Playing with Their Toys Ch. 02

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Author’s Note/ I’m just going to say this now because I know eventually someone is going to leave a comment against incest. I am not going to be reading any negative comments that you leave and if you haven’t noticed it hasn’t deterred anyone from posting these stories so really your doing no good. I just don’t see the point in you preaching in my comments section.


When Anna woke up later on that night she found herself snuggled against Marks muscular naked chest. His arms were draped around her sides and under her neck, supporting her head under his chin. He had one of her bare legs trapped between his two naked ones, her knee pressed against his now soft dick.

Anna closed her eyes and tried her best not to move as she thought about what she and her brother had done just hours before. Her pussy was still sore but not as bad as she had thought it would be. Anna lifted one of Marks arms up and pulled her leg out from between his. She scooted across his sheets and hopped down from Marks tall King sized bed. She tiptoed across the room and out into the kitchen then poured herself a glass of water. She finished the water and ate a peach to settle her stomach then headed back to her bed.

Anna stood in her doorway looking at her messed bed. She still couldn’t believe what she and Mark had done. A part of her was disgusted by it but all the same she began to feel the familiar tingling in her pussy. Anna looked across the hall at her brother sleeping in his bed. A lock of his dark red hair had fallen over his forehead; Anna’s fingers itched to tuck it behind one of his ears. She couldn’t help but notice how lonely Mark looked in the large bed. Anna looked back at her bed one more time then padded across the hall to Mark’s room. She lifted the sheets up to crawl in and she realized that Mark was naked. She stared at his cock wondering what it would feel like in her hands. Anna shook her head and climbed into the bed. She lay down farther away from Mark and looked into his face. She couldn’t keep her mind off of his naked body just inches from hers. Anna’s shirt bunched up under her when she moved so she removed it and her panties while she was at it. She always slept naked anyway because of the restrictions the clothes put on her. She closed her eyes and was asleep again, not noticing that she had curled up against her brother.

Mark opened his eyes to the light coming through the window shining directly into them. He blinked several times and removed his hand from around Anna’s stomach to rub the sleep from his eyes. His hand trailed along his sister’s naked flesh and his body stiffened when he realized that the clothing that he had dressed Anna in were gone. Squinting he saw them on the floor at the bottom of his bed. Mark brought his hand up and gently laid it on Anna’s breast. He cupped it in his large hand and squeezed it, his palm rubbing against her nipple; he didn’t feel a single blemish on the smooth skin. Mark pulled the covers down with his other hand and took in her amazing breasts. The early morning sun shone over her body making it look liked it glowed. Anna’s breasts fit nicely into each of his large hands. Mark drew large circles around her right nipple, making them smaller as his fingers traveled up her gorgeous flesh. He stopped just short of the pointy tip, just brushing it with his fingers before going to the other and repeating the process. He licked his lips and looked at Anna’s sleeping face, so angelic in the light, then lowered his lips to her right breast. He took the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it, kissed it gently, and flicked it with his tongue as it grew larger in his mouth. He nipped it with his teeth before moving onto the other breast and treating it to the same handling. Mark tweaked her now moist nipples with his thumb and middle fingers, rolling the flesh between them. Anna moaned startling Mark but he didn’t take his fingers from her breasts. When he looked up at her she was ataşehir escort smiling shyly at him her hands clenched into fists on top of the covers.

Anna opened her mouth, confusion and misunderstanding written on her face, and started to speak. Before she could get out more than a syllable Mark placed his lips on hers and kissed her deeply, her head pushing back into the pillows. He flicked his tongue against her lips then forced them open. Anna’s heart beat faster in her chest, she didn’t know what she was doing or why she was letting Mark kiss her and touch her like this. Her mind was screaming to her how wrong it was while her body was telling her how good it felt. Anna’s hands found Marks chest and she pushed him away gently still not sure if she wanted this to go where she thought it was.

“How about some breakfast?” She asked him.

Mark looked down at her and licked his lips, for some reason his sisters mouth tasted like peaches. “Pancakes?” he asked.

Anna smiled and nodded her head, Mark made the best pancakes. Mark kissed her on the lips again then slipped out from under the rest of the covers and headed towards the kitchen. Anna could see his cock swinging between his legs as he walked away and she felt her body tingle in response. This is so wrong she thought as she got up. Anna went to Marks closet and pulled on one of his button down dress shirts then went into the kitchen.

After they finished eating Anna took the plates to the sink. She returned to the table and looked Mark in the eyes; it was easier now that he had pulled on a robe. “I think we need to talk about what we’ve done.”

Mark shifted in his seat, “I don’t think there was anything wrong with it.”

“We’re brother and sister, of course there’s something wrong with it.” Anna shot back at him.

“Did it feel good last night?” Mark asked.

The question startled Anna and she answered truthfully. “Sure it did.”

“And this morning, how did that feel?” He asked. Anna nodded her head yes doing her best not to shiver at the thought of his lips sucking on her and the soft touch of his fingers as they tweaked her nipples.

“How can something that feels so good be wrong?” Mark asked trying to appeal to Anna’s logical side. Anna’s mind worked hard as she tried to think of a real good reason to not do what they did again or even go any farther.

“I’ve never been with anyone before.” She admitted to Mark shyly.

Mark grinned at her. “Your only 17, the first time I had sex was when I was 18. And if your worried about being inexperienced, I don’t mind teaching you.”

Anna folded her hands in her lap then looked up at Mark through her bangs. “You… You want to have sex with me?”

Mark took one of her hands in his larger ones. “Anna you’re beautiful, and I’d be honored if you let me.” He moved his hand up to her neck and pulled her mouth to his again repeating the kiss she had interrupted before. With his other hand he unbuttoned the first three buttons on the shirt she was wearing. He slipped his hand in and ran his fingers around her nipples and over her breast. Anna let one of her hands drop to Marks lap and felt his rigid cock covered by the cotton of his robe. Mark groaned into her mouth, Anna pulled away from him.

“How long have you been hard like that?” she asked concerned.

Mark smiled at her. “Since I woke up this morning.”

“Can I see it?” Anna asked not taking her eyes from his crotch.

“Why don’t we go into my room?” Mark told her.

Anna followed Mark into his bedroom. He stopped and pulled off his robe. Anna caught her first look at a real cock and she realized that everything that she had seen on the internet hadn’t prepared her for this at all. She stepped closer and leaned down to look at it better. Mark’s cock stood straight up in the air the tip of it slightly redder than the shaft. The shaft looked to be a little bigger than she could take in one hand kadıköy escort bayan but not by much and it was about 7 inches long. Not the longest that she had seen on the internet but she knew it would suit her just fine. She noticed that he was trimmed and there was only a bit of hair around his balls.

Mark wanted so bad to grab Anna’s head and force his cock into her mouth like he did with the women he slept with. But he knew better than that, he knew Anna was still partially not convinced about what they were doing. Mark touched her shoulder and Anna looked up at him. He sat on the bed and pushed his way back so that he was leaning against the headboard. Anna moved up beside him and Mark pulled her into another kiss. He touched her thigh and motioned for Anna to move on top of him. As they kissed Mark unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way and removed it throwing the silk to the floor. Anna sat back and the tip of his cock rubbed along her wet slit. Mark bit his lip trying to force himself not to push into her right at that moment. The only thing that stopped him was the thought of her warm mouth around his cock.

“Anna, would you like to learn how to give a blowjob?” Mark asked. Anna looked down at the rigid cock sticking up just inches from her pussy. She ran a finger over the shaft then ran her thumb over the head. She looked up at Mark wondering what to do next. “Do what feels right Anna. Start by licking and kissing it.” Anna nodded her head and slid down Marks legs until she was probed up on his thighs staring up at his cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked his cock from the tip of his head to his balls then back up again. Anna looked up at him to see how she was doing. Mark had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily. Anna remembered what he had said and kissed her brother’s cock all around the shaft and head. She alternated between kissing his cock and licking it.

Mark groaned needing to feel Anna’s mouth around his cock. “You’re doing good Anna but can you put my dick in your mouth? Just suck on the head first, like a blow pop.” Anna looked at his cock then licked her lips and took the tip of it in her mouth stopping just below the head, she sucked on it gently. Anna could feel her saliva building up and swallowed. When she did she flicked her tongue over the tip of Marks cock. He moaned loudly so she did it again. She took more of him into her mouth, inch by inch until she had all of him in that she could. “Move your head up and down.” Mark instructed her. Anna gripped his cock at the base and moved her head up and down slowly not letting him slip from her mouth. “Faster.” Mark hissed. Anna glanced up at him then began to bob faster on his cock. Her hair fell around her shoulders shielding her face from Mark’s view. He reached down and pushed it behind her neck and held it there. Anna started to move the hand that was gripping Marks cock.

Mark raised his hips off of the bed and Anna tried to move her head off of his cock in surprise. Mark held her head down. “Anna I’m going to cum, keep doing what you’re doing, don’t stop.” Determined Anna did her best to keep her mouth on her brother’s cock but when the first shot of his hot cum hit the back of her throat Anna tried to pull back again. Mark held her in place until he had finished, doing his best not to hurt her. When he finally let go of her head Anna sat up gasping for air. Cum was dripping out of the corners of her mouth and dropping onto her breasts. Anna licked her lips then swallowed.

“How’s it taste?” Mark asked out of breath.

Anna looked at him. “Not bad.”

“You weren’t to bad either Anna. With a little work you will be really good.” Mark complimented her. “Now lie down and let me repay you.”

Anna flopped down on the bed in the same place Mark had been. “Just lay there and let me work.” Mark instructed her. Anna nodded her head.

Mark spread her legs out on either side of him and lay down on the bed his face inches escort maltepe from her pussy. He could see her juices glistening on the lips. Mark kissed her thighs then the flesh around and above her slit. Anna moaned pushing her pussy under his tongue trying to get him to lick it like the night before. Mark put his hands on her hips to hold her in place then picked up one of her hands and laid it on top of one of her breasts. “Play with that.” He told her before returning to her pussy. He teased her a bit more then stuck his tongue in her slit and gave her one long lick from the back of her pussy to her clit. When he got to it he gave it a flick then began to explore her pussy thoroughly with his tongue. He licked around her hole then stuck his tongue deep inside of it. Anna moaned and pinched her nipples harder, rubbing the cum that had dripped onto them into her skin. Mark smiled while his tongue was still in her pussy. He moved his mouth up to his sister’s clit and replaced his fingers with his tongue inside of her. He moved them in and out while he sucked on her clit, gently flicking his tongue against the smooth button. Anna screamed as her pussy clenched around Marks fingers and she was overtaken with an amazing orgasm. Mark continued to lick and suck her clit pushing in and out of her clenching hole. He removed his fingers after the orgasm was over and gave her clit one last kiss before moving on top of her.

Anna looked up into her brother’s face and smiled. She took a deep breath of the sweat and sex filled air before pulling his head down and kissing him. “Are you ready?” Mark asked her. He didn’t want to push her any farther if she didn’t want to have sex with him.

“You’re sure there’s nothing wrong with this?” Anna asked him.

“I’m not going to force you, Anna. This is your decision.”

Anna looked in his eyes searching for something. Whatever she was looking for she must have found it. “I want your cock in me now!” she screamed loudly all inhabitation’s thrown out the window.

Mark smiled and positioned his cock against her pussy. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit coating it with her juices. Although Anna wasn’t a virgin she had never had a real cock in her before and Mark knew it would be a different feeling than her toys and fingers. He positioned his cock and pushed it halfway into her. Anna looked up at him panting and Mark waited for her to tell him when to push the rest of the way in. Anna looked at him annoyed and pushed her hips up spearing herself onto her brother’s cock. Mark smiled and pulled partway out again then pushed back in. Anna moaned and pulled on her tits. Mark picked up a rhythm and began to move faster inside his little sister’s pussy.

“Shit Mark that feel wonderful. Oh yah, faster Mark.” Anna told him. Sparked by her praise Mark picked up his pace. Anna grunted each time Mark’s hard cock pounded into her tight pussy. Anna moaned as she started to cum. Mark looked at Anna and the pure joy on her face. She looks so beautiful when she’s having an orgasm he thought. “You’re the best brother in the world.” At those words and the feeling of his hard cock going in and out of his sister’s tight pussy Mark shot his load inside of her. Anna moaned as she had another orgasm along with her brothers. Mark lay down beside her panting and led his cock pop out of her pussy. He pulled Anna into his arms and they held each other as they regained control of their bodies and breath.

“That was amazing Mark.” Anna said into his muscled chest.

“You’re amazing. That was the best pussy I’ve ever fucked.” Mark told her. “Anna I didn’t mean to cum inside of you. We need to go to the doctors and get you birth control.” Mark said worrying about the possibilities.

“I’ve been on birth control since before mom and dad died Mark.” Anna informed him.

“Oh.” Mark said simply.

“So we’re going to do this again?” Anna asked him after awhile.

“Already?” Mark asked her in disbelief.

Anna laughed at him. “No I’m a little sore right now but let’s not wait too long alright. I’m sure there are other things that you can teach me.”

Mark trailed his fingers from her neck to her ass. “Oh, I’m sure I’ll figure out something new we can try.”

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