Single Parents Pt. 03

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“Oh you beautiful creature! Have you any idea what effect that body has on a man, especially this one. Of course you have or you wouldn’t have worn your bikini the other day. You’re unsettling when you’re dressed, but you’re bloody dangerous to be around when you’re not.

“We need to talk about what’s going to happen. All you know is that very shortly we are going to have sex. I have your mother’s permission to have sex with you if that is what you really want, but you can back out at any time if you become uncomfortable with any activity.

“What you need to remember is that there is more to sex that just having a cock in your vagina. We want you girls to understand that sex is not just about having a cock shoved in you when some bloke wants to do that”

“Max, I’m not as innocent as you think I am. I might not have had much sexual experience, but believe me, this past few days I’ve been researching it.

“I want you, and I want what you can do to me. I love knowing that you and mum are lovers, I love the thought that Jenny and I are lovers and that you and Jenny have had sex. I want to be next. I know what you want; I just want to make it easy for you to have it.”

As she spoke she’d been undoing my shirt and trousers and I stood there like a dummy, letting her do exactly as she pleased. It didn’t take long for her to strip me, but she stopped the rush when she’d pulled my boxers down and my erection sprang into view.

Anne watched wide eyed and open mouthed as it pulsed in front of her, and was totally unresisting when I took hold of her hand and placed it on my cock.

She gripped it, she put her other hand on it and then she slid both her hands up and down it. She will be allowed to do that whenever she wishes, I wouldn’t dream of stopping her.

“Max, I’ve seen cocks before. The boys at school were always flashing them and trying to get girls to feel them, but they weren’t that big. You must have had a problem getting that into Jenny. I’ve played with her pussy and I know it’s nowhere near big enough to take that easily.”

“It did cause her to blink when she saw it, but I managed to prove that her beautiful vagina was well able to be expansive on the matter. When you compare notes with her later you’ll be able tell her how much you enjoyed being educated.

“I had intended to be very caring and genteel, but having heard you refer to ‘pussy’ and ‘fucking’ I think I’ll bin the idea of teaching you and go for showing you instead. I want your body and I’m not waiting any longer.

“Get that piece of cloth off and then kneel in front of me.”

Once she’d removed the bikini bottom and I’d stopped admiring the sight of her unclad body, she knelt before me and took hold of my cock again. She bent her head forward to kiss the tip of my penis, then she spent some time massaging me and getting up the courage to do as I’d asked and use her lips and mouth on my cock.

Once the head of my cock was inside her mouth she paused for breath, then lowered her head an inch before withdrawing completely away, and again took my cock in her hand and slowly masturbated me.

It took a pleasantly long time for her to find out that she wouldn’t choke. As she gathered confidence and took more of my erection into her mouth she began to enjoy her new skill.

She carried out this activity several times and each time she sucked me into her mouth my cock went a little deeper until it was pulsing and aching to such an extent that I had to stop her and tell her that I was taking her to my bedroom for private tuition.

When we arrived at the top of the stairs we could just here the soft sounds of my daughter being taken to the start of her first really enormous orgasm. We heard her as she met the pinnacle of that orgasmic sensation and by the time I’d put my condoms and lubricant within reach and then settled Anne on my bed we’d heard her wail and shout her way to its ending..

I wasn’t wrong in thinking that we’d hear those sounds again fairly soon; and if Jenny was as quick at learning how to do that to a person as I believed her to be, some of those sounds would be made by Susan and I knew how noisy she could be when she climaxed.

This was wonderful. My lover was having sex with my lovely daughter as I prepared to have sex with her gorgeous daughter. She was lying on my bed with her legs apart and with her feet flat on the bed. She knew exactly what a picture she presented and what effect it would be having on me and was she loved every moment of her situation.

It was my turn to kneel so that my face was level with her sex. I put my hands on her thighs and forced them up so that her legs were now able to go over my shoulders and then I began to show Anne exactly what a tongue and a finger could do to a willing pussy.

By the time I’d sucked her clitoris until; red and swollen, it stood out from under its hood her breathing had become ragged. She was now holding my head and lifting her lovely bottom off the bed to press my face hard against her pussy lips. I licked, sert porno sucked, and nibbled her labia until she reached down and pulled open her sex thus allowing me to suck deep inside her.

Soon she was constantly moaning and bucking and pleading with me to fuck her. Eventually my own arousal grew to the point that I could no longer ignore it. I removed my mouth from her soaking sex then stood up and placed the head of my cock at the opening of her vagina.

“This will hurt a little when your hymen tears and there will be some blood.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you Max, but I got rid of my hymen on Saturday. I found mom’s vibrator and used it on my clit, it was wonderful but I got a little over excited and aroused and finished up pushing it too far into my vagina and my hymen tore. There was some blood but not much and I managed to use my knickers to stop it staining the bed.

“Now you can fuck me without having to worry about pain and blood.”

I had intended to use some lubrication on my cock, but Anne was so wet that I doubted it would be needed. A gentle push and the head of my cock was inside her, it caused her eyes to widen with the realization that what she was about to receive was, at this moment, larger than the receptacle.

I took her attention away from her vagina by reaching for her nipples and teasing them until they were swollen buds once again; then I pushed a little more of me into a little more of her and, suddenly, she was able to take all of me.

As my cock pressed up against her cervix she gasped, grabbed my head and pulled it down so that she could kiss me.

I had most of my weight on my forearms so that she could breathe and move and she used the opportunity to wrap he legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders and then demand that I stop teasing her and please fuck her.

I did. I lifted myself up so that I could place my hands on the bed and then force her to see the benefit of releasing the vice-like grip of her thighs. She relaxed the grip and I pulled my cock back to then thrust it forward again as she thrust her vulva up at me. Soon we were in a competition to see which of us would tire first from the exertion.

Anne did, but only so that she could lie beneath me and urge me to fuck her as she mauled her breasts and nipples. I pumped into her insatiable vagina and revelled in the soft gasps and moans that she made as I did so.

My knees and arms were beginning to ache so I decided that if I could persuade her to change position, then I could at least prevent her from thinking that she’d worn me out on our first ‘outing’.

“Anne; I’m going to give you a treat now. Normally you wouldn’t get this until later on in our new relationship, but you’re so bloody good and desirable that I want to take you from behind now.

When I pull out from you I want you to kneel on the edge of the bed on all fours and then spread your thighs.”

As soon as she’d done that I guided my cock to her vagina and slid straight in and didn’t stop until my groin slapped against her bottom. I held her hips and fucked her, forcefully.

She began to pant and groan. The noise she made got louder and more raucous until she’d reached the beginning of her climax and then she screamed her way down to release.

She tried to move, but I was still inside her and I wasn’t prepared to change that situation for a while. I reached for the condoms and prepared one to be rolled one onto my erection and then I got the lubricant.

“Anne. What I want to do with you now is exactly the same as I did with Jenny. It will be a little painful at first but I promise you that I will be extremely gentle.

I will stop if you tell me to and most of all, what pain and discomfort there is will pass very quickly. After that there is every possibility that you will like it so much that you’ll be asking me to do it to you.

“Will you let me show you?”

“I trust you Max. I know you won’t hurt me on purpose and if Jenny had it done to her then I want it as well.”

I put lubricant on my finger and caressed her anus. I ran my finger around her little puckered ring and gently pressed against the sphincter. I felt her jerk slightly, but that was just reaction from the unusual sensation. To take her mind of what was happening I began to fuck her again and she responded by pushing herself backwards as I pumped into her.

More lubricant, more pressure, less resistance and then no resistance and I was able to insert my finger into her anus and then apply outward pressure which caused her rear passage to widen sufficiently for me to use a second finger.

I kept fucking this gorgeous girl and prepared for a swift exchange of tunnels. I moved my fingers further apart and felt her anus responding by opening further, she was as ready as she ever would be to experience her first anal fuck.

I had the condom waiting in my other hand so I pulled my cock out of her and rolled the condom onto it and inserted my cock into the beginning of her anus.

Anne sex mex porno stiffened and then relaxed as she realized that I was not about to ram it into her. I took time and I used more lubrication than was absolutely necessary because I was desperately trying to prevent her wanting to stop what I was doing with her.

Gradually I entered her bottom until I’d passed her inner sphincter and was well into her rectum. It was an incredibly tight fit and when I asked her how she felt she said that it had hurt, but now that I was inside her she felt wonderfully full and the pain had lessened considerably.

“It feels very strange, but not unpleasant. Fuck me a little bit Max and let me see what that feels like. She was so tight I wanted to stay there, but she wanted movement so I began to slide in and out of her and soon I was fucking her so hard that my groin was slapping against her bottom.

“Oh this is lovely, do it harder Max, OH YES, that is so good I think I’m going to CUM AGAIN, OH MAX THIS IS FANTASTIC, FUCK ME FUCK ME.

I was doing my utmost to hang on to my semen but it was a lost cause.

It burned its way up my cock and spurted into Anne’s rectum at the very moment that she had her release and we just rolled sideways onto the bed to lie spooned together with me still buried inside her.

I managed to get my arms around her as we went down and so was able to hold her breasts tightly.

“Now do you understand why having sex, and what sort of sex that would be, is as much for you to want as it is for a man. We wanted you to know that once you’d discovered how wonderful it can be, the more you’ll want to do it and you’ll know how to keep control of any situation.

I removed me from her and took her to the bathroom for a shower. When she’d finished rinsing me down she made me leave the cubicle so that she could shower herself in peace.

Arriving downstairs again we found Susan and Jenny sipping tea and

eating biscuits. They said that they’d heard us messing about in the shower so they’d come down and made the tea and there was plenty in the pot. The interesting thing was that they were both fully dressed.

They had decided to decamp to Susan’s house for the night so we were going to have the house to ourselves. Susan said that she and Jenny still had a few things get sorted and they didn’t want us disturbing them with coarse yelling.

Anne and I washed the tea things and went to bed.

It was made clear to me that she was going to be in charge so I was a mite interested in the programme. For openers she removed my bathrobe,

and then, more slowly, hers. Anne hugged me. Having her naked body pressed against me in the vertical plane was mind blowing.

I just didn’t know where to start so I went for as much as I could get to in the short space of time I knew I had available. If this was to be her understanding of the actions required from the person in charge then I was all for being her underling.

When she’d decided that I’d touched enough ‘bases’, she reached down between us, held my erection and began a very slow masturbation and I didn’t want her to stop, but she’d learned enough to know that she had hold of a volatile piece of muscle.

“I have been envious of Jenny ever since I began having sexual urges. She never seemed to be aware of you as anything more than a dad and I just knew that there was much more to be had. I want this so much it hurts. If you and mom hadn’t arranged this I would’ve been forced to try and seduce you and I do think I’d have succeeded.

“Please Max; don’t stop me doing what I’m going to do, if you hadn’t done what you did to me earlier I wouldn’t have even thought of this so what happens now is down to you and I’m grateful for that.

“Lie on the bed and let me do this without interfering.”

I lay on the bed as instructed and this gorgeous, wanton, woman straddled me. She move over my face and I had the loveliest view a man can have just a couple of inches from my eyes. I could feel her moving about, I’d no idea what she was doing and frankly I didn’t care.

She moved backwards a touch until I had my nose just inside the slit between her labial lips and was able to enjoy the sweet smell of an aroused woman’s sex.

She lingered there for a few moments and then moved a little further back until her sex was directly over my mouth and then she lowered herself until I had no option other than to lick and nibble her labia and as she began to press downwards a little more my tongue was as deep inside her as it was possible for me to get it.

Fortunately she remembered that I needed to breath occasionally and therefore she occasionally raised herself slightly so that I could take a breath and on one such occasion I managed to get my mouth over her clitoral hood, and like a limpet, that was where I remained.

She wriggled, but I don’t think there was a real attempt to break free and she even began to move her vulva backwards and forwards and she definitely became stranded teens porno a lot wetter.

Because she was astride my body with my arms pinioned between her thighs and my body I couldn’t do much ‘interfering’; but she was unable to prevent my hands from holding her glorious backside.

I was allowed to slide a finger against her anus and press until I’d gained access, but she had a limit and when I’d reached it she rammed her sex down hard on my mouth until I’d got the message.

When she’d reached the point of needing more vigorous activity she lifted herself up so that I could free my arms and then moved backwards, she positioned herself such that she was able to reach behind her, grasp my cock and guide it to her vagina.

Once she was satisfied with the setup she began to press herself down onto my shaft. I helped her in this endeavour by reaching around her and pulling her buttocks apart until my shaft was lodged inside her.

She lowered herself slowly until she had as much of me inside her as she could get without hurting herself and then she fucked me.

Anne rode me mercilessly. She put a lot of effort into getting rid of her sexual frustrations and it was fantastic, but she was dripping in perspiration when she finally stopped slamming herself down my shaft.

After a short rest, during which I was allowed to play with her breasts and tease her nipples she lifted herself off my cock and moved back until she could see it and a condom was rolled down my cock and covered in lubricant. Now that explained the mysterious movements I’d noticed when she straddled my face.

She shuffled forward until she was over my cock again and then taking hold of it, she guided it to her anus and slowly, with an expression of extreme concentration on her face, she again lowered herself down my cock, but this time she really needed to go slowly.

Grief, she was tight

Her anus could accommodate the girth of my cock, but it needed time for the inner sphincter to expand sufficiently to ensure that it would not be a painful experience.

When Anne was happy with what she’d got inside the entrance to her anus she stopped pressing and gently rotated and rocked her buttocks, as she did this I could feel my cock easing slowly down her anal canal.

The rocking and twisting stopped and the slow descent recommenced. Eventually I was completely inside her rectum. Anne stopped pressing down and began to rock herself back and forth again.

As she did so I got a hand between her thighs to find her clitoris and then I masturbated her. She began to move up and down as I did this and soon she was fucking her anus as fast and as forcibly as she could.

I moved my hand and managed to insert three fingers into her vagina as she pumped up and down and very shortly after that she had a huge orgasm which was announced with a very un-lady like:


At which point she lay down on my chest and asked me to please let her stay where she was. I did my best but I had an urge of my own to deal with and my cock was not about to denied. I struggled to get her off me and out of her without hurting her and then made my way to the bathroom.

Having removed the condom I washed and returned to the bedroom and the wonderful site of a sex bomb lying on her back with legs wide apart and arms open wide.

It was more invitation than I expected and I accepted it rapidly because my cock was aching for release I was definitely going to see that it got it. I got between those inviting thighs, inserted my cock into her waiting vagina and fucked her.

Anne wrapped her legs around my waist, pulled my head down to her s and kissed me as I speared into her body. I wanted her to remember what it was like to be taken, but I soon realized that it was she who was doing the taking.

I was doing exactly what she wanted me to do and she was enjoying every thrust as I smacked my groin against her wet pussy. She was holding me tightly and repeating the phrase:

“Fuck me Max, fuck me and don’t stop.”

Over and over again she exhorted me to do this as I slammed into her.

I came, and remarkably so did Anne. This time she was a great deal more subdued than her first release, but the tension she’d built up suddenly dissipated and she began kissing me again and said:

“Thank you, I never thought I’d ever experience anything as wonderful as the sensations I’ve had today. I know you love my mom and I’m pleased for her, but I love you and I will keep wanting you.”

“What you feel for me isn’t love Anne. When you meet the right person you’ll understand what I’m saying; what you’re feeling is fuelled by lust mixed with satiated passion and that won’t last. Mind you, it won’t stop me taking advantage of any offerings you care to make in the meantime.”

That was the end of our passion express. We showered and went to bed to sleep because we had to be up and finished with breakfast early enough for Anne to leave before my cleaning lady arrived.

Anne went home to see what state her mom and Jenny were in and I went to the office. I had intended spending the morning there, but it turned into a full day because my newly appointed ‘new contacts’ manager had been busy and now I had to reel them in as customers.

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