Our First night Ch. 01

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He was 23 years old and had never traveled any where really but he was on his way to meet someone that he loved very very much and he had never seen her in anything other than pictures and only spoken to her either on the phone or on messengers from the computer. But he knew that she was a special person and that he would do anything for her and would give everything up to be with her. He was an extremely shy person and never had what some people call the “gift of gab” so he never had a girlfriend or for that fact very many close friends. She was the same way in that she was really shy and had never had a boyfriend before. But together they found that they could talk about anything and everything but they didn’t feel that they had to talk all the time they were both content at just sitting on the phone and just spending time together not saying a word. They talk as often as they can and he enjoys every second of the time they have together because he swore to himself after watching some of his friends with their girlfriend and he always noticed that they took for granted the fact they had were there and spending time with the girls that they cared about, he swore that he would never for one second take for granted the time he got to spend with a girl that he loved.

The cd player played one of her favorite songs, as he drove down the highway on his way to meet the girl he loved so much, that he knew she like because she said it was really sweet and he thought so as well. He began to think about her and wonder what he would say or how to act when he finally got to be with her in person. As already anadolu yakası escort stated he was really really shy and hoped that he would not act as he usually did by being quiet and not being able to hold a conversation. He was so afraid that he would bore her to tears, but he pushed all fears and doubts down because he knew he loved her and that he was going to give it all so that he might finally find that one true love that he always dreamed about and wanted for so long. So he drove on to meet her for the first time and was anxious to meet the girl he had dreamed about and longed to hold in his arms ever since he fell in love with her.

When he arrived in Ohio where she was going to school he decided to get a hotel room so that he could rest up after his long trip then get cleaned up to meet her that evening. As anxious as he was to meet the girl he loved with every beat of his heart he was extremely nervous, his heart was beating so fast and he was still a few hours from knocking on her door. He rented a room and got in there and thought about all the new things that he was experiencing being so far out of his element. He laid down so he could think about all the time he spent thinking of the moment that was fast approaching when he finally got to see for the first time in person the girl he dreamt of for months. It was 11:00 in the morning when as he laid down and soon fell a sleep because he had driven all night to get there so that he could meet his love that evening she knew he was coming but he wanted to keep it a surprise when ataşehir escort he showed up to her door. She had no idea what day or at what time he would show up, just that it would be in the next couple of days. He always tried to find different ways to surprise her or to keep her guessing because he didn’t want to seem boring to her, he also knew from the hours of talking to her that she was so curious that it would drive her crazy not knowing when he would be at the door. He awoke about 1:00 in the afternoon and decided to go drive around and make sure he knew where the campus and the dorm where she stayed was located he knew she wouldn’t be walking around because she was in class until 2.

Although he wasn’t good with directions and finding things he finally located the dorm and he knew that room number so he didn’t see any reason to go inside. He decided to create a plan so that he would make her even more surprised when he was standing before her. He thought he would send some flowers to her but he would make sure that he was talking to her when they arrived so that he could act like he wasn’t in town. He knew her favorite flowers were roses so he had a dozen of them sent to her and when they came he was talking to her on the phone when the knock came and he said “I wonder who that could be?”. She open the door to see a delivery man holding the flowers meant for her and told him that it was someone with flowers. He was trying to play mad until she read the card and he said and “just who in the hell is sending you flowers?”, he did this because he knew who she ümraniye escort would suspect but always tried to throw her off. She hated it when he spent money on her, but he couldn’t resist doing something that he knew would make her feel good and show her that he loved her so much.

After they talked for a little while longer he told her that he that he had some stuff to do so he had to get going and that he would call her in a bit to talk so he asked her if she would be around in about an hour, it was about 2:45 in the afternoon, he wanted to try to get her to stay in her room without giving away why he wanted her to be there for the immediate future. He said I love you as he always tries to do when he gets off the phone from talking to her because he never wants her to forget it and he never wanted to lose an opportunity to say it to her. He got in his truck and started toward her dorm room hoping that she would be there and that he wouldn’t miss her. His heart was pounding so fast he thought it would burst out of his chest he was so nervous. He was shaking like a leaf on a windy day as he tried to remember the way he went earlier in the day when he was looking for the dorm. As the words of one her favorite songs was playing “I remember you, do you remember me too?”, were playing he remembered that it was one of the first songs that she sent to him and it had become one of his most favorite songs. He arrived at her dorm at about 3:15 and started heading toward her room, he was scared out of his mind. There wasn’t much that scared him but meeting girls seemed to terrify him so much and now that he was finally going to get to meet for the first time the girl that he had loved so much he truly was frightened but he was not going to miss out on this opportunity to be with someone he cared for this much. He was standing in front of her door and he knocked on the door and held his breath as it opened,…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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