Punishing my Bitch Sister-in-Law

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Punishing my Bitch Sister-in-Law
My name is Mark and I am eighteen years old, and I am home for summer from University. I have for as long as I can remember I have had this special ability. I have the uncanny ability to get inside of peoples minds and make them do whatever I want and hear what they are thinking.
I have never told anybody about this, not my family, not friends fearing that if people knew what I could do they would be able to guard against it and turn me into some kind of side show freak. Or force me to do things I would not normally do.
As far as I can tell there is no permanent damage they seem to get a mild headache and in some cases they can not recall that they did things they would not normally do. As I try when possible to put them to sleep then exit there brain. It has gotten me everything from high marks on tests to blow jobs from college girls when I was in grade nine to getting out of speeding tickets. I try not to use the mind control too much but I can always hear peoples thoughts.
Which brings us to my story.
Not only do I live with my parents during the summer but so does my older brother Jake and his new wife Brittany. She is his high school sweetheart and a first class bitch. They married a couple months ago after he graduated from University. My brother Josh is not the smartest guy in the world but he is a sweet guy and a hard worker and great with numbers. His wife on the other hand is a free loading, manipulative cunt. She is smoking hot mind you. She was a gymnast in high school. She is about five three, petite, big, firm, bouncy c cup tits that are high and round with a well toned ass and long straight white blonde hair and dark brown eyes.
Josh works at my father construction company in the office, Dad is grooming both of us to take over his sizable company in a few years so Josh is now a great accountant and financial wizard and I am studying the engineering side of the business, so I am working for the company too but in the field learning the hands on part from Dad.
I can not believe Brit she just prances around the house like she owns the place and being able to read her mind she is loathe to see us as anything but meal tickets. I feel for Josh, he deserves better but he loves her and he seems happy.
Although she screws around. He has no idea. But I see into her half empty mind.
She even had thoughts about me a couple of times. I caught her thoughts at least twice where she was wanting to ride me. But in her mind it was more of a hate fuck.
Anyway back to the story. I was working a site with a crew but we got rained out early in the day so I was home by noon. Thinking I would have the place canlı bahis şirketleri to myself I headed for my room to strip and take a shower. But to my surprise there was Brit the Bitch coming out of their room in nothing but a towel. Her tits barely covered. Now I did not need to read minds to see she was upset not to have the place to herself. I watched her walk down the hall to the bathroom and heard her thoughts.
“Fucking dweeb spoil my day alone, go fucking somewhere else” I heard her say in her head as she walked away letting me see that tight ass of hers not really covered by the towel. “he’ll probably jerk off to gay porn.”
Well that was it. I know my brother may love her but I had enough. I waited till she was in the tub, waiting outside the door until I heard her splash into the tub and I walked into the room. She tried covering herself but it was no use, I was already in her mind.
“Hello Brit”
“Hi” she said in a voice sounding between drunk and tired. “What do you want Mark?”
“I thought we could spend the afternoon together Brit”
From then on I had her totally transfixed. Her tiny brain was easy to overtake and keep control of. She was as weak willed as she was a bitch.
I first had her lean back in the bubbles and turn on the hose and wet her hair and get it good and wet. Then I had her use it as a fuck buddy letting her let the rushing water cleanse and excite the folds of her pussy. As she bit her lip and squirmed around causing water to spill out of the tub.
I walked over to the tub and got my first good look at her naked body in all its toned glory. I was surprised to see a full un-trimmed bush. A scan of her mind told me that she did not like the look of stubble so she let it grow much to the disappointment of my brother who wanted a clean shaved vagina. I would make sure my brother got what he desired. His pleasure would be my thanks.
So I handed her a razor and some hair removal products I use on my own pubes as I shave myself clean. She turned off the nozzle and proceeded to shave her pussy bare. I watched her with each stroke of the razor and the hair came off leaving her with a smooth and glistening pussy.
“You know Brit I like you bare, lets get you a hair cut and dye this afternoon what do you think?”
“Sure Mark I need a new look, I want blue hair”
” I thought you might, and then we will get you pierced”
“pierced?” she said with a devilish smile. “right on” she said standing up and climbing out of the tub before she could towel off though I pushed her to her knees and had her pull my hard cock out. She latched right on gobbling down my smooth hairless cock. Her technique was good she may be canlı kaçak iddaa a lazy whore but she could suck a cock. It took no time at all and she was swallowing my load slurping it all up. After she cleaned up all my come I had her brush her hair, and put on a smutty outfit. It was a black tank top and red lace bra very visible in the cleavage and on the shoulder, red silk and lace Brazilian style panties and a very tight pair of blue jeans that would stop traffic.
I grabbed my video camera and put her into my car and we went to her favorite hair dresser and had her hair cut to just below the ear and coloured pink, blue, red and purple.
I then had her suck the hairdresser off as I filmed it and watched as another guy waiting for a cut jerked off. He eventually came on her tits.
We left the hair dresser. We traveled to the seedy part of town where the best piercing place in the city was. I went in to find a big guy behind the counter. I sent Brit in alone as not to freak out the guy. She went to the counter and told the guy she wanted two rings installed. One in the right nipple, and one in her clit. She said she could pay but would rather fuck the guy as payment. To which the guy replied that if he could do her in the ass he would throw in a tongue ring, she accepted. Well I accepted on her behalf.
I managed to come in as he was piercing her clit, she was completely naked the nipple already done. She had a shiny new barbel in her nipple and was getting a ring with a dragonfly charm on it.
She got quite a fingering to harden her clit, her tits being licked hard and rough. Once he was done with the clit ring he pushed her head down to get his dick nice and lubricated before he stuck his eight inches into her ass. She gave him a good wet oral prep as she sat up she spit all over the head. He looked up at me and I winked as if to say fuck her like the slut she is. So as he bent her over his table and rammed in his dick. I started the movie camera again. There was no way I was going to not film her anal adventure.
She screamed in pain as he did not let her get use to the feel of a huge dick in her ass he just slapped his hands on her ass and violently fuck her ass. Her nails left trails in the table as he hammered her like mad.
“You like that” he grunted not caring one way or the other as her screams of pain were slowly turning to screams of delight as he grabbed two hands full of her hair and pulled her head back.
I was videotaping everything. As his partner came in to the back area Brit had her ass filled with come.
Leaving her ass wide open and oozing cream. He backed away from the girl covered in tears, come and canlı kaçak bahis sweat and let his partner a skinny, bald and tattooed guy slip between her legs. She was still quite dazed from the anal pounding as the new guy turned her over on her back. He slid his own dick into her and grabbed her ankles and held them in the air as he drove his dick like a piston deep into her greasy cunt. The piercing guy came back with his tools and grabbed her tongue and pierced it as she was being fucked by the tattooed guy. He tossed the gun to the side and pissed on her. Taunting her and calling her a whore.
“There you slutty little whore” He said flicking the piercing “Now who ever you blow will have the time of his life.”
I caught it all on video standing on a chair over the new guys shoulder making sure her face was permanent in the screen. All the time a look of total bliss on her face. She was in slut heaven as he pulled out and shot a load all over her face. He told her to put her clothes back on before they fucked her again.
I let the goons finish feeling her up and licking her all over and making her suck their dirty balls again. I was repulsed with her, she smelled like a cum bucket. She staggered away and she cleaned herself off in the dirty bathroom. Her hair looking crazy and her body slick with sweat and other bodily fluids.
We drove home it was getting late into the afternoon, just enough time to let her shower and clean the filth off her. But first I needed a piece of her myself.
I took her into my room and told her to strip. She did a very sexy, very pornographic strip rubbing on my door. By that time I was laying on the bed naked with huge erection. She sauntered over to me and crawled onto the bed and lowered herself onto my dick and for the third time in two hours she was getting porno fucked. I grabbed her hips and guided her motion as she bucked and bounced up and down on my dick. I did not care if she came or not but I needed to, so I pushed her down on the bed and pushed my dick between her tits. She pushed them together as I humped her fun bags and came all over her face.
I sent her to shower and told her to clean up again and better this time as it was about half and hour before my brother gets home. I made her ready for him to have his way with. As many times as he wanted this evening.
When he arrived home he found her sound asleep naked on the bed. She awoke knowing about the hair and piercing but not the sport fuck she endured all day.
I doubt my brother will mind the physical changes as I also implanted new attitudes in her as well. He will love the fact he will be waking up to a blow job every day and sex whenever he wants it with a faithful and loving wife.
As for me I have the video of the day and I sent a copy to the guys at the piercing place.
I am not finished with her though I may have to play with her again, an empty mind and porn star body is a terrible thing to waste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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