Revenge is a Steaming Bowl of Mom

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Chapter 1

I can’t tell you how angry I was when I first found out my dad had fucked my girlfriend. How was I to know that turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me?

It wasn’t that I loved Kelly. She was a slut, and I knew it. Why else would she have blown me before we ever went on our first date? Still, I mean, it’s one thing to know that about her, and another thing for her to let my dad have his way with her. Or for him to try to steal her away from me. At least, those were the things going through my mind when I found out about it.

But dad apologized, and said he’d do a swap.


“Yeah. You let me fuck your girlfriends, and I’ll let you sleep with mom.”


“Look, your mom knows. I never was the monogamous type, and she knew that from the start. She’s always let me screw around, so long as there’s no romantic attachment between me and whoever. It’s just physical. And I let her have the same freedom, though she usually doesn’t use it.”

“You mean, you cheat on mom, but she doesn’t cheat on you.”

“Basically. At first, we were supposed to tell each other if we had slept around, but we stopped doing that. She told me once she had, and I think she actually made it up, just because I was around 10 at that time. So it kind of works better if we just do it and not say anything.”

“But wait, this is crazy. Why would mom sleep with me? Why would I sleep with her? Why would I let you sleep with my girlfriends?”

“It’s easy, Frodo. (Yep, I’m named after my mom’s favorite character in Lord of the Rings.) She’ll want to fuck you, I can guarantee that. And you’ll want to fuck her. All guys do. Ever heard of the Oedipus Complex? Look it up on your favorite porn site and get back to me after you’ve clicked through all the links. And is that a good trade, your girlfriend of the day for your mom? I’ll also guarantee this. Once you’ve had a piece of that pussy, you’re not going to want anything else.”

“Evidently you do.”

“That’s different. I’m 48 and having a mid-life crisis. You’re 18, secretly a pervert, and horny for the love of a good woman who’ll fuck your ears off.”

“This is too weird, dad.”

“Just think about it, Frodo. Think about it.”

I did think about it. And I did watch a few mom-son porn videos. OK, a few hundred. Wow. I mean, I knew it was fake and porn and all that, but they were hot. Most of them. A few looked pretty damn sick, too. Like the guy who raped his mother up the ass? Or the mom who kept encouraging her son to give her a baby? Actually, that last one started to turn me on.

When I caught dad and Kelly for the second time, I just said it. “It’s a deal. How soon can you guarantee me I can have mom?”

Dad barely looked up. “Friday night?” he asked.


Friday afternoon, I got a text from Dad. It read: All set up. All you have to do is ask. I felt my knees go to jelly. Was I really going to do this? Was mom really going to say yes? Plus, how do you ask? Do you really just go up to your mom and say, hey, let’s hit the sheets?

When I got home from school, I was the only one there, as usual. Karen, my older sister, was in her junior year at college in California. I don’t know why I thought there was a sudden chance she’d be home, but I even checked in her room, and she wasn’t. I thought there might be some message from mom, but no. I couldn’t think of what to do while I waited for her to get home from work. I had a snack, and then compulsively cleaned up after myself. I went around cleaning the rest of the house too, which is entirely unlike me. Even more unlike me, I found a package of brownie mix in the pantry, and made that. Wouldn’t it be nice of me to offer mom a fresh-made brownie? I was ready to call the whole thing off when mom finally came through the front door. She usually was just my mom, but I suddenly started to see her in a whole new light. She was no Kelly, who oozed sex, and who couldn’t walk down the school hall without a dozen pairs of eyes watching her ass move from side to side to side. But she was a pretty put together woman herself. Maybe she had a bit more makeup on than usual. How would I know?

“Hi Mom how are you I made brownies.” I could feel a sudden nervousness come over me. God, my heart was already pounding.

“That’s nice, Frodo. I’m fine. How was your day?”

I went up to her. “Can I kiss you?”

Mom gave me a look that said go ahead if you want to. I took a quick breath and planted my lips on hers. She didn’t really kiss back, but she didn’t stop me either.

I pulled back, and mom gave me a little smile. “Let me change out of my work clothes.” I nodded, and she came back shortly, now just dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Mom’s got good legs, I noted. Not too thin, not too thick, nice and shapely. “Where were we?” she asked, as I stopped pacing in the living room.

“I was kissing you.”

“Yes, you were.” I went over and kissed her again. This time she let me put my tongue in her mouth, but she didn’t match my bursa escort actions herself. Still, the sensation of French kissing my mom was beyond delicious. It was delirious.

I had a million questions to ask her, but I remembered I had to ask the most important one first. “Mom, mom, will you make love with me? Will you?”

“Is that what you want, Frodo?” She didn’t seem surprised, so I concluded dad had talked to her. That was one of the questions I had in my mind.

“More than anything, mom.”

“We can do that.”

Oof. The floodgates of anxiety released. I had been partially convinced she would say no, or slap me, or humiliate me in some way, or scream, or something horrible. Now we were past that. Of course, there were still so many things that could go wrong.

“Oh, mom!” That’s all I could think of saying.

“When do you want to do that?” she asked.

“Now, now!”

“Before dinner?”


“OK.” Mom’s OK was similar to the one she gave me if I asked if I could have another hamburger, or go to Jimmy’s house to play. No big deal. Sure, why not?

I scooped mom up in my arms. She’s not that small, but I’m pretty strong. She gave me an approving look, and I kissed her again. This time, she let her tongue explore my lips and the tip of my tongue too.

“Where are you taking me?” I realized I hadn’t thought this out fully. I didn’t want to take her to her room. It had too many associations with dad. My room seemed a little strange too, even though I had cleaned it up. I wordlessly took her to Karen’s room.

“Really,” mom said. “Your sister’s room. Kinky.”

I hadn’t thought it was kinky. But maybe it was? How was I supposed to know what was kinky and what not at that point? I placed mom back down on her feet.

“Do you have a condom?” Mom asked. You bet I did. “Well, you won’t need one.”

Another statement that had me reeling. What did that mean? Mom wouldn’t let me come in her? Or she was infertile? Or, what? What? Never mind, just go with the flow, I reminded myself.

“Mom, can I undress you?”

“If that’s what you’d like.”

“Go with the flow, go with the flow,” I kept reminding myself. I had no belief we would have gotten to this point beforehand. It seemed so unreal. And for her to say she wanted me to undress her? This was beyond ridiculous. But you don’t look such gift horses in the mouth. I practically flung off her T-shirt, and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. She was just in her undies before me, like nothing unusual was going on.

“Let me,” she said, and she performed the same on me. But she didn’t stop at my underpants. She drove them straight to the ground, and unleashed my cock, which was at full attention. “Mm, nice,” she said, giving it a big squeeze. I could have died right there.

I kissed her again, and this time she met my tongue thrusts with her own, all while massaging and squeezing my dick and balls. I felt like I could come in her hand, except I fought hard to dial back that desire.

I reached around and unsnapped her bra. I didn’t think I’d be as adept at it as I was. But off it came, and out emerged Mom’s golden breasts. I hadn’t realized she had really big nipples. The areolas were nearly three inches wide, I estimated. Gorgeous! And I knew mom’s breasts were sizeable, but I had no idea how big they’d look in real life. I cupped one as we kissed, and it melted into my hand. I moved my hand, and the breast followed me like a magnetic attraction.

After a while, I remembered she also had some panties to remove. It took some time to disengage our other actions, but I managed, and she let me take off her last article of clothing. There we were, mother and son, naked as the day we each were born. In my sister’s bedroom. God.

“What are you thinking of?” Mom asked.

“Whatever you want, mom,” I responded. “I want to make you happy.”

“That’s nice. Do you want to be on top?”

As a matter of fact, I did. I pulled back Karen’s sheet, and Mom lay down, opening her legs in invitation. “We can play around more later, Frodo,” she said. “Right now, I just want you to fuck me.”

“Your wish is my command, milady,” I said with as much gallantry as I could. I leaned over her, and played my dick up and down her nether lips. That’s where I came out of once, I thought to myself, but I immediately buried that thought. Not helping. My mom wants to fuck me, and this is what I’m thinking? Come on, get back in the flow!

Mom took my cock in her hand again, and giving me a little evil grin, she led me to the spot. I pushed, and felt myself enter her. The first sensations of paradise started to overfill me. I mean, I’d fucked three other girls before, and they were all delicious. But mom was something else entirely.

Next thing you know, I was in fully, and starting to thrust in and out. I thought it would be me who might have a premature ejaculation, but it actually was mom who started to come. She started moaning and gasping, and then closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, bursa escort bayan and then started giving short shrieks. I had imagined some things in advance, but had never considered what my mother’s orgasm was going to look like. I have to tell you, it was amazing.

“Do it, mom,” I said. “Come for me. Come!” And boy, she did.

“Just like that,” she encouraged me. “Keep it up. Don’t change a thing.”

I don’t know what I was doing, but I kept doing it. I could feel her sucking my cock deeper into her, and her legs beat a tattoo on my butt as she came. Seeing the passion overcome her face, I suddenly had my orgasm overcome me. Without even I thought of how close I was, suddenly I was on the precipice, and then jetting my sperm deep into her cervix.

I must have sped up, because the stop afterwards seemed like it took a G-force out of me. Or maybe that was the force of my orgasm. Who can tell such things? Now I was the one panting. Mom gave me a little nudge, and I rolled off her. There was a pool of our mutual juices sluicing up the middle of Karen’s bed. I looked at it, and for some reason started to laugh. Mom looked at me quizzically, and then looked at our juices, and she started to laugh too. God, I loved the way her tits moved as she laughed. That would be a new goal for me. See how much I could make her laugh while topless.

Finally, we stopped. “Mom,” I said. “That was beyond amazing. If I died now, I’d be totally fine with that.”

“Well, I wouldn’t,” she responded. She got up—such strength!—and went to the bathroom. When she came out, she started putting her clothes back on.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“I guess I am.” I hadn’t realized it, but I absolutely was starving.

“I’ll make you some dinner.”

“Do you want me to put some clothes on?”

“That would probably be a good idea.”

I chose not to. I also chose to stay in bed for a while longer too. There was so much information to process. The first piece was, I had fucked my mom. I was a motherfucker. And I loved it. And she was going to let me do it again. I was pretty sure.

Chapter 2

I must have fallen asleep. I dreamed I had fallen in a hole, and instead of panicking, I liked the feeling. I knew I’d be rescued, and meantime, it was very pleasant in the hole.

I woke up, noted the dream, and also felt full of questions. I went down to the kitchen, buck naked. Mom had somehow gotten fully dressed again, and I was about to feel a little embarrassed, when she said, “Well, look at you,” and a dirty leer came over her face like I had never seen before. Who knew my mom had a dirty leer?

“What do you want, food or a blow job?”

Everyone should have their mom ask them such a question.

“Um, both. But can I ask a question first?”


“Umm. I know why I want to have sex with you. At least, I think I do. I’m just wondering why you want to have sex with me.”

“Look at yourself in a mirror. You’re beautiful and sexy, Frodo.”

“Yeah, well, I have other friends who are beautiful and sexy, and their mothers don’t fuck them.”

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure. No, I guess I don’t know that. No one talks about it, but then they wouldn’t, would they? Still, I mean, probably not.” This was getting deeper than I knew already.

“I know, that’s not a fair question. OK, I’ll tell you. As you know, your father slept with your girlfriend. I imagine you’re very angry about that. And so am I. It’s not the first time he’s cheated on me. He’s cheated several times, and we went to therapy. He believes in open marriage, which is something I never agreed to when I first married him. But he now has approval to have an occasional lover, as long as he follows several rules.”

“What rules?” I was really surprised at all this.

“The first rule is that it can’t be a serious romantic relationship. It has to be just about sex and nothing else. It has to be short. And here’s the thing, it can’t be with someone who is hurtful or close to home. That means none of our neighbors, none of our friends, no one at work, and while we never specifically said no fucking our son’s girlfriend, she was definitely off-limits to him, and he knows it.”


“Yeah. So when it came out, I had only a few choices. One, I could divorce him, and that’s definitely still a possibility. Two, I could make him go through therapy again and swear he’ll never do it again, but that’s punishing me even more than him, it feels. Or I could have an affair of my own.”

“But why with me?”

“I could have gone to a bar and picked up some guy, but that never sounded like fun to me. Or found someone from a dating app. Ugh. I admitted that to your father, and he said he had an idea for me. He thought you were hot for me, and that it would do us both good to help us get over his betraying us.”

“Wow. And you said yes.”

“Not at first. But I thought about it. I told your dad I didn’t think you’d want an old woman like me.”

“You’re not old.” I’m a good escort bursa son. Actually, she is old. She had me when she was 37, so she’s 55. Maybe when I’m 55 that won’t seem so old, but that’s like a million years from now. Mom looks good for 55, but let’s be honest, she’s no teenage babe like I’ve dated. Or gone to school with.

“Thanks, honey.” She kissed me. OK. “So why did you want to sleep with me?”

“Dad put the idea in my head. I don’t think I had been thinking about it before. You know, I’ve seen your body a little bit, but I was always interested in girls my age. But dad said it’s every boy’s fantasy.”

“That’s Freud. And your dad. I think he’s always had a fantasy about his mom.”

Grandma? Gross. Well, I’ve seen pictures, and she used to be nice looking. “Huh. Anyway, I think there was an element of anger, too, like you said. I mean, I don’t want to put you down, or what we did, but I don’t think this would have happened if dad had kept his pecker in his pants.”

“Right. And that leads me to a question.”


“When your dad was pushing us together, I think he was thinking it would be a one-time affair.”

“Yeah. But that’s not exactly what I want.”

“What do you want?”

“I gotta say, mom, what we did up there was pretty mind-blowing. If you ever want to make love again, I’m your man.”

“That’s a lovely offer, Frodo. I might just take you up on that. You’re a very good lover.”

“Are you turned on by the fact I’m your son?”

“Absolutely.” And with that, my mom wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me on the mouth. There was some real passion there, and I attempted to match it. She pulled away, and I found myself breathing hard. “Pretty exciting, isn’t it?”

I looked down at my cock. It was rock hard, pointing directly at mom.

“You poor boy. You want me to help you with that?”

She didn’t need an answer. She just went down on her knees, and started making love to my cock with her mouth. She licked, long swipes, short shots. She sucked, playing around the tip, gradually getting more and more down her throat. I was beyond being in heaven. Time stood still. I could feel her hand playing with my balls, and it felt like I had a gun aimed for her mouth, and she was pulling the trigger with my balls.

“Mom, mom!” I exclaimed, trying to warn her about my imminent orgasm. She changed nothing, letting me shoot my bullets straight into her gullet. I rocked back, and collapsed into a kitchen chair.

Mom wiped an errant dot of sperm from her upper lip. She put it in her mouth, and said, “Tasty.”

I looked at her like I had just entered a parallel universe. Who was this woman? I mean, this is the woman who made sure I did my homework and brushed my teeth. I had no idea she was this sexual goddess too.

After a while, Mom put out the grilled cheese sandwiches she had been making. I was starving, but I also wanted to talk.

“How do you know about dad and his incest fantasies?” I asked.

“He told me. It actually came up in therapy. He has a thing about big breasts. He always wants women who are nurturing.”

“You’re nurturing. And you have big breasts.”

“Yes, well, he likes to explore other women’s big breasts too. Bigger.”

My girlfriend—ex-girlfriend-actually has perky small breasts. So Dad evidently is willing to explore in other areas as well. Although Janine usually uses a little padding, so maybe he was fooled.

“He wanted me to role-play his mother, too.”

“Did you?”



“I didn’t like it much. But he sure did.”

“Did you ever do dad pretending to be me?”

“No. He wanted to recently, to show me what it would be like. But I thought either I do it for real or not at all.” Mom smiled at me. God, I could lose myself in her, if I didn’t look out.

“How would you like me to eat you, right here and now?” I was feeling very forward.

“You think you can satisfy me with your tongue?”

That came out as a challenge. I like challenges. And if Mom liked things different, I’d give her different.

“Come up to my room.” We walked hand in hand, fully clothed mom and naked me. When we got there, I put my virtual reality headset on her, and selected the program that made it look like you were at the Cirque de Soleil. As mom started watching and getting used to the experience, I had her sit on my bed, and pulled down her jeans and panties. For the first time, I was able to focus on her pussy, naked like a little girl’s, shorn of all hair. After learning these things about my mom, I was not surprised to see she was shaved.

I dived right in. I licked the lips, around her clit, I stuck my tongue in as deep as it would go. I have a long tongue, it went into her pearly depths pretty far. I could tell mom’s breathing was erratic, but she made no sounds. Within a few minutes, I could sense mom’s muscles tightening up, and a mist of juice started spreading quickly.

“More,” she said quietly.

I kept at work, licking, teasing, touching. Altering methods and targets. It all seemed to work, and it all was delicious. I couldn’t believe I was hard at work, pleasuring my mom’s pussy, the pussy dad used to own, and had used to make me and my sister.

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