Sarah’s step mom showing us the ropes part 2

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Sarah’s step mom showing us the ropes part 2
The next day, I woke up still feeling horny, I put my hand between my legs and was still soaking wet. I had been dreaming about what I had got up to the night before. I got out of my bed and went for a shower then got changed. All the time I was thinking about the last night, remembering how great it felt with Sarah and Lori. Then it just hit me, I was no longer a virgin… and my first time was with a girl! Lucky it was the holidays, as I could take my time getting up and ready

I honestly thought that when I eventually lost my virginity it would have been with a guy. But I was happy that it was with Sara and couldn’t wait to speak to her again. I sent her a Text to ask how she was doing and every moment without reply I was an anxious wreck.

It felt like an eternity but was only about 10 minutes before I heard my phone buzz. I ran to pick it up and it was Sarah.” Hey babe, how are you? Hoped that you would tex. Last night was fun… fancy meeting up today for a bit?”
The text was like music to my ears, I replied “yeah babe, really, really, want to meet today. And yeah, last night was so good”. I was so exited about meeting Sarah however felt a bit guilty about what I had done with Lori after we had sex with each other. Then I received another text to say that she would meet me at the shopping mall. I put on some jeans and a cute white shirt and headed out to meet her.

I met her at the fast food hall at the mall and we ordered some food. To begin with there was a bit of an embarrassed silence between us. And then Sarah put out her hand and held mine.

“I hope you’re ok, I really wanted to meet up… I hope things aren’t going to be weird between us?”

“Of course not”, I replied… “its just, after I left you..” Before I had a chance to finish, Sarah cut me off and told me that she knew about me and her step mom. “yeah, she told me about it when she came in… it was kind of obvious that you two hooked up when she came back”.

“oh, and you’re ok?”… I hoped that she would be ok and it wouldn’t affect our friendship.
“Yes, the thing is, my mum and her have a kind of open relationship because she works a lot all the time. I guess I’m kind of used to it…” she shrugged

“Yeah, but, well, I mean, after we had sex, I then go and do that?” with that Sarah held my hand again and then said something I didn’t expect… “I’m ok with us fucking other people… as long as we’re together and having a relationship”.

“so what, We’re dating then? And in an open relationship”

“Yeah, I mean I think my step mom has a claim on your body as well” she laughed. With that it put me at ease. While eating our meals, we talked more about stuff. I was exited as this was the first time I had ever been officially “going out” with someone. Every so often when she took a sip of her milk-shake, I just wanted to kiss her and taste it. I think she knew what I was thinking because with that, she took a little sip and then leant in an kissed me full on. I could taste the strawberry Milk-shake on her tongue and tongued her back. I must have got lost in the moment, because once we broke our kiss, we realised that everyone was staring at us. We both kind of giggled and then finished off our meal. After leaving the food court I felt the need to pee and went to the toilet.

I wanted Sarah to follow me in, but she said she was just going to nip off for something and would be back “ASAP”. She gave me a passionate kiss then ran off as I went into the toilet, Sitting on the toilet, I had flashbacks to last night. Every wrinkle on her pussy, the way it felt and the way it tasted. I found myself reaching down to my own pussy and started stroking. My pussy was tingling and I started to moan.. then all of a sudden I heard someone walk into the toilet and had to stop. At this point I just wanted to orgasm, however knew it was too much of a risk to do it when someone is in the next cubicle. I finished up and then went out to meet Sarah.

A couple of minutes went by and then Sarah walked back with a big smile on her face and she said “You have that look on your face….”.

“What look?”

“you know, the one that you had last night before things went wild!” she chuckled.

“Yeah, got to be honest, I’m kind of felling horny again”.

“Right, so I take it hat its back to mine then? Oh, Lori said she has those pics for us to look at from last night if we want to see them?”

I kind of froze internet casino at this point, thinking about what it would look like and then said yes! I wanted to go back to hers but I was still horny because of what I started in the toilet. “I don’t think I can wait until then babe…. But I am going home with you tonight!”.

“Oh right babe, I think I know where we can go just now.. follow me”. With that she led me by the hand and took me outside, Sarah had her Step-Moms car and drove us to a secluded spot and parked. It was broad daylight and thought we should find somewhere more private. We both got out of the car and Sarah grabbed a blanket then led me down a path until we found a secluded spot. She led me to a clearing and then we put down the blanket and sat there.
We sat down facing each other and started kissing with both our legs around each other. I somehow seemed to have got more confident because I immediately put my hand under her shirt and started to fondle her breasts. She didn’t have any bra on which made it easier to fondle around. I twisted her nipples which became like bullets. While I was doing this, Sarah was kissing my neck and nibbling my ear which made me squirm, she reached down between my legs and undone my button to my jeans. She put her hand inside and started flicking my clit. She stopped kissing for a moment, unsure of herself “Is that ok?”…. “yes, don’t worry, I will let you know if it isn’t”. With that, we went back into a deep kiss and continued.

After a few moments, my pussy was soaking wet, Sarah broke her kiss and pulled away. She grabbed my jeans and yanked them off. She pulled off my shirt and was surprised that I didn’t have a bra on. I only had my panties on, outdoors, I was exited about the thought of being caught be a stranger. Sarah pushed me on my back and started kissing me all the way down my body until she was bent over in front on my opening, she began rubbing my pussy through my panties, rubbing her thumb against my clit and the rest of her hand in a circular motion. Every so often she would change up and move two fingers up and down my lips. I could feel the dampness on my panties and so could Sarah, this was bliss, being dominated by Sarah, my breathing became deep. Sarah let out a little chuckle, “I can feel your wetness through your panties”, all I could respond with was “yeah, that’s so good”.

With that, Sarah stopped what she was doing then grabbed my panties and pulled them off. I was now completely naked for anyone who walked by to see! “you have a pretty pussy” she said before leaning in and kissing my clit. She place my legs apart to give her access to my pussy and then dived in, sucking my clit into her mouth. With my clit in her mouth she licked away, my breathing getting deeper, she pulled back and licked all the way up my pussy. My muscles tightened and I could feel my toes clenched. I looked down at the a arch of her back and watched her licking away, she looked up and stopped just long enough to say “you’re gonna cum soon”… All I could do is nod in agreement…She went faster and faster with her tongue, I became conscious that I was becoming a****listic moving my hips in rhythm with her tongue between the moans I could here myself muttering between the deep breaths, “ah, fuck,fuck… don’t stop, don’t stop… fuck”

My hand grabbed her hair, and I could feel that Sarah knew what was about to come as she went as fast and hard with her tongue as possible which put me over the edge. I suddenly yelled out loud while an intense orgasm flowed through my body. If anyone was walking past, they certainly knew what we were doing. Sarah removed herself from between my legs, he chin wet with my juices, and we embraced in a kiss. I could taste my own sweet juices from her tongue.
“are you ready for your turn” I said. I never even waited for a response and started ripping off her shirt to expose her breasts then pushed her and grabbed her shorts, yanking them over her legs until she was totally naked. I got her on all fours and got behind her. I put my hands on her ass cheeks, her little ass spread in front of me opening up. She turned her head looking back at me, “I feel vulnerable here with my ass up in the air like this”…I felt so a****listic right there I bent in and nibbled her ass cheek, then slapped her ass. There was a bead of Sarah pussy juice dripping down, I used my finger to get it and licked canlı poker oyna it up. Then moved my fingers into her pussy, thrusting back and forth stroking her G-spot. Sarah had her face down and her ass was up in the air, as I was pumping in and out of her pussy, I could see her little ass hole puckering… It was beautiful to watch. It wasn’t long before she was writhing about under me… I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and her moaning and knew that she would soon be about to come. I continued to finger her, fucking her harder and faster, for some reason, without thinking I leaned in and started licking her ass hole. I tongue fucked her ass-hole while still fucking her pussy with my fingers…I went faster and faster as I felt Sarah’s orgasm approaching. All I could hear was Sarah screaming loudly as her orgasm flowed all the way over her body..

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck…. Fuck…. Fuuuucckk…”

I kept going, and then all of a sudden she squirted all over my fingers, streams of cum squirting all over my hand, my arm and my body…. I had basically showered in her cum!. After her orgasm subsided, we heard someone in the background, so we quickly got dressed and gathered our things and headed back to the car. Someone had definitely been watching us fuck!

“That was amazing, I loved it when you tongued my ass” Sarah said as we drove back we talked about.

When we got back to Sarah’s house, we were greeted on the doorstep by Lori, she gave both of us a hug. We entered the front room and started to chat about the photoshoot from the night before. Lori brought up the pictures on her laptop and let us look through them together in the 69 position. All of the pictures were graphic, but elegant pictures of us eating each other out. My favourite picture was where I was digging my fingers into Sarah’s ass pulling her close to me, my tongue entering between her pussy lips and some fluid dripping onto my tongue. Lori seen me moving my fingers towards my clit, “yeah, that’s one of my favourites as well”.

After looking at the pictures, Sarah’s Mom came in and we all had something to eat. Sarah told her mom that I was her girlfriend. I was expecting something different, but she was kind of cool about it. We obviously kept it quiet about the pictures being taken by Lori, but we did talk about having sex on the way home. Her mom was quite cool after she told her about it and even invited me to stay the night at they’re house. After dinner, Me and Sarah headed up to her room together. I phoned my parents and told them I was going to stay over at Sarah’s.

We went upstairs to hers and watched a DVD together, Sarah gave me the choice, we decided to go for a superhero film and she lay between my legs while I cuddled her from behind as we watched it. About half way through the film Lori comes into the room and tells us that she and Amy were going to bed, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t” she said closing the door. We both had a chuckle and went back to the movie. About 20 minutes later, we heard them moaning and he bed squeaking. Me and Sarah turned to each other and laughed. “they seem to be enjoying themselves” Sarah said, then she turned to me and told me that she had bought me a present at the Mall earlier. She grabbed a bag and passed it to me. I looked into the bag and it was a strap-on Dildo and some bondage ropes.

“I hope that we can try this out tonight?” I asked Sarah who had a look of joy at my reaction.

“No time like the present” she said stopping the movie.

Once we got undressed, Sarah turned to me and asked “do you want to get fucked first?”
At this point I wanted to be in control and make her cum so I grabbed the strap-on and put it on. It felt a bit weird standing there with a plastic dick. Sarah guided me to the mirror and I have to admit, it was sexy staring at myself with a penis.

“Alright, lie down on your back on that bed over there, I’m going to fuck you.”

She lied on her back on the edge of the bed, just as I instructed. I got between her legs and tasted her pussy which was still soaked from earlier. I loved the taste of her wet pussy.

“Legs up.” I quickly ordered, and then grabbed her legs and pushed them back so that Sarah was Fully exposed. I grabbed the dildo, lubed it up with my spit and placed the tip into the vagina opening, as a moan immediately came out of her mouth.

I slowly pushed into her being careful not to hurt her. As soon as canlı bahis I was in, she told me not to hold back. I immediately started thrusting hard and fast into her pussy. A smile was clearly visible on Sarah’s face while doing this, as it was clear she was enjoying being fucked. Her moans got louder and her breathing deepened as I kept at it. I grabbed hold of her legs to give each thrust more force.

I was loving being in control the girl below me, plunging in and out of her with the strap on. I could hear how wet she was from the fucking, every time I moved in and out of her, there was a squelch of the wetness.

While fucking her, I looked deep into her eyes as I fucked her.

“You wanted this, do you like me fucking you?”

“Yes, don’t stop, keep fucking me”.

“Just stay there”.

I got faster and pounded her even harder now, as the sight of the dildo going in and out of her pussy and how wet it was influenced me to go with longer deeper faster strokes in an attempt to hear an even louder moan. I began to notice Sarah’s pussy couldn’t withstand much more, her back arching with her chest becoming bright red. I could hear her breathing becoming more shallow and knew she was just about to go over the edge. I put my hand down and started playing with her clit while still fucking her with reckless abandon. That’s when she started grabbing at the sheets as the orgasm flowed over her body…. She let out a loud scream “I’m cumming, fuck don’t stop…” I kept going until the orgasm subsided. Then kept the strap-on in her as I laid on top of her. We kissed for a few moments. Then there was a knock on the door and Lori walked into the room “erm, I take it you girls are fucking.. we can hear you in the next room. Sarah, your mum wanted me to come in and just ask you to keep it down. When you’re orgasming, it might be good to bite a pillow”. She laughed and then walked out.

We broke from our embrace and I took of the strap-on. Sarah got me to get on all fours and grabbed the bondage rope. She hogtied me so that I was face down in with my ass in the air. She wanted me to feel as vulnerable as she was in the field earlier on. The rope tied loosely round my neck and tied my hands together behind my back. I was tied so that I couldn’t move. She put on the Strap-on and got behind me. She grabbed the rope connected to me hands and gave them a pull, the rope around my throat tightened slightly and she asked if it was ok. I said yeah and she lined up the dildo with my pussy and with one thrust it was all the way inside me. It didn’t need lube as it was just inside sarah and covered with her cum simply turned me on more. She decided to go slow to begin with.

“you have a beautiful ass” she said, slowly going in and out of me. Going right to the hilt then puling almost all the way out then driving in slowly. It was the most intense feeling and very sensual. Al of a sudden, she spanked my ass while still fucking me. Starting to speed up fucking me, every so often she would spank me again harder until my ass cheeks were bright red. My ass cheeks were stinging, but in a good way as she kept fucking me. The tempo of her strokes were getting faster and harder, the slapping of Sarah against my ass and the wetness of my pussy then she pulled on the rope pulling my hands back and slightly choking me. Fucking me hard, I felt the most intense orgasm all over my body…my body seized as she kept going…. While I was still squirming with my orgasm when she put a finger in my Ass hole which intensifying the whole thing even more. My body bucked against her. Finally she withdrew the cock and slapped my ass again.

She put the cock back in me again and fucked me again with really hard deep strokes. Every time it went in it was like lightening firing through my body. Almost instantly I could feel another orgasm build again. She kept on going and demanded “tell me when you’re going to cum”. Again moving harder and faster and deeper into me my body wet with sweat, all I could muster is,

“oh, uh, ah, oh… ahhhh…. Fuck…. Fuck…. I’m…. I’m gonna…. Shit…. “ and started biting the pillow to not make as much noise

Then just at the point I was about to go over the edge she pulled out and bent down behind me and licked me until I exploded in her mouth. She lapped up all my juice and even gave me a lick on my asshole. She put her tongue in as deep as she could go. It felt so good while she fingered my pussy until I came again. It was even more intense than before.

I returned the favour licking her out again then we fell asleep cuddled up. The next morning, when getting breakfast, Lori had a smirk on her face when asking if we had a good nights sleep.

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