She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 3

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She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 3

(I’m Bored.) A text flashed up on my phone. As I was reading it another popped up (Get that ass over here.) This time I immediately texted back (no, no more.) I waited for a response, and waited but nothing. My courage started to dwindle and fear started to set in as I waited. My phone finally chimed with a text, it was a video text. I hit play and there I was or there was my ass hole winking back at me with her laughing in the back ground. I didn’t respond I just sat there looking at it.

(You can come over here to disgust this, or you can disgust this with your friends after I send this to them.) She messaged.

My stomach sank, I didn’t know what to do. I was so nervous thinking what if she did it, then I realized my cock was starting to get hard. What was wrong with me.

Another text came in (Just come by and we can have a conversation about this, I have a couple of rules for you. That way you will know just where you stand. I’m in a good mood anyway.)

She knew how to manipulate me in that way, force me into something then make it all sound so reasonable.

I texted back. (I’m headed over.)

Just as I was about to pull into her driveway I got another text. (Rule no. 1 – Your clothing is not aloud on my property.) What! What the hell does that mean. I pulled into here driveway and sat there just trying to think what I was suppose to do. I new, I new what she wanted. Maybe I should just leave and let what happen happen. Then another text picture, this time you could see part of my face not all but just enough that it would be hard to deny it was me.

I pulled off my shirt flipped off my shoes and slid down my pants. I got out and moved to the front of my truck. From where I parked to the front door was not far and not very open to passerby, but once I went up the stairs to the front door it would be like stepping on stage for whoever drove by. I stood and listened for cars, I heard nothing so I went for it. Up the stairs I reached for the door knob and it was locked. I was stuck naked on front stage knocking on the door trying to get in. At the same time looking around to see if anyone was watching.

“I’m coming” I could here from the other side of the door.

If anyone looked this way they would see my bare ass staring back at them. The door opened and I rushed in as quickly as I could.

“Well hello!” She said closing the door. “How are you.” Smiling the whole time.

I said nothing as I was still breathing to hard, my heart was racing.

“You look a little uneasy maybe not wanting to be here,” as she looked at me with a concerned look on her face.

“Well part of you is very happy to be here.” she pointed to my cock. I looked down and my cock was rock hard and pulsating with my rapid heart beat.

She smiled with pleasure reached out taking hold of my cock, she led me to the coach in the other room. We sat down next to each other as she slowly played with my cock. She wasn’t dressed like before in normal clothes. This time she was in opaque nylon black tights that outlined the curve of her ass. Red high heels, a satin red blouse and a black corset around her waist pushing her breast up to reveal her beautiful natural cleavage. Blood red lip stick, her eye and makeup were done in a way that said don’t try me. Today she looked serious and hot as fuck!

“Now lets go over some rules,” as she kept lightly teasing my cock to keep it hard and wanting more.

“Rule number 1 – “You will give me the respect that I deserve, addressing me as Mistress and end your answers with Mam or Mistress.”

“Yes Mam.” I replied

“Number 2 – “You are here to please me and my wishes. ”To do as I instruct.”

“Yes Mam.”

“Number 3 – “You are never to look directly at me unless instructed.”

“Yes Mam.” As I gazed my eyes down.

“Number 4 – “You will remove all body hair and remain hairless from your eyebrows down.”

“Yes Mam.”

“Number 5 – “You will stay fit and clean to include the inside and outside of your ass hole.”

“Yes Mam.” I was not looking forward to what that was going to mean.

“Number 6 – “You will only cum when given permission, “and you will properly clean it up if you are aloud to cum’”

“Yes Mam.” I knew what cleanup meant.

“And the casino siteleri last one for now number 7 – “You are not aloud to have clothing anywhere on my property unless given permission otherwise.”

“Yes Mam.”

“Now that you know the rules there will be punishments for breaking them, “which you have already broken.”

“Which one Mistress?” I asked.

“Number 7.” She said.

“But I came to the door naked.”

“Yes but the rule is no clothing on my property. “My property starts as soon as you pull into my driveway.”

“But where am I suppose to remove my clothes!”

“Thats not my problem.” She laughed. “And you are not following the first rule addressing me as mistress.” Now lay over my lap.”

“But!” As I started to respond.

She stoped playing with my cock and yanked it hard in her direction.

“I demand respect!” She commanded.

I flung over her lap my cock still hard, it fell between her legs. She closed her legs together trapping my cock between her thighs. She slammed down her hand hitting one of my ass cheeks causing my hips to jerk downward. Then she smacked the other cheek back and forth she kept spanking me causing my hips to jerk up and down. My ass was on fire but my cock was raging between her thighs. She finally stoped and started rubbing my cheeks.

“Did you learn your lesson?” She ask me.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

“Thats good.” As she continued to run her hand over my ass.

My ass was red, but with her caressing it and my cock still stuck between her legs I was feeling really turned on. I started moving my hip a little without thinking. She instantly noticed and pushed me off her on to the floor.

“What are you doing you little pervert!” She yelled at me. “Get on your knees!”

“I’m sorry Mistress.” I said thinking I was in big trouble again.

But she was smiling. “Look at your cock it’s rock hard.”

I started to look down. She reached out grabbing my chin forcing my head up. She leaned into my face saying, “you are a real perverted individual aren’t you.” As I tried not to look her directly in her eyes.

“i’m going to let this one go,” apology accepted.” She seamed very enthused about my arousal.

“Thank you, Mistress.” My embarrassment sank back in.

As she started to lean back she smacked my cock causing it to slam down into my balls than popping back up hitting my stomach.

“You have to get that thing down we have a lot to accomplish today.” she was shaking her head, “or are you so perverted your going to stay hard all day.” she started to laugh. “Get up and head to the bathroom its time to remove that body hair,” or do you what to brake another rule you brat.”

I jumped up and ran into the bathroom with my still hard cock bouncing up and down all the way there.

“You better have shaven your arm pits like I order or there will be hell to pay.” I could here her saying as she followed me in.

Lucky I did.

Once in the bathroom she stood me in the bathtub and gave me some hair clippers. I used the clippers to clip off my public hair and the rest of my chest hair. She told me to spread some hair removal cream on my chest and genital area to remove the remaining stubble. While we were waiting for it to take affect she handed me a razor and made me shave the hair from my legs.

“Pull up in long stocks. “Let the razor glide along your calf.” She instructed. “You’ll learn to be an expert at it just like the girls.”

After I was finished she turned the water on and rinsed off the cream with the rest of my hair. She got me out of the tub grabbed a towel and gently dried me off.

“Your being such a good boy, “not even one little whipper.” She told me.

When finished she turned and pointed me at the full length mirror.

“Look how smooth you are, “much more pleasant to touch and feel.” She smiled. “Look at yourself this is who you are now, “my little sissy.”

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

“Ok lets go out back I need a smoke.”

She headed to the back of the house past the main room through the kitchen as I followed.
She opened the door and stepped out onto the deck. I stop in the door jam and poked my head out. It was a normal sized deck that lead out to a big yard. To one side it was mostly trees and you could not see the neighbors house on that side. canlı casino On the other side the neighbors house sat back a little further from hers. There were some trees between the houses but if someone looked hard enough they would be able to tell what was going on.

“Get out here.” Mistress said. “You need to really get use to being out side, “we’re going to be out a lot.” She paused. “Get out here now and sit on the bench!” This time with a little more forceful tone.

I stepped out and sat down with my legs together and my hands covering my genitals. My back was up straight as to get a good look around to see if anyone was watching.

“Perfect posture, “sitting like a proper girl should.” As she lit her cigaret.

She new how to get in your head complimenting you and demeaning you at the same time.

“Relax lean back let your arm fall out to your side.” She took another drag from the cigaret.

I didn’t want to move my hands not just because they were covering my genitals but because they when also covering my lack of pubic hair. Which for some reason made me feel even more exposed.

She blow out the smoke into the air as she was glaring over at me. I let my arm fall to the side grabbing the front edge of the bench cushion. She just kept smoking and talking. Chit-chatting really as if everything was just normal. Never mind I’m sitting on the back deck completely naked with no body hair.

She placed her lit cigaret in the ash tray on the table.

“I’ll be right back, “stay here.” as she went inside leaving me out on the deck by myself.

It made me so nervous being out naked by myself. I started to think and look around. What if the neighbor came out, what was I suppose to do. Mistress wouldn’t even be here to help me. Where is she, she seams to have been gone forever. I wanted her to come back, I desperately needed her to come back. I was going to lose my mind when she finally stepped back out onto the deck. I was so relieved, happy to have her back with me.

She walk over to the table placed a metal object on it then pick up the remainder of her cigaret.

“Do you now what that is?” She asked.

“No Mam.”

With her other hand she placed a bottle of lube down then picked up the object.

“See it has a pretty pink jewel on this end and a wedge on the other.”

I figured it out.

“Come on flip over, “get on all fours.” Her more series tone was back. “Get that ass in the air,” reach back and spread them.”

I remembered this position. She lube up the plug and poured some directly on my anus. It was cold causing me to pucker up.

She laughed a little saying. “Hey, “be happy I found something you are aloud to wear.”

She place the tip on my anus pushing and twisting it a little at a time. I could feel it opening my ass as she pushed it in, and let it out. Then pushing again a little more each time. As it started to go further in, it went from being cold to hurting some. She pushed again and I jumped forward.

She spanked my ass hard with one smack. “Get your ass back into position!”

“Mistress it hurts, “its to big!” As I raised my ass back up.

“It’s not that big its just a starter plug. “Now relax and accept it, “because one way or another it’s going in.”

She started it back in this time more forcefully.

“Push back on it!” She order.

I gritted my teeth and pushed as she wedged it in farther.

“Yes, “there it goes almost there!” She yelled.

She reached around and grabbed my balls pulling back as she pushed the plug further in.

“The last biggest bit is all that is left!” With excitement she yelled.

With one last push my ass just seamed to suck it in. she pushed me down flat on the bench which made the plug seat firmly in my ass.

I just laid there, I could feel this big hunk of metal in my ass. She was very ecstatic with the whole thing.

“It makes you look so pretty with it on.” She said. As if I was wearing a dress or something.

“Roll over on you back.” She ordered.

She sat down between my legs on her knees. She lifted up my thighs and scooted forward placing my ass on her lap and started stroking me.

“I’m going to teach you something. “I’m going to teach you to savor cum, “to crave it, “even beg for it.” She was getting that evil look in her eyes.

She kaçak casino scooted froward some more pulling me up more into her chest causing me to lift my legs up sticking them spread eagle in the air. She started stroking faster and with her other hand she pressed on the butt plug making circular motions.

“When was the last time you came?” She asked me.

“The last time I was with you Misters.” I responded.

“Good than you must have a big load saved up in there.”

She stated stocking really fast and pushed me back further causing my legs to flip back over my head. Now all I could see was the head of my cock pointed right at my face with her jacking it faster and more vigorously. I could feel myself getting close.

“I’m getting close Mistress”

She looked up over my cock stuck out her tongue and let a big glob of spit roll off the tip of her tongue settling between my closed lips.

She laughed. “Don’t you dare cum until I tell you.” She moved her hand from the butt plug sliding it up around the base of my balls squeezing my scrotum making my balls tighten within its sack.

I started to moan trying not to cum.

“Not yet!” As she kept cranking on my cock

“Mistress, “Mistress!” I begged, letting her spit fall into my mouth.

“Hold it! “Hold it!” She squeezed my balls hard. “Open your mouth now!”

I opened my mouth and yelled in agony trying to hold my cum in!

She stoped stocking, pointed my cock directly at my mouth and yelled “Cum bitch!”

I instantly shot a stream of cum right onto my tongue so big it splashed and coated my entire mouth. Then another huge stream, forming a puddle in the back of my mouth. She just kept my dick pointed at my open mouth as i just kept spitting into it. When I finally finished she stroked my cock forward squeezing out the last little bit saying. “Don’t you dare swallow without permission.”

She slid back letting my ass slide down onto her lap letting my legs fall to her sides.

“Look at me!” She ordered

I looked up at her, she had a evil grin on her face.

“Open you mouth, “stick out your tongue.” she commanded. “Look at the size of that load. “Swirl it around get everything good and coated. She was laughing. ”Tell me is it salty.”

My mouth was to full to speak so I nodded

“Do you like the taste”

I shook my head back and forth no.

“Oh, “we’re going to change that. “Close your mouth and don’t you dare swallow.”

She got up and grabbed a cigaret telling me to sit up.

As I sat up I realized we were still outside. I had forgotten and started to look around to make sure no one was watching.

She lit the cigaret saying “You know for someone that doesn’t like the taste of cum you sure did shoot a lot into your own mouth.”

She walk over to me. “Tilt your head back and stick out your tongue.”

I stuck my tongue out and she dipped her finger in the back of my mouth pulling the cum forward smearing it around on my tongue.

“Lets make sure we get all your taste buds coated. “Ok close your mouth and sit up strait and proper like a good girl.” She order.

She grabbed a magazine sat down and started reading as she smoked. Leaving me there naked out in the open with a big wad of cum in my mouth. About every ten minutes or so, just when the cum taste was dissipating she would order me to swirl it bring the taste back to life.

After about four cigarets she put the magazine down and walk up in front of me.

“Open your mouth,” as she looked in. “I’m still amazed at how much is in there, “your a real cumer.” she told me. “Ok now you can swallow.”

I closed my mouth and swallowed. It took two gulps to gag it down. She then order me to open my mouth for inspection.

For the rest of the night I helped her cook dinner. We ate which finally got the taste of cum out of my mouth. Then went to the main room to watched some TV. It was actually relaxing, I was finally getting use to being naked with her. The time was getting late and she told me it was time for me to head home. We walked to the front door where she handed me my keys and patted me on the butt as I went out. I found it weird because I thought I left my keys with my clothes in the truck. I just ran to my truck jumped in and took off. As I was driving down the road I reached over to get my clothing in the passenger seat and found nothing. My clothes were missing! She must have taken them when she left me alone on the back deck. It made me feel very naked again and I tensed up, suddenly realizing I still had the butt plug in.

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