Shared Passion

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This story is a follow up to “Sharing the Fun”.

It had been a very exciting day for us. We had spent most of it texting naughty stories with our two closest friends. At some point our texts turned to our fantasies and things we would like to do to each other. In the past we had had sexual conversations with them but today was different. We were discussing all the ways we wanted to touch, kiss and even fuck. Needless to say I spent most of the day turned on with a raging hardon.

When evening finally came we went over to their house. The mood had been tense, filled with sexual tension. We each sat close to the others spouse touching and caressing. Eventually we succumb to our desires, me moving to their bedroom with her and you staying with him in the living room. It wasn’t the first time we have had sex with them but this time it seemed more planned and not something that just happened.

We had enjoyed the shared night together and now we were driving home. Even after the wonderful time spent fucking her I’m still turned on. My mind keeps drifting back to the sounds. Hearing you moan and cry out as my best friend fucked you just a few rooms away. I wonder what you looked like. Did you straddle his hard cock? Impaling yourself on him and riding until he released deep inside you. Or did he roughly spin you around and fuck you from behind? Slamming into you over and over making your beautiful breasts sway back and forth until you both orgasm, your wetness mixed with his after the climax.

Reaching across, ataşehir escort I place my hand on your bare thigh and slide it under your skirt. You shift and open your legs to allow me entrance. Moving your hand to my lap you unbutton my jeans and slide the zipper down. Slipping your hand inside you grasp hardened cock and pleasure sweeps over me. My hand moves higher, fingers parting your lips and I can feel the wetness as they slide inside of you. Gasping, your grip tights and you begin stroking my shaft drawing a moan from my lips. Silky wetness flows around my fingers as I caress you inside. My heart races knowing that he had been inside you an hour before.

It’s hard to drive with you stroking me and my hand inside of you. Luckily the drive home is along back roads and it’s very late. Being 2am not many drivers are on the road. As I continue fingering your soaking pussy you stop stroking me and remove your shirt. You didn’t put your bra back on before we left so your heavy breasts tumble into view in the dim light. The glorious view is distracting as you start to pinch your erect nipples. With every thrust of my fingers and pinch of your nipples you pant and moan in pleasure. You’re extremely close to climaxing and beg to be fucked. I tell you that will come later and that for now you will cum right here. Increasing the speed of my finger fucking you release your nipples and clutch onto the arm rests of the car. Suddenly you arch your back, pulling against the seat belt, your orgasm rips kadıköy escort bayan an animalistic cry from deep inside you as the wet sounds of my fingers continue pounding your silky hole.

You collapse panting into your seat as I withdraw my hand from between your legs. I can smell you and him on my hand as I return to driving, my cock still exposed standing erect. Lazily you lean over and kiss me your hand returning to it’s caress of my staining member. The vision we must be, you half naked leaning against me stroking my length. Quickening your pace my breathing comes in short panting gaps, pre-cum rising too the tip of my cock. Down your head goes, your tongue licking the glistening liquid from its perch. I can hear you say “Mmmmm” as you lower your mouth around my throbbing cock. Your head begins bobbing and I place my hand on your head pushing you further down on me with each stoke.

Unfortunately we are almost home and I reluctantly pull you up, my wet member slipping from between your lips. As you compose yourself and put on your clothes I notice you licking your lips. Pulling you back over I kiss you deeply letting my tongue dance with yours. Opening the garage door I park the car and have to uncomfortably zip my pants back over my raging hard on. Exiting the car and entering the house we make a mad rush into our bed room.

Like teenagers in heat we strip the clothes from one another and force each other onto the bed. Rolling, kissing, licking, biting, groping, it’s a mad carnal escort maltepe fight to try and fulfill our desires. Finally coming to a rest, me on my back pulling you on top. With my cock at your entrance you push down, my rod parting your lips and pushing deep inside. The nights events have made you unbelievably wet the sexual fluids now coating us both. Little more than an hour ago we were both fulfilling our sexual desires with our closest friends and now here we are covered with the results.

Our animalistic urges take over. You begin riding up and down on my shaft while I thrust up to meet you. Wet sounds of skin against skin fill the room. Reaching up I take a nipple in my mouth and bite, you cry out in surprise. Pounding into your pussy our pace quickens the bed creaking from the strain. Heavy breathing and guttural moans drowned out all other noises. Visions of you riding him, his cock deep inside you, as well as me fucking her, buried to the hilt in her pussy, drift through my head.

With each penetration we race closer to the precipice until over the edge we rush. You grab me tight and begin to shake, your orgasm rushing in. Pulsing, your pussy contacts over and over milking my cock. It sends me over the edge and I thrust one final time, impossibly deep inside you. Balls contracting my cock beings pumping my seed inside your already full tunnel. We voice our pleasure and release long and loud. Shaking uncontrollably for untold minutes we finally begin to come down from our high.

Limply you collapse onto my chest and then roll off me as I cuddle you to my side. Sweaty and cum covered our breathing slowly begins to return to normal. I kiss you tenderly and tell you I love you. Pulling you tight to my side we drift off to sleep to dream of our fantasies together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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