RFW Back for more – Chapter 3 of 4

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RFW Back for more – Chapter 3 of 4
The following evening a car came up the estate track. Since normally the only sounds were those of nature the vehicle was audible a distance off. Sofia left the kitchen at a run and no sooner had the car stopped then the passenger door opened and this tiny girl flew out to be enveloped in Sofia’s arms. There was laughing, crying and a great deal of hugging. Clearly they had got the correct Gabriela.

Simon was rather pleased with himself; it had been costly but the reaction of Sofia and the knowledge that he had saved another girl from a grim life made it well worth it. Alan got out the car as whilst dressed in jeans and tee-shirt carried himself in a smart military gate. Alan strode over to his former officer.

“Mission accomplished, sir.” this uttered at a stentorian sergeant’s shout and accompanied by a formal salute.
Simon returned the salute although neither was in the army anymore.

“Good work serjeant, carry on. I believe that when we can separate those two that Sofia has prepared a suitable culinary reward.“

That comment reminded Sofia that dinner needed attention and she shot back into the kitchen to ensure all was well. The diminutive Gabriela looked at Simon from under ridiculously long eye lashes, smiled and came over and hugged him.

“Thank you for sending Alan to help me. “ she then kissed him on the cheek and went back to Alan where she slipped herself under his arm. At around five-foot-tall she was dwarfed by the six-foot one ex-sergeant. It was clear that Gabriella had reacted the same way as the other two girls to their rescuer. For despite his best intentions Simon had ended up with the two girls he had rescued from prostitution as his lovers and partners.

That night Sofia seemed determined to reward him for the rescue of her friend. This was tiring because she was a competent gymnast who brought those skills into the bedroom. Add to this Alexa who loved sex and Simon in equal proportions and it got rowdy. Simon was leaning back on his haunches whilst Sofia sat on him and was bouncing up and down. Alexa in the meantime was behind him massaging his back with her boobs whilst at the same time playing with Sofia’s.

From the bedroom next door could be heard the unmistakable sounds of Gabriela having a very noisy orgasm. This put Sofia over the edge and she sounded like she was trying to compete. Now that this meant that Simon’s cock was free and still erect so Alexa took advantage to their mutual pleasure.

The next day they made some decisions. For a start Alan would stay in Simon’s employ doing various tasks that his skill set made him ideal for. It was reasonably predictable that by now he they had pissed off the Budapest mob. Whilst it was unlikely, they could be traced, their military experience had taught them the risks of being complacent.
The entrance to the track up to the farm would acquire an electronic gate and CCTV just so that nobody could surprise them. Also some of the ruined buildings around the farm would be restored so that Alan and Gabriela would be close by.

That week the dig started in earnest one of the barns acting as headquarters. An early discovery was that the foundations of a curtain wall existed. The building being restored for Alan had been part of the gatehouse to a more extensive defensive feature.

The archaeological crew and the inhabitants were sitting down for lunch. Indeed the inhabitants formed a subset of the digging crew.

“As a preliminary hypothesis from all the outlines of the structures and walls I am beginning to suspect that at some stage a long time ago this was a fortified inn serving travellers using this pass rather than the coastal route. It could be that it started as a hill farm but providing safe lodgings and food to travellers was too attractive a proposition to miss. Later on, it reverted to a farm and as things became more settled the defences were let go, leaving just the gate and gate house building.”

“I would love canlı kaçak bahis to have seen the place at its peak.” Said Paul.

“Yes, there is nothing extant like that, plenty of castles but not a defensible inn. This place is very ancient my research so far has pushed it back at least a thousand years.”

“Look how about we concentrate some of our resources on excavating along the curtain wall and once we have all the archaeology start to restore the wall. I have more money that I really need and rebuilding this place as it once was seems a worthy goal.” Paul owned and ran a small engineering firm staffed by ex-military engineers. Jobs were hard to come by in the depressed economic climate so rebuilding a defensive position provided a more agreeable employment for them.

The dig unusually well-funded went on at a pace and behind them the curtain wall was restored as was the gatehouse on a larger scale than one small cottage. The main building of the mas was on one side three stories of monumental wall. The top story led out onto a small promontory where there was the infinity pool and the summer kitchen. This area was inaccessible except from the mas and was surrounded by a steep drop other than the front which is where the other two stories of the building were. The bottom floor was storage and the second a living area with both internal and external staircases.

The dig was complete by mid-August though the building work to rebuild the curtain wall was ongoing. A large crane had been hired to extract the surviving stone blocks are place them back in their original position. The academics were ecstatic at the amount that was being learnt the theories proved or disproved. Ok some weren’t happy about the disproving of some idea.

Over time Fleur, the woman who did the cleaning and who gossiped with the girls had become a friend to them. Simon actively encourage them to invite her to meals as he knew she had very little money and often skimped on food. She was pretty thin not like Sofia and Gabriela who were slim but healthy, but too thin.

One Saturday afternoon Simon returned home and spotted four female figures lying beside the swimming pool. The fourth girl turned out to be Fleur. Whilst he had gone out of my way to be a kind and generous employer, he had never paid much attention to her. Thin, mousy haired and unremarkable she wasn’t the kind of women to attract much attention. Now here she was lying by bedside our girls in a thong bikini bottom I recognised as Sophia’s.

“Hello girls enjoying yourself?” The safest course was not to show any surprise. After all, why shouldn’t they have a friend around to sunbathe. It showed that Simon had pre-conceptions that he was surprised that his unremarkable cleaner would be topless. Simon went down to the kitchen and got a large jug of lemonade and five glasses. When he returned, he noticed that Fleur was sucking Gabriela’s breast. His return didn’t disturb her though the thought of home-made lemonade did distract her. Simon knew damn well that the four of them were conspiring against him for a reaction.

Actually, he was more concerned that now he could see how thin Fleur was. Perhaps she was anorexic so he had to be careful but he wasn’t prepared to ignore it.

“Fleur, I cannot help be a little worried you are not getting enough to eat.”

“I just about get what I need thanks to you Simon. I have recently lost all the other jobs so have to live on what you pay me and any benefits. I try not to get behind with the bills but I don’t always eat much except here.“

Simon was horrified he was a billionaire yet here was somebody he knew, close to starving. From their reaction the girls knew it was bad for her but not quite how bad.

“Look Fleur, I don’t care what you should be paid, I won’t have you starve. For a start do you want to have dinner with us. We have enough don’t we Sofia.”

“Of course, we do, I was planning to get Fleur to join is somehow anyway.”

“Good, Fleur perabet I will give you enough hours that you can manage and your to eat with us whenever you want whether your working or not.” Now was his opportunity for revenge for the girls teasing. “There is no point in eating Gabriela she hardly has enough meat to be worth the bother.”

Gabriela threw her towel at him for that. It did however break the tension. Simon got his swimming trunks and soon had Alexa covering him with sun tan lotion. The other three decided to have a snog and Sofia’s thong came undone, then Gabriela’s and lastly Fleur. Fleur did not seem concerned about what he might think. Simon decided that Alexa was overdressed so removed her bikini bottom as well and they got each other nicely lubricated whilst the other three had formed a pussy eating triangle.

Simon had moved to fucking Alexa and the other girls were really absorbed int heir carpet munching when Alan returned. Not batting an eyelid, he got out of his clothes and went up behind Gabriela lay down and fondled her breast before entering her form behind Fleur kept on playing with Gabi’s fanny.

Alexa whispered in Simon’s ear and they moved over to the others the girls re-arranged themselves so the triangle became a square. Simon mirrored Alan and so Sofia was licking both Alexa’s fanny and Simon’s cock indiscriminately.
That evening over a relaxed dinner outside on the upper terrace watching the sun go down behind the mountains they chatted. Lead by Simon they made it very clear that Fleur would be treated as part of the family.

“Thank you since I left home, I have lost touch with my parents and I have been lonely. I know that I am not a beauty like you three girls but this afternoon I felt sexy and desirable.”

“You are sexy and desirable that isn’t about physical appearance. I think that if you stop looking half starved and you will stop looking half starved, Gabi will see to that. You will look better but I know some men find slim girls beautiful.”
“I don’t like them though they are weird they like me because I look to young. On the whole prefer girls anyway but I think that I am discovering that men as part of a group like today are nice too.” That night Fleur stayed with Alan and Gabriela. A lot more of her time she spent at the mas. Simon found things she could reasonably do. One was to get their shopping as the nearest hypermarket was between her home and the mas. Simon insisted that she be paid from the moment she left home and that her fuel was paid for.

The curtain wall was restored and fully defensible making for a defended courtyard. The upper terrace with the swimming pool gave them a clear view over the fortifications. They were sitting up there having dinner with Anne and Paul.

“Now you can see it as it once was a fortified building seated on a rock with a defended courtyard in front. All we need now is a trebuchet to hurl ordinance to any approaching invaders.”

The men looked at each other with impish grins.

“It would be an interesting experiment to build a trebuchet with exact measurements and then calibrate it scientifically.”

“It would be fascinating and quite useful but don’t try and pretend you three aren’t playing with very big toys.” Said Anne who in reality was equally enthusiastic.

The conversation moved on to the prospect of rescuing some more girls from Budapest. Anne and Paul by now knew all about the circumstances that had led to the girls being in France and were very supportive.

After dinner it they were sitting around at Anne was looking longingly at the swimming pool.

“We could find you a bikini if you want though it might be a bit on the brief side.”

“I am sure my hubby would like me in a tiny scrap of fabric. I always imagined that you skinny dipped.”

“We do, including Fleur but are civilised enough to wear clothes when we have visitors.”

“Shame.” Paul could be just heard saying.

“Well I’m game if Paul doesn’t get jealous.” Anne clearly perabet güvenilir mi like the idea and in her late thirties still very much had the figure for it. The women had their clothes off and were in the pool splashing and giggling. The men inevitably joined them though Paul was more cautious about nudity than his wife up to the point when she made comments about prudish froggies. The honour of La France demanded that he disrobe.

It didn’t exactly descend into an orgy but after the swim nobody wore any clothes and the men played with the girls breasts including Paul with his wife’s. Simon suspected that Anne was quite willing to go further but did not push. Also, he noticed that Fleur now looked far healthier, still thin but not excessively so.

Simon had recruited an agent in Budapest an androgynous private investigator called Sacha who would comfortably disguise herself as either sex. Dressing as a male she had got to know some of the girls and found out that now papers were strictly controlled. Apparently, their efforts at rescue were deeply unappreciated. They could manage without the papers being within the EU but getting replacements would raise their profile. Simon left Sacha to see what she could do but urged her to be careful.

The dig and the restoration works were finished the Mas had been returned to its previous condition as a fully fortified dwelling not far short of a castle. In addition, a trebuchet had been researched and built. Whilst small for its breed it was a formidable b**st and the three men went about using modern scientific measuring techniques to calibrate it. They prepared rocks of precise weight and uniform size to provide a very accurate weapon that they could direct at the patch of land just where the track came out the wood. Five kilo lumps of rock made small craters in the dry ground.
Anne and Paul became frequent visitors and became nearly as casual as the residents about clothing. Also, Anne made it clear that she was attracted to Simon. Not that she would cheat on Paul but since he clearly like Sofia after a while an accommodation was reached. One evening after a bit of twilight skinny dipping by unspoken agreement their friends would stay the night. Sofia started kissing Paul and Simon kissed Anne. Alexa whilst quite relaxed about it was left alone. Now she could go off with Alan, Fleur and Gabriella who were now near enough an item however she decided to see how the archaeologist reacted to other women. Up she went to the kissing couple and smiled.
“Simon tastes nice, doesn’t he? Have you ever tried girls?”

“No and I admit that whilst I had considered this possibility, I am slightly nervous. I am being very daring as it is though Paul seems happy enough.” Paul by this stage was having a very professional blow job.

“Well we don’t want to push you beyond your comfort zone but I encourage you to at least try a kiss. The other girls most definitely enjoy each other’s bodies.” put in Simon,

Anne very shyly puckered her lips and Alexa gently kissed them. Anne giggled and then went for another kiss more confident this time, then another pulling Alexa close and becoming passionate. Simon caressed the two women as they embraced. Paul was watching avidly and persuaded Sofi onto all fours to enter her doggy style without disturbing his view. Anne was aware this was turning her husband on a lot and decided that since she liked what she was doing to give him a show.

Kissing Alexa uninhibitedly she got turned on and then even more so when Simon took her standing up. The consequences were ecstatic for all involved.

The next morning Simon woke up with Anne as well as Alexa. Sofia habitually got up early to start bread making, so to awake to two women was unusual. Simon smiled and looked at the two women to some degree entwined beside him. Anne had definitely been converted to the idea of sleeping with another women. Even asleep she had a little smile on her face.

Then the phone rang showing Sasha’s number. Answering it immediately he hardly answered when she said. “We have been caught. I am heading for the train station with two of the girls but some thugs are after us and they look very serious. Please do something this feels very bad”

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