Recuiting Players

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Recuiting Players
My mother is the cheerleaders coach for a major university(Colorado) and part of her job description is to help the football , basketball , and the other team sports that bring in money and star recruits to this university . When I was younger my mothers time was always taken up by coaching the girls and helping the coaches recruit players , but I never knew just how it was done . I am now a freshman at the university where she works and on the cheer team .

My mother (Crystal) and I’m( Nancy )was on the phone talking to the football coach Jones( I found out later ) when I heard her say just how many of my girls do you need to recruit this five star player ? Just two OK, what type does he like ? Petite blonde around five feet tall under one hundred pounds sexy as hell and likes to have all of her holes filled with big cock , sometimes more than one cock at a time . It felt like she was describing me I’m all of those things . I just love a nice big cock I like to be filled while I’m getting fucked hard and sometimes one cock is not enough . I have been sexually active since my sophomore year in high school when I was out celebrating a huge win in basketball and I had told my boyfriend at the time that if they won the title game that I would fuck and suck the entire team . Well I made good on the bet and was gang banged by the entire team plus the coaches it was a night I really enjoyed and I will never forget it still gets me soaking wet when I think about it .

I dumped my boyfriend later that week because several of his team mates had a much bigger cock than he did and god knows that bigger is better . I walked into the room just as my mother turned around she had a look of surprise on her face , telling the coach that she would call him back in a few minutes . Mom asked me just what I heard when I told her just about all of her side of the conversation she blushed . It’s not what you think she said , mom please I’m not a c***d anymore I can put the pieces together I know that you are whoring out the cheerleaders and I am on the squad now so why am I not included in the recruiting process , am I not good enough for your precious recruiting team . I have heard rumors in the locker room about how the major sports teams like to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri use us to help pick up these five star players .

Now you know that I’m not a virgin and haven’t for a long time now I love a big cock anytime I can get one so please don’t treat me like a c***d . You are just like me my dear back in my day mom said I would do anything to be filled by a big cock several if I could get it . I will never forget the many times I went to the campus parties and had many cocks filling my holes at one time . I still think about it a lot especially when I send out the girls to pull in those big fish as the coach says . It brings in a ton of money to the school with all of the television coverage so the administration just looks the other way so that if we are caught they can claim they knew nothing about but you can bet that someone’s head will roll and it won’t be theirs . I’m sorry but I thought I was protecting you by keeping you out of it . Well mom I’m a big girl now I can take care of myself , so you don’t have to protect any more OK . Alright if you want to help with recruiting these pampered overgrown man c***d then I can really use the help .

As you might have heard that the coach wants two girls that fit what this star recruit wants and you my dear are just what the doctor ordered . I just need one more girl to fill out the request , I was thinking maybe Lisa , she is about your size and build and she has been used for this before plus she loves getting fucked hard and from what the coach tells me this k** has lots of energy and can rough sometimes , so are you still up for this ? Hell yes mom I’m sure that Lisa and I can handle anything this guy has to offer no sweat . Alright I’ll tell the coach that I have two volunteers let me call him back . After she called the coach she said that everything was set for tomorrow night 6 pm At the Holiday Inn so let’s get you and Lisa ready for tomorrow . Mom called Lisa and from what I could hear she sounded very excited , I’m gonna fuck this guys brains out I said to mom his dick will never be the same again . Make me proud she said .

I started to get ready around noon I took a long hot bath shaved my legs silky smooth and shaved my pussy as clean as güvenilir casino any five year old girl would be . I was really excited this was going to be my first time helping out the school in recruiting this potential superstar player we just needed to convince him to sign his letter of intent with us and I have every intentions of doing just that no matter what , I was going to make my mother and my college very proud. My mother said do what ever it takes , just get him to sign , coaches order .

We picked up Lisa at her dorm room around 5pm coach Jones was with us when he said I really need this guy to sign with us so do anything he wants and I mean anything , got it? Sure coach we got it anything his little heart wants he gets . Thanks girls I will owe you big time . Your mother and I will be staying on the floor above you so let me know when he’s ready to sign . After he checked to see if the recruit was there he sent us to his room and said before we left go get em girls make your mother proud . Sure thing coach and off we went to room 325 . I was a little nervous but Lisa said everything will be just fine follow her lead . OK let’s do this . We knocked on the door when a very large black man opened the door and said come on in we have been waiting for you . My heart felt like it skipped a beat but I went through the door anyway he closed the door behind us and when we stepped further into the room we saw 5 more huge black guys sitting around the room . I looked at Lisa not knowing what to say or do when Lisa said OK who’s first and what hole do you want ? Six smiles appeared and the first one moved over to Lisa and said get out of those clothes bitch I want you naked and sucking my black cock while my boys fuck your ass and pussy , you got a problem with that ? Fuck no Lisa said let me see your big black cocks . Biggest one goes in my ass .

I just remembered just how much I loved big cock and it doesn’t really matter what color it is just that it has to be big . The first three were all over Lisa helping her remove all her clothes while the other three moved towards me I started to remove my shirt and jeans when one of them said we want you to slow strip for us so we can see your beautiful body . Someone turned some music and I casino firmalari started to slowly started to strip for these three big hunks while Lisa was on all fours with a big cock in her mouth and another one was sliding into her pussy and the biggest cock was headed straight for her ass , and from how big it looked it was going to test Lisa on being able to get that thing up the old poop shoot without killing her . I just love white pussy the one in Lisa’s mouth said white girls love the nigger dick so much it could almost be considered a crime .

I asked while I was stripping which one of you is the football recruit the guy in Lisa’s pussy raised his hand and said he was and that these were his boys from the hood where he grew up in . Fine by me a big cock is always welcome over the next 8 hours I had everyone of their cocks in all of my holes at one time or another twice I had all holes filled at the same time and Lisa did too . It truly was a great evening . I asked the recruit if he was going to sign with us when he said that he still has several more colleges to see first before he made up his mind . However your school is definitely in the running . Lisa and I left and went to the coaches room on the forth floor we knocked on the door and the assistant coach Tom Mason opened the door we walked in only to see my mother and the entire coaching staff taking turns with her she smiled and said I sure could use some help right about now you girls got anything left . Oh fuck yes , I started to remove my clothes when coach Jones asked me what did he say did sign he with us ? I told him that the recruit told me that he had several more colleges to check out first but that we were in the running thanks to us . Oh and by the way he had 5 of his home boys with him tonight so Lisa and I got fucked seven ways from Sunday . Coach Jones said so what do you think Nancy are you willing to help us out with the next recruit , oh yeah anytime I can get fucked like that again I’m down . That’s my girl mom said just before Tom Mason shoved his cock into moms mouth . Lisa and I fucked them for the rest of the night , between the recruit and his home boys Lisa and I must have swallowed at least twenty loads of cum not to mention at least that many loads in our ass or cunts , it was a tremendous night and hoping to repeat it again soon . I plan on making my mother proud as often as possible , at least all through my college years . Maybe next time my mom and I could work them together I’d love to see her in action . Fingers crossed .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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