Sam For Short

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Sam For Short
She had just moved into apartment 301 in my building. I stood outside of my apartment, 303, with my neighbor Grace in apartment 302. Grace was a lesbian and had plenty of traffic coming through the building. She didn’t know but I had a habit of picking through her leftovers. I never care about a woman’s sexual past but I’ve asked who was better and let’s just say all women don’t eat pussy the best. Maybe I’ll talk about it sometime.

Sam was average looking at first glance. A few inches past 5 foot, and skinny with a thigh gap. She wore those Velma from Scooby-Doo glasses. I wasn’t sure if she needed them or if she was a hipster but there was something about them. Her pale white skin with freckles and bright orange hair that made it look easy to tell she had some Irish in her. She wore that messy bun look that said “ I’m always busy “.

“ Shy. Bookworm. Pinterest. Sit under a tree on a rare day off type, “ Grace said to me with her butch arms folded. She had a strong amount of certainty in her voice.

“ Bald pussy. Puffy lips. Squirter. Doesn’t talk much but moans all night, “ I replied describing her in my own mind.

We always watched our new neighbors and shared opinions on them. Grace was always annoyed because it was always about sex with me. Before she could make a comment in return I saw our new neighbor headed our way.

“ Hi, “ she said in a somewhat timid voice “ I’m Samantha. I just moved here. “

“ I’m Grace and that’s Maurice“ Grace replies introducing the both of us. I didn’t mind but I liked to introduce myself. One way or another.
We both extended our hands to her. She shook my hand and gazed in my eyes for a bit. I smiled and we parted.

Samantha had been living in our building for roughly 4 months and neither myself or Grace made a move as far as I knew. Unusual for the both of us. It was a humid 86 degree day when Samantha and I were both entering the building. She typically always wore sweats and baggy clothing with that messy bun. Today she showed out. She had on short daisy duke like shorts with a baby blue t-shirt and flip flops. She had B cups so she felt no need to wear a bra. Normally I’d just casually say hey but on this day I was in a different space. I wasn’t drowning in pussy, but I was unusually overdue. It had been a canlı kaçak bahis minute since I actually came from sex and not masturbating. I was ready to risk it all and go for it at any moment.

“ What’s up Maurice “ she said with a smile.

“ Samantha, what’s good “ I said smoothly.

“ Damn four months and you still call me that long name. You can just call me Sam “ she said giggling.

Suddenly she was sticking her tongue out, making a funny face. I looked over my shoulder and saw Grace walking by us to get her mail matching Sam’s face back at her.

I thought nothing of it. Grace was your typical friendly lesbian. She was this way with half of our complex.

I broke out brief silence.

“ We’re both off today aren’t we? “ I asked.

“ Yep! “ she replied excitedly.

I put my hand on her’s right before she turned the key and she turned her head to me looking puzzled.

“ I want you to cum with me “ I told her.

She giggled in that innocent laugh.

“ Come where? “

“ No. I want you to cum with me. “ I reiterated.

“ I ha- have to finish something “ she said as she hurried in her apartment and closed the door.

I blew it. I was upset with myself all day. That line was kinda out of left field and I’m not surprised she panicked. She probably thought I was a pervert. What went wrong? Look at me. 6’2, short wavy hair, my thin mustache and thick goatee traced my full lips. I was a little on the slim side but still chiseled. What is there not to like? Maybe it’s because I’m black. Who knew. It was 11 pm and I almost dozed off when I got an unusual knock. Few people knew where I lived so I wasn’t worried.

I unlocked the door and went back into the living room.

“ It’s open. “ I yelled figuring it would be a friend this late.

In walked Sam. She had her hair down for the first time. She wore a thin white short/t-shirt matching set with black ankle socks. The transparency of her clothing gave me a nice preview.

“ Decided to CUM over? “ I asked with a smirk.

She smiled nervously and walked to the couch. I stopped her before she made it and grabbed her hand, leading her down the hallway to my room.

“ Maurice I can’t believe I’m- “

“ Shhh.“ I cut her off. “ Lay down. Hands to your sides. I’m gonna take good care of you. “ I assured her with a smile.

She did so and perabet her cheeks turned red.

“ You came her knowing what I meant, right ? “ I asked making sure she was fully into it.

“ I do “ she said covering her face nervously.

I was fully clothed when we reached the room. Gym shorts, t-shirt and socks. I quickly threw it on the floor. She peeked and saw my cut, slender frame, turning eve more red.

“ I don’t really do t- “

“ Shhhhhhh “ i shushed her again making my way to where she was planted on the bed. I grabbed her feet and slid her socks off. She had perfect feet. Foot model feet. The smaller things excite me. My dick jumped a little but I maintained my composure not wanting to rush things. I gave each of her soles a small peck with my eyes closed. No need to see her reaction. I could feel it. Her feet tensed and her skin got a little hotter to the touch. I chuckled before parting her legs into a V. Holding up two fingers I slowly inched up to her face and removed her glasses. We made eye contact. I put my two fingers in front of her lips to see if she picked up on my hint. She poked her lips out and kissed them. That was the blessing I needed. I slid down and make my way to her pussy print in her shorts. With my two fingers I traced the outline of her pussy. She moaned lightly. I kissed it and slid my fingers down the print of her pussy again.

“ Please … Please … “ she managed to whisper.

“ Eat it “ we said in sync. I pulled her shorts off and to my surprise she had on no panties covering her beautiful pussy. She had low, neatly trimmed black hair (which came as a surprise considering she was a redhead) above her plump pussy lips which surrounded her massive clit. One of the clits you see on those pumping videos online. I was amazed. Rubbing my thumb on her juicy clit formed a sticky web of wetness. I kissed her pretty fat pussy and began to pleasure her. I sucked her clit with my lips while circling it with my tongue. Slowly I began to lick her fuck hole and massaging her clit with my finger.

“ Maurice I’m gonna cum, ooooo I’m gonna cum “ she moaned while grinding her body in a rhythm that let me know she was for real. I sped up with my tongue and right before she came I lifted up and stuck my tongue in her mouth. We kissed perabet güvenilir mi a wet sloppy one as I fingered her pussy and she trembled through her well deserved orgasm. She loved the taste of herself.

I ripped her shirt off and sucked her perfect pale nipples tits. Placing the entire right one in my mouth while massaging the left, then switching, then sucking one, rubbing her clit and the other nipple until she came once more. By this point my dick was completely focused. I never going to reach a woman’s stomach but I had no problem stretching her walls. My 7 inches was so thick I could barely touch my thumb and middle finger when I wrap my hand around it.

Without a request I gently rubbed the head of my cock on her thumb sized clit just to tease a little. Her shy demeanor made a lightbulb go off in my head.

“ I want you on top “ I told her.

“ Maurice I don’t do this often. And that thing scares me “ she replied referring to my baseball bat of a dick.

“ Trust me “ I told her with certainty. I took her place in the bed and gently pulled her on top of me. Slowly I guided my dick into her begging, warm pussy. The sound of her stickiness coating my dick was heavenly. Slowly she began ride me with an extreme lack of rhythm. I laughed.

“ See I told you “ she said whimpering because it obviously still felt good but she knew she was a little off. Without a word, I grabbed her hips firmly and pulled her in. I hugged her tightly and slowly stroked my cock in her from below. With every stroke I felt her clinch even more and I begged myself not to cum too soon. She matched my rhythm and started to ride my dick with confidence. The innocence in her face was gone. She grinned and bit her thin lips as she worked her own rhythm. I stopped and let her take over. I had never been reduced to showing such pleasure. I grunted ever time my dick slowly slide in and out of her pussy. Squeezing her kinda plump ass cheeks and occasionally sliding my middle finger in her asshole, she moaned and panted. We continued without saying a word, letting our sounds speak. I felt her hand smack my check and dig her nails into me as her pussy pulsated.

“ UGHH AHHHH “ we both yelled out as me came together. She never asked where I wanted to cum. I didn’t ask if I could cum in her. We didn’t care. What was done was done and we both loved it. She placed her head on my chest and I placed mine on the small of her back.

We remained planted on the sheets, quietly before she managed to say “ Grace and I made it official last week. “.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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