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Stacie’s Night
“You too.” He said rolling off of her onto his back.

She laid her head on his chest as her hand caressed his cock.

“Wow, I need a break and use the bathroom.” She said eventually getting out of bed and walking into the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, cum seemed to drain out of her forever. She delicately inserted a finger between her lips and felt for her clitoris. It was extremely sensitive.

Twenty minutes later Stacie came out of the bathroom. The butt plug tail was no longer in her ass. She was extremely thirsty so her husband handed her a rum and coke which she drank down quickly.

“Ok, what’s next?” She asked with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Suck my cock.” Terrance said lying on the bed. Stacie jumped onto the bed and crawled up between his legs. She grabbed the base of his cock and licked from his balls up to the head of his cock. Opening her mouth she sucked him deep making eye contact with him as she sucked. She then laid down between his legs alternating between sucking his cock and licking his balls. She enjoyed watching his reaction as she sucked. While licking his balls, her tongue touched the skin just underneath his balls and she felt his body flinch. She then swirled her tongue along the skin just below his testicles feeling his body spasm. She then returned to sucking his cock.

“Ride me.” He said.

“Okay.” Stacie said quickly getting up and straddling his body.

She reached down and guided his cock to her opening. With her hands on his chest, she slowly lowered herself down impaling herself on his cock. Her pussy was sore and stretched but the pain soon turned to pleasure causing her to moan as she rode him. Hopping up and down and then sliding back and forth she rode him like a woman possessed. He grabbed her hips, but she grabbed his hands moving them to her breasts. He mauled her tits and lightly pinched her nipples as she rode him.

“Oh God! I’m having the time of my life.” She said with joy in her words.

Sean got up on the bed standing next to Stacie presenting his flaccid cock to her. She eagerly took him into her mouth as she rode Terrance.

Stacie loved to suck cock and tonight she was getting her fill. As soon as Sean was hard, he moved behind Stacie. She felt a hand on her back pushing her down so she was laying on Terrance’s chest. She knew what was coming and turned her head to face Sean.

“Fuck my ass.” She told him.

He needed no further invitation. She felt him lube up her ass as he slid a finger inside. He then removed his finger and placed the tip of his cock against her anus and slowly pushed it in. He kept moving forward until his entire cock was in her ass.

Terrance and Sean quickly developed a rhythm. One pulling out as the other pushed in. Stacie fed Terrance a tit while she held onto the bed sheets as the men fucked her. She shuddered at the feelings racking her body.

“Two cocks,” thought Stacie. “I’m getting fucked by two cocks, by two big black cocks.”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “It feels so good. I love it.”

“Oh yeah, I feel so naughty.” She moaned casino siteleri as she was getting double fucked.

“You enjoying this, Slut?” Sean asked.

“Oh God yeah I’m enjoying this.” She said. “I am having the time of my life!”

Each of them began thrusting a little harder giving Stacie a complete sense of overwhelming pleasure.

Trey got up on the bed and fed her his cock. She sucked his cock enjoying the pleasure the three men were giving her.

Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she felt Terrance tighten and shoot his cum into her pussy. Sean couldn’t hold back either and shot his load into her ass. The simultaneous ejaculations send Stacie over the edge.

“CUMMING!” she screamed pulling Trey’s cock out of her mouth.

As Sean pulled out of her ass, Stacie rolled off of Terrance and laid back exhausted.

“On your hands and knees.” Terrance said.

Stacie slowly got onto her hands and knees as Terrance and Sean kneeled on the bed in front of her. She then proceeded to suck clean both cocks.

“Okay. This slut needs a break guys.” Stacie said giggling as she got off the bed. Her pussy was queefing as cum flowed down the inside of her legs as she walked to the bathroom.

Stacie showered and cleaned herself up in the bathroom then joined the guys in the living room barefoot, wearing only her negligee. They were all sitting around discussing miscellaneous topics as she walked in. The men all began introducing themselves to Stacie. Although she had already fucked them, she realized she never knew their names. She smiled and giggled as they took her hand in theirs and bent down and kissed the top of her hand.

Jim chuckled and was impressed at how comfortable his wife seemed to be in a room of men with her bare tits protruding through her negligee as if it was not big deal.

“I’m getting pretty sore guys, mind if I just rest a bit?” Stacie said not waiting for an answer. She grabbed a glass of wine and sat down on the couch. The guys continued where they let off in their conversations.

After Stacie finished her wine, Trey took her by the hand and pulled her to her knees in front of him. “Suck my cock.” Was all he said.

This was the first time she got an up close look at his large cock. She looked it over as if she were inspecting it, wondering how the hell it even fit in her pussy. She grabbed the base of his cock and began licking the head. Slowly she worked his cock into her mouth. As she sucked and licked his cock, she stared at husband and moaned.

She felt Trey’s hand on the back of her head encouraging her to go deeper. His head tilted back on the couch as Stacie worked his cock into her throat.

“Oh Fuck!” he yelled. “Shit she’s good.”

Stacie beamed with pride at their praise even though it was for sucking cock.

Trey pulled Stacie’s mouth off of his cock. She reluctantly released it. Trey took her into the bedroom, got onto the bed and laid on his back with his legs spread. Stacie crawled up between his legs and began sucking his cock. Terrance knelt behind her and inserted his cock into her pussy.

Muffled moans escaped canlı casino around the cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, Terrance removed his cock and placed it at the entrance to her asshole. Slowly he pushed forward sinking his cock into her ass.

“mmmph.” She moaned with Trey’s cock still lodged in her mouth.

Terrance began thrusting harder, over and over again he pushed his cock balls deep before arching his back and cumming deep in her ass. She could feel the hot liquid squirt into her rectum.

Trey flipped Stacie over on her back and began rubbing his cock at her pussy entrance before pushing it in.

“Feel good baby?” Trey asked.

“God yes it feels good.” Stacie said. “I won’t be able to walk for the next week, but it feels amazing.”

Trey then flipped Stacie over onto her hands and knees. He placed his hard cock against her anal opening. Stacie looked back at him.

“My ass is getting sore.” She said with pleading eyes. “But it is about as open as it is going to get. Just please be quick.”

Stacie immediately put her head down on the bed and shoved her left hand under her so she could finger herself.

Trey pushed forward until the tip of his cock popped past her sphincter. Stacie had a look of severe pain on her face, but said nothing. She was determined to allow him the pleasure of her ass. Trey paused so she could adjust. But Stacie had other ideas. She wanted to get this over with so she pushed her ass backwards forcing his cock deeper into her ass. She closed her eyes and grimaced in pain.

Trey grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass in earnest. She shuddered uncontrollably as he slammed in and out of her anal cavity. Guttural moans escaped her as she gripped the sheets so hard her knuckles started to turn white.

“Ah Fuck!” She yelled. “That’s it big boy, Fuck my ass. I want to feel your hot cum shoot deep in my ass baby. Give me your cum.”

Jim knew what his wife was doing. He recognized her strategy. She did the same thing when he fucked her ass. The dirtier and nastier she talked the quicker he came. He assumed she was hoping it would work on Trey. Apparently it was working as his thrusts became more intense and his breathing increased. All of a sudden, he bellowed like a bull and pulled Stacie’s ass back tight against his stomach.

“FUCK!” Was all he could yell out as he came deep in her ass.

As he pulled out, Stacie collapsed on her stomach and laid motionless panting as if she had done all the hard work.

The men left the bedroom as Jim checked his wife to make sure she was okay.

Seeing her asshole dilated as large as it was turned him on. Cum was slowly seeping out of her gaping anal opening. Jim quickly inserted his cock into her ass and fucked her hard. She moaned into the sheets as he fucked her. He could hear her asshole squishing from all the cum and he could not hold back cumming in her ass and eventually pulled out.

Jim then leaned over her and noticed her eyes were closed.

“Honey, are you okay sweetheart?” He asked brushing the hair out of her eyes.

“I am sore.” She responded opening her eyes.

“Well before kaçak casino you do that, you need to accept your punishment.” He informed her.

“Really!?” She asked.

“Yes, now come with me.” Jim said leading her into the living room.

“Did someone fuck my ass after Trey?” She asked.

“I did.” Her husband replied laughing.

“I need a hot shower.” She said smiling.

“Later. Now you get punished.” He informed her and directed her to kneel on the pillow.

He tied her ankles together. He also tied her wrists behind her back then secured her wrists to her ankles.

“Okay gentlemen, Enjoy.” Jim said.

The men stood around her while taking turns using her mouth and throat for their pleasure. Saliva was running down her chin and her eyes were watering from the throat fucking. Jim watched and recorded the festivities. Stacie was in heaven and enjoying the sensation of having no control as each man took turns using her. Terrance was the first to ejaculate as he grabbed her head and directed his cock at her mouth. The first shot hit her just above her nose. He then placed his cock in her mouth expelling the rest into her mouth. She tried not to swallow any of his cum, but Sean was next to go and shoved his cock into her mouth and exploded his entire load into her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she was forced to swallow his salty, warm cum. She choked and cum shot out of her nose. Cum was dripping down her face onto her chest. Trey was stroking his cock but said he wasn’t ready to blow yet so he stopped and stepped back.

Stacie’s body was a sticky gooey mess. Her husband then untied her and helped her stand.

“Okay, now I definitely need a shower.” She said hoarsely.

“Do you need help getting into the shower?” Jim said.

“I’ll manage.” She said walking into the bedroom.

Terrance and Sean were starting to get dressed when they heard the shower water running.

“Mind if I join her?” Trey asked.

“No, go ahead that’s fine and make sure she is okay. She is kind of wiped out.” Jim said.

Terrance and Sean were dressed and walking for the front door. They thanked Jim for letting them participate and to keep them in mind if there is a next time. Jim knew there would be no next time, but told them he would.

Jim cleaned up the glasses and bags of chips from the living room and began disassembling the video equipment. He kept looking at his watch.

An hour later, the shower turned off. “Wow, that must have been some shower with Trey.” Jim thought to himself.

He was sitting on the couch when his wife exited the bedroom in pajama pants and a t-shirt. She came over and laid on the couch putting her head in her husband’s lap. He knew she was done for the night.

Jim was curious about what transpired during the hour she was in the shower with Trey, but decided not to ask. If she felt like telling him, he would leave that up to her.

Trey then came out of the bedroom with his shoes and pants on and was pulling a shirt over his body as he entered the living room.

“Thank you for a fantastic evening.” He said. “You’re one lucky guy to have a wife like that.”

“Yes I know. She is quite special.” Jim replied caressing his wife’s head in his lap. “That’s why I love her so much.”

Stacie could do nothing more than raise a hand and give a brief wave before falling asleep. Trey then left closing the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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