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They met after work to drive to American Stonehenge. They chatted on the way, he drove her Wrangler, up through New Hampshire, the summer sun hidden, a light rain falling. He brought her one of his shirts to wear against the chill. They walked up to the site after paying admission, hand in hand, eyes constantly on each other. They followed the map, reading what the number said, commenting on what seemed real, what seemed constructed, or just a huge leap of people trying to find something mystical. They walked to the Spring Equinox stone. The witch dug through her ritual bag, seeking her three wishes she wanted to burn, to ask the gods for their help. The three wishes written on bark. He has asked on the ride what they were and she wouldn’t say. He asked to hold the paper while she lit it. She looked to his eyes, smiled and handed it trustingly over. She lit the bark and he set it on the stone. The wishes were to keep their secret, to find her a new job, and well wishes for a friend’s father.

The left and went to have dinner. She had discussed her religion with him many times and had felt things from him, and he somewhat from her. They ate lobster and talked, eyes one each other’s. At the car he asked, if he pendik escort was her best lover. She squirms and his her face, he badgered and pulled her close. She kept looking to his eyes, then away with a pang of guilt. She finally relented to that devilish grin, the touches, and the eyes on hers. “Yes, you are, easily.” He smiles and they kissed, the long passionate kiss of budding love driven by fiery lust. His taller framed leaned down to her, thick rich milk chocolate hair stroked by hair fingers. She blushed, her pale skin framed by auburn hair. The girl’s girls figure, full and curved, fertile. He stood tall, strong chest, virile, the dark eyes looking into her pale blue as her held her in protective arms.

They drove back, the night getting dark. He dared her to strip to just his shirt. She shook her head, cheeks coloring. He teased, he coddled, he looked at her with those lust filled eyes. Again she relented, stripping her bra and jeans off, her thong following. He touches her legs, reaching to touch a breast. He drove to a dark loading dock; she looked around with a fond familiarity. They slide together into the back of the Wrangler. The clothes were pulled off and the kisses grew hotter. He maltepe escort sat on the back seat and she straddled his lap, grinding down onto him. They fucked intently, the windows steaming. She finally grew tired and turned to stand, then lean back, using the center console for leverage. He pulled her back firmly, again and again. The witch thought, as her pentacle bounced on her chest, if only she had a lover who believed, who shared her gods. She thought of the words ‘As I am Goddess, you are God, let the Summer Hunter come claim his mate’. She felt the surge of power she never expected. The world seemed to disappear, she saw the woods, the Green Man chasing down the Moon Goddess Diana, to take her, mate her, make her his own.

She cried out as he shifted, pressing her back to the seat, kneeling in front of her. He opened her legs and positioned his cock. She lunged forward, filling her tight in an instant. He started to move, her body obeying his whim. He began thrusting hard into her. He looked into her eyes, an she saw him feeling it, feeling the power surge between them, flow easily, back and forth. She shifted, lifting her legs, opening them wide, feet braced on the roll bar of the Wrangler kartal escort as he thrust his cock deeply into her soaked hot pussy. She pulled his power as he slammed into her, building it, combining their forces into a wave of energy. She screamed out clawing his back, her growled and groaned pulling her hair, kissing her hard and rough as they built into frenzy. She arched her back as he sunk in deep holding her there. They climaxed together, the power expending out her sacrifice to the gods on the Solstice complete.

They kissed and cuddled a while longer, a bit more sex, but easier, less force. She exhausted, him a bit drained, though the amazing depth of power she glimpsed in him mostly untouched. And after the Solstice release she seemed unable to draw more from him. As they got to his car they cuddled and kiss at the door of her Wrangler, he asked, what he had been feeling, She described as best she could, the exchange of power, the force. She described the feeling she gets in her hands, the heat, and the flow of forces both in and out. He put her hands to hers and the pleasant tingle was there. And she watched him, knowing he could feel it. She commented on not feeling his come to her, and he shifted, almost shrugged some and the energy flowed. She felt the deep places in her body twitch and shudder. As their energies swirled together again He leaned close and said huskily into her ear “You are my witch now” She whimpered softly and nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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