Repairman Scores with White Wife Blacken

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Repairman Scores with White Wife Blacken
It was another boring Saturday for Betty. No matter the day, it was the same scene. There was her husband sitting on the couch watching one sport or another, while she kept herself busy with common household chores. Unfortunately for her, this is what life was like after marrying young and so many years had passed.

Today’s exciting chore was laundry.

As she opened up the drying machine and hastily removed the warm clothes into the laundry basket in her hand, she could hear the game announcers loudly on the TV set. The game must have been exciting because her husband alternated between loud cheers and boos.

Betty shrugged as she walked into the master bedroom and placed the basket on to the bed. She never understood her husband’s fascination with sports. She thought it was a waste of time. Her mind drifted off as she began folding clothes in a distant, removed nature. She wasn’t even sure what item she was folding…it may have been a shirt or a pair of boxers. To keep herself occupied, her eyes scanned the room. She looked out the window at the quiet, serene summer day. It was empty until a hulking black man walked by her line of sight. He was dressed in a repair man’s uniform…possibly a cable repairman…but then he was gone. So her eyes gazed around to all the pictures around the room, before she focused in on one in particular…an old picture from when they were dating ages ago. Her husband looked so much younger and in shape back then. He even had hair. Those were the good times before he let himself go and age caught up to him.

Meanwhile, she aged gracefully. She couldn’t pass for a 21 year old anymore, but people still mistaken her for someone 5 years younger than she actually was. Most people chalked it up to her youthful Asian features, but she also worked hard to keep up her appearance. Frequent visits to the gym and a healthy diet kept her at a lean 105 pounds even though she stood at a little over 5’5. She was technically a little under normal weight, but her impressive set of B cups tacked on a few extra pounds. That figure combined with an innate sense of style allowed her to always present herself well, at least whenever she went out, which nowadays was only to work and the rare formal function. Otherwise, she was mostly in comfortable clothes like she was in right now.

As she snapped out of her daze, she realized she was holding one set of her black thigh high stockings in her hand. She recalled how she wore them one day to work underneath her skirt. She could feel her co-workers eyes on her and she remembered how it made her feel sexy and just a bit dangerous. And she wondered why she didn’t try to wear those lingerie’s for her husband. Then she wondered if it was her fault that things were so boring between them.

She asked herself, “Did she stop trying to turn her husband on?”

At that very moment, she decided to do something about it.

Betty raced over to her secret drawer and pulled out a purple and black matching bra and panty set. She dug around for the matching garter belt and quickly threw off her baggy, comfortable clothes. With a quick snap of the bra around her chest and garter belt around her waist, she then pulled up the floss like thong over her legs. Next up were the black thigh high stockings, which were put on delicately to ensure they were stretched and smoothed out perfectly over her toned legs. She then snapped the thigh high tops onto the hanging garter straps and looked at herself in the mirror. Even she had to admit, the person staring back looked drop dead sexy. Betty took a step out as she couldn’t wait to see her husband’s face when he saw her in this outfit. Then a thought hit her.

One last final touch. She ran over to her shoe closet and sifted through a few boxes until she found the right pair. A ridiculously sexy pair of purple heels made of the finest patent leather. She hardly wore them, because they rarely were right for the occasion. They were practically brand new and the red bottoms of the heels, which signified to anyone with a fashion sense that these were expensive designer heels, were unscratched. She slid her foot in between the expense material, making herself instantly 4 inches taller. Ready and just about to step out to surprise her husband when another thought popped into her naughty head. She raced over to her secret drawer and pulled out her favorite vibrator. Her husband was never a fan of licking pussy, so why not get ready beforehand.

Sprayed out on top of all the unfolded clothes on the bed, Betty spread her legs just enough as her fingers and her vibrator went to work. Her head slowly fell back onto the pillow as her legs spread wider and wider. The vibrator found its way inside her tight Asian pussy as nasty and naughty thoughts danced in her head. Somewhere lost in her fantasy, the black repairman popped into her head as she felt herself get wetter and wetter. Her mind recalled stumbling upon a porno website one day when she was surfing online. It was for a website called “Black Cock Sluts” and the front page was an image of a massive black cock hanging over a smiling young girls face. She wondered if she subconsciously bought her favorite vibrator because it was the same color as that massive cock she saw on the website. Lost in the thought of a big black cock penetrating her tight Asian pussy, Betty got incredibly wet. Her pussy juices left a slick coating on the black vibrator and she grew dangerously close to an orgasm. It took all her strength to stop herself and focus back to the matter at hand.

She was ready to surprise her husband with the fuck of his life…

As she approached the living room, her heels clacked loudly against the hardwood floor. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. Something was off, and then she realized…the TV was off.

She called out for her husband, who answered by the front door.

“Hey honey, I’m gonna head out and meet the guys at the bar down the street to watch the rest of the game.”

Betty answered back, “Wait” as she stepped out into full view and made quick eye contact with her husband. There in all her half naked glory was this stunning woman in the finest lingerie and heels, waiting for him to pay her some attention.

But all she got was a confused look. “What are you wearing? I hope you’re not going out in those shoes, because you’ll hurt your feet.” And then he was out the door.

Betty stomped her heels furiously, making a sound as loud as the slam of the door closing shut, which caused her to scratch her pristine hardwood floors to make her even more upset. She was fuming as she made her way to the front door as fast as possible. canlı bahis şirketleri Prepared to scream her lungs out, Betty caught herself when she noticed there were people outside her shared community living property. She spied her husband halfway to his car as he stopped to talk to a repairman. It was the same hulking black repairman she saw before. They exchanged a few words and a laugh before going their separate ways…him in his car, the repair man walking towards her house.

Her attention peaked, Betty quietly closed the door and stalked the repair man through each window as he slowly made his way through another apartment and then past hers. She rarely saw a black man in this upscale community, so he stood out. Even more so given that he was a mountain of a man with quite the imposing figure.

With anger in her head and an ache in her pussy, Betty thought back to the same fantasy that was in her head before. If at all possible, her pussy got even wetter. And suddenly the wickedest idea popped in her head.

She ran back into the kitchen and yanked open the window and stuck her head out just as the repair man walked past.

Betty yelled out to him, “Hey”

The repair man turned around and smiled back, “Are you number 6?”

“Uh…yes. Number 6.”

The repair man spun around and headed towards her.

She pulled open the sliding door that opened up to the community pool area and let him in. As he stepped, he took off his shoes off and apologized, “Sorry about that, the numbers on the buildings can be confusing.” When he finally looked up, he naturally asked, “So where’s the prob…” But his mouth wouldn’t let him finish the sentence.

The reason was because standing there before him was this breathtaking beauty, half naked, and words were coming out of her mouth. “I’m the problem”, was all he could make out.

The black man was caught off guard and had no response. He snapped back to life and caught the next words out of her pretty little mouth.

“Do you think this outfit makes me look sexy?”

The black man simply shook his head in approval.

“So if you were my husband, would you walk out to watch a stupid sports game if you had a wife at home wearing this?”

“Clearly the man is an idiot. If it was me, I’d never leave.”

That was all Betty needed to hear as she ran up to him, jumped into his arms, and planted a deep, wet kiss on his lips.

When she released her lips from his, she just seductively stared at him, “What’s your name?”


“Marcus, this is your lucky day. I’m horny and pissed.” She then took his hand and led him through the sliding doors into her expensive and newly redecorated kitchen. As soon as they were inside and the doors closed behind them, she pushed him against the marble counter top and began tugging at his jeans.

“I saw a website one day with a picture of a big black dick. I want a big black dick just like that.”

Marcus was already rock hard and as soon as Betty pulled down his jeans and boxers to release the b**st, his cock sprang out from its clothed prison and pointed directly at her shocked face.

“Holy fuck, that’s a big fucking cock. It’s even bigger than I imagined.”

No need to waste time, as she let his pants and boxers hang around his ankles while her drooling wet mouth attacked his cock.

Her husband always said she was a great cocksucker; the way she suckled, gagged, and drooled over a cock whenever she really got into it. Her husband was just the right size for her to fit whole in her mouth, but Marcus’ cock would be too big and thick. But that wouldn’t stop her from trying.

“Oh fuck, suck that black dick.” He cried out.

Betty bent over, her legs sexily stretched out below her and her ass pointed high in the air as she bobbed her head up and down. She jerked the shaft in perfect unison as her mouth and tongue swirled around the cockhead. She was so worked up that she wanted to destroy his cock with her mouth.

Betty began to furiously work over his dick when to her surprise, Marcus stopped her.

He looked deep into her alluring, almond shaped eyes and said, “I want to lick her.”

This shocked Betty, who never heard those words in her life. She just stood there as Marcus walked around her and made his way behind her. Her slid the kitchen stool out from underneath the counter and positioned it for her to rest on. He teased her with a soft kiss and bite on her ass cheek, while he ran his hands up and down her stocking covered legs. He then lifted up her left leg and rested it on the stool, so that all that was standing between him and her sweet Asian pussy was a thin piece of silk.

Marcus quickly pulled her thong to the side, exposing her lovely pussy lips. He took in the smell and could tell she was already wet. But that didn’t stop him from leaning in and taking a long, slow lick from her clit to her asshole. She tasted great. So he took another long lick, taking a moment to flicker his tongue when he arrived back at her clit.

Betty jumped at the touch as her hands instinctively reached out onto the counter tops. She cooed, “Oh my god, my pussy is so wet.”

“I know. I think she’s ready, but let me make sure.” Marcus replied facetiously as he buried his face in between her thighs. He lapped up all her pussy juices as he touched every corner with her tongue: Long licks on each side of the labia, just enough pressure on her clit, and at last a plunge of his tongue as deep inside her pussy as possible. Every touch made Betty squirm and gasp in delight.

He couldn’t wait any longer to see how she would react to the next surprise: All nine inches of it.

Marcus took one last lick and stood up until his cock was lined up directly with her glistening pussy. He moved forward as his cock head rubbed against her pussy wall. There was some resistance, but he pushed through as Betty slammed her hand hard on the counter top and her body braced for impact. A little more force and half of Marcus’s cock had disappeared.

Betty had to remark at how big it felt and how tight her pussy was it. She decried that she couldn’t take it…it was much too big. But Marcus disagreed. And with a little coaxing, some back and forth poking, all nine inches were buried deep inside her. Marcus had to let out an exhale of breathe…her pussy felt so warm and wet. Meanwhile Betty was biting her lip, half in shock that she was able to take him all in and half scared of what would happen next…but 100% ready to find out.

He started out slowly, almost gently, with direct plunges in and out of her pussy. He worked up a nice rhythm, while spreading her pussy out. He deliberately picked up speed, until her slammed in and out of her with hard and fast thrusts.

Betty canlı kaçak iddaa met each thrust with louder and louder screams and cries. Marcus slapped her hard on the ass and she couldn’t take it anymore, as her body lunged forward and rested on the cold, hard marble. His cock popped out as her leg fell off the stool and both her heels planted onto the hardwood floor. Betty looked back and Marcus looked down; both seeing a slick, creamy white mass left behind around the base of his throbbing cock.

“Who said you could move?” Marcus barked. He smacked her hard on the ass cheek and pulled her back towards him. He shoved his cock back inside her sloppy wet pussy and grabbed hold around her hips, picking up right where he left off with deep, hard and fast thrusts. He slapped his body against hers with each pussy pounding, using her body to push her back and forth on his cock. Betty cried and screamed deliriously as he pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. Like a seasoned pro, Marcus grabbed her by the arm and pushed her up so that her body was pressed against his. With his cock still deep inside her, he thrust upwards feverishly as his hands explored and squeezed her tits and his mouth slobbered around her neck.

“You’re gonna make me cum. Right there…right there…don’t stop.” Betty begged and screamed. Her eyes were shut to the world and head was titled so far back it might snap off as her muscles tightened. It began in her fingers and toes, and the wave spread quickly through her arms and legs, until they arrived at the destination point with a loud, wailing orgasmic spasm for all her neighbors to hear.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she panted and gasped for air. Still in his strong arms, she twisted her head far enough so she could plant a deep kiss as her tongue intertwined with his.

“Oh my god, I’ve never cum like that before”

“Baby, I’m not even close to being done with you.”

They made their way into the living room where her husband spent so much of his days. On the way, he kicked off his jeans and ripped off his shirt and she peeled off her thong and bra. When they arrived at her husband’s favorite couch, she roughly pushed him into the chair. His ass landed on an old jersey that her husband left behind on the recliner. He adjusted his body, but before he could get comfortable, she already pounced on his cock and was frantically slobbering away on it.

“That’s right baby. Clean that cock. I want it to be spic ‘n span when he goes back in.”

Like a good little slut, Betty did as told. But the position was off. Maybe it was the heels, maybe it was a desire to climb on top of his face, but whatever it was made her jump on the recliner to get more comfortable, while never letting his cock escape her pretty mouth.

Her pussy hovered above as he gently caressed her pussy with his fingers. He reached up to grab a hold of her sweet asscheeks and spread them apart until he got a good angle on her pussy lips. Without hesitation, Marcus licked and sucked on her sweet pussy lips.

This enchanted Betty as the sensations she felt were so new and refreshing. She jerked his cock as she sat on his face, enjoying his magical tongue as he worked feverishly on her clit.

Suddenly the feeling was too intense and she had to stop. She jumped off, “Hey, I’m supposed to be using you as a fucktoy. Not the other way around.”

It was a joke that they both laughed off. Marcus was cool with that for now as Betty maneuvered herself around until her pussy was positioned right over his cock. She stared into his eyes as she stretched her legs on each side of him and straddled him. She eased herself down on his massive member, unsure if she could stretch her pussy again enough to take him inside. To her surprise, she did so with ease and before she knew it, his cock disappeared inside of her tight pussy again.

“Oh fuck, that pussy is so tight.”

“Is it too tight for you? Huh??” Betty teased as she bucked her hips up and down and side to side just enough to make him feel her pussy muscles squeeze around his cock.

Marcus cried out, “Oh fuck work that ass”

Betty took that as a sign to fuck harder as she rapidly worked up speed and momentum. She bounced up and down with greater intensity in each motion. This allowed more and more of his cock to escape her pussy, just before she slammed down fiercely balls deep on his cock.

“Yes…yes, it’s sooooo deep in me. This dick is so much better than my husbands.”

Marcus reached up and grabbed hold of her hips and held her body up just enough for him to slam his cock upwards into her pussy. He violently repeated this motion as Betty cried out uncontrollably.

The big black cock was too powerful and she had to stop before she came, so once again she jumped off to let herself calm down.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Marcus shout out.

“Sorry, your dick is just too good. I couldn’t take it.”

“Yes, you can. And you don’t stop ever again until I make you cum.”

There was a change in Marcus’ voice as he spoke. It was controlling and forceful.

Betty replied, “You shut up. You are just my fuck stick.” As she stooped down and cleaned his cock with her mouth again. Her pussy was still soaking wet, because his cock was slathered in her pussy juices.

Marcus enjoyed it for a moment and then decided it was time to take over. He picked her up in his strong arms and stood up off the recliner. He positioned his legs shoulder length apart and bent slightly at the knee. He juggled her body in his arms until his forearms were perfectly placed underneath each thigh with a handful of asscheek. He shoved his cock back into her waiting pussy and then began to fuck her senselessly; using gravity and her own body weight against her. Each bounce on his cock was met with thigh on thigh contact that caused her to jump back up until he forced her back down on his cock with extreme might. Betty cried out again and again as he methodically murdered her pussy.

Marcus stared at her, “Who you think you’re fucking with. This is my pussy now.”

Betty screamed, cried, cursed, and moaned incoherently and uncontrollably as her pussy was being fucked to oblivion. Each nerve was being touched. Each inch of his cock was felt inside her. She had never been fucked like this before and the second oncoming orgasm flushing through her body confirmed it. Most times, she barely came one…but never twice. Within minutes she was screaming “I’m cumming” over and over again as her body tensed and spasmed in his powerful arms.

As Betty collapsed into his arms, the orgasmic high was practically c*** inducing. But Marcus wasn’t having any of it, “I’m not done with you yet.” as he placed canlı kaçak bahis her on her back in the chair. Her legs stiffened as she tried to regain her senses, she just barely caught her breathe as Marcus continued dominating her pussy. With her legs spread wide, her legs and heels flailed in the air, Marcus rammed his cock back inside her sweet, tight pussy for another round of hard fucking.

Marcus grabbed hold of her legs and used them as leverage to jackhammer his cock in and out of her stretched and slick wet pussy. He mocked her as she cried out in familiar pangs of passion and lust.

“I’m gonna make you fucking cum again.” He gave her a hard slap on her tits, “And then I’m gonna fucking cum all over that pretty face and make you swallow my cum.” He went into overdrive, really slamming in to her pussy hard. The chair squeaked and squeeled as it tried to contain the extreme fucking, with Marcus’ goal of trying to break the old recliner by fucking her so hard almost coming true.

“This is my white pussy now.” And just like that her pussy established its truth as she came for a remarkable third time.

In a brief moment of silence, Betty thought she heard the front door slam. Marcus was squeezing himself into the chair beside her and he heard it too. She closed her mouth, paralyzed in silence.

“Betty, where are you? I’m back and I’m sorry for leaving.” Her husband’s voice boomed.

Betty looked at Marcus with fear in her eyes; she placed her finger over her mouth “Shhhh”.

She reached for the old jersey on the chair and quickly threw it over her sweating naked body. If she didn’t know better, she could have sworn Marcus had a smirk and an evil glint in his eye.

She bounced up dressed oddly in a sports jersey with her stockings and high heels, “What do you want? I thought you had to watch your important sports game??” Betty faked her anger and frustration at him.

“I’m sorry honey. I thought about it and I want to make it up to you. You look so good in that outfit…I love the nice touch with the jersey.”

Betty stood there in silence with a disapproving look on her face. Her mind raced as she tried to figure a way out of this predicament. Right now, she was lucky that the back of the chair was facing her husband. So as long as Marcus didn’t spin around and her husband stayed by the front door, she was OK.

There must have been something in her silence that triggered her husband to shout out, “OK, it was half time and I thought I’d come home for a bit. But then I saw you with the jersey and the stockings…”

He took a step towards her, but she quickly cut him off. “Don’t you touch me! I’m so mad at you right now.”

Her husband pleaded as he begged her, asking how he could make it up to her. Betty said the first thing she could think of, which was stupidly “You can out take out the trash for one?” She instantly regretted it, since that would only take a few minutes. Why couldn’t she tell him to go out and pick up dinner or go drive somewhere far away? But what was said was done…and her husband quickly picked up the trash bags near the front door and stormed out.

With every moment counting, Betty whispered to Marcus, “What are you doing? Hurry up…go”.

“Nah, I think I’m gonna stick around. I’m not done with you. And I haven’t cum yet.”

Betty panicked as she could hear the trash cans outside rolling against the pavement. Her husband was already making his way to discard the trash at the designated spot in the living community. It wouldn’t be long until he got back.

“Please. You have to go before my husband catches you.”

“I’m not scared of him.”

Betty begged and pleaded.

Finally, Marcus relented, “OK, I’ll leave if you do a couple of things for me real quick.”

“What?” Winnie blurted out as she sensed time was running out. The sound of the trash cans stopped, which meant her husband was dropping off the trash now, but it also meant he wasn’t on his way back yet.

Betty took Marcus by the hand and ran with him toward the bedroom. They stopped long enough for her to pick up the littered clothes on the kitchen floor. When they were safely inside the room, she closed the door behind them and asked. “What do you want?”

Marcus had taken his clothes back and fumbled through his pockets for his phone. He already had it on camera mode when he said, “I want a picture of you sucking my black cock.”

Betty shook her head no, but Marcus threatened to walk out naked right through the front door.

Suddenly, the sound of the trash cans rolling on the pavement returned. Her husband was on his way back.

Panicked, finally Betty agreed as she got down on her knees.

“Put it in your mouth!”

Betty put the cock head in her mouth and stared up at the camera phone just as Marcus ordered. She could feel the clicks of the camera as he snapped away.

Marcus smiled, “OK. Now I want you to say your name and tell me how much of a black cock slut you are.”

Just then the front door slammed shut and she could hear her husband yelling out for her.

Betty wanted to cry out no, but her husband was yelling again and she could hear his footsteps as he no doubt made his way to the bedroom.

In a frenzied state, Betty looked back up at the phone, which was in video record mode now and spoke softly, but loud enough for the phone to record, “My name is Betty and I am the biggest black cock slut.”

Just then the bedroom door handle jiggled. “Hey honey, why is the bedroom door locked? Open up.”

“Just one minute. I’ll be right there.” She managed to yell back.

Marcus made her repeat it for good measure, which she barely complied in a whispered tone.

Finally on his way out; Marcus whispered, “you still owe me…you’re making me leave without cumming all over your pretty little face”. He stopped when he spotted her pink covered smartphone on the night stand next to the bed. He picked it up and threw it in his pocket, “I’ll take this so you know how to contact me.” Marcus then threw open another set of conveniently placed sliding doors that led back out to the yard. In a true dick move, he thanked her with an unreturned kiss on the lips as he snaked out the sliding glass doors naked and hid out of sight just as Betty opened the door to let her husband in. Marcus could hear her when she explained to her husband, “I was horny and upset at you, so I was playing with myself while you were gone.” The quick thinker even managed to show him the vibrator as proof.

Marcus stood outside, thankfully with nobody else in sight to see him naked, as he slowly put his clothes back on. He stuck around long enough to hear Betty’s husband trying to apologize and get some loving, but he knew Betty’s pussy was ruined by his hard fucking and that there was no way to hide that. One again, he was impressed with Betty’s lie in convincing her husband that she would just give him a handjob. The loser came in minute. Just enough time for Marcus to review his new favorite photos and video on his phone .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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