Pushing Boundaries

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Daniel ascended the stairs apprehensively, his teeth chattering ever so slightly with each step upwards. What would he say as she answered the door? What if she didn’t like the way he appeared in the flesh? What if her apartment smelled horrible? The young man stopped with a flash of sudden anger, inwardly chastising himself for the nervousness he was experiencing.

*I’ve been with plenty of girls before, why the fuck am I so nervous about this?*

But Julia wasn’t just a girl; she was a woman. A beautiful buxom woman in her early-thirties, according to her profile anyway. It was the first time Daniel had organised to meet up with a partner for a casual encounter from the online sex forum he had begun to visit in the past month.

It was true, Daniel had been with plenty of girls in his twenty-three years, but he could tell already this encounter was going to be unlike any of his others. The girls he had been with had often been unsure of themselves, their figures, what they liked done to them in bed and what they liked to do in return.

Daniel craved a woman with confidence, and tonight he would find her.

*Alright. So I’m nervous. Deal with it you bastard; she’s not going to be attracted to a shaking adolescent, she’s going to want a man tonight.*

Daniel closed his eyes for a moment, exhaled the remaining air from his lungs, and then took a deep and steady breath. Upon opening his eyes, he steeled himself. His teeth and fingers stopped their treasonous trembling He raised a knuckle to her door and rapped three times in quick succession.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Dan- *ahem* Daniel.”

The door swung inwards to reveal the object of his encounter, the lovely Julia. And how lovely she was! She wore a Summery cotton skirt that ended above the knee and a plain white tank top, through which Daniel couldn’t help but notice her pointed nipples straining against the fabric. He smiled inwardly, feeling a little more confident; it wasn’t cold today.

She cocked her head to one side and cracked a smile as she sized him up, her shoulder-length auburn hair moving silkily from side to side as she did so. Dan had always thought the most attractive thing a girl could do was smile, and Julia was testimony to the fact. He was struck by the sense that she definitely had an air of confident maturity that he hadn’t experienced before, and it served to make this already beautiful woman even more attractive.

“Well Daniel are you going to just stand there all day gawking at me, or do you want to come in for a drink?” She laughed.

“Of course, of course!” He said with a blush.

As he followed Julia to the kitchen he studied her figure from behind. She was shorter than he was, but not by a great deal. Her hips swayed seductively as she canlı bahis walked, and he could see each of her full, round cheeks rise and fall beneath the light cotton skirt with every step. Already his erection pressed against his jeans.

*Jesus. Look at that arse!*

“You know I wouldn’t normally go for a younger guy, but I think I could use a bit of unbridled enthusiasm.” She said without looking back.

“Well I read your profile Julia, and where our interests align I don’t think there’s going to be any shortage of enthusiasm on my part.”

She looked over her shoulder and caught him admiring her backside, and a wicked smile played upon her lips.

“Is white wine alright? I think I’ve got some left over in the fridge.” Julia said as she bent over to open the low-set refrigerator ahead of her. The cotton skirt rode up and Dan could see a glimpse of the white underwear she wore beneath, stretching tightly across the two breathtaking globes of her backside. She wiggled her bottom a bit and made a “hum hmm mm” noise as she shuffled some items around in the fridge. Dan was mesmerised.

*The time for hesitation is through mate. You know why you’re here, she knows why you’re here, and if you can’t figure out the message she’s sending right now then you don’t deserve this goddess in front of you.*

He stepped forward and dropped nimbly to his knees behind her, placing a hand lightly on each of her perfectly smooth cheeks beneath the cotton skirt. He slid his hands over the curve of her bottom and up to her lower back, and them brought them back down to give a gentle squeeze.

Julia closed her eyes and exhaled in ecstasy, her breath visible in the cold depths of fridge. Goosebumps formed on her thighs and she let out an audible moan, egging the young man on without the use of words. They had already begun to speak a far more primal language to each other.

Removing her head from the fridge and looking over her shoulder, she made eye contact with the young man. There was a twinkle of mischief in his eyes that sent a shiver down her spine, and she responded in kind by raising onto her tip-toes and sticking her bottom out further towards his eagerly awaiting face.

Daniel took the hint and pressed his nose firmly against her underwear, drawing it together and into the crease of her bottom with a satisfying slide. His nose pushed the bunched up material against her anus, while with his tongue he began to draw long slow lines across the underwear covering her vagina. He recognised the unmistakable taste of her arousal, and could smell the musky scent of her anus puckering against the pressure that his nose applied. He was in heaven.

Julia wasn’t far off either. The sight of this young man with his face buried in the folds of her arse and loving bahis siteleri every moment of it made her feel sexier than she had in years. That this guy – a relative stranger – was so eager to stick his nose and tongue into her most private of parts with such lust, gave Julia a perverse sense of control. As she started to gyrate against his face, she wondered just how far she could make him go.

“Do you like my arse Daniel? Do you think it’s sexy?” She said between heavy breaths.

“*Mmph* … Julia” He gasped “You taste and smell so amazing, I could stay here and eat you all day”

She smiled with glee and drew her hands back to press against his shoulders, pushing his nose and tongue away from her bottom for a moment, but not by much.

“Go into the lounge and lie on the ground love, I have a surprise for you” Said Julia with a laugh. She looked down at him and wiggled her glorious backside once more before flipping the skirt back over her cheeks and turning around to wait for him to leave the kitchen.

Daniel delayed has best he could, as it was hard to take his gaze away from the beautiful sight in front of him, but then gathered his wits somewhat and stood up to move into the next room. He felt a little bit dizzy as he made his way into the lounge, but lay on his back on the hardwood floor as he had been directed to. His rigid penis was pressing painfully against his denim jeans as he lay there in waiting, but all he could think about was getting his face back into the crease of Julia’s arse. Right now every thing else was secondary.

In the next room, Julia removed a package from the kitchen drawer that she had bought earlier in the day in preparation for Daniel’s visit. His profile on the sex forum that they both frequented had indicated his interest in ass worship, analingus, facesitting and oral sex, so Julia figured clearly this was a guy who loved arse and had a serious oral fixation. One of her girlfriends whom she chatted with had suggested pushing a boundary or two with him, and so Julia had come up with a plan to see if they could coax the eager young man into new heights of sexual deviancy.

From his place on the floor Daniel could hear a light crinkling of plastic from the next room, before what sounded like an audible squeak and giggle from Julia. Moment’s later she appeared at the door and sauntered over to the young man with a cheeky smile. She squeezed her breasts together, and then ran her hands down between her thighs and under the folds of her skirt. With a divine wiggle, she pulled her white underwear down and dropped it to the floor.

Daniel caught his breath as she stepped either side of his head and began to lower herself down, her glistening pussy parting itself on his nose and the beautiful rosebud of her anus hovering bahis şirketleri just above his tongue. She held herself in that squatting position for a few seconds, rocking the folds of her pussy against the bridge of his nose before bringing her arse down to meet his waiting mouth.

Daniel began to lap at her anus with all the enthusiasm of a young child with an icecream cone. He flicked the folds of her arsehole with vigour as she pressed her pussy against his face in ecstasy. Through muffled grunts and gasping breaths he voiced his pleasure at being used to service her most intimate regions, and Julia responded in kind with wave after wave of shuddering orgasms. Juices ran down his cheeks and trickled into his nostrils as she rocked back and forth across his now slick face, before collapsing forward in ecstatic exhaustion on her hands and knees.

Daniel tried to strain his neck up to continue lapping at the goddess above him, but Julia climbed to her feet and looked down at him with a renewed twinkle in her eyes. Her chest heaved in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“You were amazing Danny. Ready for your surprise now?”

Daniel nodded, dumbfounded, as Julia stepped either side of his head once more, only this time facing the other direction such that Daniel was viewing her glorious arse from the back. She squatted down and placed her anus over his mouth again, except this time pressed down with more pressure than before and leaned back to pin his arms to the floor with her own.

Daniel began to lap happily at her arsehole again before he felt something different from before. The rosebud of her anus began to pucker and open against his tongue.

*Holy shit, is she really going to do what I think she’s about to?*

He panicked for a split second, but Julia had positioned herself such that there was nowhere for him to go. Seemingly unphased, she continued to push the contents of her bowl into her apparent victim below.

Daniel felt the her sphincter widen, and a slimy brown object was pushed into his open mouth. He cringed in anticipation of the taste that was to come, and was forced to bite down and try to swallow lest he choke. But the horrid taste never arrived.

*Wait… is that… do I taste… chocolate?*

He deliriously began to chew and swallow the half-melted milk chocolate as it passed into his mouth from Julia’s anus, and he bucked uncontrollably as the sheer perversion of the act brought him to one of the strongest climaxes of his life.

Julia rolled sideways off him, laughing in earnest as he sat up and tried to catch his breath and finish chewing. Melted chocolate was smeared over his cheeks, and Julia drew forward, wiping some from his lips with her index finger and licking it off with an gleeful slurp.

“I’ve got the rest of the bag in the kitchen if you liked that and want some more?” She said devilishly.

Daniel needed no further encouragement, and he staggered to his feet to retrieve the rest of the bag.

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