Siblings Part 5

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Siblings Part 5
I slipped my shorts back on but because my cock was still semi my cock and balls were still visible as I picked up Alex’s panties to hand back, as I held them the gusset felt a bit damp to I held them up to my nose and took a deep delightful sniff, not Val and Alex looked on as I closed my eyes to savour the aroma.
I couldn’t make out the look on their faces so quickly said “Oh, just checking to see if they were sweaty” which Alex seemed to accept but Val looked concerned and edged to the edge of the sofa with her legs wide,
“What about mine?” she asked quizzically with a sad face so I crawled over as Alex put her panties back on and buried my head deep into Val’s crotch and took a deep inhale through my nose that was pressing hard against her slit.

My tongue flicked hard against the fabric of her panties as I licked at the gusset and took another deep inhale through my nose, Val moaned as my tongue must have flicked her bean and her hands instinctively held my head pushing me harder between her legs.
Alex looked on as Val laid her head back and I looked up at my sister releasing the pressure,
“I think they are OK” I said much to Val’s relief.

As I pulled away I couldn’t help but notice my cock had sprung back to life and my shorts, which were in tatters now, did not conceal as my balls hung low and my cock stood proud, much to the amusement of the girls as they giggled at my misfortune.
“That’s being rude” Alex said as she reached forward and tried to tuck my cock back into my shorts with a modicum of success however her soft hands on my bare cock sent another rush of blood south.

“There” she said as she patted my now covered cock.
We discussed the session looking for ideas on how to improve and both girls mentioned that I was stronger but agreed it was a good benchmark to aim for, my weight and strength proving it to be very difficult for them once pinned.
To give them confidence I told them that by wriggling their hips and moving their heads did give them a chance to overturn the situation, I also told them that better use of the tongue during the breathing technique would also increase their chances.

I also told them that by interlocking the fighters bodies would strengthen the hold thus weakening the opponent into submission and if they practised these three things the whole experience would be more fulfilling.
I recapped the three things:
1) Keep movement by trying to wriggle free and head movement on the shoulder pin
2) Better use of the tongue to aid breathing, darting and licking actions are best.
3) Interlocking to strengthen hold.
They took my comments on board and although we agreed that many body parts would touch it would be unavoidable for this not to happen and it was all in the spirit of the sport, everyone was in agreeance.

I had actually started to like the sport now and had enjoyed recent practices with Val but adding Alex to the mix took it to a whole new level. Here I am wrestling with my sister and her best friend, teaching canlı bahis şirketleri them new positions to aid their progression. Life was good.

The atmosphere was good as the girls discussed ways to implement my ideas and I heard a fair amount of giggling as I was in the kitchen fixing us all some cold drinks, I walked back in and was confronted with silence and both of them staring at me, I stopped in my tracks fully conscious that my cock was still very much hard under my shorts but they both looked me straight in the eye,
“What?” I said stunned
“We have an idea” Val said obviously being the nominated spokeswoman
“Instead of actually fighting, can we practice just the pin moves and you talk us through ways to improve?” she said with a hopeful look on her face, it seemed like a fair request as it would allow for more practice at the business end of the fight.
“Sounds like a great idea” I said with a smile and both girls gave a little cheer.

“How about we run through some scenarios and I will explain what I am doing and why?” I suggested and I got a unanimous ‘YES’, so I instructed both girls to lay down on their backs and I knelt in between them.
“I want to replicate fight conditions” I said as I reached down and pulled Val’s panties down so that her pubic hair was showing and they were baggy around her crotch, I did the same to Alex although she doesn’t have that much hair.

“I am going to show you how to do a back pin by applying pressure to the chest” I said as I bent down and put my mouth over Val’s right breast, I pressed down hard while my tongue made flicking movements across her stiffening nipple. I then sucked hard on the nipple before pulling up leaving a very erect nipple behind.
“If this is done right you will see the nipple grow in length thus allowing for a possible interlock, and in order to apply equal pressure the same has the be done with the left side of the chest” I said before repeating the process with Val’s other breast.
When I pulled up I reiterated the use of the tongue in order to breath, Val now laid there with two erect nipples.

Not to be left out I did the same to Alex and was amazed at how easy it was for her nipples to become hard. They wanted to try for themselves so I sat and watched with they tried the exercise on each other, after they finished I think their nipples were so hard they were painful.

Alex then asked if she can try a shoulder pin so she can practice the better use of her tongue during the breathing exercise and suggested I sit on her face, she also suggested that I would get better movement if I took off my shorts so I slipped them off and putting my knees across her outstretched arms I slowly lowered myself onto her face.
As my balls lowered into her open mouth I felt her tongue dart out and start flicking across my scrotum which was followed by her taking each ball in turn into her mouth giving them a gentle suck.

“Good girl” I said softly, “Great use of the tongue” as her tongue darted canlı kaçak iddaa across my sac.
I edged forward slightly and that allowed her tongue to run up my crack and by bending forward it opened up allowing Alex to flick around my hole
“Breath Alex” I shouted and immediately her tongue started to dart in and out of my arse, sensations shot through my body as her tongue entered me.

“Much better Alex, great job” I said as I dismounted and looked across at Val to see what move she wanted to practice.
Val was unsure so I suggested we try a triple interlocking pin, her face lit up probably because she had no idea what a triple interlocking pin was as I had in fact just made it up.
I had to think quick as to how to perform this new position,
Val was on her back with her legs slightly apart, her panties were lower than her hips and just about hanging there in place as I laid down on top of her.
“When I perform the first interlock Sis, make sure you use your tongue breathing technique and don’t forget to wiggle your hips too” I told her as she took my weight.

My lips met hers as we started to more or less kiss and my tongue started to explore her mouth as the first interlock was placed. She responded perfectly as I felt her tongue searching around in my mouth before we took turns sucking each other’s tongues, our mouths were firmly locked.
She started to gyrate her hips and in doing so I felt my cock prod her wet opening, Alex looked on to make sure each interlock was successful and as Val’s wiggling intensified my cock slid deep into her wet hole, Val’s eyes closed and she let out a muffled moan as my cock slid into her up to the hilt.

The next interlock was more difficult as I had to reach under her and find my way inside her messed up panties while not releasing any interlocks, I finally found my fingers probing at her back hole and as I slowly thrust away ‘Bingo’ it was in, Val yelped but our mouths stayed firm as my finger slid into her tight arsehole.
I broke the hold and Val smiled as our lips parted, “Mission completed” I said and Alex clapped. “Awesome!” she said as I got off my sister.

Alex looked at her watch and announced that she had to go home soon but wanted to try something new and looked at me for direction, I was deep in thought but had an idea.
I instructed Val to sit back on the sofa with her legs wide and then instructed Alex to get on her knees in front of the sofa with her head between Val’s legs.

“This is the back chest double pin in which I am going to attempt to pin Alex’s chest to the sofa while she pin’s Val’s hips down” I said and the girls got quickly into position, Alex was quickly into position with her arse up in the air and Val took her position as Alex pulled her panties to one side as she buried her head,
“Don’t forget to use your tongue as you breath” I said to Alex and almost instantly Val let out a huge sigh as her friends tongue got to work.

I looked at Alex’s arse as I got on my knees behind her and gently canlı kaçak bahis pulled her panties out of her crack and widened her cheeks with my thumbs, her little shaded buttonhole was staring me in the face as I bent my head down and slowly started to lick and probe her little arsehole.
My tongue found the opening and was soon digging in, her soft moans were harmonized with Val’s moans from Alex’s efforts at a hip pin.
I pulled up from Alex and taking my throbbing cock in my hand ran it up and down her wet crack before stopping at the entrance and very slowly started to push in, this was met with a muffled gasp but in the spirit of the sport Alex did push back on me making the interlocking movement a lot easier.

Soon I was thrusting deep into Alex’s arse which in turn was forcing her head harder into Val’s crotch, Val started to shake as I thrust away pushing Alex deeper and harder but with my hands-on Alex’s shoulders I was determined to demonstrate this pin.
Alex tried to wiggle but in the main remained quite still as I pushed her from behind, I was starting to sweat and suddenly as if out of nowhere my cock started pulsating like it had a mind of its own and I found myself shooting my hot load deep inside Alex’s sweet arse.

I pulled out slowly as the girls regained normal breathing and put Alex’s panties back into place before helping her to her feet. Conscious of the fact that she had to go home but more importantly Mum would be home soon too.
I think Alex genuinely enjoyed the workout as she asked Val if she could come and practice again, hell I was fine with it as Alex seemed willing to learn and I was more than willing to teach.
I was still naked when Alex left and was standing in the lounge when Val returned.
She reached out to hug me and straight away I felt her nipples digging into my chest as we embraced.
My cock was still semi hard and the closeness of Val was making it press into her belly and I could feel the fabric of her panties against the swelling head.

Somehow and without warning or introduction our lips met and we embarked on a very passionate kiss, our tongues darting into every conceivable orifice, my cock was growing as our hips slowly gyrated.
We slowly manoeuvred ourselves over to the sofa and Val crashed back with me landing on top of her with our lips stuck like glue, tongues exploring places that I didn’t even know existed.

This was passion, raw passion as I reached under and took hold of my now fully stiff member and basically slammed it into my sister, I pushed right in deep and she let out an almighty muffled moan as my balls crashed against her thighs.
As our lips loosened her muffled cries got louder as I banged away like a raging bull, each thrust going deeper than the last, her body shaking with the spine-tingling pleasure she was getting, her legs wrapped around my waist like she was sucking me in and the beat was getting faster,
“OMG! YESS!” she cried out as I felt my nuts tighten and my hot seed shoot deep inside her belly, I pushed deeper and could feel her cunt muscles tighten their grip as I unloaded the last drops.

She wouldn’t release me and looked up at me smiling, “Thanks Bro” she said with a big smile as her grip slackened off, “You’re welcome Sis” I said smiling back.

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