Slow Recovery – A Breeding Fantasy

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Booty Shake

Slow Recovery – A Breeding Fantasy

Dani rested her head back on the pillow, sighing comfortably upon contact. Usually she hated the sad, flat pillows that Jacob bought for their apartment, but after spending a week in the hospital she was happy to return to the awkward, cold fabric.

She’d only been back at the apartment for two days and Jacob–god bless his heart–waited on her hand and foot. When she said she was hungry, he set off to the kitchen to whip something up. When she complained about being sore, he’d gently rub her back, and for the first time ever, he’d turn up the damn thermostat when she asked. She giggled quietly at the memory.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the familiar sound of his footsteps on the creaky wooden floors.

“Have a nice shower?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Feels good to be home.”

Jacob lied down next to her on the bed, tucking his arm under her neck. He was shirtless, and his skin was warm and smooth.

“Are you feeling okay?” he asked, pushing her wet chestnut hair away from her face.

She tilted her head up to look at him. His eyes briefly drifted down to her exposed breasts, then snapped back up to meet hers.

“I’m fine,” she replied. She paused for a moment before adding, “I missed you.”

He leaned down and softly kissed the edge of her jaw. Her heart fluttered slightly as his hot breath swirled around her face and down her neck.

“I missed us,” he murmured, trailing kisses up her face until he met her lips.

She reached up to pull his face closer, her breathing becoming increasingly faster, and he rolled himself on top of her. She reflexively spread her legs to accept him and the feeling of his weight pressed against her caused heat to build up between her legs. He pressed canlı bahis şirketleri his hips closer to hers and she could feel the tent building underneath the thin cotton of his underwear.

“I missed this,” Jacob said. “That whole week you were gone…”

His voice trailed off. She wrapped her legs around him, squeezing slightly. More heat gathered between her legs, and she felt his cock twitch in response. She stared, heavy lidded, into his eyes, and he began rocking his hips against her in response.

“It felt like years, didn’t it?” Her voice was breathy. “I want–I need to keep you inside me.”

Jacob sat upright, still staring intensely into her eyes, and slipped his now fully-erect cock out of the opening of his underwear. Shivers shot up Dani’s naked body and she burned with arousal.

He pressed his tip against her clit, paused, and then pushed upwards, sliding his length against her and making her eyes roll back and her lips part. It had been a week and she was so sensitive. Had she been a prouder person, she would’ve been embarrassed at how quickly her desperation built up at his touch. He eased back and lied back on top of her, his cock still pressed against his clit, and rocked back and forth once more. Dani couldn’t stop the moan from escaping her lips.

“You’re already wet for me,” he said with a smile. She could only whimper in response.

She wasn’t sure how long they stayed in that position. It seemed like forever. Her arousal continued to build and build, and with each throb of his cock the wetter she became.

Eventually he passionately pressed his lips against hers and eased further back, letting his cock slide down her sex until his tip was pressed firmly against her opening. tipobet güvenilir mi She cried out and tilted her head away to break the kiss.

“Jacob,” she said breathlessly, “the antibiotics–it’s not safe for… that.”

Her doctor really drilled it into her head. The antibiotics she was taking every day would interfere with her birth control, and she’d have to wait at least another week until the pill would return to its full effectiveness.

“I know,” he replied, planting kisses on her neck and groping at her breast.

“Then you better–”

“But you’d look so pretty while pregnant.”

Dani froze. Did she hear that correctly?


“Think about it. You’d be glowing, and your body would get so soft and full…” He pressed against her once more so that his tip was just barely enveloped by her wet pussy.

She tried to repeat his name in protest, but all that came out was a moan. His words were stirring something inside her, some strange combination of anxiety and needy arousal that bubbled up and made her skin burn.

“You’d be so perfect, heavy and pregnant with my seed,” he whispered in her ear. “Let me get you pregnant.”

She arched her back at the sound of his words. Her head was spinning and she couldn’t make sense of her own thoughts. The only thing that was still real to her was the sound of his deep voice and the feeling of his skin against hers.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please get me pregnant.”

Before she could even consider whether she’d made a mistake, Jacob sank his cock all the way inside her in one swift motion. Her legs shook and she cried out in surprise.

“That’s it, take it all,” he growled.

The rhythm of his thrusts was slow and deep, and each time tipobet giriş he slammed into her his tip pressed up against her cervix. She felt a twang of pain, but it was the good kind of pain; the welcome, validating kind. It didn’t take long until her orgasm built up inside her.

“Jacob,” she whined, “Jacob, I’m gonna cum.”

“I can tell,” he said. “Fuck, you’re tight.”

He slammed into her again and lingered there with his tip kissing the soft surface of her cervix. She nearly screamed from the sensation.

“Yeah, cum for me,” he demanded. “Be a good girl and cum for me.”

Now that really drove her crazy. One more thrust and he pushed her over the edge, sending electric shocks of pleasure up her spine and setting off the rhythmic pulsation of her walls. Jacob paused to savor the feeling and groaned in her ear.

“That’s it, cum on my cock. Good girl, you’re such a good girl.”

Dani was left a babbling mess. In the back of her mind she was keenly aware that any chance she had of getting out of this was gone. She was completely, unambiguously ready for his seed to take in her unprotected pussy; everything in her body was pleading for it. Their bodies had long passed the point of no return.

Jacob picked up the pace, this time erratically speeding up as his own orgasm drew closer. He throbbed in anticipation.

“Fuck, I’m gonna get you pregnant,” he moaned. “Send my cum right into your womb. Get you nice and knocked up.”

Dani’s lust was uncontrollable at this point–pleasepleasepleaseplease cum in my fertile pussy, I need it I need it I need it–as her desire continued to take over.

With a final, deep thrust, he grunted loudly and unleashed his cum. She whimpered at the sensation of the intense pulsation of his cock as his hot cum flowed directly past her cervix into her wanting, waiting womb.

She closed her eyes as he collapsed on top of her, panting. There was no doubt that her body was eagerly accepting the seed that was racing to impregnate her. But she was ready for it.

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