Revenge And Blackmail…

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Revenge And Blackmail…

I’ve been away from my erotic writing because of other writing commitments. One of those commitments was attending a symposium out of state. In case you don’t know, a writer’s symposium is an excuse to drink massive amounts of alcohol while exchanging life/writing experiences that gradually turn to sexual experiences as the night becomes older, the scotch bottle becomes emptier and inhibitions become non-existent.
Tonight, we’d shut down the hotel bar and five of us went to my room where an un-opened bottle was waiting. We were going around telling ‘you won’t believe this shit’ stories trying to one-up the last story. One younger lady finally opened up about her ‘you won’t believe this shit’ story.
I can’t swear to her story’s validity, but then, why would she lie? The exact order of events? What was said and what was done in the exact order? That’s left up to my imagination to fill in but I kept to the facts she laid out as closely as possible. So, though written in the first person, this is NOT MY STORY, simply a re-telling of a tale. However, the young lady swore that the facts were true. And, as I said before… Why would she lie?
‘I’m getting married today’, was my first thought when I woke up in the hotel room. It was only 7am but I knew I wouldn’t get any more sleep today. There was the expected flurry of phone calls to make and answer. I told my mother and soon to be mother-in-law that I’d do my make-up in my room and come down at noon to get into my dress. From 8am till 10:30am my maid of honor and two bridesmaids were in and out as we talked about this and that and laughed at nothings. They left me alone to have a little quiet time while they went to get their make-up ready and we all agreed to meet in my mom’s room at noon.
They had just left when there was a knock on my door. Opening it I found Ted standing there. As corny as it seems, we were the original boy-next-door meets girl-next-door when we were growing up. As soon as I began growing tits I loved teasing Ted with low cut t-shirts and thin bras that showed my hard nipples to maximum advantage. Both sets of our parents worked and that left plenty of time for me to tease Ted with bikinis in my backyard pool during the Summer of my 14th year.
At 14, my tits were already a full 34C cup. At sleepovers we girls would talk and giggle about ‘hard-ons’ and boys getting ‘boners’. I knew that Ted often had to stay in the pool after I’d gotten out to try and hide the fact that he had a boner from looking at me. I felt sexy knowing that I could give a guy a boner. As I got older, by my 16th birthday my firm 34Cs became a larger and softer 34D or 34DD cup size depending on the brand and type of bra I was wearing that day. My tits became something that Ted couldn’t resist squeezing and other boys couldn’t resist looking at as every shirt or dress I wore strained to contain them.

One day, after I’d splashed water at Ted, it led to a mock wrestling session and my being pinned to the side of the pool. I’d felt Ted’s hard-on rubbing against my hip while we were wrestling. As Ted held me against the side of the pool, undecided on what to do next, I decided to make the decision for him. I was very tired of waiting for Ted to take our relationship to another level. I only had to say, ‘Kiss me,’ for us to share our first sloppy kiss.
Our kiss led to our first grope session as we explored each other’s body with inexperienced hands. I wrapped my fist around the first cock I ever held while we were in the water of our pool. Ted’s hands on my breasts made them ache like they had when they’d first started enlarging on my chest at age 12. Ted’s mouth sucking on my nipples for the first time made them so hard they felt like they’d explode as he sucked harder and harder. It all felt so good that I put my head back and closed my eyes as my hand on the back of his head pulled his mouth tighter against my breasts.
While Ted was exploring my breasts, I had my hand down his swim trunks feeling my first hard cock. But when Ted pulled down his suit and tried to move the crotch of my bottoms to the side, I pushed him away saying that I couldn’t take the chance of getting pregnant. We were both so worked up from our frenzied groping that we were flushed and breathing hard. Calming down, I told Ted that if we both agreed to just use our mouths and hands, then I couldn’t get pregnant and we could do… Things. I was too inexperienced at the time to think what things we could do. Ted was very eager to agree to explore what ‘Things’ we could do while observing my conditions. It was close to the time for our parents to arrive home and I ran to my house after tying up my bikini top. All that evening and night I thought about what I could do with my mouth and hands while dreaming about what Ted would do to my body with his.

The next day, after laying down the ground rules that either my bikini bottoms stayed on or Ted’s swim trunks stayed pulled up, one or the other at all times, I sucked on my first cock while underwater in our pool. Moving inside my house away from the watchful eyes of our neighbors, it was on my couch that Ted’s mouth between my legs gave me my first orgasm and I made Ted come for the first time with my mouth and hands. Later that week, it was on my bed that Ted’s fingers broke my hymen while he ate my pussy. It was in Ted’s bed that I tasted cum for the first time. I’d told Ted that I was always amazed at the amount of cum that pooled on his stomach after I jerked him off for the first time in a day. After sucking and jerking Ted to spill that day, he’d dared me to lick the pool of cum off his stomach, ‘just once’. Afterwards, I didn’t hesitate to let him come in my mouth. For months it was fear of pregnancy that kept us from fucking. For months we satisfied each other with mouths and hands only.

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving that we both lost our virginity to each other just after my 15th birthday. Our parents had to work but it was a school holiday. Ted and I spent hours in my bed fucking. A gas station on the Interstate that had a condom machine in the men’s bathroom was our supplier. Many of our classmates suddenly felt the need to piss while near that gas station. Ted had hitched a ride with one classmate earlier that week. Ted’s condom covered cock gave me my first ‘cock only’ orgasm while I was discovering the immense joy I had having a thick cock moving in my pussy instead of just fingers. Condom sex became bareback sex when I went on the pill a month later during Christmas vacation with the help of a OB/GYN doc my parents knew nothing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about and Ted helped me pay for.
Ted and I were boyfriend/girlfriend and lovers all through high school. By my 16th birthday our first, hesitant sex explorations had, during the Summer months, become all day, sexual marathons in his bed or mine from the time our parents left for work until they were expected home. During the school year we’d go home and race for the nearest bed to fuck in before having to stop and clean up before our parents were expected.
We didn’t have sex every day, of course. I might be on my period or a parent might be home from work sick… Vacation trips during the Summer… Ted was in excellent physical shape and was on the football team so his practices cut dramatically into our sex time for part of the school year. Since Ted wasn’t available, I tried out for and became a cheerleader.  I began to think that Ted had become addicted to fucking me in my cheerleader uniform.

Our times together after school when neither football nor cheerleader practices were scheduled were filled with hard sex. I’d be so horny that every bounce and shimmy of the school bus that rubbed my pussy lips against the seat would just make me wetter between my legs. Ted loved racing me home from the bus stop to bury his head between my thighs to eat my creamy pussy until I’d come. Afterwards we’d fuck with frenzied abandum. Each of us trying to make the other come as many times as we could before parents were expected home.
With the stamina and curiousity of teens, Ted and I explored every sex position and act a man and woman can do together for almost four years. Oral, vaginal and, finally one day on a dare, anal. From cum swallowing to ass fucking we did it all. I’m sure my mom knew I was letting Ted between my legs at every opportunity but she never said anything.
Then graduation came and we went our seperate ways. Me to college and Ted to the Marine Corps. At odd times when Ted had leave, he’d drop by my campus. We’d have very satisfying, so-glad-to-see-ya sex and I’d show off my handsome Marine lover to my sorority sisters. My God, after years of fucking he knew how to satisfy me sexually better than other sex buddies couldn’t.
Ted’s cock had always seemed large in me and I found out why when I began fucking other boys. I found out he was above average in both length and girth compared to other boys I let fuck me. Especially when Ted went through his final growth spurt at 16, I never found a cock to match his as I fucked my way through many sex partners. My future husband has a nice cock, but even now I find myself fantasizing at times about how Ted’s cock had stretched my pussy while I’m making love to my husband. And believe me, after years of fucking, Ted knew exactly what I liked him to do with that cock.

Ted’s family were still my parent’s next door neighbors and friends so of course they were invited to my wedding. I’d just put my hose on and was about to put on the matching garter and bra when the knock at my door interrupted me. Putting on a robe I answered the door. Ted at my hotel door wasn’t a huge surprise and since he was still my friend I invited him in. He looked damned good in his uniform. Sitting in front of the mirror, I began to put on makeup while we exchanged small talk. We talked about old times until Ted stood up from the bed he’d been sitting on and walked over to begin massaging my shoulders.
‘Know what I remember most from our time in high school, Vanna,’ Ted asked as his hands traveled from massaging my shoulders to squeezing my tits through my robe. ‘After you went off to college, I remember my best friend telling me how you fucked him just before Senior Prom. I remember how I felt knowing you’d cheated on me. I beat the living shit out of him.’
‘That’s what caused that fight?’ I was amazed. I’d never learned the reason why best friends had suddenly fought themselves bloody. Looking in the mirror I met his eyes and sheepishly admitted, ‘I can’t believe Syd told you that. I was so damned stupid back then. God, it’s been eight years! You can’t possibly still be mad.’ I shrugged Ted’s hands away from my tits, ‘Those are for my husband from now on.’
‘I had them first remember? He can have them after you’re married,’ Ted replied capturing my tits again and squeezing them harder. Leaning down to put his mouth next to my ear, Ted whispered, ‘Syd told me everything, Vanna. Remember how I had to work at my job that evening. How we’d agreed that I’d meet you at the prom. Remember how you let Syd pull you into a bathroom? How you let Syd push your dress up and bend you over a sink? Remember how you let him fuck you just before I arrived? How you greeted me with a kiss while my best friend’s cum was inside you?
‘And Syd wasn’t the only one. After you left for college, and I came back on my first leave after boot camp, wanna guess how many other guys told me they’d fucked you?’ Ted moved my robe out of the way to allow fingers to grip my bare tits hard enough to make me gasp. No matter how much I pleaded or moved or tried to pull his hands away they only gripped and squeezed my tits harder.

   Ted used his hold on my tits to pull me up from the seat and crush my back against his chest. ‘I didn’t fight them all and the way I’d been raised, I sure couldn’t hit you. So, I began thinking of other ways I could repay you for cheating on me. I’ve waited a long time for this, but today? Today, I’m gonna be the guy you cheat with, instead of the guy you cheat on!’
When Ted stripped my robe all of the way off I was left with only my panties and hose on. One hand continued to crush and mold my tits while his other hand slid under my panties to palm my pussy lips. His knees pushed my legs open and two of his fingers began to force their way up my cunt.
‘Damn it, Ted! That was over eight years ago.’ I tried to reason with him. Ted’s fingers only pushed harder to force their way further inside me.
‘Yeah, you’re right. Eight years of knowing you cheated on me. I never cheated on you and how many did you fuck behind my back? Shit, according to Eddy you fucked half the guys at that music camp your parents sent you to for three Summers.’
That fucking bastard, I thought! I’d let Eddy fuck me so many damned times during those two week camps on the provision he’d never tell Ted what I was doing with the other boys! What the fuck was the world coming to when you couldn’t even trust you best girlfriend’s little brother?
Ted seemed to enjoy watching in the mirror every facial grimace and gasp I made as his fingers continued to squeeze my tit and invade my pussy. ‘Go ahead and canlı casino siteleri yell if you don’t like what I’m doing? Go ahead. I’m sure someone will hear you. I’m sure your soon-to-be-husband and all your guests waiting to watch you walk down the aisle in white would love to know just what a slut you really are! But, you won’t. If you did that I’d tell your precious new husband what a cum slut you are. Shit! Your pussy is getting wet. You can’t deny that.’
The sad thing was, I couldn’t deny it. After fucking for four years during high school, Ted knew how I liked rough sex and everything he was doing was triggering my pussy to juice up. Like now as his fingers pushed up to the knuckles and Ted began used his whole arm to vibrate his stiff finders hard and fast in my pussy. Both of us could hear the wet sounds from between my legs telling us how creamy my pussy was.

   Pressing down on the crotch of my panties, Ted’s fingers slid out as he pushed the crotch of my panties to one side. Bending me over until my hands were resting on the table which only minutes before I’d been seated at applying my makeup, Ted told me to stay like that. I watched in the mirror as he loosened his belt and pushed his pants down. Tossing his Marine Corps jacket onto the bed behind us, Ted placed one hand on my hip while his other guided his cock tip to my pussy hole. To keep from sliding forwards into the mirror, my hands on the table pushed me backwards to meet his thrust as he pushed his tip past my hole. There was no attempt to ease his large cock in as he grabbed my hips with both hands now and thrust half his cock up my pussy. I cried out as his cock caused my cunt walls to stretch painfully when I ran out of juice. Pulling back, Ted’s cock brought more of my juice down towards my pussy lips and his second thrust pushed most of his cock inside me. His third pushed his cock all the way inside me and lubricated his cock with my juice to allow him to start fucking me with fast strokes.
Ted ordered me to open my eyes and look at him in the mirror as he fucked me. I hadn’t been mounted so hard and fast since Ted and I had been in high school. I couldn’t help my moans of approval as Ted reached under me to play with my clit even as he took me hard. The sound of his groin pounding against my ass cheeks was loud in the hotel room. Ted wasn’t trying to last long. He kept his eyes fixed to mine in the mirror and grinned when he saw my face slacken in sexual satisfaction. In less than five minutes he groaned and I watched his facial expressions as he came. His final, hard thrusts as I felt his cock expand and contract in my pussy told me he’d come deep.
‘Tell me you didn’t enjoy that and I’ll call you a liar as well as a cheating whore,’ Ted laughed. He laughed louder when I refused to answer and cut my eyes away from his reflection in the mirror.
Ted’s fingers were there to press my pussy hole shut when he pulled his cock out of me. After I obeyed and pulled the crotch of panties back over his fingers, he withdrew his hand. We both heard my pussy fart and I knew my wedding panties were now wet with his cum. Turning me around, Ted pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed. Ordering me to open my mouth, I tasted our sex even as drool dripped onto my tits as he fucked my mouth with his sticky cock until it was clean. Pulling out of my mouth, Ted told me I hadn’t changed in eight years. I was still a cum slut. Zipping up his pants and fastening his belt, he leaned down to retrieve my robe and tossed it to me. I used the soft fabric to wipe my spit off my tits.

‘Now, you’re gonna go get married and as an old friend I’m gonna be there to watch,’ Ted told me as he began straightening his uniform. ‘But, when you’re putting your wedding dress on, it will be my hands squeezing your tits you’ll feel,’ Ted told me as he reached down to squeeze my tits again.
Reaching down further, he pushed his hand between my legs and with a circular motion spread the cum that had dripped into the crotch of my panties over my pussy lips. Pulling me up from the bed, Ted continued to palm me between my legs.
‘And when you walk down that aisle in your white dress that’s supposed to signify ‘purity and chastity’, Ted laughed as he said the last word. ‘We’ll both know that it’s my cum in your panties. My cum making your pussy lips wet while you’re standing next to your husband in front of the Rabbi. It’s gonna be my cum dripping out of your cheating cunt as you exchange your vows to forsake all others,’ Ted said with more laughter. ‘Oh, and best of all, when you open that pretty, little, lying mouth of yours? We’re both going to know that you’ll be saying your vows with the taste of my cock on your tongue.’
Ted walked away and retrieved the small camcorder I’d forgotten he’d brought into the room and placed on a shelf facing towards me. After looking at it for a few seconds, he smiled. ‘By the way? I recorded you having sex just before your wedding. Look at that, got your wedding dress and everything in the scene. Know what I didn’t record? I didn’t record hearing you say, ‘No’, even once. Look at that… Bent over and waiting patiently while I take my clothes off like a good, little slut.’

Ted turned the sound up and I blushed red hearing the moans of a woman having good sex and begging Ted to, ‘fuck me harder!’ ‘If you want this camcorder,’ Ted continued. ‘If you want this camcorder, you’ll find a reason to return here alone sometime during the wedding reception. I’m sure you can find some reason. If not, I bet ol’ hubby would love to watch you enjoying a hard fuck right before you walked down the aisle to marry him.’
Picking up my key card to the room and putting it in his pocket, Ted told me I wouldn’t need it. He’d be here to let me in. ‘Two more things… If you need to piss? Wipe carefully ’cause if you don’t have dried cum on your pussy lips when you come back, the deal is off. If you aren’t wearing those panties with my cum in them when you come back? The deal is off. I want you to be wearing those panties during the ceremony and I want those panties in exchange for the camcorder,’ Ted told me before opening the door and leaving.
I couldn’t remain silent any longer. ‘And did you,’ I had to interrupt her telling of her story to ask. ‘Did you go through the ceremony wearing the panties?’
‘Yes,’ Vanna admitted with a deep blush on her face. ‘I was so damned confused at how I’d just let Ted fuck me without even saying no, that I did everything he asked me to do. I think it was only my perfume that kept everyone at the wedding from smelling our sex cum in my panties. I was so sure I was smelling canlı poker oyna it every minute. God, it was crazy! I was standing there in my wedding dress and Ted was right about everything. All I could think about was him fucking me and our cum in my panties and how our sex had tasted on his cock while he’d mouth fucked me…’
‘Damn,’ another woman in the room exclaimed. ‘I gotta admit, that beats the ever living shit out of every other story told tonight.’
‘So tell already! Did you find a reason to return alone? Did he give you the camcorder,’ another lady asked before I could.
‘Yes. After all the cake cutting photos were done and everything, I told my mom and new husband I needed to use the toilet and while I was in my room anyway, I might as well change out of my dress. Ted was in my room when I knocked…’
‘God, you’re such an asshole!’
‘That wasn’t very nice,’ Ted replied. ‘You only did what you did the night of our Senior Prom. Going out with a guy, me, with the cum from a friend in your pussy.’
I shouted back, ‘Getting married isn’t exactly the same as going out with a guy!’
‘Don’t care. Now,’ Ted continued as he un-zipped my dress and helped me out of it. ‘Now, let’s see those panties and pussy lips.’
Ted sat me on the edge of the bed again and pulled my panties down enough that we could both see the dried pool of cum on the fabric of the crotch. Kneeling between my legs, he spread my pussy lips and was satisfied with the dried cum he found. Standing back up he began unfastening his pants.
‘Whoa! Hey! This wasn’t a part of the deal,’ I protested. When I tried to rise off the bed Ted pushed me back down and then pushed me onto my stomach. Knelling on the bed behind me, Ted spread my legs and again pushed the crotch of my panties out of the way before he mounted me and, without a word, began fucking me. I either juiced up quickly or Ted’s cum was still lubricating me because in no time he was slamming me with the entire length of his cock. The sound of our sex was again loud in the room.

Intending to punish my pussy with hard, fast strokes, Ted didn’t hold anything back and his hard thrusts were making me grunt every time he slammed his cock up my cunt.
‘All that happened before and during your wedding was payback for the prom,’ Ted panted as he explained. ‘This fuck is for after the prom! Remember how we had sex afterwards? Me getting the sloppy seconds of my best friend and not knowing it? Well, tonight it’s your new husband who’ll be the cuckold. You’ll always remember that on your wedding night your husband got my sloppy seconds.’
Again, Ted wasn’t trying to make love. This was all about getting revenge for him. He only wanted to come. He lasted longer this time and my pussy lips were red by the time he began filling my cunt with more cum. Afterwards, Ted rested with his cock still inside me. Pulling out, he raised me up to mouth fuck me again before fastening his pants.
Pulling my panties completely off, he put them in his pocket. ‘I keep my bargains,’ Ted said, tossing his camcorder onto the bed beside me. ‘Only thing is, I never said I wouldn’t copy that recording into my laptop. So, you can have the camcorder and watch every minute of us fucking. But now there’s a new deal!
‘I’ve paid you back for going to the Prom with me while another guy’s cum was in you. And, I’ve paid you back just now for me getting sloppy seconds later that night. But, you’re right… You fucking Syd just before I arrived… All the guys you cheated with while we were together… That’s been gnawing at me for eight fucking years while waiting for a chance at pay back!. Eight… Long… Years… So here’s our new deal.’
Ted leaned over me to speak into my ear while he fingered my pussy to spread his creampie over my lips. ‘For the next eight years, when I’m in country or can take a leave from wherever I’m stationed in the Marine Corps, I’m going to call you at least once a year. Maybe two or three times a year if and when I can. If your husband answers, I’m just an old friend checking up on what’s going on in your life. We’ll talk and I’ll give you a where and a when. You’ll find an excuse to be there. If you don’t show up, your husband gets an e-mail with a video attachment I’m sure he’ll find entertaining. I haven’t forgotten what a damned good fuck you are. When we meet, we’ll spend a couple of days while you remind me what a good fuck you are. Eight years, Vanna. At the end of eight years I swear I’ll erase all of the recording and never call you again. But, for the next eight years you’re gonna share that married pussy you just vowed to give only to your husband with me!’
‘Ted left. I cleaned between my legs, fixed my makeup and got dressed to return to my wedding reception,’ Vanna told us. ‘As time passed I began to hope he didn’t mean his threat. Then, five months later, I got my first call from him. I showed up at the hotel on the day he’d told me and for two days we didn’t leave the hotel room. For two days Ted treated me like the cum slut he’d called me and for two days I had to do everything he wanted. For eight years he called at least two, sometimes three times, a year and it was always like the first time.
‘He began calling me his ‘cum whore’ and for two days that would be exactly how he’d treat me. At least once during the two days we had together, ‘ Vanna looked away and paused. Undecided whether to share before continuing. ‘At least once, Ted would share me with another man, or men, he would meet at the hotel and invite to our room. Sometimes, Ted would invite men up to our room and watch me getting fucked for hours . When those men were done he’d go invite more and let them have me before taking his turn. And that’s my story,’ Vanna concluded and gulped the rest of the whiskey in her glass.

‘Damn, this is what? You’ve been married for how long now,’ I asked as the nearly empty scotch bottle was passed about as we refilled glasses.
‘Ten years,’ Vanna answered.
‘So, tell us! Did Ted keep his word and wipe the laptop? You’re not meeting him for sex anymore,’ a lady on the bed next to me asked.
‘Umm, yes and no,’ our story teller said. ‘Yes, he kept his word and the last time we met that eighth year he was about to wipe the laptop, but I told him he could keep it.’
‘Why,’ I had to ask.
Vanna shrugged and smiled. ‘Ted’s stayed in excellent shape while in the Corps, and well, over the years my husband has let himself go, gained forty pounds and he’s just not as sexually interested in me as he used to be. I came to really enjoy having a fit, secret lover with a big cock between my legs. Two or three weekends of sex and nothing but sex a year just…’
‘Holy shit,’ I broke in. ‘You’re still fucking him, aren’t you?’
‘Ted will be here tomorrow,’ Vanna admitted with a bright smile and a happy toss of her arms up into the air. ‘What can I say? I love being my Marine’s cum whore!’

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