Sneaking The Fellas In

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Sneaking The Fellas In
It had just turned 11:00 PM and my heart was racing like crazy as I nervously waited on the edge of my bed In just some gray pajama pants and a red T-shit with the TV volume down low, I didn’t know if my parents were still awake or not I had just come from the bathroom checking if they were still awake or not, trying to go and check if they were still up might cause suspicion if they were still awake, but at the same time all the walking back and forth could wake them if they were sleep all the same so I decided to stay in my room.

“Fuck just be sleep” I Preyed glancing at the bedroom door, I said 11:00 O’ clock” I quietly griped looking at my phone seeing that it was now 11:03 PM while I sat impatiently watching an episode of Family Guy. My heart jumped when I heard the sound of a pebble smack against my bedroom window, I swallowed the spit I had in my mouth then quickly sprang up and crept over to the window.

I opened the window and looked down to see Dorian and Lamar; two guys that go to my school standing down in front of my house just outside my window.

I did find their old school approach at getting my attention real cute though.

“Go around the side, wait by the gate” I loudly whisper while waving my arm and pointing my finger the way I wanted Dorian and Lamar to go, the two boys headed around to the side fence and I smiled hard as I shut the window then headed turned and exited my room. Reality quickly gripped me by the balls, the moment I left my room I see my mother coming out of my parents room with a big (as soon as I get back in bed, I’m sleep) yawns on her face.

“Mom!” I blurted sounding way too surprised to see her causing her to turn and look at me, “if that is your Real Name… Or is it, Lakesha!?” I said as dramatically as I could calling my mother by her name trying to be funny to hide how nervous I really was, “maybe I should call the FBI and find out what they think” I added in a panic thinking that my whole night had just been ruined.
My Mother opened her mouth wide about to respond to what I had just said but no words came out of her mouth, instead she turned her head back toward her bedroom door for a moment then back to me, “yeah… you yo daddy’s son” she mumbled to herself nodding her head with a great big smile on her face while letting out a deep sigh, whatever she said was too quiet for me to hear and my mind was on other things so I didn’t ask her to repeat herself.

“Boy, what you doin up this late?” my Mother asked still smiling, “I took a nap earlier before you got home from work, now I cant sleep…” I lied trying to get by her without her noticing anything was up, “gonna make me some food, see if that puts me down” I lied again, “OK baby, just don’t fry anything, or use the blender… and don’t stay up to late its a school night” my Mother said with a look that read (don’t wake me up)across her face as she continued into the bathroom.

I headed downstairs, through the kitchen, and out the back door into the backyard, then I quietly rushed around down the narrow alley between my house an our neighbors.

I got down the alley to the gate and tried my hardest to silently unlock the gate, “why did you throw a rock at my window? So corny… text” I whispered holding up my phone, “sup you sexy mutha…” Lamar said softly ignoring my question, not allowing me to get in my own words of Greeting before he pressed his soft lips against mine and sticking his tongue in my mouth while pushing my back against my neighbors house, “hey Jamario” Dorian whispered to me quickly reaching his cold hand down the back of my pants and rubbing my left ass cheek. “Guys” I whispered between Lamar’s kisses, “wait.. ah shit” I said trying to get them to hold on a second when Dorian leaned in and started kissing, licking and sucking on my neck and ear. “Wait!” I whispered loudly and shaking them off of me, “damn, like a****ls” I joked “let me close the gate, its cold out here, lets go inside, and I don’t wanna get bit up by mosquitoes” I complained with a smile while I moved over to close the gate as quietly as I could.
I lead on while Dorian and Lamar followed me back up the alley into my backyard but I felt a hand grab mine and pull me back “I cant wait nigga” Dorian said throwing one arm around my waist pulling me in close and holding me tight and the other hand placed on the back of my head before he pressed his lips hard against my own, not wanting to miss out Lamar moved in behind me pulling down the back of my pants exposing my ass before pushing his pelvis against my cheeks.

Lamar and Dorian both felt amazing it was like electricity; my skin would warm and tingle in a way that is hard to put in words, it felt like I was freezing and burning at the same time wherever they touched me and though I wanted that feeling to sweep me up and take me along for the ride, I had to fight it. I shuffled my way out from between Dorian and Lamar and made it to the back door, “take off your shoes” I said finally walking back into my house, “and keep quiet” kaçak iddaa I reminded them as I closed the door then lead on while Lamar and Dorian both followed behind, reaching out and grabbing my exposed ass whenever they got the urge.
I hesitated when we got to the stairs knowing our creaky wooden stairs were the worst for sneaking around but just went for it and the three of us headed up and to my room.

I was relieved that my parents didn’t come out of their room and catch me sneaking two boys into my room while they felt me up, I didn’t have anything to explain that.
As soon as all three of us were inside my room I let out a deep sigh of relief then shut the door behind me. I went over and turned on the dim light I kept on my nightstand then turned to see Dorian and Lamar both quickly start to strip down.

“I been thinking bout this all day… all fuckin night” Lamar admitted tossing his clothes in a lose pile off to the side, he stood there looking at me; his smooth milk chocolate muscles flexed as he stretched a bit then moved in on me while Dorian calmly removed his clothes slowly revealing his dark chocolate body as he put them in a neat stack on my dresser; maybe it was because Dorian was a neat tidy kinda guy, maybe he liked to watch, or maybe Dorian was just giving Lamar a head start, either way it was good to me.
Lamar kissed me a few more times before he yanked off my shirt and started licking and sucking on my nipples; my body shuddered with intense pleasure each time the tip of Lamar’s tongue flicked across my nipple, it got to the point where I couldn’t think about anything else. “Those nipps look good bruh” Dorian said with his voice full of lust as he finally joined in; moving over and started sucking on my other nipple.

(Be quiet, don’t make a sound, better not get caught)I had to constantly remind myself clenching my teeth each time I felt the urge to moan out in pleasure.

I could feel Dorian and Lamar’s dicks start to stiffen the more they enjoyed my body; Lamar’s circumcised dick was at least 8 inches and thick and poking against my lower abdomen, Dorian got hard real fast as he moved around me and lifted his circumcised 9 Inch skinny dick up then released it allowing it to rest along the crack of my ass. Lamar started lowering his hands down my body till he hot to my pants, he ran his finger along my elastic waistband before plunging his hands down into my pajamas pants and grabbed my dick, Dorian Kept pushing his dick against my ass like an impatient c***d just waiting for me to give him some candy, but that shit was working.
A weird feeling that washed over me; I wanted to take things slow, wanted nothing more than to be with them all night savoring every touch, but I knew I would never have all the time I wanted with them.

Dorian’s dick was now between my ass cheeks and I could it poking right against my asshole.
“(Smack!)” was the loud sucking noise that rang out in my room, “the fuck” I said jerking my body hoping the loud sound wasn’t enough to wake my parents but when I moved I’d pushed Dorian back knocking him against the dresser making more noise. “Shhh” I softly let out as I quickly rushed over and shut out the light, I stood there in the dull glow of the TV listening for the sound of my parent’s door opening but Dorian and Lamar didn’t care at all whether I got caught tonight because almost as soon the as the light went out they were both right back on me.
Lamar dropped down in front of me pulling my pants along with him, “damn Jamario…” Lamar whispered at the sight of my hard uncircumcised 10 inch dick as he freed it from its 8% spandex and 92% polyester prison, “just look at it all…” Lamar calmly trailed off like my dick put him in a trance before taking the tip of my dick into his mouth.
“Yeah suck him” Dorian said with his voice full of lust looking down at Lamar sucking the head of my dick from over my shoulder, Dorian kissed my shoulder, then kissed the back of my neck then continued kissing his way down my back till he got to my ass. “Emmm, fuck yeah nigga” Dorian softly let out sounding more than pleased after spreading my ass cheeks apart with his hands and taking a deep whiff of my clean hole, “makes me wanna taste it” Dorian admitted before doing just that sticking his tongue out an started licking at my hole.
“Uggnnh” I groaned biting down on my knuckle in order to keep myself from shouting out at the top of my lungs in pleasure feeling Lamar’s mouth slid down about 7 inches of my dick while Dorian took his tongue and pushed into my ass, “yes” I whispered softly not wanting the feeling of having a mouth wrapped around my dick while I got my ass ate to end and instinctively lowered my hands placing them both on the backs of Dorian and Lamar’s heads and pushed them in making Lamar gag hard on my dick and damn near smothering Dorian with my ass.
Dorian moved back when I released them and both started to gasp for air, “The fuck” Lamar whispered angrily looking up at me as his eyes begun to water and throwing a bunch kaçak bahis that connected with my gut; the punch didn’t really hurt but I wasn’t ready for it and hunched over when it made contact putting me face to face with Lamar and ass to face with Dorian.

Lamar kissed my lips once and was about too stand back up but he moved in and kissed me again and again, Dorian stood back up and as soon as he did; he had the tip of his dick right back poking at my now wet asshole. Lamar kissed me one last time then stood up holding me in my bent position, “here you go” Lamar said putting his hard dick in my face and I happily took him in my mouth. “Ahhh” Dorian moaned in pleasure as I let the tip of his dick slip in my ass and just stood there with the head of his dick in me, Dorian took one step and pushed further inside, “mnfffp” I grunted unable to speak, but I kept right along sucking Lamar and then Dorian took another step getting right on me pushing further still until he couldn’t go deeper, “Fu-u-u-ck” Dorian moaned his voice shuddering with pleasure as he squeezed my ass cheeks tight in his palms.

Lamar started fucking my mouth pinching my nose from time to time as he did while Dorian kept squeezing all over my ass cheeks, Dorian And Lamar were using my body and it felt great “Mnguh, gungh, Nuhh” were the only sounds I could make though I couldn’t say if it was just me? or if they were the sounds all guys make when you get spit-roasted?.

Lamar reached down and grabbed my wrists and at the same time Dorian had slid his hands down getting a nice grip around my thighs, “hey Jamario?” Lamar said, “Hnnn?” I responded, “make you keep quiet” Dorian said, as soon as he did Dorian and Lamar lifted me right off the floor.
Lamar’s dick had fallen out of my mouth while Dorian had stayed in my ass, Lamar stood there in front me for a moment making his hard wet dick flex in front of me, I couldn’t keep my eyes from following his dick like the little bouncing white ball in a sing-a-long before he stepped closer to me. “You should hold on tight” Lamar whispered sounding concerned about me,“be gentle with me” I said taking Lamar Back in my mouth and threw my arms around his waist while I lifted my legs up around Dorian’s thighs and squeezed him tight between my thighs.

My dick was throbbing like crazy, a dick fucking my mouth, a dick fucking my ass, and the fact that if I tried to reach down to jack my dick I could fall flat on my face had a little to do with making that the hottest thing I’d ever done, my mind went blank and for a moment all that mattered to me was the pleasure.

I know I was sucking Lamar but the way I was suspended there the way I was with him fucking my mouth I couldn’t really tell which of us was doing more of the work, Dorian held a firm grip on my thighs as he continued to thrust into me, “damn man, try and hold him still” Dorian said with a slight giggle almost dropping me.
Lamar and Dorian carefully let me back down then switched places as we moved over to the bed, I laid flat on my back giving Dorian the chance to climb up on my chest and stick his ass flavored dick in my mouth, “this, booty… its like my dick belongs in this muthafuka” Lamar proclaimed sliding his dick balls deep right into my opened hole.

“Damn Jamario you can suck a dick” Dorian whispered looking down at me while rubbing the back of his soft hand down the side of my cheek before he pushed forward lodging his dick in my throat, I panicked and gagged a little at first but honestly his dick felt good in my mouth and even better fucking my throat.
Lamar had my legs up resting on his shoulders as he pumped his dick in my ass.
“Gwarhh” I let out taking a deep breath inward the moment Dorian got up taking his dick along with him as he swung his hips around putting his ass in my face something I took full advantage of by tonguing his hole. “Eh, he he” Dorian giggled softly pulling his ass away from my tongue for a moment but I reached out out pulling his ass down onto my face. With Dorian now squatting over my face I couldn’t breath but I was more interested in munching away on Dorian’s ass and and for the moment didn’t care one bit about breathing.
Aside from Lamar’s heavy breaths he was all but silent, though his thrusts spoke volumes; Lamar would push balls deep into my ass pressing hard against my prostate for a few moments before pulling his dick all the way out and would give me a second to sort of get used to the feeling not having a dick inside me before Lamar would stuff it back up in me all at once and would push hard on my prostate again.

Dorian slowly lowered his body down, I thought he was doing it to get a better look at Lamar while he used his dick to reamed my ass but I was quickly proven wrong when I felt the unmistakable sensation of a mouth wrapped around and sucking my dick. I lifted my nose out of Dorian’s ass to take a much needed breath or two then went right back to it holding Dorian’s ass cheeks apart while I licked his hole as best I could, “yeah suck his dick güvenilir bahis while you watch him get fucked” Lamar said to Dorian looking down at him and he kept right along dicking me. “Now comes the tricky part” Dorian said taking his mouth away from my dick then stood up, Lamar got one last thrust deep inside me then just stayed there with his dick pressed hard against my spot.

Dorian turned to look at me again and with a smile on his face he slowly and carefully lowered his ass down, my heart was racing with anticipation as I laid there looking into Dorian’s eyes while I used Lamar as a Human Butt Plug constantly squeezing his dick as tight ass I could with my ass.

Dorian kept eye contact with me lowering his ass down till the head of my dick was rubbing against Dorian’s hole.

“T-tease” I muttered looking up at Dorian as he slid his hole back and forth over the tip of my dick before he lowered his ass all the way down on me filling his hole up to the brim with my dick, “fuckin shit” I blurted out loudly out unable to help myself absolutely delighted feeling Dorian’s insides.

“Unghh fuck!” I moaned out deep in the throws of passion and desire; my parents could have herd my pleasure filled moans but I didn’t care anymore about being quiet, Dorian started rocking his hips back and forth on my dick while Lamar continued back fucking my ass; it was a little tricky at first but the three of us managed to work into a comfortable rhythm for all.

I reached my hands out grasping for whatever I could reach with one of my hands ending up grabbing for and squeezing tight on most of Lamar’s Right ass cheek and the other locked onto and started twisting at Dorian’s left nipple like the dial on a car radio. I tried not to stay focused on the moment but I couldn’t fight the intense pull of Lamar and Dorian’s touch, my mind was drowning in the pleasure they gave me, with Lamar stuffing my hole while Dorian’ s ass was keeping my dick nice and warm, I was at the mercy of their touch, and their touch was like gravity;pulling me and holding me tight unable to escape.
Dorian stopped rocking his hips and begun bouncing up and down on my dick throwing off the groove we all had going,”damn this ass is fuckin good nigga” Lamar confessed pulling his dick out of my ass and allowing my legs to fall back to the bed, Dorian continued right along bouncing on my dick while Lamar moved around laying on the bed next to us watching Dorian and I go at it while he stroked his dick.
I grabbed Dorian by the hips and carefully swung him over into the missionary position, “now its my turn” I said boastfully looking down into his eyes for a moment before I started pumping my dick right in and out of his hole.

My hips were on autopilot; my pelvis was moving all on is own and loved every moment of my dick being inside Dorian.

I both saw and felt Lamar get up off the bed and move out of my field of vision but it as almost like I didn’t notice him at all until I felt the unmistakable feeling of a hard dick poking at my already opened ass, “Unhh!” I moaned out in pleasure no longer caring if my parents heard me; no I didn’t want to get caught or anything like that, I was just swept up in my own lust and that was all I cared about.
Lamar didn’t start fucking me like I thought, no, Lamar pushed inside of me and just stopped moving all together and offered nothing but a hard dick in my ass. I was a little confused at Lamar but kept right along fuck, that is when I noticed Lamar pushing deeper into my ass leaving me just enough space for me to keep fucking Dorian.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that between the 3 of us I was doing 100% of the work, each time I would pull my dick away from Dorian it would mean backing my hole right onto Lamar’s raging erection, though it wasn’t like I was complaining or anything.

“Get this dick” Lamar commanded while making his dick throb, “fuck my booty nigga” Dorian demanded squeezing on my dick with his ass with a look of satisfaction.

“I need to cum” Lamar said pulling his dick out of my ass bumping hard into my dresser as he moved round to my face, “here you go” Lamar said stroking his dick then started shooting his cum all over my lips and nose, “I’m cumming nigga” Dorian said bouncing on me, “me too man” I said still pumping my dick into Dorian’ hole.
The light switched on and I shut my eyes tight but I could feel Dorian Orgasm on my dick and I felt warm drops landing on my chest and belly followed my own orgasm inside Dorian. I opened my eyes only to see my parents standing in my bedroom door with shock and confusion all over their faces.

My Mom and Dad both stood there frozen looking at me with cum on my face, body, and with my dick throbbing uncontrollably while lodged inside a Guy’s asshole, “Umm… I’m gay and…” I said but before I could finish my Dad reached in and shut the door back. Dorian and Lamar both let out uneasy laugh and scrambled to get dressed, I led them down and out the front door then dreaded turning to see my parents , or waiting to ambush me at the top of the stairs but that wasn’t the case, my parents didn’t say one word to me my father looked upset but that was it before my mother simply shut the door… all and all not a bad way to Come Out to my family if you ask me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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