Son’s 2nd Halloween Party

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Hi, my name is Rachel Marks. I’m a 34 year old single mother. I’m 5’5″, 115 pounds and have short blond hair. The only thing that I’ve ever been self conscious about are my small breasts. They are big enough for me to have a little cleavage, but I’m always jealous when I see someone else busting out of their blouse.

I was always popular in High School, maybe too popular. I had my choice of guys to date and worked my way through my class until I finally met the one. I fell in love when I was 16 only to end up pregnant and married. It turns out he only married me because his parents made him and we ended up getting divorced shortly after my 17th birthday.

I was left alone to raise our son, Mark, as a single mother. Being a single mom it isn’t easy finding a date and so I’ve spent most of the past eighteen years alone taking care of my family.

My son is 18 years old and is a freshman at the local community college. He’s still living at home while he saves up to get an apartment.

My story started last weekend when my son had a Halloween party at our house. My friend Sara convinced me to sneak into the party wearing a costume to check up on him and his friends. I ended up having a little fun of my own when I was over there and then went back to Sara’s house to tell her all about it.

She couldn’t believe that I would have sex with my own son, but she was jealous of all of the other hot young guys at the party. Sara always liked taking risks and so she convinced me to try and convince my son to throw another party the following weekend.

Since Halloween was on a Wednesday this year, and my son, Mark, had his party the weekend before, we figured that there is no reason why he can’t have another party the weekend after as well.

The next day I offered to help Mark clean up the house, but it wasn’t necessary because his friends actually left the place in pretty good shape. I made him breakfast and tried to ask him questions about how the night went, but like any teenager he kept pretty quiet on the details. Eventually I got around to mentioning that I would be going out of town for the night next Friday and since the house was in such good shape that he could have another party if he wanted.

“Really, you mean it mom?”

“Well, you didn’t break anything and I know that Halloween is your favorite time of year so why not have another Halloween party before it’s too late.”

He didn’t skip a beat before telling me that he had a lot of planning to do and got up and ran up to his room.

I called Sara right away and told her the good news. She was so excited for the party she couldn’t wait. She told me that she was going to find the perfect costume and then we hung up.

We arranged to meet at her house before heading to the party. In keeping with my story I packed my costume into an overnight bag gave my son a kiss goodbye and made him promise to be good.

“I will mom. Have a good trip.”

“Call me if you have any problems. See you tomorrow.”

As soon as I left my house I ran down the street to Sara’s. I couldn’t wait to get the night started.

Sara answered the door already dressed for the party. She was dressed as a sexy school girl with a very short pleated skirt, a pair of black patent leather high heel shoes, knee socks and a sheer blouse. I could clearly see that she was wearing a sheer black bra through her blouse, her dark nipples were just barely visible. Sara wore a black wig with two pig tails to complete the costume.

“Wow, Sara you look hot!”

“Why thank you. I spent all week on it.”

“But Mark will be able to recognize you without a mask.”

“I have that covered too.”

Sara pulled out a little black mask that covered her eyes and nose.

“Now it’s your turn, why don’t you get ready while I make us some drinks.”

I headed up to her bedroom to get ready. Standing in front of her mirror I slid on the same pair of silk panties. I remembered that I couldn’t wear a bra with my costume so I had left that at home. The rest of my costume was a simple toga was made out of a thin fabric designed like a blouse without buttons. I pulled the two thin straps over my shoulders and wrapped the toga around my body, tying it off with the gold belt. I finished off my costume with a pair of gold high heels, Sara’s red wig and the little mask that came with the costume.

When I got downstairs Sara was waiting for me in the living room with a bottle of wine. Since it was still so early we sat around for a little while and drank a few glasses of wine. We wanted to make sure that everyone would be drunk when we arrived so that there was less of a chance that anyone would recognize us.

I was on my fourth glass of wine when I looked at the clock and saw that it was already almost midnight.

“What do you say Sara, ready to party?”

“Lead the way.”

It was a cool clear night and the gentle breeze gave me goose bumps on the walk back to my house. We could clearly hear the music as we stranded teens porno approached. I turned to Sara and reminded her “Remember, never take off your mask. Nobody can know who we are.”

“Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me.”

“My name is Mandi, what did you pick?”

Sara thought for a minute and blurted out “Jessica!”

“Ok Jessica, let’s have some fun.”

We walked around to the backyard and mixed in with the crowd. There were more people at the party this time around; I guess everyone had a good time last week.

I saw the same crowd around the keg as last time and before I knew it Jessica was pulling me through the crowd right to the keg. I recognized some of the faces from last week and since I was wearing the same costume I’m pretty sure that a few of the guys remembered me too.

As soon as we got to the beer line at the keg I heard my friend say “Let’s do keg stands!”

I couldn’t believe how forward she was. Maybe I’m not the only one who can’t handle her wine.

The crowd immediately started chanting “keg stand, keg stand” as they made room for us. One of the bigger guys came over and picked up Jessica by her waist. He lifted her up as high as he could and then the rest of the crowd took over. He leaned her forward as two other guys each took one of her legs in their hands and helped flip her completely upside down. As soon as they did that, her skirt flipped over her waist exposing her skimpy panties to the crowd.

There was a brief cheer as they positioned her by the keg. She reached out and took a hold of the keg as someone else inserted the tap into her mouth. The first guy who lifted her up was now positioned with his face inches away from my friend’s panty covered pussy. Her feet started to wiggle a little bit as they turned the tap on and the crowd began chanting “Drink! Drink! Drink!”.

Everyone was having a good time and moving around as Jessica drank as much as she could. I noticed that each of the guys holding her up were taking liberties with her body and rubbing and touching her all over. I could see that the one guy in front of her had his mouth pressed against the front of her panties and looked like he was licking her through the material.

I was already getting wet waiting for my turn.

After a minute or two she shook her legs indicating that she was done. The crowd didn’t seem like they were in any hurry to put her down and the one guy still had his face buried in her pussy. Eventually everyone stepped away and they slowly turned her back over placing her on her feet.

As soon as she was down on the ground I felt several pairs of strong hands wrap around my body and lift me off the ground. The same guy who lifted Jessica up was standing in front of me with his hands on my hips. Another pair of hands firmly grasped my ankles as I was turned upside down. My toga fell down over me hanging over my belt. Just like my friend before me, my panty covered crotch was completely exposed to the crowd as I felt my legs being pushed apart.

I felt several more hands all over my body as I was positioned over the keg. I put my arms out and held on tight. Suddenly I felt a cool breeze blow over my pussy and realized that someone had moved my panties to the side. The cool breeze was quickly replaced by a warm wet mouth which completely covered my wet pussy. His tongue was pressed right against my clit and he very generously ate me out while the tap turned on.

My mouth filled with beer as I tried to concentrate on holding myself up. I’ve never been this exposed before. He kept working his tongue up and down the length of my pussy before pausing to make circular motions on my clit. I kept sucking, not wanting him to stop. His licking became more forceful as he brought me to a climax in front of a crowd of my son’s friends. I couldn’t take it anymore and shook my legs.

My new friend gave me one last long lick before he began to turn me over. By the time I was back on my feet my face was flushed and my nipples were as hard as rocks. I looked down and saw that my belt had loosened and my toga was open enough for everyone to get a good look at my tits.

Before I could do anything to fix it Jessica came over and grabbed my hand.

“That was incredible. I can’t believe he ate you out like that. Did you cum?”

As if she couldn’t tell by my face.

“I think so.”

I started to fix my toga when a pair of guys came up to us offering us drinks. Between the wine and the kegs stand I was already feeling pretty drunk but I couldn’t say no to a hot young guy.

The four of us chatted for a little bit and then we started dancing together. Since I never really had a chance to fix my belt, my robe was still open enough that you could get a good eyeful as I moved around. I looked over and saw that my friend was already lip locking with her partner, who had his hand up the back of her skirt.

My guy moved in closer to me and pressed his lips to mine student sex parties porno as well. We continued dancing like this with his hands exploring my body for the next few songs. Eventually I decided that I needed to have a little more fun with him so I took him by the hand and led him to the side of my house. Jessica followed my lead and grabbed her partner too.

Once we were away from the party I turned to my guy and unbuckled his pants. Before he had a chance to think about it I was on my knees pushing his cock into my mouth. The tip of his hard cock pushed against the back of my mouth as I buried my face into his crotch.

Jessica had another idea entirely. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was standing with her back towards her guy, her arms up on my fence and her legs spread wide apart.


I couldn’t believe how loud she screamed as he pushed his cock into her.

I returned my attention to the cock in front of me and kept sucking harder. I reached my hands up and grabbed onto his bare ass pushing his hips into my mouth with each thrust.

In no time he was shooting a load of cum into my mouth. I kept sucking him until his cock was completely clean before finally letting go of him.

He pulled his pants back up and staggered back to the party.

I looked over as Jessica who was still being fucked hard by her young stud. She looked like she was enjoying it, but I wanted to make sure that she climaxed as well. I moved behind the guy who was fucking her and reached around him. He was a little startled at first but then continued pumping his cock into my friend’s pussy.

I managed to reach all the way around to her pussy and found her clit. I started to rub her with two of my fingers. I could tell that it was working because she kept moaning louder and louder.

“Don’t stop, I’m CUMMING!”

I could feel her pussy contracting under my hand as she came. While she was cumming her stud pushed deep into her and held himself there, presumably he was cumming too. Perfect timing, I felt very pleased with myself.

After he pulled himself out of her and went back to the party Jessica finally turned back around and said “That was amazing. Was that you doing that?”

“I wanted to make sure that someone was taking care of my friend!”

“Let’s go get another drink.”

She stood back up and took a moment to straighten out her costume before we headed back to the party. I was shocked to see that she had removed her bra so that her tits were fully visible through her sheer blouse.

We returned to the backyard and I saw my son’s best friend Jason in the middle of the yard and decided that since he did such a good job eating me out last week he deserved something special this week.

I’ve known Jason since he was just a little kid. Through the years I would catch him sneaking peaks at me when he didn’t think I was looking. I felt bad for the kid. I must not be easy having a crush on your best friend’s mom.

I could tell that he recognized me as I approached him with Jessica in tow.

“Hi there sexy, remember me?”

“How could I forget the best blow-job of my life?”

“Let’s go back upstairs. Do you mind if I bring my friend?”

“The more the merrier, let’s go.”

I led him up to my bedroom and pushed the door open. As soon as all three of us were inside I ripped off my panties and threw them into the corner of the room. I dove onto my bed and rolled onto my back with my legs spread out wide exposing my neatly trimmed pussy for Jason.

He wasted no time and ripped off his costume and jumped right on top of me pushing his cock against my dripping pussy.

Jessica has rummaged through my nightstand until she found my vibrator and positioned herself in the armchair facing my bed. By the time Jason was pushing his cock into me my friend already had her panties off and was giving me a good view of her fucking herself with my vibrator.

“ungghh…” I moaned as he pushed the tip of his cock into me. I wished I could tell him that his fantasy of fucking his best friend’s mom was finally coming true.

I rocked my hips into his to meet his thrusts. His hands covered my tits through my toga as he started to fuck me.

“OH GOD!!!”

Jessica was already cumming again in the corner.

Jason pushed further into me until his entire cock was inside of me. I grabbed onto his hips and pulled him tightly into me before he pulled back out. I wrapped my legs around him as he slowly fucked me on my bed. His thrusts were getting harder and harder as he fucked me. I knew that he was getting ready to cum and I rocked my hips while squeezing my pussy around his cock. I felt his penis swelling inside of me as he filled me up with his cum. He shot three loads of cum into me while my friend watched while she kept fucking herself.

He slowly pulled himself out of my and suddenly got nervous that my son would catch us submissive cuckolds porno in his mom’s room. He said that we should leave as he pulled his pants back up. I said that we would be right behind him as he left.

I looked over panting and saw my Jessica pushing my vibrator deep into her own pussy while vigorously rubbing her clit with her other hand.

She let out another moan and then let the vibrator slide out of her and fall to the floor.

We both stayed there staring at each other for a few minutes before I finally said “Oh shit, I can’t fuck my son like this” as I pointed to Jason’s cum that was dripping out of my pussy and onto my bed.

“No problem, I can help you with that.”

Jessica got up and crawled up onto my bed between my legs. I felt her tongue licking up the cum that was running down my pussy. His breath was warm against my skin as she licked me clean. Her tongue moved up across my pussy and rested on my clit while she pushed the vibrator inside of me. She flipped it on while she pushed it into me. I was cumming again in no time at all.

She removed the vibrator but kept licking me until she thought I was sufficiently clean.

After a few minutes she helped me up to my feet and helped me straighten up my costume and make up. I was ready for my final mission.

We headed back downstairs looking for my target. I found him in the kitchen pouring drinks for a group of friends. I moved in behind him and reached around and grabbed his cock through his pants. I whispered in his ear to meet me up in his room in five minutes and then left the kitchen.

I found Jessica in the corner of the living room talking to three drunken guys and overheard her ask if any of them have ever had a foursome.

I waited another minute after I saw my son going up the stairs to his room and then followed him up.

I opened his door and found him lying on his bed already naked.

I pushed his door closed and tugged on my belt letting my costume slide off of my body into a rumpled pile around my high heels.

My son stared at me as I stood there before him again wearing nothing but a wig, mask, and gold high heels. I stepped out of my toga and moved towards his bed. I crawled into his bed and slowly worked my way up his body kissing him all over.

My lips trailed along his legs and inner thighs as I approached his rock hard cock. I pulled his balls into my mouth and gave him a gently bite with my teeth before slowly working my tongue up the shaft of his penis. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before lowering myself onto him.

His hands moved to the back of my head pushing me into him as I suck on his cock. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth so I lifted my head up and continued kissing up his chest until our mouths met.

I crawled on top of him, straddling him with my legs. I lowered my face towards his and traced circles around his mouth with my tongue. I gently bit his lip as I lowered my wet pussy onto him.

“Mommy needs a good fuck from her son!”

“I’ve been a bad boy.”

I slipped my tongue into his mouth as pushed my wet pussy down onto his cock. I moaned as he entered me. Our tongues danced as my body fell onto his.

“Ohhhh….” I moaned as his large cock pushed deep inside of me.

I sat up and rocked my pelvis against his as he fucked me. My hands we on his chest so that I could balance myself. I let my head fall back as I pushed him deeper into me. I picked up the pace as we fucked gyrating my hips around. I knew that I was going to cum again soon and I wanted him to cum at the same time.

I pushed my body into his as hard as I could.

“Fuck your mommy!”

I screamed as my pussy contracted around his hard cock while I came. He pushed his cock deep inside of me and held it there as he shot his first load of cum into my pussy. His filled me up with his hot cum. I kept moaning as he continued to pump his cum into me. Eventually we both stopped cumming and I collapsed onto him.

I layed on top of him while keeping his cock inside of my. Every now and then I felt his cock twitch a little more of his cum dripped into me.

I moved up to kiss him as we lay there.

I didn’t want it to end but I knew that I needed to find my friend and get out of there. I slowly lifted myself off of my son as his cock slowly slipped out of my pussy.

I grabbed my costume and slipped out of his bedroom without even putting it back on. I ducked into my room down the hall and found my friend on her knees on my bed getting fucked by one guy while she sucked on another guys cock. A third guy was standing off to the side stroking his cock watching the scene in front of him.

Nobody noticed me enter the room as I closed the door behind me. I felt a little sorry for the one guy left out of the action so I moved over to him and pushed him down into the chair that Jessica used to fuck herself with my vibrator in earlier. I climbed up onto his lap and lowered my pussy down onto him.

I buried my face in his neck while I rode him. I bounced up and down on his cock as hard as I could. Before long he was cumming inside of my already full pussy. I could feel all of the cum inside of my dripping out of my pussy and down my thigh.

He took my face in his hands and pushed my mask up over my head.

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