Played like a teenager, then deservedly fucked

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Played like a teenager, then deservedly fucked
Just back from our honeymoon, my husband was off to Aberdeen and offshore, working as a rigger on the rigs. Everything for me was a huge mixture of emotions, I was someones wife and I wanted this to work and immediately felt his loss the night he had left on the train North.

This was life now, in one way it would be exciting, as each separation meant another reunion at the end of it, there would be no stagnation or boredom, all I wanted now was to find the job I was interested in and soon we would be on our way to having the best of starts in life.

The rig he went to was a small semi, working to the west of the Shetlands, so there was not much in the way of comforts or communications, an occasional phone call, with limited time, but we could survive with the long spells of silence and make the most of the time we had whenever possible.

I knew he was working nights and slept during the day and I managed to slip the occasional text message to him, which he got whenever he turned his phone on, but all calls were limited to the few lines installed for over seventy men.

I sent messages of love and support, telling him how much I missed him and thought about him all the time. One evening I received a rather risque message, telling me he had had a dream about me and awoke with a raging erection, he had to relieve himself before getting up for work.

There was something really sexually exciting in his words and I wrote back I felt the same way he did and could not wait for him to get back and when he did I would do the most unspeakable things to him.
We soon became comfortable in our expressions of love, for each other, and then on the third night he sent me a dick picture of his raging erection, that really got to me, that something so private could be sent and I texted back my concern that someone might see it, other than me, but I thanked him just the same and told him I had masturbated looking at it and how much I missed not having inside me.

He told me it was alright, these were text messages on private phones and no one saw them, just the sender and the receiver and as if to prove his point he sent me another of his dick, with a caption, ‘Now it’s your turn, and make them really bad, for I ache for you right now.

I had never really got into taking selfies of myself, I had a beautiful body and was always told to take care of it and brought up under strict religious ethics, so you might image doing something like this was a little nervous and a bit mind blowing, but I was a married and dutiful wife and my husband needed me, in this fashion, so I texted back for some ideas that might satisfy his urges.
Classy and racy were two words followed by sexy lingerie and toys in my holes.

I practised by looking at racy photos, porn and girly magazines, then bought sexy underwear and I must admit to feeling really sexy doing it, and soon I had some photos that I felt fitted the bill nicely and sent them off with a message that stated I had illegal bahis used my vibrator just thinking about him taking me in the rail station when I came to meet him.

He loved them and by the second week I awoke every morning to messages and sending more and more photos, of selfies I took in racy and daring situations, in stores and shops, in parks with men in the background, exposing myself once completely naked under my coat, soon I was getting into this exhibitionism that seemed to please my husband more and more.

Two day before he was due to leave the rig, I counted more than sixty photos I had sent and said as much in my text to him, that I was ready to meet him and promised to be naked under my coat as seen in some of the photos I had sent.

That night I received a text message to tell me he was arriving that very evening, he was coming home a day early and really did want to see me as promised in the manner I had described, wearing only stockings and a big smile.

It was a lousy night the train pulled in, raining heavy and howling a gale. I had arrived by taxi and was really nervous about being seen, but thankfully the weather and the darkness helped my confidence, I had a small bag with me with all my clothes in it, just in case and thankfully the taxi drove into the station before I got out into relative calm and sheltered from the wind.

The train was due within half an hour and I tried to phone him, but suspecting phone blackouts with tunnels and whatever else mother nature was throwing at us that night, I did not really expect a reply, but I did get a text, telling me of the delay and suggested I just into the bar and have a drink.

I enquired about the perceived delay and the guy informed me there had been one, it was not displayed yet as they were awaiting more information. I went to the bar and it was very busy so I ordered a double and found a haven away from the baying crowd, very self aware of my state of undress under my coat. I had thought about calling it off and going to the bathroom and getting dressed, but I wanted to do this, and just sitting there like this really did make me in the mood for sex, it really was a turn on being so risque wondering what the men around me would do if they knew my state of mind and lack of clothing.

I had almost finished my drink when the announcement came that the train would be closer to midnight, as the bridge at Dundee was suspect, I reached for my phone and tried to call, but nothing, then a text came through basically same much the same, but he was urging me to stay on and we might book into the hotel close by the station that night, go have another double and just sit tight and he would make a booking in my name.

I had a small amount left in my glass and wondered if I really should take the chance of leaving my seat to go for another, I could feel the effects of this double on me just now, but now I had an extra couple of hours to wait, when suddenly a man walked towards me, he was smiling and seemed tipobet warm and congenial, ‘Are you waiting on the same train as I that has been delayed’, he said, his voice sounded educated warm and had a nice ring to it, bt on top of that, he was quite handsome, though much older than what I was used to?

I replied I was, and then he offered to buy me a drink, if I allowed hi to sit with me, he was awaiting his fiancee who was also on the train, to be honest I felt flattered and agreed to let him buy me a drink, in a small way I was happy for the company.

He returned and I immediately picked up on his aftershave or body cologne, ‘I know what you’re wearing’, I said with a laugh, ‘but I have forgotten the name of it’.

He thanked me for the observation and told me and I could have kicked myself for forgetting it, but it at least broke the ice and we drank the drinks he had bought and soon we were in conversation and I was feeling the drinks were relaxing me, perhaps a little too much, but he bought some more and then he asked f he could have a photo of me, which he took then asked for one with me, which I obliged as he sat alongside me, all shy and somewhat, so I put my arm around his shoulder and he took the photo of us, and for an instant I relaxed as e held his hand high and away looking down on us, he turned slightly and we kissed and the photo was taken, by then I knew I had drank too much, as I made excuses and he moved back to the other side of the table, where we both regained some composure.

He went to the bar and this time he ordered coffee for me and then made his excuse and left me alone again, for with I was glad in a way. The train would arrive in half an hour.

There was a cheer from the awaiting crowd when it pulled in to the platform, including myself, as the carriages emptied and I waited, and waited and waited, there was no sign of him.

I texted, somewhat confused, and then the message came back, he was in the hotel, he thought I was there as he did not see me as he was first off.

‘I’m on my way, five minutes’ I texted back, room 302, I ran somewhat drunkenly all the way and knocked on the door, everything going through my mind, as I looked nervously around me, the corridor was empty, after all it was past midnight, so when I heard him call out ‘Coming’, I opened my coat and let it slip from my shoulders, took a deep breath and literally dared myself and prayed no one would appear and catch me.

The door opened and I froze as the camera flash recorded my naked self standing in the hotel corridor, full frontal and seemingly, in one sixtieth of a second, actually smiling, the only problem I had, it was not my husband, it was the guy who had been drinking with me in the bar, and now he reached out and yanked my stupefied body into the room and put a hand on my mouth, so I could not scream, he wanted me to know what was going on.

I was drunk and out of breath, I was frightened and started to cry, holding my coat closed, embarrassed and mortified, tipobet giriş everything was seemingly crazy and it took a while before I settled enough to hear what he had to say, he promised me a taxi home after he told me what was going on.

He worked on the same rig as my husband and was in the helicopter check in room when my husband arrived. He had watched when my husband had checked in his phone, which was compulsory for that rig, and watched as my husband had left, leaving his phone behind.
He was still there when my message came through and ‘blinged’, to draw attention to the fact he had not turned it off.

He had read my message and decided to keep the line open for communication with me, suspecting it would be fun pretending to be my husband and see how far he could take it with me.

I could feel the humiliation and embarrassment not to mention the anger at being duped by this man, then suddenly in my hazy head I realised, all those indecent photos and text message, tonight the bar, and the selfies and me kissing him, wtf, it appears I was having an affair with him and coming here to meet him and check into this hotel under my name, he had planned it all and my husband was still on the rig, and I was here with a coworker armed with enough incriminating evidence to show I was the one doing all of this, then there was the photo of me standing naked at the room door, my heart sank.

‘What do you want’, I asked him finally, the offer of the taxi home was still there, but somehow for his silence I knew it was pointless as he had me by my short and curlies.

He did not answer, he was slowly undressing and I got up, feeling sick and tired. I walked across to the mini bar and reached in and took out a double and poured as he dropped his pants and gave me my answer, he really did have a big cock, and just as I did at the room door I dropped my coat and walked to the bed where he waited, and we kissed again as his cock pressed against my stomach.

Tis bastard of a man had been without sex with a woman for three weeks, and he had worked me lick a teenager, naive and willing, as I took a swig from the glass and kissed him again, this time forcing my tongue into his mouth, ‘Do what you must’, I said resigned to my fate, ‘I promise not to scream’.

I lay face down on the bed, I closed my eyes and just imagined him looking at my nakedness, my garter belt and stockings the fact I was still in my knee high boots, and the rest of me naked and willing, I knew what was about to happen, and I wonder if I would have enough energy for my husbands correct arrival tomorrow night.

I could feel his huge cock probing my holes and start to push to penetrate, ‘If you’re going into that one, use some lubricant’, the pain was sharp as I bit into the sheet and duvet, as he humped and bore down on me, it took a few minutes before the lubricant started to ease the roughness, he had his prize, well done him, I thought, there was something about being used that had a dark attraction, I finally broke free from his anal conquest and went down in his big cock, if I was going to be used like this, I was determined to have a little fun myself, even if it meant licking my own shit from his cock, before mounting him where babies are made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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