband of his trousers, and then guiding it down to cup the bulge.

I’d never touched a man like this before; but I explored eagerly, desperately, feeling his hard erection through his trousers groping lower to feel his balls. Christ, I was trembling so much with excitment. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was groping my former chemistry teacher’s cock! He returned his attention to my breasts and I was so wet I could almost feel myself dripping into my panties.

Well I’m not about to let nerves get the better of me now so without further ado, I unfastened his belt before reaching for his zipper. Mr. Bibby slipped his labcoat off his shoulders.

“No…no, leave that on,” I said.

“You like it?”

“A good scientist always keeps his labcoat on.”

He chuckled. “Oh? And why is that?”

“It’s the source of your special science powers. Actually I just find men in labcoats hot.”

Before he can reply, I kneel in front şirinevler escort of him, dragged down the zipper and struggled to get his trousers and y-fronts down. He stood up.

I’d never done this before, but I pushed aside my anxiety and looked at it from a scientific point of view – after all chemistry was my forte.

“Hmm, time for the practical science experiment to begin,” I grinned. I realise how cheesy that must’ve sounded but to Mr. Bibby that’s the same as talking really filthy. He approved.

“If you’re going to bring science into it, then we should concentrate on polymerisation!”

“Mmm, all those little molecules linking up to form one huge molecule. so hard, so strong.”

I took his hot length in my hand, feeling it, and stroked it up and down as I licked and sucked at the tip. I’m pleased to say that Mr. Bibby was generously endowed; for a man in his mid-fifties his impressive erection would put a younger man to shame. There was truth in that saying – many a fine tune played on an old fiddle. Right now his cock seemed as hard as tungsten, the transition metal with the highest melting point of all the chemical elements.

“Is this your first time Alison?” he asked between sharp breaths


I felt myself blush. “Yes,” I mumbled.

“Here,” he said, moving my unoccupied hand to cup his balls. “Don’t be shy. Scientific experimentation can be very rewarding and one must never be afraid to try!”

Gently squeezing his balls, I slowly took his throbbing cock into my mouth. I felt so warm inside knowing that I was able to pleasure Mr. Bibby like this. He moaned as I deep-throated him. I was learning fast. My God, this was amazing…simply amazing.

“Alison,” he groaned after what seemed like a long time. “A sexual chemical reaction is about to occur…I’m going to cum.”

“Mmff,” was all I could utter.

A second later, he came, filling my mouth with his salty load. I savoured the product of this “chemical reaction” before swallowing every drop.

“Ahh…that felt…so good,” he sighed, as I gently removed his softening member from my lips. “So…tell me Alison, what’s the formula for production of sodium chloride?”

“2Na (solid) + Cl2 (gas) = 2NaCl (solid).” I’d certainly enjoyed more than my daily amount of salt just now.

“100% correct!” he smiled.

I had a feeling Mr. Bibby’s cock would soon return to its tungsten-like hardness if I continued stroking it, but a noise from upstairs snapped us back to reality. Someone was descending the staircase above the science block and it wouldn’t be long before our privacy in the prep room would be compromised. As we hurriedly composed ourselves, he turned to me.

“Alison, that was a wonderful experience. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed sexual pleasure. I would like to continue this scientific experimentation…I have a feeling you would as well?”

“More than anything Brian. I need you like a flame needs oxygen.”

He raised an eyebrow. “In that case, do you think you would be able to come to my house tomorrow after work?”

My heart jumped. “Oh god, yes!”

He adjusted his labcoat and fastened his trousers. “I look forward to it. Oh and just one thing – make sure you revise the Periodic Table…”


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